Burning Flame

"Lit Four Hung Sum"

Lok Tin Yao - Wong Hei               Dai Hing - Chin Ka Lok                            Mei Lok - Joyce Chen Yin Hang

Shum Pik Yui - Esther Kwan         Szeto But - Cheng Keng Kei

Lau Hoi Pak - Louis Koo              Ah Bo Bo - Kwok Yat Kuen

Lok Hui Chui - Jade Leung            Lok Soon - Chan Pui

Lok Hui Fung - Lee Gee Hung       Tang Jeng Yuet - Lee San San 

Marco - Cheng Chi Sing                Ah Fat - Ma Tak Chung

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Episode 1-4

Well, the first 4 episodes basically introduced the 3 buddies - Wong Hei, Chin Ka Lok & Cheng Keng Kei. They were all doing some minimum wage jobs before deciding to enroll into the Fire Department as trainees. Actually Wong Hei's been dreaming to become a firefighter ever since he was rescued by one when he was a kid. However, his mom had always forbidden him to do that for fear that he'd die in the fire. Finally, she agreed after she realized that being a firefighter has always been Wong Hei's wish. And of course the other 2 buddies of his followed him. On the other hand, the series introduced Koo Tin Lok as a rich boy but he doesn't like his father because of his ill-treatment towards younger son, Bo Bo, who’s mentally challenged (Kwok Yat Kuan). Koo's love for mountain climbing came to a halt when he had a fight w/ his dad who's been the "payer" of all his mountain climbing expenses. That led him to enroll into the Fire Department as he thought it'd provide him with great challenges like his hobby did-- mountain climbing. There he met the 3 stooges (Wong Hei, Chin Ka Lok & Cheng Keng Kei) whom he had misunderstandings with right before they all went to train as firefighters. Because Louis is quiet and doesn't like to interact, he found the three stooges to be real childish and not serious with their training. So there's competition between Wong Hei and him on who's better in the training.

With regards to Esther, she was a secretary before she quit the job and enrolled herself as a firefighter trainee. She and Leung Jing, who's a female firefighter, are buddies. Esther has a boyfriend, Ah Fai (Kwok Yui Ming), who's a police inspector but doesn't care much about her except for his work. Since Esther's dad died, she has to take care of her family - her mom, sister, and her grandfather. Her dad didn't leave them anything but huge credits to pay off, so Esther has to sell their family house and move to a smaller one much to her family's dismay. Esther's basically pretty weak in her physical training so she's not doing well in her training. Additionally, she's agoraphobic (afraid of heights), but she didn't tell her instructor - instead she cheated on her test.  She was made to go up high into the sky and see what was around her. She got all the questions right, but that was because of the sheet. Afterwards, she dropped it, and Wong Hei picked it up for her.   But then Wong Hei's teacher came and took the sheet from him. He opened it, saw the sheet, and asked Esther if it was hers. Wong Hei thought up a reason and Esther didn't get punished.

Episode 5

Louis found out that Jade Leung is also a fire fighter, and shows affection towards her. In the training center, the guys are once again teasing "Gei Gei", to prove himself not a gay, so he showed his roommates the photo of him with his cousin, Jade, and lied to others that she is his fiancée. However, on the day when visitors came, Louis and Jade talked happily and Gei was worried that Louis will win Leung's heart. However, everyone including Louis was punished for allowing girls in the dormitory. Louis had to clean shoes due to his arrogance and lack of cooperation. Towards the end of Episode 5, there was a psycho who set the building on fire, everyone else had left, but Louis and Wong Hei stayed behind to put out the fire instead of leaving the fire to real and qualified fire fighters. There was an explosion due to the liquid nitrogen present in the building. In order to save the trainees, Hor Sir was injured by falling from the building.   Louis and Wong Hei and others felt extremely depressed. During that incident, Louis also hurt his leg and had to stay in hospital for further check-ups.

Episode 6

Esther and Fai were having problems in their relationship. Fai (Mark) has an affair with a colleague and Esther's younger sister caught them at the hotel and called her sister over. Esther is very upset and decides to break up with Fai. Her problems with her boyfriend causes her to do worse in training school. Because she is upset and has no one to talk to, she uses chalk to write on the stone near the track. Unknowingly, Wong Hei responds to the messages that she writes with words of encouragement. Fai begs Esther to forgive him and proposes to her. Esther finally gives in. However, she later finds out that he has other girlfriends that he's been sleeping with and Esther and finally given up on him. She decides to start a new life without him and instead, concentrates on passing her physical exams at training school.

Meanwhile, Esther comes to training school and sees Hei again. Hei gets all chummy and starts to talk to her. However, she tells him to stop being so nosy because people are talking about them. Esther tries really hard at training school to work up to her physique again.  Later, "Dai Hing" starts to like Esther and it gets really funny.

Episode 7-11

The trainer, Ho Sing, has recovered and is able to attend their graduation.  Louis and Hei receive the golden ax awards for excellence in training (an outstanding achievement award).  Ho Sing himself is presented with an award for giving up his life to save others. Their station assignments are passed out and Hei and his two buddies end up working at the same fire station. Louis is transferred to Cheung Chau and ends up working with Jade. Being a fireman in Cheung Chau is rather boring and Louis is upset at first. However, he is happy that he gets more chances to be with Jade. Meanwhile, Hei and his two friends are working at their own firestation which turns out to be quite boring as well. All of the alerts turn out to be false alarms. Hei even begins to lose faith in   Loc Sir (Lee Gee Hung) who was a legend in training school.

A shooting occurs in the middle of the street and 2 cars were involved in a crash. Hei's fire station is called to the scene and Hei wants to help but Lok Sir stops them, because the crooks are still at the scene and haven't surrendered yet. Hei recommends using the pipelines under the road to reach the injured people and that's what they do. Lok Sir himself moves on the scene and all the injured people are rescued just before the explosion. Because of this, Hei decides that Lok Sir isn't that bad after all.

