Armed Reaction

"Tao Cheurng Si Jai "

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Character Name:
Esther Kwan Ah Ngor
Bobby Au-Yeung Chan Siu Sung
Joyce Tang Chan Sam Yuen
Marco Ngai Ching Fung



Episode 1

The series begins with someone getting shot. At the police station the next day, the audience sees Esther and Joyce for the first time. Apparently, Esther has been a cop for ten years and she works in the office. It's really funny at the beginning because she's bustling in and out of the office where there's a meeting, telling people to fix the air conditioning and then dragging a fan in. Joyce is at the meeting and its her first day on the job.

Before the cops are sent out to patrol the streets, Esther comes running, chasing them for the lottery money. While Joyce is patrolling with another cop, the dead body is discovered. Bobby comes to the scene munching on a sandwich and gives Joyce a look. We find out that Bobby is Joyce's uncle. Joyce's family is comprised of her uncle(Bobby), two younger sisters, and her mom. They own a tiny street café. Bobby is a gun expert at the police station.

At Esther's home, we see her family (her son & husband). She finds out that they won third prize for the lotto and is thrilled. The next day, she goes to work to pass out the money and says that Joyce is her lucky star b/c it was her numbers that won.

The following day, Joyce and another cop are out patrolling again. The other cop wants to sit and eat a little something but Joyce is reluctant. She sees two guys starting an argument with the waiter and goes up to check it out. She asks the guys for their ID and they run. She goes chasing after them and sees that one of them has a gun. One guy shoots at her in the middle of the street. They get away at the end. She gets in trouble at the police station for causing such havoc in the streets.

The case gets transferred to a different department because its so serious. Joyce has to go and talk to the people from the other dept. Marco is the team leader of that dept. Their relationship doesn't get off to a good start b/c he starts by criticizing her for her immature actions the other day.

Bobby finds out that Joyce was criticized by Marco. When he returns a report to him the next day, he makes fun of Marco.

Marco gets a whole team of people on the case. They have everything planned out to catch the guys. However, his plans are screwed up when Joyce shows up unexpectedly, patrolling the street and sees the criminals. She screams out and starts running after them and the two guys get out and open fire, killing a lot of people. Marco's team rushes out also. Marco saves Joyce from getting shot by pulling her aside. Joyce is thrown on the ground. She opens fire and shoots one of the guys on the leg.

Episode 2

One of the criminals is captured. At the hospital, Marco once again criticizes Joyce for not considering the results of her rash actions, causing so many people to get injured. Bobby stands up for her.

At home, Joyce and Bobby sneak into the house, hoping to avoid her mom. Luckily, its dark in the house and they don't see her so Bobby decides to take a seat on the couch and ends up sitting on her. Apparently, she's been sick all day and hasn't seen the news so she doesn't know that her daughter opened fire, otherwise, Joyce would be in trouble b/c her mom doesn't like her being a cop. Bobby tries to keep her from watching tv, making up lousy little excuses. But Joyce's two sisters come home and turn the tv on and Joyce is in big trouble. She gets a big lecture.

Joyce is told to do office duties for a while b/c she opened fire and she also has to see a psychiatrist.

Bobby and Esther are on the bus together. He falls asleep on her a few times so she takes her bag out and wacks him with it and smiles at him sweetly when he wakes up. They end up switching bags by accident. His bag has X-rated VCDs so Esther thinks he's a pervert. Bobby calls her to tell her where to wait but Esther's phone was broken so she couldn't hear him and ends up at the wrong place. She's late to pick up her son and he ends up missing. Bobby calls back and he goes to find her. She is pissed off at him b/c her son is missing.

He tries to help her look for him and tells her to go home b/c he might be there and indeed, her son is waiting outside the house.

That night, Esther's house has no electricity and the electrician refused to go so she went to her boss's house b/c her son needed light to study. Its really funny b/c her boss's wife calls and Estehr picks up the phone.

The next day, the bad guy goes to rescue his brother from the hospital. Marco is there waiting already. His team chases after the criminals. They hold a nurse captive. They are captured when the injured guy dies from his wound.

At the police station, Esther is cooking noodles in the office. Her boss comes in and tells her to stop cooking noodles b/c its dangerous and asks for a file. Esther drops papers by the noodles and starts a fire. Her boss extinguishes the fire with the bottled water and slips on the water and ends up on top of her. His wife walks in just then. (funny =)

Episode 3

Esther walks into the police station's canteen. Rumors spreads that there's something going on between her and her boss. She tries to clear up the misunderstandings to her co-workers but no one will believe her except Joyce.

Esther goes home and complains to her husband about the work situation. He consoles her and tells her to ignore what others say about her and her boss. The next day at the police station: Her boss is trying to ignore her. By the bosses' wife's command, Esther gets transferred out of the office and is now a police patrolling out on the streets. Esther is quite upset over this. However, at the end of the day she confronts him. He tells her he has to obey his wife's orders because her dad and uncles are high ranking police officers.

Esther complains to her husband again. She's contemplating on whether to quit the job she had for over 10 years or to find a new job. However, at the end she decides to stay because of the money. She wants to save up enough money to take the whole family to Disneyland.

Joyce receives a recognition award for being the first female to ever shoot. She gets notified that she is being transferred to SDS (another department in the police station). Esther cleans up her work place in the police station and in doing so, she takes back everything that she brought for her boss including this cushion that he sits on. (This part is pretty hilarious). Outside the police station, Esther sees Joyce and Bobby in the same car. She thinks that Bobby is Joyce's boyfriend.

Reporters all gather outside the food place that Joyce's family owns for a chance to interview her. When the reporters ask her questions, the neighborhood friends responds before she has a chance to. Bobby uses this opportunity to tell the reporters that Joyce's mom is really proud of what she has accomplished putting her mom on the spot. (Joyce's mom has always disagreed with her occupation as a cop and wants her to quit)

It is Esther's first day patrolling the streets as an officer. She complains to her co-worker that she is really tired. Her co-worker responds to her saying that it hasn't even been an hour yet. During her patrol, she encounters a rat and screams. Afterwards, she sees Bobby with Joyce's two younger sister in a clothing store. She assumes he's some type of flirt.

Previously, Bobby runs into his ex-girlfriend who tells him she is getting married. Now, Bobby is at a bar trying to get a girl. His family pounds him with questions about getting back together with his ex-girlfriend.

Marco also gets transferred to SDS and it so happens that he is Joyce's team leader. Joyce doesn't take the news contently.

Esther, her husband, and her son are enjoying their family day at ocean park. Esther picks up her husband's cell phone and tells him it's a call from his mistress. Her husband's facial expression changes drastically.

Episode 4

Esther was just joking about the phone call with her husband. Her husband begins to feel guilty of keeping a mistress in China.

Esther and her co-worker rush to the scene where a women is about to commit suicide. She tries to persuade the women not to jump off the building, but at the end she pulls the women back and receives a minor injury to her arm.

