A Measure of Love

"Yuen Lo Mut Fat Tong"

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Cast includes:  Lam Ka Dong, Fennie Yuen, Emily Kwan Po Wai, Ho Po Sang, Tong Ying Ying, Lai Yui Cheung, Chui Ching Yee

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Ho (Fennie Yuen) works for her father's realty store.  Fennie dates Vincent (Ho Po Sung), a lawyer, in the beginning.  She later dates Lam Ka Dong.  Yan (Emily Kwan) is Fennie's older sister.  She is married to Ching (Lai Yui Cheung).   Yan doesn't like her mother-in-law very much and her mother-in-law feels the same way about her.  The mother-in-law doesn't like Yan because they keep getting into arguments.

Fennie and Kwan Ga-Yun (Lam Ka Dong) came across each other by accident one day.   Ga-Yun is a debt collector, but he also parks cars for restaurant in part time (Ga-Yun's wife, Rosa, left him and their son Ming for another man).  Fennie was going to a restaurant to talk with a client.   Ga-Yun had to park Fennie's new car.  Ga-Yun was trying to park Fennie's car when he came across one on his friends.  He left the car on the street and as he went back to the car the stereo was missing.  Ga-Yun drove the car back to the restaurant and tried to hide the missing stereo with Fennie's company papers.  As Fennie drove away, she noticed her stereo was missing so she went back to ask Ga-Yun.  Ga-Yun denied that he had anything to do with the missing stereo.   From then on, Fennie and Ga-Yun were not in good terms.  One day, he saved  Fennie's father's life, the owner of the realty store.   Fennie's father liked Ga-Yun's character a lot and asked him to work as real estate sales agent.  Ga-Yun was a natural at the job.  He wanted to marry Wong (Chiu Ching Yee), Ming's schoolteacher, whom he thought could take care of his son when he was at work.  Though Wong was very nice, but they had different character and eventually broke up.  All the while Fennie was dating Vincent (Ho Po Sang).  Apparently, Vincent was secretly dating Tong Ying Ying behind Fennie's back.  Tong Ying Ying was a rich girl that liked to play with men's feelings.  Vincent was interested in Tong Ying's Ying's power and money.  Earlier, Vincent proposed to Fennie and she agreed.   On the wedding day, Fennie even got all dressed up to get married but Vincent never came.  Vincent chose Tong Ying Ying over Fennie.   She later broke up with him.  As Fennie and Ga-Yun worked along side each other at the store, they grew to like each other.   Eventually, Ga-Yun and Fennie were getting married but Ga-Yun's wife, Rosa, came back into Ga-Yun's life to take back her husband and son.  Rosa didn't want a family life and she left again.   Ga-Yun made a lot of money with the help of Tong Ying' Ying's power.  In return, Tong Ying Ying was interested in Ga-Yun but he didn't feel the same.  Ga-Yun and Fennie had to overcome this obstacle.   Kwan Ga-Yun didn't become a total jerk after he became rich or lost all his money only to regain it again.  Ga-Yun and Fennie remained together and got married in the end.  Ga-Yun turned his life around as he did well in his job. 

On the other hand, Ching (Lai Yui Cheung) always quarreled with his wife Yan (Kwan Po Wai) about their new apartment.  Plus, Yan and her mother-in-law hated each other.   Their relationship was further worsened as Ching's ex-girlfriend reappear. Ching and Yan divorced but they kept seeing other secretly.  Later, Yan was shocked to find out that she was pregnant.  Both sides of the family made them get back together because of the pregnancy.

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