A Matter of Business

"Chin Lei Yun Yuen Dull Choi Huen"

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Cast includes:  Ada Choi, Chin Ka Lok, Mui Sui Wai, Joey Leung, Florence Kwok, Joe Ma, Deng Sau Juen, Cheng Keng Kei

Ada Choi is a 27 year old who lives with her older sister (Miu Siu Wai), younger brother, and great aunt. Her best friend is

Florence Kwok and her godfather is Florence's dad. Ada has never been able to keep a job for longer than half a year. Her main flaw is that she's a very straight-forward person. Therefore, she ends up offending people without knowing it. Her family owns a little store. She finally lands a job in a Telecom company as Chin Ka Lok's secretary with the help of Florence.

Chin Ka Lok is the assistant marketing manager at the Telecom company. However, after an incident, one of the new upper managment kicks him down to be the manager of the supply room.

This Telecom firm that Ada, Ka Lok, and Florence work in is really weird and funny. As your position gets higher, you move higher in the building. The big boss is really weird and doesn't remember anyone's name. He always call his employees "been gor been gor". Joey Leung is the big boss' son and he's a really weak character. He always listens to his uncle and he is definitely not a good businessman. He doesn't seem to have a mind of his own. Everything he says is crap - "fai wah".

Well, as you can guess, Ka Lok and Ada get off to a bad start. He's the type that likes to kiss butt to upper management while Ada just does her work. Joey's uncle doesn't like Ka Lok and soon puts him in the supplies department. Ada wanted to transfer depts to avoid Ka Lok but she too ends up in that dept. This dept is composed of 2 other people. One is an old man who likes to cook food while he's working and the other is a young man who always listens to his cd while he's working. As you can see, this is a really interesting dept.

One problem that Ada has is that she has never dated before. Her godfather, a fortune-teller, tells her that she must find a boyfriend before she turns 28 or she'll never get married. Ada has always had a crush on Joe Ma, a guy that she saw playing tennis like 7 or 8 years ago. That day, she got run over by a car and Joe Ma took her to the hospital but she never saw him again.

Chin Ka Lok's friend (Cheng Keng Kei) comes back from the US. Ada accientally dropped her cell phone and he found it. Cheng Keng Kei always goes around telling people that he's a good guy - "ho yun". He ends up liking Ada.

A man named "Simon Lo" wants to buy Miu Siu Wai's store. This guy is also Ka Lok and Keng Kei's friend. Because Siu Wai refuses to sell the store, he starts going after her. Siu Wai finally starts dating him and agrees to sell the store. The guy only wanted to cheat Siu Wai's money though. He also cheated Ka Lok's money, telling him to chip in for a restaurant. Ada thinks that Chin Ka Lok had something to do with "Simon Lo" cheating her sister's money.

Chin Ka Lok's parents are having marital problems. 

His dad is cheating on his stepmom...Ada sees Ka Lok's dad hugging a woman and is contemplating whether on not to tell Ka Lok's stepmom. She ends up telling Ka Lok, who at first, was on his dad's side. He finally can't take the fact that his dad's cheating on his stepmom so he tells his stepmom who throws dishes at his dad and finally decides to get a divorce. When the China woman finds out that Kwok Fung (Chin Ka Lok's dad) has no money, she leaves him and he comes begging for forgiveness but Chan Sau Chu has already decided to divorce him.

Chin Ka Lok's girlfriend (Florence Kwok) is starting to like the boss' son (Joey Leung) for his money. They end up getting together...Chin Ka Lok is really pissed/sad but he gets over it. Because of this incident, Ada and Chin Ka Lok became friends (sort of). One night when Chin Ka Lok was out drunk, he got into some trouble with a few guys and Joe Ma helped him. Joe and Ka Lok became good pals.

Ada finds out that the guy she likes (Joe Ma) lives two floors above her apartment and her great-aunt cleans his house for him. Ada gets the keys and always sneaks into his house to clean up after him. Ada meets Joe through Chin Ka Lok. The entire family finds out that Ada likes Joe and they decide to help her. Miu Siu Wai sneaks into his house to see what kind of person Joe Ma is...unknown to her, Joe Ma has installed a camcorder/security system in his home because he thought weird things were going on in his house...Ada finds out and rushes downstairs to get the tape before he watches it...(this part was really funny) Ada's brother flips off the electricity in the entire building and they sneak in and switch tapes...they replaced the tape with a Chinese opera video and poor Joe Ma...he was sooo confused.

Chin Ka Lok was having the worst time of his life...his parents were divorced, his girlfriend left him, his sister lost her job, and he had to make the payments on the house all by himself...worst of all, the other managers at work were playing tricks on him and he had to do what they said because he needed his job...

Joe Ma finds out that Ada likes him but since he doesn't like her, he told Ka Lok and Cheng Keng Kei to hint to her...but as always, they messed up what they were going to tell her and Ada still thinks she has a chance. She decides to take horseback riding lessons because Joe likes to ride horses...

Miu Siu Wai likes Cheng Keng Kei but she finds out that he likes May Kwong...poor girl...in her 30s and still can't find the right guy...

Ada plans a special dinner on Joe's birthday to help him celebrate but he shows up with another girl. While Ada was waiting, she looked at one of the tapes that Joe's security system taped and it happened to be the tape where Chin Ka Lok is at Joe's house and he's making fun of her and Joe says he doesn't like her. She runs out of his apartment and Joe chases her down the street but can't find her. Instead, he runs into Chin Ka Lok and asks him to help find Ada. Ka Lok finds Ada on a bench drinking beer and tries to comfort her but she's angry at him for talking about her behind her back. They get caught in the rain and the two squeeze into a telephone booth and drink all night.