Joyce's mom wants to introduce Bobby to a girl. She offers him a set of pictures that he can select from. The next day Joyce's mom brings the girl over to the food place they own. Bobby is basically forced to take the girl home. On the way home, the girl looses her contact in Bobby's car. Bobby parks by the side of the street and helps her look also. However, Esther sees him and it seems like he's doing something inappropriate to the girl. She asks for his license and an argument erupts between them in the street. They knock the girl's purse out of her hand. They discover the girl is a prostitute. During the heated argument, Bobby forgets to pull his handbrake on his car. His car rolls down the street and hits the fire hydrant. Inside the police station, the argument continues and Joyce settles it. Esther finds out that Bobby is her uncle. (This part is really funny. Esther asks for the girls ID and Bobby tells the girl she doesn't have to show it. They argue back and forth).

Marco has an operation. During the operation, Joyce chases after some prostitute by climbing up the side of some building. Marco scolds her about her dangerous behavior. He tells her that men can perform dangerous activities but women can't. Joyce is really upset by this.

Esther is learning how to cook for her husband. Her husband is feeling guiltier and guiltier by the moment about keeping a mistress. Her husband wants her to be more independent but she says she has him to lean on. Esther also gets transferred to SDS and is very happy about not having to wear the police uniform. Joyce complains to Esther about Marco. The team has an operation: Esther dresses up like a prostitute to attract men. When these men approach her, other members of her team arrest them. Esther extols herself for still having the beauty to attract 5 men.

Esther's husband comes home telling her he wants a divorce. She has a shock expression on her face.

Episode 5

Esther's husband asks for a divorce. He says that he's really tired, and that marrying her was more like having a daughter than a wife. He's willing to give her the house and custody of their son. Esther is devastated.

Joyce goes to Esther's house to find her b/c she didn't show up for work. She finds Esther hiding in her room, under the covers, crying. She tells Joyce that her husband wants a divorce.

Esther goes to find her husband and finds out that he has another woman and that woman is pregnant. Esther leaves and when she gets home, her son is throwing a tantrum b/c he wants his dad. Esther tells him that he's not coming back.

Marco's team has another "so wong" function. One of the guys they catch tells them that he has a wife and doesn't want to get in trouble. When Esther hears this, she starts smacking the guy. Another guy is hiding in the closet and runs out later. Joyce, Marco, and another team member chase after him but Marco grabs Joyce just as she's about to jump off the building after the guy. Joyce gets pissed b/c she thinks Marco is discriminating against women again.

Bobby's friend gets arrested during the function. Marco questions him.

Marco's team go out for a drink and they talk about Joyce, about how she's too tough and not like a girl. They all go to Marco's house and see his girlfriend, Crystal, there. The next day, Marco and Crystal run into his dad. (They seem overly polite to each other--I'm on episode 12 and they still don't explain their politeness). They go to his parents' house for dinner.

Marco's team is having another function. They are watching Sum Zhe's men. Apparently, Bobby's friend (the one that got arrested) is working for her. Later, Marco and one of the teammates go out for a midnight snack and they see Bobby and his friend. They almost get into a fight.

Episode 6

Bobby argues with his friend, trying to persuade him to get serious and find a good job. Joyce is waiting for Bobby at his house to talk to him b/c she saw him with his friend (one of the guys working for Sum Zhe). Bobby tells Joyce that his friend has a kind heart. He's not whom he appears to be.

Esther and another teammate are following another one of Sum Zhe's men. He sees them and tries to escape so Esther and the other cop separate to go and find him. Esther gets into some trouble with the village people and they start chasing after her with brooms and sticks. She and the other cop get beaten up. Heehee.

Esther is having problems with her son at home.

The next day, Esther wants to apologize to the other cop so she goes to the cafetaria to get coffee and sandwiches for everyone. Bobby sees her there and is still angry at her so he puts hot sauce into all the drinks while she's not looking. Her teammates think she doesn't want to buy the drinks and is being evil. She runs downstairs and yells at Bobby. She runs out crying. Her teammates are outside the cafetaria and they yell at Bobby for being so inconsiderate.

Esther's son sneaks out and goes to the arcade. He sees Bobby there and they play a video game together (one with guns). Esther's son follows Bobby and they go out to eat hamburgers. They become good friends.

Marco and Crystal go to his parents for dinner. His parents devise a plan to rent their apartment downstairs to Crystal so that they can see their son more. But the plan fails b/c Crystal doesn't want to live close to them.

Bobby is speaking to Esther's son on the phone and his two nieces and Joyce's mom thinks that its a girl.

There's another function…Marco's team is chasing after one of Sum Zhe's men. The guy knocks Marco down. Joyce saves him.

Episode 7

Marco captures this guy who admits to being the head of the prostitution ring. However, in reality a women named "Sum Zhe" is behind everything. At the police station: Everyone else is busy doing something but Esther falls asleep and snores. Marco tells Esther that she is slacking off and encourages her to do better knowing that she has some family problems. He doesn't blame her at all. Joyce continues to complain about Marco to Esther. However, Esther thinks otherwise and praises him instead. Outside the police station, Marco thanks Joyce for saving his life. The whole team (which is all guys excluding Esther) goes out to Dim Sum. Joyce's attitude about Marco has taken a whole new turn. During Dim Sum, Joyce and Marco are engaged in a conversation about all these different sports that they have participated in.

Bobby takes Esther's son out to play and eat. When Bobby takes the little boy home he is very depressed. Bobby tells him to do well in school and in return Esther's son tells Bobby that he is very handsome. (This part was really cute). Esther doesn't have enough money to pay off all of the bills. As a result, she takes his son's money to help out. Her son is upset at her. The next day at the police station: Esther receives a phone call from her son's teacher regarding her son's absence from ballet class. Esther returns home and scolds her son. The next day Esther finds money missing from her apartment. She believes that her son took the money to buy a play gun and yells and hits him. Her son runs over to Bobby's family owned food place. Esther chases after her son. Inside the food place Bobby and Esther have a huge quarrel over her son. (At the same time they are pulling the little boy back and forth - very funny). Esther gets really upset and leaves. When she returns home, she finds many other items in her apartment missing. Esther realizes that the maid was the culprit. Esther apologizes to her own son and blames herself for being too ignorant. Joyce tries to console her, but is unsuccessful. Upon seeing the situation, Bobby also tries to help her.

At Joyce's apartment: His three nieces and sister-in-law scolds Bobby for being so mean to Esther. They won't let him eat dinner.

Bobby's friend who works for "Sum Zhe" wants to bail this girl out of her prostitution ring. "Sum Zhe" wants $200,000 for the girl but he doesn't have the money. After some thought, Bobby's friend decides to help Marco. He decides to testify against "Sum Zhe" and gives Marco information on her whereabouts.

Marco's team arrive at the same time "Sum Zhe's husband" (who is a taiwan criminal who just escaped from jail) and a boat full of other prostitutes arrive on the dock. The police points the guns at them.

Episode 8

Marco and his other team members reveal their identity to "Sum Zhe" and her men. "Sum Zhe and her men start firing at the police trying to escape. During the shoot out, "Sum Zhe's husband dies". Joyce thanks Marco for saving her life. (This part is really exciting)

Bobby's friend becomes a witness. He wants to start a whole new life with the girl prostitute that he loves. Bobby acts like he's reprimanding his friend, but in reality he's happy that his friend wants to change for the better because of Marco's influence.

