At the Threshold of an Era

"Chou Sai Gei"

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Tim : Gallen Lo
Biu: Sunny Chan
Keong: Roger Kwok
Yen: Kenix Kwok
Hing: Flora Chan
Wai: Maggie Siu
Ning: Ada Choi
Hang: Nicky Wu
Kan (Tim's father): Chow Chung
Lei (Hang's father): Chan Pui
Ping (Hing's mother): Liza Wong
Leung (Hing's father): Kwok Fung
Mun (Tim's sister): Grace Yip
Chan (Tim's mother): Cheng Ho Wai
Po: Lei's eldest son
Teng: Worker's head

Episode 1

Yip Weng Tim (Gallen) is into import/export trading. He is great old buddy and ex-classmates of Biu (Sunny) and Keong (Roger). Biu and Tim are also members of a 'Preparatory Arrangements Committee' helping in the re-structure of their mother school. As an architect, Biu is put in-charge of the architect design of the building. Tim's Trading Company designed a new game product "The Tamagotchi", he is hopping for his new product to strike famous at the Toy Exhibition. Unfortunately, one of his worker cheated the company's money and left him in great debts. In order to settle this urgent matter, he has no choice but to cheat the 'Preparatory Committee's money". His other friend Keong is working in the bank and when Keong knew about Tim cheating, he help to cover it. But when Biu knew about it, he go straight to Tim and hit him with his fist. He even warn Tim that he is going to expose him. At this time, one of the buyer Chan Wing Yen (Kenix)come to look for Tim, she complain about his product and demand for a return of money. While they were struggling in the argument, Yen drop her purse accidentally. Tim chase Biu to their mother school while trying to stop Biu from exposing him. Biu couldn't bear to see Tim's future get ruin because of this, he asked Tim to settle the money fast.

Episode 2

Keong try to return the purse to Yen, and realised that Yen's mother is suffering from cancer, and is in need of money. The Toy Exhibition is round the corner, Tim than realised something has gone wrong with his "Tamagotchi" products, he has to hurry to China to settle it, at this moment, Yen came to settle money with him. When Yen knew that Tim's mother Chan ever get her cancer treated and cured in China, Yen asked Tim about the address to Doctor Fai. However, too bad, Doctor Fai has already shifted place. Yen went to ask Tim for help again. Tim is impressed by Yen's great determination and he offer to accompany her to find the doctor. However, the doctor had pass away. Yen has no choice but to return to Hong Kong in dissapointment. During the exhibition, Tim's whole family came to help. Yen came too to do some charity work. However no body seems to be interested in the new game. Tim feels depress. In order not to get Biu into trouble, he has no choice but to sell the copyright of the "Tamagotchi" game to the Japanese. He than settle the money he own the school. In this process, he met a lawyer Hin (Flora). Biu change his job to work in "Ming Tai". The big boss of "Ming Tai" has a son Yip Weng Hang (Nicky)who treat his staffs to dinner, he than met Tim, Biu realise that Tim and Hang are actually cousin. Tim reveal that Hang's father Lei framed his father to jail many years ago. Tim warned Biu to be careful of Lei and his son. Later Tim realise that "Ming Tai' is going to buy over the building he and his family is staying. He purposely asked for a higher price, but he gets something in reverse, later on, the window of Tim house was cover by big huge posters


Episode 3
Tim was so mad with Lei that he went to ask Hing to sue Lei. In between Yen's mother passed away, Keong stay by Yen and
give her all the supports, he even offered Yen to stay at his place tentatively. Hing and her mother Fong Kien Ping (Liza) went shopping in branded shops and meet Hing's father Fok Geng Leung's 'rumours' girl-friend Hong. Hong's attitude is arrogant and so Ping take this opportunity to teach her some lessons. Hang (Nicky) meet Hing and is captivated by her beauty. Tim's office building's electricity and water supply was cut-off by somebody, the reporters knew about it and come for the news, they camera Tim leading the people fighting for the welfare of the neighbourhood. Tim took this opportunity to reveal that her father Kan (Chow Chung) once went to jail because of an illegal case - (short-cut workmanship)in a construction case. Hang asked Biu for help to be the peacemaker, to ask Tim to rest the conflicts arise from selling of the building. Right at this moment, the
police investigated and found out that the mastermind who cut-off the electricity and water supply was none other but Tim. Biu thinks that Tim has gone too far and beside bringing harm to others, he would harm himself, Biu go and see Kan, Kan is also worried about Tim getting into trouble, so he went to "Meng Tai" to see Lei. When Tim knew about this, he angrily went to "Meng Tai" . Kan asks Lei not to harm Tim, in return Lei wants Kan to place an announcement ad in the newspaper claiming that the 'illegal construction' case was none of Lei's business. At this moment, Tim bang into the room and spilt liquor at Lei.