Lok Sir has been having problems with his wife, played by Melissa Ng (Jo in Secret of the Heart). She has been getting fed up with his drunk father, Chan Pui and requested a divorce, even though she loved him. Melissa asked him to go with her to Canada, but seeing how poorly his father treated his mother, Lok Sir couldn't leave his mom behind. Later, when Melissa found out that she was pregnant, Lok Sir decided that perhaps he should leave his job to go with her because he wanted to be a good father. However, his wife and father got into an argument at the hospital hallway, and she accidentally fell down the steps and had a miscarriage. Lok Sir got very pissed and almost hit his dad. Instead, he kicks him out of the house.

Episode 12

Louis get to work at Jade's station. Jade misunderstood & thought that Louis has been sending her flowers but it turned out to be Gei Gei, her cousin. In the meantime, she sensed that Louis kept looking at her and asked Louis about it. Louis never denied or admitted it but he sure gave her a vague idea about the whole thing and so the story started with a rumor of them two being boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, the fake boyfriend & girlfriend thing eventually became more real after Louis kissed Jade on the cheek under the sprinkling water after trying to save a kid who eventually wasn't drowning. Jade kept her distance unfortunately because her boyfriend is Louis' elder brother, Marco.  Although the good thing is her heart tend to lean toward Louis which became a love triangle between Louis, Jade and Louis' elder brother. Louis said to Jade he will never give up and he tried every time he can.  He kept pursuing Jade knowing she will come around.  Episode 12 ended when Louis said he will wait for Jade until she came to meet him, but Jade said there's no way we can be together.  Louis never gave up because he knows she will come & she did in the rain.

Episode 13 & 14

Louis finally asked Jade out in the rain.  At the end of episode 12, Jade went to find Louis and saw him waiting for her in the rain. Louis then kissed Jade and she resisted him at beginning but later shared a beautiful kiss. But Louis's big brother, Marco, came and saw them together and asked Jade to leave with him and she did. She accepted Marco's proposal, and was about to marry Marco when Louis had a motorbike accident. Louis participated in the motorbike race in hope to win the trophy for Jade, but had a minor accident. Jade went immediately to hospital with Gei, and Gei realized that Leung really loves Louis. She was crying outside Louis's room and remembering all the things happened between them.  Gei told Jade to forget about the marriage and stay with Louis if she really loves him. But Jade left. However, she lied to Marco about going to hospital to see Louis, and said that she was at a friend's place. Gei told Louis to go after Jade when she left the hospital.  Anyway, Marco slapped Jade on the face when he found out that Jade was at the hospital with Louis all night. Meanwhile, everyone else, Louis's father and Jade's mother were all busy preparing for Jade and Marco's wedding. So Jade wouldn't dare to reveal to them her true feelings towards Louis. The next day, Marco called Jade onto their new yacht (a wedding gift from Louis' dad) and apologized to her. However, she decided that she wanted to postpone their wedding. Marco got extremely pissed off and  almost raped Jade. Louis comes on a small boat and Marco starts hitting him but Louis doesn't hit him back.  Jade was furious and slapped him on the face.  But Jade grabbed Louis's hand and left with Louis.   But after this incident, both families (Jade's side and Louis's side) were angry with the new couple. Jade's brother thought Jade was too immature and irresponsible, and Louis's father called her a slut. However, Louis's father wasn't at all mad at Louis. Since Jade could no longer return home, she began living with Louis and Ah Bo Bo. She felt that when Louis wasn't there, Bo's scared of her, and felt depressed about it. But Louis comforted her and Bo also began to accept her after she rescued his turtle. Also, Louis was getting bored with his job at "Long State", and applied for a transfer to Diamond Mountain.

Episodes 15 & 16  

Esther passes her exams successfully.   Esther has graduated from training school and is transferred to Hei's station. On the first day, she accidentally knocks over the lucky fish tank and many of the other officers dislike her because she's female. Hei helps look after her though. They become good buddies. During one incident, Esther's neighbor's house is on fire and the entire building catches fire. Hei was at their place though and he successfully saves Esther's grandfather. However, Lok Sir criticizes him by saying that he put a citizen's life in danger by making him climb to the roof. As part of his punishment, Hei was only allowed to deal with the hoses in the future (ie. He's no longer allowed to go into the building to rescue people). The rescue makes Esther become closer friends with Hei and he even helps her repaint her apartment. When she complains about her bad luck, he tells her that he'll let her borrow some of his luck. Esther feels really bad, saying that she's never won anything before. Therefore, Hei brings her all around Hong Kong, trying to find something to win her. However, most places are closed. They end up at the supermarket, buying lots a junk food, so that they can get the game pieces. However, they still didn't win anything. Esther didn't realize that they had one more gamepiece left in her pocket, which was the winning piece. They realized this the next time and ended up winning a car.

Esther moves into "GeiGei's" house because he decides to rent it out. However, Lee San San's aunt was "GeiGei's" aunt's friend and they were going to rent the house to her. After much misunderstanding, Lee San San and Esther become roommates. Lee San San is a mixed Japanese/Chinese girl. She's also Hei's penpal. Her character in the series is very sweet. I guess you'd call it fate, but Hei and Lee San San never ran into each other even though they were so close by a few times.  In the meantime, Esther moves into "GeiGei's" house because he decides to rent it out. However, Lee San San's aunt was "GeiGei's" aunt's friend and they were going to rent the house to her. After much misunderstanding, Lee San San and Esther become roommates.   Lee San San is a mixed Japanese/Chinese girl. .Her character in the series is very sweet.  I guess you'd call it fate, but Hei and Lee San San never ran into each other even though they were so close by a few times.