The polices' operation continues. Marco and his team are still out to capture "Sum Zhe" and two of her men who had escaped the last time. Their operation is still unsuccessful. "Sum Zhe" wants revenge on Marco and Joyce for the death of her husband. Therefore, "Sum Zhe" and her two men shoot a bullet through the window of the police building where Marco's team worked. Other team members come rushing into the office only to find Esther hiding under her desk and shaking. Esther is wounded slightly on her arm and turns kind of hysterical. She is afraid to die because she still has a son to care for. Bobby who works under the firearms department comes to retrieve the bullets that "Sum Zhe" and her men fired to determine what type of gun they used. After performing some tests, Bobby is still indecisive about what type of guns they used. However, he did notify Marco that the bullets contain poison which could kill a person on the spot if hit.

Outside the police station: While driving Bobby sees Esther who is about to faint. He asks if she needed any help and she replies no but then faints. Bobby takes her home and tells her what types of food is good her because she told him she has low blood pressure.

Marco's boss is upset about the shooting incident that took place in the police station. At the end of the day, Marco offers to take Joyce home, but along the way they stop by a fishball stand to eat. Then he realizes that he has a dinner date with his girlfriend and is very late so he calls a cab for Joyce instead. After dinner, Marco and his girlfriend go out for a walk and he proposes to her.

Joyce tries to hide from her mother because she is afraid that her mother already found out about the shooting incident that took place at the police station. Her mother complains about having some heart problems, but in reality she is fine. She just wants Joyce to quit her job.

Bobby goes over to Esther's apartment to help take care of her son without her knowing. While he was over at her place, he cleaned, fixed some of her appliances, and cooked some soup for her. Bobby tells her son to say that he did everything all by himself b/c he wants to be a good boy. When Esther comes home, she questions her son about who cooked the soup, who fixed the air condition, etc. Her son replies that he cooked the soup, but that she fixed everything else. Now, Esther believes that she did all this when she was sleep walking.

Esther hands Marco a letter of resignation, but Marco tells her he will keep it for the time being. Bobby warns Marco about the new type of gun that "Sum Zhe" and her men are using. Marco receives news of the whereabouts of "Sum Zhe" and her two men. They rush to the place. Marco orders Esther to stay outside while the rest of the team enters the place. "Sum Zhe" and her men lock Marco's team inside. She has planted a bomb that is ready to explode within a couple of minutes.

Episode 9

The bomb has only a few minutes left before its going to explode. Esther is still in the car. She hides lower when she sees Sum Zhe's car passing by. Esther rushes to the storage place where the rest of her team is locked up. Marco throws his gun out from a hole and tells Esther to shoot the chain because it is impossible to open up the storage place from the inside. Esther misses the first 2 shots from makes the third one and shoots the chain off. Seconds later, the bomb explodes. Bobby is rushing to the scene and he calls Joyce. She tells him that they're ok. As he is driving, he sees Sum Zhe's car passing by so he follows her and tellsJoyce where she's headed. Marco's team quickly follows.

Another cop on a motorcycle sees Sum Zhe's car and she runs him over. Bobby tries to save him and Sum Zhe takes out a bazooka (a humongous gun) and shoots the hood off of Bobby's car. Marco and his team arrive. Sum Zhe holds another cop hostage and tells them to put all their guns down and they do. She aims to take a shot at Marco to avenge her husband's death but Bobby shoots her and saves Marco. Sum Zhe realizes that she has no chance so she commits suicide.

The next day, Marco's team is praised for their efforts. Marco wants to thank Bobby for saving him. He sees Bobby headed for the men's room so he follows Bobby in. (This part is sooooooo funny) Bobby is standing there peeing and Marco couldn't quite get the words out while Bobby was peeing. Bobby gives Marco a funny look (a look that says why the heck are you watching me urinate). Marco quickly thanks him and leaves. Later that night, Bobby tells Joyce about the bathroom incident =)

Bobby is at Esther's house, helping her clean and watching after her son again. He hears Esther so he hides but Esther sees his jacket. They get into an argument.

Esther wants to get her resignation letter back. Her teammates know that Marco destroyed the letter already but they play a joke on her.

Joyce's mom is even more fearful now because of the bombing. She thinks of a plan to marry Joyce off.

Bobby's birthday is coming up. Even though he doesn't have a date, he acts like a lot of people want to go out with him.

Joyce's mom sets up a "toa fa zhen" in her room (this is something superstitious where she puts a red string, red hearts, and a red blanket in Joyce's room. It's supposed to help her find a boyfriend.) Bobby and Joyce both laugh at it but when Bobby gets into his room, he sets up his own "toa fa zhen" (haaahaaa).

Bobby calls everyone from his old phone book to find a date but he can't find anyone. He wanders the streets sees a fortune teller who tells him that if he can't find a wife by the time he's 40, he's going to be lonely forever. Later, he goes to a restaurant for dinner by himself but runs into Esther and her son. They laugh at another guy who the waiters are singing a birthday song to. But then the waiters come with his birthday cake and sing to him. Esther and her son start cracking up while Bobby's denying that its his birthday. She gives him a pack a cookies for his birthday and he's sooooo happy =)

Marco's parents go to his house and they find a wedding ring. They correctly assume that he's getting married and they're thrilled. Marco and Crystal go to his parents house for dinner again and he tells them that Crystal is going to France for a year to study fashion design.

Marco and Joyce run into each other at a karate place and they wrestle each other. Later they go to his house to watch a soccer game.

Esther decides that she wants to get a gun so she has to take the test. During her practice sessions, her whole hand is shaking nonstop b/c she's so weak. In fact, she's so weak that she can't even pull the trigger so she tells her instructer. Her instructor tells her to hand him the gun and she points it at him …heehee. He yells at her. At the police station cafetaria, it's even funnier. She's eating with her team and her hand is shaking so badly that she can't even pick up the food. Everyone gives her advice.

Bobby takes Esther and her son to play paintball so she can practice. He also gives her tips on shooting. The day of the test comes. She has to make 48/60 shots. She misses the first 2.

Episode 10

Marco's team is awaiting the news of Esther's test. They set up a gambling bet on Esther's chances of winning. Marco and Joyce vote for Esther to win and they guess right. Esther only missed 8 shots. Everyone else has to treat them to dinner. SDS is breaking up soon. They have to go back to their original team.

Marco has a BBQ at his house. Later, he goes back to the police station b/c he's sad that the team is separating. Joyce goes back too b/c she forgot her watch. They talk for hours.

Joyce and Esther return to patrolling the streets. Later, Esther and Joyce find out that they have to be sent to PTU (some sort of extensive police training). Esther is upset b/c she knows that her physical abilities are extremely low. She tells Bobby that she's not going to survive.

Joyce's mom introduces her to a guy that looks really cheesy. Her mom forces them to go to the movies. When Joyce is alone with him, she scares him off by smoking and acting like a slut. Marco sees her scaring the guy off and starts cracking up. They go out for a drink and he's laughing the whole time. He ask her if she's ever had a boyfriend or ever liked anyone. He drives her home afterwards and she's kind of drunk so he tries to help her. And then her mom sees them and she wrongly assumes that he's her boyfriend.