Episode 4
Kan angrily slap Tim, at the same time promise to do what Lei said. Tim decided to close-down his company and to start
afresh. Biu thought that Lei would be unplease with him because of Tim, but Lei told Biu that he is only concern about his work performance and that he can differenciate between work and private matters. Biu is embarrass. Wai (Maggie) wants to set up a PR company, and asked Hang to invest. Hang agreed immediately. Tim was lost about his future, after listening to some words from Kan, he decided to venture into the Real Estate. He starts off by working as a Property Agent. Because of the lacking of knowledge about building, Tim was mock by his client. When Biu knows about it, he ask Tim to starts from the basic, Biu introduce Tim to work in the construction site. During Tim's first day at work, he is discriminate by the head worker Teng. Tim make use of the soup Yen cook for him to please Teng, and he succeeded in getting into Teng's circle of people.

Episode 5

Yen wins a prize of 2 air-tickets to Taiwan. Keong wholeheartly expecting Yen to invite him along. Keong met Tim's sister Mun dating a guy. Mun ask Keong not to tell her brother Tim. Yen is secretly in love with Tim, she invited him to Taiwan together. Tim rejected her because of work. Keong knew that Yen's heart is with Tim, he pretend to be alright but in his heart, he feel so sad. Tim gets himself drunk and Yen send him back home, their eyes met each others and both are moved in feelings. But Tim try hard to suppress his feeling and left alone. Yen watch Tim went up a yellow car and feel dissapointed. Tim re-encounter Ting Ning's (Ada) uncle and aunt, it brings back some of his memory with Ning last time. Tim ask Keong to look up for Ning when Keong goes to Taiwan. Keong found Ning at a disco in Taiwan. Ning recall her encounter with Tim in Macau 3 years ago, and how he dumped her in Taiwan, she ask Keong to bring back a parcel to Tim. After Tim listened to the tape Ning sent him and saw her picture, he feel guilty. Yen saw that and she immediately understand that Tim is afraid to let her down. Keong has a client Foon Poh (old lady) who has 3 village houses but in big mess, Tim decided to take this project.


Episode 6
Tim succeeded in persuading the worker's head to return to work (from the strike) and he also persuaded Foon Poh (the old lady) to sell him half of her properties. Tim than set up his own Construction Company. He slowly trick Biu into helping him with the architect design. Wai's PR Company is having its open house ceremony, Hing found out that Yen actually speak fluent French, she sincerely invites Yen to join her in the Law-firm she works. Wai is busy with her PR job and neglected Biu, Biu is unplease. Biu is working on an environmental architect project but Lei criticize it. Lei than asks Po (Lei's eldest son)'s assitant Peter to work together with Biu on the alteration. Biu is unhappy. Ping is surprise about Hang going after Hing vigorously. Ping found out that Leung has an affair with her good friend Bo Ee, Ping is deeply hurt and decided to divorce Leung. Lei take this opportunity to go after Ping when he help her to look for a new house.


Episode 7

Wai hold her company dinner at a hotel. The hotel suddently caught fire and left Wai in big mess. Biu help her to look for another places, but he get scolded by Peter for not attending their meeting. Biu is angry of being accussed by Peter. Biu pointed out that Yun paid too high a price for construction materials. Yun is not happy with Biu for giving his comments, Tim is actually glad about this secretly. Hang help Wai to solve problem in getting to rent a place in the hotel. Wai's mother take this opportunity to please Hang. Biu is depress. Yen resign her job from Hing in order to help Tim in his re-establish career.

Episode 8

After Biu completed the Environmental Project, he tended his resignation. However Wai didn't support him in his move. Biu feels the difference of themselves in their relationship. Biu decided to join Tim in his company. Tim is overjoy. Hing is depress and moody because of her parent's divorce. Hang is at her side giving her the console. With Teng's help, Tim employ some illegal refugee workers. Yen sense that Tim's company needs money so she use her own money to buy materials for the company. She even runs around many places trying to bargain for a good price for the materials. Tim feels guilty when he knows that. Biu and Keong take out their saving, and Tim suggested that they use the money for promotions. Biu and Keong didn't know whether that's the right move. Lei give Ping an antique watch for present. He tell her that he had bought this watch for 20 years and waiting all his while for this moment to give it to her. Ping is touch. Hang and Hing's relationship develop fast. When Hing realise that Ping is dating Lei, she is troubled, however Hang takes this lightly. Hing is angry and left. Wai went with Hang to a ball party and was camera by the reporters, they even reported that Wai plays her PR tricks on the rich and famous. Biu read the paper and he is unhappy with Wai. Tim has no money to pay his staffs, so he call the police to arrest refugee workers. Biu etc lecture him for been cruel. The air-conditioner at Tim's construction site was stolen by Siew Mo. Tim and Yen decided to take it back, but they accidentally bump into Siew Mo while taking it back. Tim and Yen managed to 'defeat' Siew Mo and take back the air-con. Tim than go to Macau to ask Sor Gor to settle this case. Tim didn't expect Sor Gor to side with Siew Mo instead. Tim is injured and try to run away, he escape to Ning's old resident place and meet Yen there. Yen takes care of him.

**NOTE:  Summaries provided by Dale of the Kenix Kwok Forum.  The picture above belongs to the TVB.