Episode 17

Esther liked Wong Hei, but Wong Hei didn't like her, he liked Lee San San. So Esther helped Wong Hei woo her. She also did a lot of things, including helping Wong Hei find the books Lee San San really liked. She did a lot because she had a tumor, and she didn't know if it was cancerous.

Esther went home after spending some time with Wong Hei.  Lee San San was about to leave when she bumped into Esther. San San was going to her first job interview. San San was unfamiliar with HK so Esther decided to show her how to get to the location of San San's job interview (which was on the Hong Kong side). Lee San San didn't get the job. Afterwards, Esther and Lee San San went to Ocean Park to have fun.

Next, Jade and Louis were at the fire station. Louis found out he was transferred to Diamond Mountain (Louis was bored working outside of the city since there was less action). He would work with Gei Gei. Jade was a bit disappointed that Louis was going to work somewhere else.

Afterwards, Lok Sir ordered Wong Hei and the gang to practice carrying their oxygen tanks up a flight of stairs (to keep fit for their fire-fighting duties). Lok Sir was not in a good mood after his divorce from his wife, so he puts all his emotion in his work by working to death Wong Hei and the gang.

Esther and Wong Hei were at the supermarket. They bought a whole bunch of junk food (to collect the game pieces so they could win a car). They didn't get any winning pieces. Esther realized she had a game piece left from the last time in her pocket. The game piece turned out to be the winning piece.

Lee San San went to meet Wong Hei at his house but he was not there.  Later, Wong Hei arrived with the new car to pick up Esther.  I guess they are going out for fun. They got all dressed up, a dress for Esther and a suit and tie for Wong Hei. Wong Hei told Esther that he liked a certain girl, actually its his penpal, Lee San San. Esther was disappointed that Wong Hei didn't like her even though he didn't know that Esther liked him.  By accident, he spotted Lee San San on the street. He met her for the first time. Esther also came along. Wong Hei found out that San San lived in the same house with Esther.

Nothing much happens in episode 18. The story mostly centers on the other minor characters -- Dai Hing, Ah But, Wong Hei's mother and Hor Sing.  Kwun Tsai (Wong Hei's mother) and Hor Sing continued to spend time together.  The only important thing that happened was Esther found out she had a tumor.

Episode 19

Esther tried to get Lee San San and Wong Hei together. Esther tried to help Wong Hei find the books that Lee San San liked to read. Esther was a bit jealous of Wong Hei liking San San. Also, there was a fire in this episode. This fire was considered to be big - third stage. Esther's firestation and Louis's firestation were sent to the fire scene to put out the fire. Esther's firestation got to put out the fire. Wong Hei even got to save a person. Louis lost his chance to show off his firefighting skills because of Gei Gei getting injured while going up the stairs of the building. Esther, Wong Hei, Lok Sir received awards for their good job of putting out the fire.

Lee San San eventually had to go back to Japan because her father was sick (in reality, San San's father was faking his illness so she would go back to Japan). Wong Hei had written a letter to Lee San San earlier telling her that he liked her but he didn't actually mail it. Instead, Dai Hing was at his house one day and accidentally mailed it for Wong Hei. As San San was about to leave for the airport, Esther gave her the letter and she found about the news but she still went back to Japan. Later, San San came back to HK. She invited Wong Hei to meet her parents. Her parents approved of Wong Hei dating their daughter. San San wasn't sure she wanted Wong Hei to be her boyfriend. She was using him to get her parents off her back on choosing her boyfriend. She eventually started to date Wong Hei.

Also, Wong Hei found out that Esther had a tumor and he tried to encourage that nothing bad will happen. He told Esther that if she hung around him more, he would be her lucky charm. Later, Esther found out that the tumor was not cancerous.

Episode 20

Wong Hei found out Chan Pui was his father from Hor Sing.  He was shocked about the news and eventually accepted it.  Wong Hei went out to find his father but Chan Pui was drunk like usual.  Hei even looked at Chan Pui's wallet and saw a picture of Chan Pui and his mother.  Chan Pui regretted that he let Wong Hei's mother slip away.   Chan Pui didn't like his real wife but his wife forced him to marry her because she was pregnant then.  His wife really loved Chan Pui and couldn't withstand his affair with Wong Hei's mother.  Later, Hei's mother goes face to face with Chan Pui. She told Chan Pui straight out that they should be only friends and that she would get married to Hor Sing later. 

Episode 20

Wong Hei found out Chan Pui was his father from Hor Sing.  He was shocked about the news and eventually accepted it.  Wong Hei went out to find his father but Chan Pui was drunk like usual.  Hei even looked at Chan Pui's wallet and saw a picture of Chan Pui and his mother.  Chan Pui regretted that he let Wong Hei's mother slip away.   Chan Pui didn't like his real wife but his wife forced him to marry her because she was pregnant then.  His wife really loved Chan Pui and couldn't withstand his affair with Wong Hei's mother.  Later, Hei's mother goes face to face with Chan Pui. She told Chan Pui straight out that they should be only friends and that she would get married to Hor Sing later. 

Episode 21

Wong Hei's mother went to see the doctor. The doctor told her that she had brain cancer. Next she went to Hor Sir's house feeling unhappy. Also, Wong Hei went to Hor Sir's house too and brought the news that Chan Pui tried to commit suicide by drinking himself to death with alcohol. Wong Hei's mother and Hor Sir went to visit him in the hospital. When they were outside the hospital, Hei's mother told Hor Sir that she couldn't marry him and she never wanted to see him again. At home, Wong Hei mistaken his mom for going back to Lok Soon (Chan Pui), even though she was actually sick. Hei's mother even slapped Wong Hei for saying those harsh words about her. Afterwards, Hor Sir tried to call her but she hung up. Hor Sir even wrote her a letter to try to get back with her but no luck. Wong Hei and his mother were mad at each other. Hor Sir went to visit her but she was already on the bus and she tried to avoid him. He told her to meet him at their old restaurant (very romantic). He was dressed in a suit and had flowers and champagne ready. But she didn't come. Wong Hei goes instead to tell him that his mother won't come. Hor Sir said he was going to England and gave Hei a ring to give to her mother.