At PTU, Joyce and Esther go through extensive training. Bobby cooks at her house again. He tries to make her feel better. Esther is exhausted. Bobby brings Esther's son to Ocean Park. At home, her son cuts out his dad's face from a picture and puts Bobby's picture in place of it. He wants Bobby to be his dad.

Marco runs into a friend that just came back from France. He tells Marco that he saw Crystal with another guy. He calls Crystal later that night and she confesses that she got back together with her ex-boyfriend. They break up. Marco is really sad. He runs into Joyce the next day and they go out for a drink. He tells her about breaking up with Crystal and she tries to comfort him. He gets drunk and she has to drag him home. She puts him in bed and he grabs her hand by mistake. (heeehee, Joyce is falling for Marco)

Episode 11

Marco, who is drunk, is taken home by Joyce. Inside Marco's bedroom: Marco grabs Joyce's hand and tells her not to leave. Joyce gets embarrassed by Marco's touch causing her to turn frantic once she returns home.

Joyce and Esther continues with their training at PTU (Police Training School/Unit) where they are learning new techniques of defense.

Esther returns home from training to find out from her son that Bobby is sick. She takes her son to visit Bobby bringing along some congee for him to eat. When Bobby sees them at the door, he rushes into his bedroom to get dressed. (This part is pretty funny). Joyce's mom calls Bobby to find out if he was feeling better, but Esther picks up the phone instead. She wonders who the girl can be and sneaks into his house to look for the girl, but Esther has already left with her son. Joyce's mom discovers a string of long hair on the couch and questions Bobby.

Marco and Joyce go out for drinks, but she gets inebriated so Marco drives her home. Marco insists on walking her up to her apartment, but she declines the offer pushing him away. Her mom sees this and believes that she is going out with him.

Joyce and Esther graduates from training school and a PTU Passing Out Ceremony is held to congratulate all those that have passed. Joyce's family members and their past teammates at SDS came to celebrate this event with them. However, Marco was unable to attend because of court appearance for some other case making Joyce very disappointed. Meanwhile, Joyce's mom is scrutinizing all of Joyce's male teammates trying to deduce who her boyfriend is. Bobby sees Joyce's mom unusual behavior and asks her if she is looking for another male companion. Later that night, Joyce's mom asks her why she isn't going out with her friends to celebrate. She replies that she's really tired and is going to bed soon, but the minute that she receives a phone call from Marco, she leaves. Marco treats her out to eat and while they are walking they come to a stand selling cheap flashlights. Marco purchases two and gives one to Joyce.

Esther has hired a new maid to care for her son. However, when Bobby visits her son he sees the maid playing majong leaving Esther's son alone in his room. He gets extremely upset and takes the pork rice dumping it on the majong table. All the ladies including the maid leave.

Esther and Joyce are transferred to the country side (border of China and Hong Kong) for a couple of weeks.

With the new maid gone, Bobby takes Esther's son over to his own apartment. Esther calls Bobby asking about her son,etc. Bobby agrees to take care of her son at her house until she returns. (now, he's sleeping over at Esther's apartment) The next day still in his pajamas, Bobby answers the door to find Esther's parents standing there with their luggages in hand. Esther's parents want to take her son back to Canada for a while. They warn their daughter that Bobby's caring attitude toward her comes with an underlying motive, but she disagrees with them.

Marco's team is assigned a new case of capturing some guy who killed a teenager. Marco and his team arrive at the country side where Joyce and Esther are now working to arrest the guy. However, the guy's father, who is some sort of mayor of the small little village, offers the police no information on his son's whereabouts. Afterwards, Joyce, Esther, Marco and his team eat "fan hup" while discussing the issue of equality between men and women. Joyce believes that men and women should be treated equally but Marco and his teammates all know for a fact that disparity exists in life. To demonstrate this, each of them showed the others how many pieces of chicken were in their "fan hup" At the end, each of them start taking each others chicken. (This part was pretty funny).

Esther, her son, and Bobby's photograph turns out to be a winning entry to the family photo contest. Bobby notifies Esther of the 2 round trip tickets they won to Japan's Disneyland. Bobby tells Esther that they can buy a third ticket so that the three of them can go. Esther reveals to Bobby that she is sending her son to Canada with her parents. Bobby gets really upset about this as well as Esther's rejection of him.

Episode 12

Bobby is very depressed about Esther's rejection. Inside the taxi cab, he complains to the cab driver about every love song that comes on, so the cab driver constantly has to change radio stations.(This part is very funny.)

Esther packs her son's clothes into the suitcase, but her son also wants to take the toys that Bobby brought for him. Her son goes over to Bobby's apartment to inform him that he is leaving the next day. Bobby takes him out to play. The next day Bobby secretly goes to get one last glimpse of her son before he leaves. Her son is very depressed about leaving.

There is a birthday celebration for one of Marco's teammates. All the female cops come to wish him a happy birthday, but in reality they just want to ask Marco out on a date. Marco is annoyed by all these women harassing him for a date. Joyce questions Marco about his pick, but Marco tells her that she would be the last of his pick.

Macro and his team arrive by the countryside where Joyce and Esther are working to catch the mayor's son who was involved in a murder case. The police force chases after the guy. During the struggle, the guy hits Marco and he falls down the hill, fracturing his leg. The guy continues to run but Esther and Joyce captures him. When they return, the teammates discover that Marco is missing so they turn to question the guy. The guy is unable to give a definite answer on his whereabouts. As a result, the whole police crew goes in search of Marco in the forest area. After a brief search the police crew is ordered to return to the station without finding Marco because it is getting dark. Joyce continues the search for Marco, but finds him later.

Marco is going to be hospitalized for about 2 weeks. His teammates as well as Joyce and Esther pays him a visit at the hospital. The front headlines of the newspapers and the television channels all report about the two police women success of capturing the guy.

Esther goes shopping and purchases several new outfits as a way of rewarding herself. Bobby sees Esther shopping, but does not call out to her. Later on that night, they encounter each other at the restaurant. Esther feels uncomfortable being around Bobby so she eats quickly and leaves. Bobby chases after her calling her name, but she continues to walk ignoring him. As a result, Bobby changes tactics and starts yelling "the lady that is wearing a blue t-shirt and black jeans, etc" to stop. Bobby tells her that he wants her as a girlfriend. Esther responds by kicking him in the chest and telling him that there are a lot of nice girls out there for him.

The next day Bobby sends sushi over to Esther's office. Then, he calls her and she tries to tell him that he should forget about her. Bobby shows up at Esther's office bringing roses for her, but she tells him to leave.

Joyce shows Bobby the different methods that people in movies use to go after girls. The next day after Bobby picks Esther up he gets a flat tire and it starts to rain. Therefore, Bobby decides to use the method "Wong Hei" used in the series Food of Love. His method fails because Esther does not carry the umbrella out in the rain for Bobby. Esther calls a cab and leaves him in the rain to change the flat tire. Bobby gets sick.