Ka Lok tries to apologize to her the next day at work but she refuses to listen...She says she'll forgive him if he finds 2 dozen guys for her =)

Ka Lok's team is told to organize the company swimming event...they show up late because they were too busy chasing after "Simon Lo's" car and beating him up (the guy who cheated Miu Siu Wai's money). They go back to the office and find that all the top managers and the CEO are waiting for them...Ka Lok and his team walks in and knowing that they're probably gonna get fired anyways, they decide to vent their frustrations and tell the CEO all the problems with the company and its people...It was a very moving speech. Ka Lok's team return to their room and are positive they're going to get fired. However, not only do they not get fired, they get new computers and office equipment. The reason for the CEO's actions is because Ka Lok dropped his watch while he was speaking upstairs and this watch belonged to the CEO's mistress from many years ago whom he still loved dearly. (Joe Ma gave the watch to Ka Lok...Joe is the CEO's son borne by his mistress).

The CEO sends a private investigator after Ka Lok and Ka Lok still refuses to tell where he got the watch. Finally, when the CEO had a heart attack, Ka Lok told him and called Joe to the hospital...father and son were reconciled. Joe decided to work for his father in the company as the VP and his brother, Joey, was demoted. Ka Lok's team was promoted and the team was ecstatic. They hired Ada's younger brother as a new employee.

Ada takes on a new appearance and changes the way she dresses. Joe wants to give their relationship a try and invites her out on Christmas but he never shows up...he was thinking about his ex-girlfriend, Lisa (played by Wallis Pang) who was run over by a truck a few years ago. Ka Lok runs into Ada in the street and the two go out and have a great time. Meanwhile, Cheng Keng Kei goes out with Miu Siu Wai that night and the have a great time also...he's beginning to feel that Siu Wai suits him better and wants to break up with May Kwong but he couldn't get the words out. May actually started dating Ada's younger brother and wanted to break up with Cheng Keng Kei also but she too, couldn't get the words out...

Meanwhile, the CEO found out that Joey was not his real son...his wife bought Joey at the hospital for $100 after she had a miscarriage. Joey moves out and he's on his own. Seeing how poor he is now, Florence breaks up with him.

Ka Lok has fallen for Ada and wants to ask her out...However, Joe Ma goes to find her and asks for another chance...Ada chooses Joe and the two start dating happily...has Ada finally found her knight in shining armor? NOT...as it turns out, Joe is a psycho. He lived at the Massachusetts Psychiatric Hospital for a year and he thinks of Ada as a replacement for Wallis Pang, his ex-girlfriend. Wallis actually wanted to break up with him a few years back but he let her fall into the street even though he saw the truck coming...This guy is getting weirder and weirder (he takes Ada out to eat steak every time and they watched the same movie over and over) and Ada is getting more and more scared... (This whole part was just hilarious). Finally, Joe takes control over the entire Telecom building just to force Ada out. He tries to get her to marry him but she runs off on a bike and sees a jeep coming down the street so she stops the jeep...Marco Lo happens to be driving the jeep.

Finally, Joe Ma is arrested and sent back to the psychiatric hospital. Ka Lok wants another chance with Ada but she doesn't think she's ready to accept him yet. She still cant figure out if she likes him or not.

At the vet's office, she runs into Marco Lo again...

Marco Lo is a vet.

Ada finally decides to tell Chin Ka Lok that her feelings for him are strictly as a friend. Ka Lok still tries to win her over. He sees her with Marco Lo and thinks that Marco is going after her. In reality though, Marco is going after Ka Lok b/c he's a homosexual...Everyone misinterprets Marco's concern for Ka Lok as concern for Ada though.

Joey has finally found himself...he's working someplace as a chemist and he loves his job. He still can't forget Florence though.

Ada finally realizes that she loves Ka Lok. She tries to tell him but he keeps on interupting her, telling her he understands when in reality, he doesn't. Ada gets really frustrated. Marco Lo finally tells Ka Lok that Ada likes him...Ka Lok goes to find Ada but she tells him that she never liked him (this is because Florence is in the hospital diagnosed with liver cancer and she likes Ka Lok again and Ada feels bad for her so she wants to help her). Later, they find out that the doctor messed up the diagnosis and Florence doesn't have cancer. Florence also realizes that Joey is her true love.

Meanwhile, Ka Lok decides to act like he's gay and that he's going out with Marco so that Ada will admit that she loves him. Ada finally does admit it and when she finds out that Ka Lok played this joke on her, she decides to fight back. She tells him that she's leaving Hong Kong and locks him in her house...just then, Joe Ma shows up and Ada tries to push him away and accidentally falls down the stairs and hits her head. Joe Ma recovered from his mental problems and was released from the mental institute. He found out that Ada and Ka Lok were getting married (from the newspaper---Ka Lok printed an ad in the newspaper proposing to Ada) so he wanted to congratulate them. However, Ada misinterpreted his intentions.

Ada wakes up from the hospital and it appears to be 6 years later. Miu Siu Wai tells her that Florence and Ka Lok are getting married today...Ada rushes to the scene and tells Ka Lok that she loves him...but then she runs and hugs the wrong guy. Everyone thinks that she has mental problems now because she called Ka Lok by Joe Ma's name...Ka Lok rushes up and tells her that he loves her...Ada tells him that the joke's on him...It really isn't 6 years later. It's only one day later and Ka Lok was trying to play another joke to make Ada admit her love for him...but Ada saw through his plan =)