Next, Wong Hei went to get his car at Chan Pui's repair shop. Chan Pui yelled at him for staring at him. Hei tailed Chan Pui with his car. Chan Pui still didn't know Wong Hei was his real son. Wong Hei followed his father because he started to care for him. Chan Pui was sitting at the pier. He fell into the water to commit suicide but Wong Hei saved him.

San San, Wong Hei, Dai Hing, Ah But, and Ah Boi are at a bar. Wong Hei got all mad at Dai Hing and Ah But for teasing him and he decided to leave. Outside the bar, Esther bumped into Wong Hei and followed him around. Esther saved him from being almost hit by a car. Wong Hei told Esther that Chan Pui was his father.

Wong Hei told his mother the he and San San were going to England together. Hei's mother started to worry that Wong Hei would not be around when she dies.  Hei still didn't know his mother was sick.  Esther spotted Wong Hei's mother at the hospital but she didn't see Esther. Hei's mother fell a bag of medicine. Esther picked up the bag and went to ask the nurse about the medicine. She found out that Hei's mother had brain cancer. Esther went to tell Wong Hei about the illness. Hei and Esther went searching for her. They found her at the beach.

Episode 22

Wong Hei talked with Esther on the cell phone. Chan Pui walked into the bar and overheard the conservation. Chan Pui found out that Hei's mother had cancer. Chan Pui recommended a doctor to Hei. Wong Hei went to find the doctor. He and Chan Pui waited in front of the doctor's home. Chan Pui really talked with Wong Hei.  Hei even encouraged him to give up alcohol.

Louis came home and didn't find Ah Boi at home. He asked Jade where was Ah Boi. Jade told  him that he is out with Dai Hing and Ah But. Louis got mad and went to find his brother. Louis even yelled at Jade for not looking after his brother instead of giving the responsibility to Gei Gei to look after him. Jade yelled back at him and told him that he didn't have time to spend with her anymore. She even told him that she hurt her foot and he didn't care. Jade and Louis went into separate directions to fine Ah Boi. Ah Boi was at the park with Hei's mother, Dai Hing, Ah But. Hei's mother taught Ah Bo Bo to insert film into the camera. Also, Dai Hing and Ah But taught him to dance. Louis came along very angry. He yelled at everybody for treating his brother like a stupid kid (in reality Louis mistaken this and Ah Boi was actually happy to be with other people). When Louis and Jade got home, they got into a fight. Their relationship was becoming strained.

At this point, Wong Hei and his father are getting along better. His father even bought Wong Hei's mother some expensive herbs for her to get better from the cancer. 

Jade went to her mother's house for dinner. She showed some pictures of Ah Boi to her mother. Her mother saw Wong Hei's mother in the picture. Jade's mother wanted to get revenge for Wong Hei's mother's affair with her husband. Jade's mother went to find her at her house. Jade's mother yelled at her for what she did (the affair) and even pushed her to the ground. Jade's mother even threw her pills on the ground (we can tell that Jade's mother is really mean because she is afraid that Wong Hei's mother will take away her husband). Wong Hei's mother fainted.

Later, Wong Hei and Chan Pui went to Ah Fung 's house to get some stuff. Chan Pui found out from his wife that Wong Hei was his son.  Lok sir also found out that Wong Hei was his half brother.

At the hospital, Wong Hei's mother woke up to find that her eyesight had deteoriated. She had only about a month to live.

Episode 23

Kwun Tsai (Wong Hei's mother) was in the hospital.  Wong Hei tried to get a month off from work but Lok Sir didn't allow it, so Hei quit his job to take care of his mother. When his mother found out she encouraged him to go back to work.

Lok sir's mother tried to commit suicide by eating a whole bunch of sleeping pills. The reason is because Chan Pui didn't go home to her but stayed at the hospital with Kwan Tsai.

Ah Bo talked for the first time in the hospital. Wong Hei taught him to talk so he could fulfill his mother's wish.  Wong Hei's mother died at the beach with her son by her side. Their last minutes together were spent watching fishes flying in the air.  After, Wong Hei was able to cope with his mother's loss and even went back to work.  Lee San San and Wong Hei went to Japan for vacation.

The episode ended with Pak's father and his assistant in a shop wanting to buy a Chinese artifact. The store owner didn't let Pak's father buy it.  Jade noticed this from outside the window.

Episode 24, 25, 26

Jade wanting Louis and his father to be on good terms so she secretly went to buy the artifact for Louis' father as a birthday gift.   Louis's father still blamed Jade for being involved first with Marco and now Louis. As a result, Louis' father suffered a stroke. At home, Louis found out about the meeting and stroke and yelled at Jade. Jade was in a bad mood so she went to the bar to get drunk. Marco saw her at the bar.  He was drunk, too.  Marco drove somewhere and raped Jade.  He tried to ruin Jade and Louis' relationship anyway he could.  At home, Jade felt guilty about the rape and didn't tell Louis.  Louis was sorry for yelling at Jade and even asked Jade to marry him.  She agreed to the proposal because she really loved Louis.

Louis was set up by Marco (his older brother) to indirectly destroy his father's company.  Marco succeeded in his plot and took over the company.  Later, Louis's father accepted Jade when she took care of him in the hospital. At the end, Louis found a picture (Bo Bo took this picture with his camera) of Jade and Marco together. Louis had a misunderstanding about this and even contemplated about marrying Jade.