Episode 13

Esther brings everything that Bobby has given her back to him and tells him to stop harassing her. Joyce's mom finds out that Bobby likes Esther and she's upset b/c Esther has an ex-husband and a son. (ie. She's not good enough for Bobby)

Back at the police station, someone delivers flowers and Esther thinks its Bobby again but its not. Joyce wants to visit Marco so she gets his other teammates to go with her so she'll be inconspicuous. However, no one has time to go but Joyce manages to drag one of Marco's teammates, "Kwun Lo" to go. When Marco sees them, he's like why are you guys visiting again? He says jokingly to "Kwun Lo" that others might think they're gay b/c he's visiting so much. "Kwun Lo" wants to leave but Joyce is dragging onto him b/c she doesn't want to be alone with Marco and Marco misinterprets this as Joyce liking "Kwun Lo". After "Kwun Lo" leaves, Joyce takes Marco out for a walk in his wheelchair. They play basketball with his neighbors.

At the police station, Joyce calls "Kwun Lo" and his other teammates think that Joyce likes him. Joyce gives him 2 movie tickets for driving her to Marco's house and he misinterprets and thinks that Joyce indeed does like him. Marco's leg gets better. He goes to a bar with his other 2 teammates and Esther. They talk about Joyce and "Kwun Lo" and Marco devises a plan to get Joyce and "Kwun Lo" together (he doesn't know that Joyce likes him and not "Kwun Lo").

Marco wraps his leg up again when Joyce visits him. He gives her a movie ticket and tells her to tell him what the movie was about after she's seen the movie. Marco's dad overhears and tells Marco that Joyce likes him. Marco laughs at this. At the movie theatre, "Kwun Lo" sees Joyce sitting next to him. Joyce drags him out of the theatre and finds out that Marco gave him the ticket too. "Kwun Lo" tells her that he already has a girlfriend. "Kwun Lo" figures out that she likes Marco. Joyce threatens to beat him up if he tells Marco that she likes him.

At the PTU police station, Joyce and Esther find out that they're getting transferred back to Marco's team again. Joyce ignores Marco when she sees him.

A dead body is found. The dead body is cut into pieces and apparently it's a person who's had a sex change (upper body is female, lower half is male---the person didn't finish undergoing surgery yet.) The team goes out to eat steak but Joyce refuses to go b/c Marco's going. At dinner, Marco insists that Joyce is acting differently towards him.

Bobby hears on the news that Esther's housing area has no water so he drags a few gallons of water for her. She hides when she sees him. At night, she thinks about him and is very touched by everything he's done for her.

The team goes to the dead person's house, hoping to find more evidence. Esther is searching the kitchen and finds the head in the freezer and screams loudly. She throws up in the bathroom.

Bobby finds out that Esther was scared and buys her all these things to ease her fright and leaves it outside her door. However, he leaves his umbrella behind. Esther sees him outside in the rain when she looks out of her window. She calls him to thank him and invites him out to dinner. Before Esther leaves for dinner the next day, she gets a call from the hospital saying that her husband was in a car accident.

Episode 14

Bobby waits for Esther at the restaurant but she shows up late. They eat dinner and have a really great time. Bobby even buys her flowers. When Esther gets home she feels bad, and decides to bring her husband some clothes and other accessories. She was planning on leaving the things there without him seeing but bumps into him in the hallway.

Marco's team continues investigating the murder case. They find out that the dead guy has a girlfriend and a boyfriend. Joyce and "Kwun Lo" get paired up as a team. He drives her home after work but Joyce realizes that she forgot her keys and goes back to the police station for them. She runs into Marco. They get a call from the dead person's doorman, claiming he has more evidence so Joyce and Marco stop by. On the way home, they go out for a midnight snack. Joyce is still angry at him so when he says that he doesn't like the fruit "lau leen", she buys a whole one and shoves it into his mouth. He ends up liking it and even buys one home for his parents =)

Esther goes to visit her husband and finds out that he's still wearing his wedding ring. He asks for another chance but Esther leaves. At home, Esther thinks about her husband and their past. When Bobby calls, asking her to go and see a movie, she rejects him. Bobby is very sad.

Esther visits her husband again and finds out that he just left. She sees him outside and tells him to go back to their house since he has nowhere to stay (Esther is still indecisive at this point about what she really wants to do). Bobby goes to find her to ask her why she's been giving him the cold shoulder. Her husband walks out of the house just then and Bobby leaves, devastated.

At the police station, they're still investigating the case. Joyce and Marco are the only ones there but "Kwun Lo" walks in and drags Joyce out into the hall. He has a favor to ask her. Marco peeks out and sees "Kwun Lo" with his arm around her and he's kind of jealous.

Later, Marco and 2 of the other team members see "Kwun Lo" and Joyce walking into a bridal shop. From the look on his face, he appears to be jealous. They assume that Joyce is marrying "Kwun Lo".

Marco sees "Kwun Lo" again the next day walking into the same bridal shop, but with another woman this time. He gets pissed and calls "Kwun Lo" out for a talk. "Kwun Lo" tells him that the girl was his fiancée. He also spills the beans and tells Marco that Joyce likes him. Marco is so shocked that he spits his beer out when he hears this.

Episode 15

At the police station: Marco approaches Joyce but stops when one of the other team members jokingly goes to harass her telling her to arrange the best dinner etc for "Kwun Lo" and her wedding. Esther kicks the teammate out of his chair and tells him to stop bugging Joyce.

The team discovers evidence which lead to the arrest of the pig butcher that lived next door to the dead man. Apparently, the pig butcher and the dead man brought some tickets for the equestrian race and they're ticket was a winner, but the pig butcher never received his winning half. Marco and two other teammates questions the pig butcher while the other teammates search direct evidence at the pig butcher's house that can prove he killed the sex changed man. However, they come up empty handed when they return to the police station.

Esther returns home looking rather tired so her husband offers to massage her shoulder. She declines the offer saying she had purchased a hand massager that works really well. Esther questions him about his future and he tells her that he is in the process of finding a job.

Joyce returns home to find Bobby sitting on the couch and starring at the T.V., but not paying much attention to the soccer game. Her younger sister is searching all over the house for her book and Joyce sees that Bobby is sitting on it. This causes a spark to go off in Joyce's head and she rushes back to the butcher's apartment for a second search hoping that she missed something in her first search. Joyce runs into Marco there who is also looking for evidence. They find a small drop of the dead guy's blood behind some cabinet. The team has enough evidence to charge the pig butcher with first degree murder. The pig butcher spills everything out to them. (why and how he killed the guy)

The team celebrates the solved case by going over to Marco's parents house to eat dinner. Marco's mom has saved some food behind for Joyce since she hasn't shown up yet. Marco's mom offers the fruit "Lau Leen" for desert. Everyone declines saying that Joyce is the only one who likes it. "Kwun Lo" passes out his wedding invitations and the team is shocked when they don't see Joyce's name on the invitation. Just then "Kwun Lo" receives a page from Joyce saying that she won't be able to make it due to some family matters that she has to take care of. Marco appears kind of depressed. Later on that night, he gets insomnia so he sits and watches some TV while munching on potato chips. His dad wakes up and sees him telling him it's because of Joyce.

Next day at the bridal shop: Joyce, "Kwun Lo" and his future wife are waiting for the best man to show up. The best man turns out to be Marco, but the minute that Joyce sees him, she tries to hide. Marco, "Kwun Lo" and the bride awaits for Joyce to put on her bridesmaid gown. The minute that Marco sees her, his jaw drops and he keeps starring at her in awe. The soon to be wedded couple agrees that Marco and Joyce are a perfect match.

