My Biography

Hi! My name is Jenny Kwong.  I am twenty-two years old.  I am a senior at the California State University, Hayward.  My major is Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing.  I was born in the United States, so you can consider me an American-born Chinese.  I know how to speak English, Cantonese, and a little bit of Spanish.  I don't know how to read or write Chinese.  I live in sunny California.  I have one younger brother, who is eighteen years old.  He's a freshman at University of Californial at Los Angeles (UCLA).  I like to surf the Internet, collect stamps, go shopping, read books, and watch movies and TVB series in my spare time.  I am starting to learn how to make web pages because it is a new experience. 

I have traveled to many places.  I have been to Hong Kong (twice), Canada (twice), and the Bahamas.  Also, I have traveled to some places in the United States like Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Florida.  I really enjoying traveling because it is a fun experience which I can learn something new from other cultures.