Episode 27 (The wedding day & landslide scene)

Louis saw the picture and was very unhappy about it. He's drunk at the bar. Jade was at home getting ready for the wedding. Everybody was waiting for Louis to come and pick up Jade, but he never arrived. Next, Jade received a page from Louis (actually the page is from Marco). Jade went to meet him at the church. Marco was at the church to meet Jade. Jade ran outside. Lee San San went to the church, too. She went to find Jade. Marco and Jade were at an abandon house.   Jade was knocked unconscious by Marco. Marco wanted to rape Jade again. Lee San San saw this and tried to get Marco off of Jade. The landslide occurred. Jade, San San, and Marco were trapped in the abandoned house. Marco managed to escape. San San ended up climbing out but Jade wasn't able to get out. The fired department came along but couldn't save Jade from dying in the landslide. The death was so sad. Everybody was crying.

Episode 28 

Louis was in great anguish and sorrow after Jade's death. When he found out the truth about Jade being raped by Marco, he wanted to get even with Marco. However, through a twist of fate, Louis was framed by Marco for committing a murder on Ben (Marco's employee and accomplice). Ben went to find Marco at his house and tried to blackmail him for money.   Ben was the only witness who spotted Marco at the landslide scene and he covered up for Marco.  Marco didn't want to pay the money so they got into a fight.  Marco killed him.  Louis went to find Marco to get revenge.  On his way, he spotted Marco driving away from his house and started to chase after him, but Louis's car bumped into something.  Marco used this chance to frame Louis about the murder.  Louis was detained and charged for murder. Meanwhile, Bo Bo was the only source of  alibi for his brother. Only Bo Bo was able to testify that Louis was with him during the estimated time of the murder. The rest of them,Wong Hei, San San and gang tried to teach Bo how to speak properly. All of them were trying their best to help Louis. The scene ended with Bo Bo walking into the court. Louis was in great anguish and sorrow after Jade's death.  He didn't want to get out jail even when Wong Hei, San San, and the gang were trying to find evidence to prove his innocence.

Episode 29 & 30

Louis was framed by Marco of manslaughter and went to jail.  He was sentenced to twelve years in prison for the death of Ben. 

Esther tried to comfort Ah Fung (Jade's brother) after Jade's death. It seemed like he's the one who's deeply sadden by his sister's death and couldn't get over it.  He even asked Esther straight out to be his girlfriend but she said no. 

Dai Hing was set-up by this girl, Fung, that he constantly ran into problems with (the one that beat him at playing Mah Jong).

Dai Hing's sister, Mei Lok (Chen Yin Hang), came back from the United States to find Ah But.  She dropped out of college because she was pregnant with someone else's baby.  Ah But promised her that they would get married and he would take of the baby.  Dai Hing eventually found out about his sister's pregnancy and wanted to beat up Ah But.  Ah But and Mei Lok didn't have money to afford a place of their own, so they had to stay at Dai Hing's new apartment.

Next, Fung kept bothering Dai Hing at the firestation.  Fung kept calling Dai Hing to tell him to save her (she was in no trouble) at her house.  Then there was a fire in Fung's neighbor's apartment.  Esther's firestation was called to put out the fire.   As Esther left the scene, an electrical outbreak occurred after some gas pipe broke which caused Esther's face to be partly burned.   She took the news of her burned face very hard.  Ah Fung (Jade's brother) asked Esther for a second chance to accept him.  She did at the end of episode, the reason was that he showed her that he cares no matter what happens to her.  The doctor recommended to Esther that she go to Japan to do cosmetic surgery.  Ah Fung accompanied her to Japan.  Tai Hing and Wong Hei were really mad at Fung for playing around and blamed her for Esther's injury.   She didn't actually do anything wrong.  They forgave her later.

Episode 31

The pub's bar owner, Ah Fat (Ma Tak Chung) found out Louis dad's assistant was helping Marco. Marco killed the tall guy's brother, Ben. The bar owner wanted to get revenge so he went to find Marco. He hit Marco but then two of Marco's fellows got hold of him and hit him. Ah But went to save him but he was afraid to help the tall guy. Someone noticed Ah But and dragged him inside the bathroom and he was captured, too. Dai Hing and Fung (the girl who starts to like Dai Hing) go to save them both. Fung's father is the head of a triad gang, so they go ask him for help. Fung's dad save Ah But and the tall guy. The bad part was Dai Hing was forced to marry Fung. Ah Fat joined the gang and went to Taiwan.

Episode 32

Ah Bo Bo spotted the guy who robbed him of his wallet (the evidence was inside the wallet, which could help Louis get out of jail) on the street. Bo Bo kept drawing pictures of a cross (the tattoo belonging to the thief) to tell Wong Hei, Lee San San, Ah Bo Bo's father that he spotted the thief, but nobody understood him until Wong Hei put the pieces together. They found the wallet and the credit card slip to clear Louis of his innocence.

Episode 33

Louis was released from jail because of the evidence (the credit card slip in Bo Bo' s wallet) found by Wong Hei and Esther. When he got home, Louis was still saddened by the death of Jade. Louis decided not to be a fireman anymore instead he chose to deliver pizzas. Later on, Wong Hei, Dai Hing, Ah But, and Gei Gei encouraged him to go back to firefighting and also transfer to their station. It wasn't until Hor Sir came back from England and encouraged him to remain a fireman that Louis changed his mind.

Episode 34

Esther and Ah Fung came back from Japan. Esther had a successful plastic surgery on her face (she repaired her face after her injury on the job). Also, this is when Esther started to have her long hair.

Lee San San started to notice how Wong Hei and Esther were always so chummy. San San even found a similar bracelet that she owned in Esther's desk (both given by Wong Hei). San San pressured Esther into telling her that she used to like Wong Hei. Lok Sir's mother overheard their conversation and told his son. After this, Lok Sir started to treat Wong Hei with an unfriendly attitude.