At the bar: "Kwun Lo" confesses to Joyce about telling Marco that she likes him. Joyce is devastated.

At the police station: Joyce sees a girl give Marco 2 movie tickets which Marco asked the girl to buy for him. Joyce is really upset after seeing this so she tries to ignore him. Marco chases after her to tell her he wants to see the movie with her, but Joyce thinks he's only using her because the other girl is unable to go see the movie with him. As a result, she yells back at him.

After "Kwun Lo" wedding dinner, Marco is the only one left to take Joyce home. When they get into his car, Marco tries to explain that he has feeling for her and that he would like her to be his girlfriend, but Joyce jumps out of the car not wanting to hear. Marco then chases after her, kisses her, and carries her swinging her around in a circle. ( This part is really romantic or the so called turning point when they start going out)

Esther agrees to go to Ocean Park when her husband asks her. At the park, her husband reminds her of the great past they had.

Joyce appears really happy when she returns home after her date with Marco buying back duck for the family to eat. Bobby's appearance tell us otherwise, but his actions reveal the truth about his unhappiness. Bobby tells the family members to give him any items that need repairing. His 2 other nieces tell him "thanks but no thanks. the last time you fixed my disc men it was worse off then before it was repaired" and his other niece tells him " I had to get a whole new bookcase." Bobby reminds Joyce's mom of the 12 females she is suppose to introduce him to. He wants to have a son by the age of 40.

Esther recalls the past she had with her husband. When she walks out of her bedroom, she sees her husband talking on the phone, but the minute he sees her he hangs up telling her that the person called the wrong number. Esther becomes suspicious of the phone call.

Marco's team arrives at the scene of the bank that has just been burglarized. They are unable to find any traces of fingerprints left behind by the robbers. When the team reaches the police station again, they find out that the techniques that the burglars used were the same as those used by 2 robbers 7 years ago. Marco and Joyce are out by the fountain holding hands and discussing there plans for the night, but the minute they seen Esther they both drop their hands. Marco and Joyce has kept their "going out" a secret.

Esther tells her husband that she isn't the stupid, air head women that he use to know. She has done some investigation on him. Esther spills everything on him. She tells him that she knows his business is not doing well and that the phone call the other night was his wife. Esther questions him about his motive for being at her house just to find out that he came back for his half of the apartment money. Esther hands him the divorce papers to sign and kicks him out.

The guy Bobby arrested 7 years ago for murder is released from prison.

Episode 16

Joyce and Marco are at the front counter of the ticket booth of the movie theater purchasing movie tickets (and deciding which seats to choose) when they hear someone at the end of the line "complain about how 2 males can take so long deciding on where to sit. Joyce then asks Marco if she really has that tomboy look.

Joyce confesses to Esther that she's going out with Marco. Meanwhile, Esther tells her that she's single again after having signed the divorce papers. She's really happy being able to be independent again.

Joyce returns home to find Bobby making plans on the phone with another women. Bobby appears to be happy. Joyce had wanted to reveal Esther's divorce to Bobby but decided against it when she saw how happy he was. Her sisters question Joyce about all the clothes she brought, but Joyce hides the truth from them saying she brought the clothes for a friend. In reality, she had brought all the dresses because of Marco. Joyce rushes into her bedroom to try on the dresses and makeup, but one of her sisters, 4 Hay, barges into her room to tell her there was a phone call for her. 4 Hay discovers a tissue with lipstick on it. Meanwhile out in the living room, Joyce's mom and other sister are listening in on the conversation she's having with Marco. After Joyce leaves the house, 4 Hay walks out with the tissue to show her mom and other sister. Everyone in the house is curious about who she's going out with. Joyce's mom pushes the redial button on the phone to hear one of Marco's teammates voice. Joyce's mom then questions the guy about who's office it was and Joyce's mom yells it out to her other two daughters that Joyce is going out with Marco. Meanwhile, on the other end of the phone, Marco's other 2 teammates also hears about this.

The next day, 2 of Marco's teammates gathers everyone together inside the police station's cafeteria forcing Marco and Joyce to admit that they are going out. The teammates even make Marco take out $2000 to treat them out to eat. However, Marco's boss comes in saying that it's not enough.

Joyce's mom has told the entire neighborhood about her daughter's boyfriend. When Joyce walks by, their neighbors all give Joyce a wicked kind of smile. Joyce's mom tells her dead husband that she has accomplished the goals she had set out for herself. Upon hearing this, Bobby jokingly tells her she can now be with her husband (underlying meaning as in go die). A male neighborhood friend who sells pork delivers a whole cooked pork to Joyce's mom and charges her cheaply for it. The entire family believes that the man is in love with Joyce's mom. Bobby tells Joyce's mom to consider him as her future boyfriend.

Esther sees Bobby with another girl at a restaurant. Bobby is telling his new girlfriend the same jokes he told Esther, but his new girlfriend finds everything that Bobby tells her funny. (even parts that Bobby didn't think was all that funny) Bobby takes the girl to the movies, but once the movie starts Bobby complains that the movie isn't funny at all whereas, his new girlfriend is laughing her head off. Bobby then stuffs potato chips into her mouth and leaves her at the movies.

While Bobby is driving he sees "Lip Sai Foon" (the guy that he arrested 7 years ago) standing at the corner of the street giving him this evil smile. When Bobby sees him his whole arm shakes. He recalls the incident 7 years ago of how he captured "Lip Sai Foon".

Marco and his team arrest the bank robbers at this apartment, but while he is there he discovers newspaper clippings of "Lip Sai Foon" and "Bobby" taped to the wall. Apparently, the robbers admired "Lip Sai Foon's" burglarizing techniques so they decided to copy him. News spread inside the police station that Bobby was one of the best cop 7 years ago.

At a bar: Joyce requests more information about Bobby's past performance as a cop, but Bobby refuses to say more. He tells her he dumped the other girl.

Joyce's two sister finds a stray kitten in front of their apartment door so they take it inside their apartment hoping to be able to raise it. However, their mother does not allow claiming that she would have to do everything for the kitten. When Joyce's 2 sisters take the kitten back out of their apartment, the kitten runs up to the roof of their building. "Lip Sai Foon" comes to the kitten's rescue and offers to raise the kitten next door to where Joyce's family lives because he has some construction to do for that apartment. Joyce's mom walks over just then. Seeing that he is a construction worker, she decides to ask "Lip Sai Foon" over to fix their cabinets. "Lip Sai Foon" does not accept the money that Joyce's mom offers hoping to make a good impression on Joyce's mom and 2 sisters.

Esther is rearranging and cleaning her house. Half way through, she gets tired and rests a while eventually falling asleep. The water continues to boil and smoke escapes through her kitchen window. Bobby is driving but passes by Esther's apartment to see smoke coming out of her apartment. He rushes up to her place to find that she was ok.

Bobby complains to Joyce about how irresponsible Esther's husband is. Joyce spills out that Esther and her husband are already divorced. Bobby slaps her butt.

Esther remembers the happy times she shared with Bobby. She goes over to Bobby's apartment to find him not there. Meanwhile, Bobby is over at Esther's apartment building knocking on her door. When they both discover each others apartment unoccupied they both start heading home. Bobby sees Esther's umbrella while he's standing on the overpass and starts chasing after her in the rain. They come face to face and Bobby puts his arm around her. (This is the part when Bobby and Esther start dating).

"Lip Sai Foon" arranges a meeting with one of the vietnamese people that killed his friend 7 years ago. When "Lip Sai Foon" sees the other guy he starts hitting him with a bat.

One of Joyce's younger sister, 4 Hay, visits "Lip Sai Foon" who gives her a hand made dollhouse and admits to be in prison.

Marco and his team are at the scene where 2 men have been killed. One of dead is a priest while the other is the vietnamese person "Lip Sai Foon" met with the other night.

Episode 17

Marco's team is at a church investigating the murders. They are trying to find more information about the priest.

Marco and Joyce are shopping for dresses. Joyce is distracted (thinking about the case). Marco senses that she's not paying attention to him so he screams her name and she freaks out, answering "yes sir". She hits him for scaring her. Marco picks out a dress, sandals, and a pair of earrings for Joyce. She wears them all and gets her ears pierced for him, screaming out in pain. Marco thinks she looks very nice in dresses. Afterwards, they go to the movies and who should also be watching the same horror movie but Esther and Bobby. Bobby and Esther are sitting in front of Marco and Joyce. Bobby gets scared during the movie and leans on Esther. Joyce and Marco don't realize that it's him and they make fun of him. Bobby and Esther turn around to look at them and realize that its his niece. (This part is sooo funny) They go to a restaurant for coffee and they make fun of each other.

Esther cooks dinner for Bobby and he's feeling very happy. On his way home, he stops by 7-Eleven and when he walks out, Lip Sai Koon is leaning against his car. Lip Sai Koon wants revenge on Bobby because Bobby put him in jail 7 years ago for 20 robberies and an account of murder. However, he did not commit the murder but was still charged for it. Therefore, he blames Bobby. They exchange a few words and Lip Sai Koon leaves.

The next morning, Bobby sees Lip Sai Koon eating breakfast at his sister-in-law's house. He freaks out and tells him to leave the house immediately, telling his family that this was the guy who he arrested 7 years ago. One of Joyce's younger sister, 4 Hay, still believes him though. 4 Hay sees him at the basketball court later, and he acts all innocent.

Joyce's mom is out grocery shopping the next day and feels like she's being followed. Lip Sai Koon shows up on the stairwell and she freaks out. At home, she gets a weird phone call of someone breathing and then someone rings and doorbell and when she opens the door, she finds a pig's head hanging there. Bobby rushes home to see her. Joyce's mom is upset when she sees Bobby with Esther. Therefore they go out for dinner.

Bobby goes and tells Lip Sai Koon to stop bothering his family.

The next day, the guy who sells pigs goes to Joyce's house. Joyce's mom and two sisters are home. He asks for his pig's head back. The guy is crazy and he's obsessed with Joyce's mom. He takes out a knife but Lip Sai Koon rushes in and saves them so their whole family thinks he's a good guy. Even Joyce's attitude is softening. Bobby is very frustrated.

At home, Bobby sees "papers that you burn to the dead people" all over his house. He gets very pissed of and pulls some strings at the police station so that Lip Sai Koon is questioned and made fun of. Lip Sai Koon gives bobby an evil stare when he leaves the police station.

Lip Sai Koon calls Bobby and threatens to harm 4 Hay. Just then, Bobby spots him on his motorcycle and chases him. He ends up in the bad part of town and in a Vietnamese guy's house. Lip Sai Koon frames Bobby for murder. He kills the Vietnamese guy and knocks Bobby out. This Vietnamese guy was one of the 4 people who killed his friend 7 years ago.

Episode 18

Bobby awakens and finds himself holding the stick that killed the Vietnamese guy. Marco and his team arrive and see Bobby holding the stick. Bobby says that he didn't kill the guy and that Lip Sai Koon is behind everything. Marco's team goes to find Lip Sai Koon but Joyce's mom and sister's are his witness that he never left the apartment across from them the whole day.

Esther goes to find Bobby in jail and she starts crying. She feels very bad and sings to her.

Joyce eats with Marco and she has no appetite b/c she's worried about her uncle. Marco doesn't want her on the case b/c but Joyce argues that he doesn't trust her.

Marco's boss believes that there's enough evidence to charge Bobby for murder. However, he tells Marco to continue searching for evidence. Esther and Joyce get very upset. Bobby requests to see Marco. He knocks Marco out and escapes from prison. Marco gets a lecture form his boss and he gets into an argument with Joyce.

Bobby calls Esther to tell her that he's fine and not to worry.

We find out that Lip Sai Koon used a tape to record drilling and construction noises to fool Joyce's family so that he could use them as his witness.

Lip Sai Koon is out to kill the one more person to avenge his friend's death. The last person is played by Lum Kei Yun.

Esther sees that Joyce is very worried so she tells Joyce that Bobby called her. Joyce is still very angry at Marco.

Esther goes and cleans Bobby's house. Joyce's mom goes to clean it also and sees Esther. They reconcile and become friends.

Bobby investigates the whereabouts of Lum Kei Yun and find out that she's in Canada and that she's a very rich and successful businesswoman now.

Episode 19

Marco goes over to Lum Kei Yun's hotel to question if she knew the 3 vietnamese refugees that have been murdered. Lum Kei Yun denies knowing the 3 dead so before Marco leaves he holds up a photo of "Lip Sai Foon" Lum Kei Yun's face turns frighten.

Inside the police station, the team agrees with one another that Lum Kei Yun is a liar. Marco runs into Joyce in the elevator. (Joyce is still angry at Marco) He tries to cheer her up but it doesn't work. Marco takes her over to his apartment where he makes her sit and watch a video tape of him demonstrating how to cook steak. Joyce is laughing again. However, she discovers a picture of his ex-girlfriend ,Crystal, wearing the exact same earrings he picked out for her. She takes off the earrings telling him that her ears are infected. Joyce is unhappy again, but Marco does not know.

"Lip Sai Foon" visits Joyce's apartment to give them the rest of the supplies that he didn't use up, but in reality he only wanted to see any of Joyce's family members know of Bobby's whereabouts. Marco encounters her ex-girlfriend, Crystal, while on duty at the hotel where Lum Kei Yun is staying. They exchange a few words with each other. Apparently, Crystal is looking for an apartment and has decided to stay and open a clothing store. Joyce and Esther are shopping, but Joyce sees Marco with Crystal in his car.

At the police station: Marco asks Joyce out, but she declines. He receives a page from Crystal wanting him to fix her bathroom facet. Marco leaves for her ex-girlfriends place not pursuing Joyce any further about going out to eat that night. Joyce appears really unhappy. Later, that night Joyce calls Marco's apartment to find him not home.

Lum Kei Yun has hired 4 men to protect her at all times. She receives a photo of "Lip Sai Foon's" best friend who has been dead for 7 years and screams for her men to throw the picture away. Bobby warns Lum Kei Yun that someone is out to kill her. Lum Kei Yun tells her assistant to buy a plane ticket for the next available flight back to Canada, but her assistant reminds her that they need to sign the contract or the company will go bankrupt. Bobby is seen by 2 police men patrolling the streets who chases after him.