There was a cyanide spill on a road, so Lok Sir's firestation was ordered to clean it up.  The firefighters cleaned up the spill but there was still some cyanide left on the road.  A disagreement aroused between Ah Fung and Wong Hei.  Wong Hei wanted to rinse the cyanide a couple of more times so there wouldn't be any dangers to people passing on this road.   But Lok Sir was under pressure to leave the scene because if the crew continued to clean up the spill there would be a big traffic jam.  Lok Sir got in trouble by the firestation for not cleaning up the spill better.  

Lok Hui Fung and Wong Hei's relationship turned bad as a result of a misunderstanding between them. Ah Fung believed Wong Hei slept with Esther. Actually what happened, Esther was sick so Wong Hei told her to nap in his brother's bed since she was locked out of her own place. Ah Fung's mother noticed this and got mentally unstable and accidentally fell down the stairs. Ah Fung's mother lied to her son and told him that Esther and Wong Hei were in bed together. At the hospital Ah Fung smashed his hand through the window.   Esther was mad because Ah Fung didn't believe her and they kind of  broke up.   Wong Hei moved out of his father's apartment and into Louis's apartment. Later, Chan Pui finds out that his wife was the one who told the police that he did bribery.   Actually he didn't do anything wrong.  His wife wanted him to go to jail so Chan Pui wouldn't be with Wong Hei's mother.  Ah Fung found out the real truth and he didn't believe his mother would do something like that.  Ah Fung' s mother became crazy and ended up in the mental hospital.

At the end of the episode, Lee San San broke up with Wong Hei and went back to Japan. She wrote a letter to Wong Hei explaining about  the reason for the breakup.  In the letter Wong Hei found out that Esther used to like him.  The reason for the break up was Wong Hei never shared any special memories (had romantic moments) with her like what Louis and Jade had.

Episode 35

Lok Sir was still upset that his mother did something so terrible because he always trusted his mother.   At the firestation, Lok Sir was forced to a lower position because his hand was paralyzed from the injury at the hospital.  He decided to quit his job as a fireman rather than be look down by his peers.   Ah Fung was unstable after his mother turned crazy, his sister had died recently, and he had to quit his job.   He had nobody left to care for him so Esther got back together with him.

Esther went to Wong Hei and Louis's apartment to pick up a doctor slip for Louis's father.  She read Lee San San' s letter to Wong Hei.  Esther found out that Wong Hei knew she used to like him.  As a result, Wong Hei and Esther felt uncomfortable when they saw each other. 

Episode 36

This episode concentrated on Ah But and his wife (or girlfriend).  Dai Hing's wife, Fung, was working in a bar and saw Ah But's wife with another man.  Ah Fung went home to tell Dai Hing and Ah But.  Ah But asked his wife about it but she says that being with a client is part of her job.  She yelled at Fung for being nosey about her life.  At the firestation, Ah But was in no mood to perform his daily routine of his firefighting job.  While on duty, Ah But saw his wife and another man in a taxi so he followed her to a hotel.  He caught her in a room with another man.  The man took naked pictures of Ah But's wife.  Ah But had to get back the pictures of his wife.  Ah But and his wife went to a bar to find the man.  The man was bigger than Ah But.  His wife kind of looked down on Ah But for being too worthless and not being able to protect her.  Ah Fat helped Ah But and his wife get back the pictures.  Next, Ah But got into trouble at the firestation for running off while on duty.  Wong Hei couldn't save him this time from getting into trouble since Wong Hei always helped him out.  Ah But didn't get a chance to receive housing from the firestation.  He took out his anger at Wong Hei for reporting him to the captain.  They got into a disagreement and couldn't speak to one another.   Ah But quit his job as a fireman and went to work for Ah Fat at his newly established company.

Episode 37

Ah Fung and Esther made up in episode 35.  He decided to forgive Wong Hei because Esther and him made up.  Ah Fung  made up with his brother, Wong Hei, and even asked him to move back home.    Next, Ah Fung is still out of a job so Esther went to ask Ah Fat to give him a job at his company selling fire insurance (not sure what they do).  What a coincidence was Wong Hei asked Ah Fat earlier to help his brother out by giving him a job.  Wong Hei was in the bathroom when Esther was asking Ah Fat.   Ah Fung received a job at the company.  Later, Ah Fung had trouble getting clients at his new job so his attitude takes a bad turn.  He started taking things out on Esther.  At his house Esther tried to correct some information for Ah Fung and he got mad because he thought everyone doesn't trust his judgment on his work.  He pushes Esther into the bookcase.  Wong Hei and Gei Gei notice what Ah Fung did.  Wong Hei wants to say something but Gei Gei tells him to ignore what is happening.   Ah Fung started to notice Wong Hei's behavior (he starts to show signs of liking Esther) towards Esther.   Esther was supposed to go on vacation with Ah Fung but she was sick.  Wong Hei takes her to the doctor.  Ah Fung was waiting at the airport for Esther.   Wong Hei tried to encourage her not to go but she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend.  Ah Fung came to Esther's home and saw them together.   Wong Hei and Ah Fung got into an argument.  Wong Hei even admitted he had feelings for Esther.  The heat of the argument caused Ah Fung to faint.   Ah Fung was in the hospital along with Esther.   Ah Fung was diagnosed with a mild case of mental illness.  Esther couldn't handle the relationship and needed time to think

Lee San San comes back from Japan.  She and Wong Hei became good friends instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.   The reason Lee San San came back to Hong Kong because she had something to do for Ah Bo Bo.  A couple of episodes back, Ah Bo Bo was supposed to be in an art exhibit but Marco tore up his artwork.  Lee San San was really unhappy for Ah Bo because he couldn't show his talent to other people.  Also, Lee San San taught him to draw.   Ah Fat was the one who set up an art show for Ah Bo Bo and other children.  Ah Fat started to like Lee San San and tried to ask her out, but she had a hard time telling Ah Fat that she doesn't like him instead told him that she was dating Ah Pak (not as of yet).

Ah But and his wife starts to get cocky that he is earning a lot of commission from his job.  He and his wife decided to move out of Dai Hing's apartment and into their own apartment.  He even befriends Wong Hei and Dai Hing.  Ah But blames Wong Hei for always watching over him and for thinking that he is worthless.  Wong Hei decides not to interfere in Ah But's life anymore.  Dai Hing was angry at Ah But for moving out because he believed Ah But would not be lucky everytime in making commission. 

Episode 38

Dai Hing and Fung are getting along well as husband and wife.  On Ah Fung's birthday, she brought home a check from her father to give to Dai Hing to open a business.   Dai Hing didn't want to spend a woman's money and they got into an argument.  Fung stormed out of the house.  Later, Ah Fat tried to return a favor to Dai Hing by telling his wife that their marriage would never work.  Fung moved out of their home and decided to get a divorce from Dai Hing. 

Ah Bo had his art show and it's very successful until Marco ruined the show.    He tore Ah Bo Bo's artwork again.  Ah Fat got even with Marco by setting him up.  Ah Fat hired an underage girl to have sex with Marco.  Ah Fat had someone took pictures of this incident and blackmailed him into donating $300,000 to a children charity.  Of course, Marco didn't give in and decided to get even with Ah Pak  (he thought Louis did it but Ah Fat actually was the one behind the setup).   Marco got Louis father's assistant to secretly bring Louis's father and Ah Bo Bo out to deserted place.  Marco pushed Louis's father down a hill and made him get into a coma.  Later, Marco found out Ah Fat was behind everything and wanted to get revenge.  Actually Ah Fat was the one who succeeded in getting revenge with Marco. He made Marco give a check to the children's charity.  At a bar, Ah Pak made Lee San San tell the truth to Ah Fat that she and Ah Pak aren't dating.   Lee San San was supposed to go back to Japan.  Before she was supposed to leave, she went to ask Ah Pak if there was anything that would make her stay behind.  Lee San San started to have feelings for Pak.  Ah Pak didn't make her stay.  As Lee San San left, Marco kidnapped her.  Marco knew Ah Fat liked Lee San San. 

Episode 39

The episode began with Marco going to find Ah Fat to blackmail him into giving back his dirty pictures and $300,000 with an additional $200,000 in exchange for Lee San San.   Ah Fat gave Marco back his pictures and demanded Marco to show him where Lee San San was.  Lee San San was already held in Ah Fat's office building.  Marco tried to ambush Ah Fat by ordering two men to attack him but Ah Fat fought back.  He captured Marco and placed him a room.  There was a small fire started by a man who didn't put out his cigarette in the hallway.  Esther's firestation was ordered to put out the fire.  All the while, Ah But, his wife, and his sister were shopping for jewelry in the same building.  Also, Mui Tsai (Tai Hing's mother), Fung, and Ah But's  baby were seeing a doctor in the same building, too.  Wong Hei noticed there was something wrong so the other firemen and him searched the rest of the building.   There was another fired started by a group of painters in the building who spilled paint thinner and tried to dry it with a fan (the fan short-circuited).  The fire was considered to be serious (third stage) which caused other firestations to come and help out.  Louis was searching the building and noticed a boy who was holding Lee San San' s bracelet  (which was made by Ah Bo Bo and given to her by Louis before she was to go back to Japan) so he knew she was in the building.   Louis ran into Ah Fat while walking up the stairs.  Ah Fat told Louis that Marco kidnapped Lee San San.   Louis and Ah Fat went to find Lee San San.  Louis found her.  Eventually the fire went to 5th stage (very serious).  Fung and Mui Tsai were trapped in the doctor's office.   Fung noticed there were firemen down below in the window.  She threw a couple of baby bottles filled with messages down the window.  Dai Hing caught the baby bottles and went to save them.  Louis went back to search the building and found Marco in a empty room.  Louis and Marco got into a fistfight.  A bookshelf fell on Marco so Louis didn't want to save him but he did.  Louis tried to put out the fire but the roof fell in on his legs.    One of the firemen, Geen Suk, tried to save a person but both ended up dying.  

Episode 40

Ah But, his wife, and the baby were getting ready to leave the hospital.  Ah But and his wife got into an argument  She blamed Ah But for not being able to save her since he used to be a fireman.  She thought he was useless and couldn't do anything.

Next, Ah Pak (Louis) was in the hospital.  One of his legs was amputated because of the incident in the last episode.  Marco went to Ah Pak's room to make him feel worse because he was handicapped now.  Ah Pak took the news of his amputation very hard.  He even tried to commit suicide with a piece of glass but Lee San San stopped it before anything bad happened.  Lee San San encouraged him to not lose faith and that he would be able to walk again with therapy.  She admitted to Ah Pak that she had feelings for him.  Ah Pak pushed Lee San San away but she continued to stay by his side.  Ah Fat overheard Lee San San telling Ah Pak that she liked him.  Ah Fat was unhappy that Lee San San didn't like him.  He even slept with Ah But's wife.   At the office, Ah But overheard Ah Fat talking on the telephone to a Taiwanese gangster.  Ah But wanted to make big money with Ah Fat so his wife and son wouldn't leave him.

Lok Hui Fung received an award for helping to rescue people from the fire.   Because he was getting better from his mental illness, he proposed to Esther.   Esther didn't make a decision right away to marry Ah Fung.  Wong Hei didn't take the news of Esther's proposal very nicely.  He told Esther that she should stop lying to herself and admit she had similar feelings for him.  But Esther had a difficult decision to make as to whether she should marry Ah Fung or not.  Later Esther decided to marry Ah Fung because Wong Hei kept pressuring her to make a decision.  Esther's grandfather knew she didn't really love Ah Fung.   Esther told her grandfather that she was scared to decline the proposal because Ah Fung had a hereditary mental illness.  Esther's grandfather advised her to check with Ah Fung's doctor on his diagnosis.  Esther and Chan Pui found out that Ah Fung didn't have any mental illness.  He lied about it to keep Esther from Wong Hei.