At the police station: The next day word is out that Bobby was being chased after by 2 policemen. Esther receives a message from Bobby telling her to meet him by the dock. That night Esther sees a birthday card and cake on the bench that Bobby bought her. Bobby stands on the overpass taking a glimpse of Esther.

Lum Kei Yun complains to the hotel security guards that her assistant has disappeared for one day. Later, they find her assistant all bruised and tied up down in the storage room of the hotel. The security guards take the case to the police. Marco questions Lum Kei Yun, but she doesn't corporate with him. Her assistant is pissed and quits on her telling her that he doesn't want to die for no reason. The lights get turned off at the hotel. Someone grabs Lum Kei Yun. When she awakens, she finds herself tied up with the knowledge that Bobby is standing in front of her. Bobby tells her he saved her from "Lip Sai Foon". He continues to persuade her to corporate with him and to tell police the truth, but she refuses saying that she would be in trouble with the law if she did.

At the police station: Marco leaves his pager behind and one of his teammates hands it over to Joyce to give back to him. Joyce sees a message that Crystal left saying that she was meeting Marco at some café. She decides not to go, but changes her mind the last minute. She arrives to see Crystal drying Marco off so she turns and starts to run. Marco chases after her, but stops when he receives someone's page.

"Lip Sai Foon takes Lum Kei Yun hostage inside the elevator. Later they exit on one of the floors of the building and Bobby arrives pointing a gun at "Lip Sai Foon" Lip Sai Foon orders Bobby to drop the gun or else he will kill Lum Kei Yun. Bobby has no other options but to drop his gun. "Lip Sai Foon" shoots in Bobby's direction.

Episode 20 (Final Episode)

"Lip Sai Foon" shoots and purposely misses to hit the glass window behind Bobby. Marco arrives with his team and a shootout takes place between "Lip Sai Foon" and the police. During the shoot out, Lum Kei Yun crawls away from "Lip Sai Foon" and hides behind a desk. "Lip Sai Foon" escapes from the building by climbing down the fire hose and drives away on his motorcycle. However, Marco continues to chase after him in the streets after borrowing some unknown person's car. The chase continues but "Lip Sai Foon" accidently drives his motocycle into the water to avoid hitting another truck. The police are unable to find him in the water.

Inside the police station, Marco and Bobby celebrates their clever plan of deceiving everyone. (Marco told Bobby to run from jail) Apparently, Bobby was the one who captured Lum Kei Yun earlier (Marco wanted to get her all shaken up so that she would cooperate with the police) Joyce is still angry at Marco.

When Bobby returns to Joyce's apartment her mom complains that he had scared her to death making her blood pressure go up big time. Esther shows up a little bit later at Joyce's apartment to cook with Joyce's mom and Bobby misinterprets her presence as wanting to see him. He gets all confused about Esther and Joyce's mom's friendship.

Joyce and Esther go back to Esther's place after the meal and start drinking. Esther reads that something is wrong between her and Marco and tells Joyce to spill everything out. Joyce tells Esther about Crystal coming back and thinks that Marco is only going out with her as some sort of replacement Esther encourages Joyce not to think on the wrong side of things and persuades her to call Marco. Meanwhile, over at Marco's apartment, he is thinking about Joyce, but receives a phone call from Crystal, inviting him over to eat dinner. Crystal tells him that when she first arrived back in Hong Kong, she was actually thinking about getting back together with Marco, but she realized that time has changed everything and that he really liked Joyce now. Marco tells her that he feels really comfortable with Joyce.

Marco goes over Joyce's apartment to find her, but is greeted by her mom and 2 younger sisters who question him about their relationship. Her mom asks about marriage and reveals a good date to get married. Discovering that Joyce's isn't home, he pages her and leaves a message with her. Meanwhile, over at Esther's apartment, the 2 females are drunk and "Lip Sai Foon" walks into her apartment and captures them. During the middle of the night, he somehow gets into Joyce's apartment and ties up her mom and 2 younger sisters, pouring gasoline on them. Bobby comes down later when he hears some banging noise to find them all tied up and that Joyce, and Esther are in "Lip Sai Foon's " hands.

At the police station, Marco and Bobby are in a state of panic ordering everyone to find Joyce and Esther's whereabouts. They are devastated that "Lip Sai Foon" took them as hostages. Several hours have passed but there is no news of them. Marco says that the only thing they can do is wait for "Lip Sai Foon" to call. Marco and another policemen have installed a phone device at Bobby's apartment awaiting for "Lip Sai Foon" to call so that they can trace the call. The phone rings early the next morning and when he first answers the phone he hears Esther's voice but her voice is replaced by "Lip Sai Foon" who tells him to go to some restaurant. The police are unable to trace the short phone conversation. Marco, Bobby and another teammate arrive at the restaurant to answer his call, but "Lip Sai Foon" orders him to be at some telephone booth in 10 minutes. Bobby yells that it is impossible, but he tells him if he doesn't pick up by the 10th ring then he is going to kill Esther. Bobby makes it to the telephone booth in time, but all out of breathe. "Lip Sai Foon" continues to give him more directions to follow ordering to come alone. Meanwhile, Joyce and Esther have loosened their strings and a fight starts among Joyce, Esther, and "Lip Sai Foon", but Joyce and Esther gets knocked unconscious. They are placed in some freezer while "Lip Sai Foon" goes to meet Bobby.

During their meeting, "Lip Sai Foon" shoots Bobby in the arm, but Marco arrives in time to save Bobby. The three of them start fighting and Bobby kills "Lip Sai Foon" by accident. Before his death, Bobby asks where he had hidden Esther and Joyce, but his immediate response was that they will be with him (meaning they will also die). Marco discovers some kind of meat store stamp on him and narrows down the search. They know that Esther and Joyce are being hidden in a freezer of some sort but have not pinpointed the exact location. The police continue their searches on all freezers and just then Bobby remembers a fire trucks siren going off when "Lip Sai Foon" called earlier. They have now discovered the exact location and are on their way there. Meanwhile, Joyce and Esther are trying to keep their mind off the cold by jogging, telling each other funny past childhood stories, and playing games (the game show that zheng zhi wai is a host of). Before they pass out, they tell each other they miss their boyfriends.

The team arrives at the freezer where the 2 are kept. Marco takes Joyce and warms her up by rubbing her, while Bobby is trying to warm up Esther. Marco tells Joyce that he is going to marry her and that he loves who she is. Joyce awakens hearing all that Marco has said to her. Esther has not awaken yet. Bobby carries her down several flights of stairs to take her to the hospital but falls down the stairs with her. She tells Bobby that he should tell her the romantic things that Marco said to Joyce. (This part is really funny)

Bobby and Marco are at the church alter waiting for Esther and Joyce to arrive, so that the wedding ceremony can take place. They find out that the car bringing them has broken down, so Marco and Bobby orders the whole police force to help push the broken down car. When they arrive, they see Joyce and Esther punching and hitting a thief. Bobby and Marco turn around to leave, (they think that they will be their next victim if they do anything wrong) but Joyce and Esther run after them.

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