Episode 41

Wong Hei, Esther, Chan Pui, Dai Hing, and Gei Gei confronted Ah Fung about his supposedly mental illness.  Esther slapped Ah Fung for betraying her trust and she broke up with him.  Everybody yelled at Ah Fung for  lying that he was mentally unstable.  Next, Ah Fung testified in court that Wong Hei didn't do his job right when the big fire took place at the company.  The court case involved the company fire.  The father of the person who died in the fire was suing Wong Hei and the firestation for not doing their job.  Ah Fung lied that Wong Hei wasn't a good fireman in order to get back at him.  Esther, Wong Hei, Dai Hing, and Gei Gei couldn't believe Ah Fung would try to hurt his brother.  Dai Hing, Fung, Bo Bo, and Lee San San went to the hospital to visit Ah Pak.  Ah Pak was glad to see everyone except Lee San San.  He told Lee San San to go back to Japan and never see him again.   That night, Lee San San went back to the hospital to see Ah Pak one last time.   She decided to go back to Japan.  Ah Pak decided his father should have surgery to get better, but there was a chance that he could die.

Next, Marco went to find Frankie (his partner and head of a gang) to ask what happened to all his money.  Frankie used all of Marco's money.  Ah Fat hired someone to kill off Frankie and placed the blame on Marco.  At last, Marco was in big trouble.

Ah But found out that his wife slept with Ah Fat.  Ah But didn't even yell at his wife.  Ah Fung figured out that Ah Fat was involved in a gang and laundered dirty money into the company.  Ah Fung decided to continue his job at the company bringing in dirty money.  The police found out Ah Fat was involved in illegal dealings and wanted the help of Ah But and Ah Fung.  The police was willing to lessen Ah But and Ah Fung's jail time if they became witnesses in arresting Ah Fat and his accomplices.  Ah Fung overheard Ah Fat and his Taiwanese boss' conversation.  He even saw Ah Fat put a lot of money into a safe.  Ah Fung stole the money and decided to flee.  The episode ended with Ah Fat finding Ah But and asking him who stole the money.  Ah But admitted that Ah Fung stole the money.  Ah Fat held a gun to Ah But's head.   

Episode 42

Ah Fat shot himself in the arm rather than hurt his own friend.  Also, Ah Fat felt guilty that he slept with Ah But's wife.  Ah But went home and found his wife and son deciding to leave him.  Mei Lok told him that he was a good substitute father for Szeto Fu.  His wife left with her old boyfriend (the one she met in the U.S. and was the real father of Szeto Fu; Tiger) to go back to the U.S.  Next, Ah But called Dai Hing and Wong Hei to talk to them but they just ignored him.  Ah But went to visit Ah Pak in the hospital to say his last goodbyes.  Ah But jumped off the building and committed suicide.  Ah But couldn't handle the fact  his wife left him and he didn't want to betray Ah Fat by being a police witness in his illegal dealings.  Wong Hei, Dai Hing, and the rest of the firemen were too late in saving Ah But.  Wong Hei and Dai Hing were devastated that their best friend died.  Mei Lok and Szeto Fu's real father went to Ah But's funeral.  Dai Hing found out Ah But was not the real father of Tiger.  Dai Hing was really angry at his sister for using Ah But. 

Ah Pak's father's surgery was successful and was able to get better.  Next, Ah Pak went to support his fellow firemen at the court hearing.  He encouraged Wong Hei to believe himself and that he did his job as a fireman.  Wong Hei testified in court and gave a good testimony. 

Episode 43 (Finale)

Ah Fung called his father to tell him that he would not turn himself into the police.  After the phone call, Wong Hei pressed the redial button to find out where Ah Fung was hiding.  Chan Pui and Wong Hei went to find Ah Fung.   Ah Fung tried to escape but the Taiwanese gangster found him to get back the stolen money.  Chan Pui was shot by one of the Taiwanese gangster.  Later, Ah Fat found Ah Fung and wanted to kill him.  Wong Hei chased after them.  Ah Fung shot Ah Fat in the shoulder.  Then Ah Fung accidentally shot Wong Hei in the arm.  Ah Fung wanted to commit suicide rather than go to jail but Wong Hei saved him from doing anything stupid.  Wong Hei was able to persuade him to turn himself into the police.   Ah Fat was sentenced to seven years in prison and Ah Fung was sentenced to four years of jail time.

Wong Hei and the other firemen were not charged with any wrongdoing in the fire.  The court ruled that the firemen did their job.  After, Wong Hei asked Esther out on a date.  Esther told Wong Hei that she didn't feel anything  for him and the timing was wrong.  Esther decided to go to England for three years of training.  Lee San San came back to Hong Kong.  Ah Pak and Lee San San got together.  San San and Bo Bo published a comic book about firemen.   Dai Hing and Fung had twins - one girl and one boy.  Ah Pak received a gold medal for being in a handicap race.  Esther eventually came back to Hong Kong, too.  Wong Hei waited for Esther for three years.  They finally got together, too. 

Burning Flame was a good serial to watch.  The action sequences were well-acted.  The action was so exciting at times that it made my heart beat faster.  All the characters played their part well.  Although Wong Hei, esther, Lee Gee Hung's love triangle was a bit messed up.  I thought esther fit lee gee hung much better than wong hei.  jade and Louis made such a good couple.   Their scenes together were so sweet like when they met each other in the rain.   WOng hei and his mother had the best relationship as mother and son.  They played the part of mother and son so well.   Although some parts were so sad such as Wong hei's mother passing away, jade dying in the landslide, and Ah But committing suicide.  Those scenes were extremely touching.


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