Feminine Masculinity

(Seen San Gwai Sing)

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Cast includes: Gallen Lo (Tan Peng Kuen), Flora Chan (Christine Fong), Kong Wah (Andrew), Tong Ying Ying (Sophia), Nicola Cheung (Sardonna), Florence Kwok (Francoise), Lee Ka Sing (Chung Sir), Joe Junior (Joe)

The story started with Tan Peng Kuen returning from his granduncle's funeral and found May's car blocking the road into the village. So, they moved the car away, but the brake was accidentally released so the car slipped away causing it to hit a tree. May returned to drive the car away, while at the same time, a kid riding a bike fell at her side, and the villagers thought May knocked the kid down and left. The villagers stopped May at the village hall and questioned her (the custom of their village is to respect the males members only, and Kuen was the leader/chairman of that village), so they needed the police to settle the case. One day in the mall, he sees a crook bump into his fiancée, Ngo (played by Chan Kei), so he chased the thief up to the roof top and the thief almost fell off the building when Kuen rescued him in time. Kuen ends up a national hero on television. Christine spots Kuen on tv and decides to use him as a model in the commercial she's working on. Kuen agrees to do the commercial, thinking that he'll play a hero.

Christine Fong plays the authoritative businesswoman role. She works at a company which sells intimate apparel and she's very successful. Christine had always been considerate to her family, since she was young and her father had left them. She had to take up the responsibility of the whole family, and thus causing herself to be tough and hard. She also arranged for her sister, Sardonna, to work in her company.

Back to the advertisement, Kuen brought along his village friends and asked Andrew (Christine's husband) to arrange a role for all of them, but Christine objected to it. Kuen was supposed to rescue Ngo from drowning, but he had hurt his nose while jumping into the pool, so Christine saw his stubborn act and yelled at him.

When the advertisement was released, Kuen realized it wasn't what he expected, so he rushed to Christine's office and yelled at her for tricking him into acting, but Christine ignored him, and said if he continued to yell in her office, she'll call the police. Kuen was so furious that he yelled at everyone around him before he left. Whereas, due to the good result, Christine was being promoted to general manager by her boss, Joe, and they had a celebration in the office. Her sister and colleagues requested Christine to sing, and there, she sang "When I Need You" (Eng. Version) and attracted all the office members.

Christine and her colleagues joined a EQ training, and coincidentally, Kuen was the leader of the war-game.  Kuen announced all the rules of the game, and actually, he was trying to take a 'hit-back' at Christine, so when the game started, he's making all the shots towards her. But he failed, and his shots went either to Andrew or Francoise --- Christine's colleague who is quite jealous of her, and the others. On the other hand, Francoise thought Christine was making the shots at her, and in anger, she stood out and shouted that she'll quit the game due to unfairness. Christine also stood out to explain that she was blamed wrongly and she didn't make the shots to her, but Francoise was so angry that she just shot at Christine continuously, and Christine also standing there letting her to do so, when all of a sudden, one real bullet went straight through her body and went into Kuen's body as well, since Kuen was standing right behind Christine. They fell!

Well, Christine and Kuen were sent to the emergency room. First, both of them died, but suddenly, Kuen's heart started beating again --- he's still alive !!!  Whereas, Christine couldn't be saved. The police suspected that Andrew was the murderer.

Police found out that Christine bought a huge amount of life insurance. This made Andrew very guilty because he could inherit the money after Christine's death. However, Christine knew that he knew nothing about the insurance contract so she got into Kuen's body and went to find Chung Sir to talk with him

Kuen is one of those people who doesn't believe in ghosts and spirits but his uncle happens to be a believer who has yin/yang eyes (ie. He can see spirits). His uncle is a cop and he's on this case. In the hospital, Kuen dreams of Christine pacing around his bed complaining because he was saved and she wasn't.

Soon Kuen starts acting in a strange manner at times. He went to shave and instead, he found that he shaved his legs. He cut his hair and got rid of his wart without even knowing it. Apparently, Christine has been using his body. Christine tried to get a job at her old company but they wouldn't hire Kuen (Christine in his body) because of his lack of qualifications. Therefore, he goes to the extreme and dresses up as a woman for the company ball. This is the first time that Diana (Diana is Gallen in female look) went publicly in front of all the people. Diana sang at the banquet causing everyone to wonder who she is, where she came from, including Joe (Christine's Boss), who also admired Diana very much. There, Diana tries to entice the boss and is successful. Kuen wakes up the next morning in a hotel room with no recollection of how he came about dressed up as a woman…

Seeing his embarrassing look, Kuen dressed up immediately and returned home. He told his Uncle that he was bothered by Christine's ghost, who then took him to the site of Christine's death to pray/honor her. In the office, Andrew was requested to take a leave of absence because he was considered a murder suspect. On the seventh day of her death, Christine's mom waited for her return, and she did, but she couldn't communicate with her family. While leaving her home, Christine saw Chung Sir outside watching Andrew's every move.  Christine tried to tell him that her husband wasn't the murderer, it was in vain, but he couldn't hear her.

After wandering for a while, Christine went to Kuen's house again. Uncle was the only one who could see her so she told him frankly that she would just get into Kuen's body at a temperature of 26'C. She also wanted to make use of Kuen's body to get the murderer. But Uncle thought that she was not reasonable and asked her to leave Kuen, but she refused, and used Kuen to hit him which caused him to faint and go the hospital.

Kuen knew that Christine was dressing himself as Diana so he asked his two village friends to video all actions of Diana. They even threw away all of Diana's clothes hoping to get rid of her. However, Christine could still get into his body and she continued to go to work in her office as Diana, and even persuaded Joe to release Andrew from his leave, asking him to assist in an advertisement production. Christine, in the form of Diana, went to the beach to accompany Andrew during the production of the advertisement and told him that she was Christine classmate. She felt deeply depressed to see Andrew feeling sad about the disappearance of his wife, and tried to console him. But at dawn, Christine left Kuen's body, leaving him lying next to Andrew and awaking to find himself in a feminine look again.  Hurrying to undress and then leaving, Kuen left his wallet behind, and in order to pick it up, he fell down on Andrew causing the other to think he liked him.

When he returned home and saw the video about Diana's action, Kuen became angry and wanted an explanation to the whole thing, but Christine's ghost got into him again, leading him up to the roof-top, and as if to threaten him......

At the roof-top, Christine threatened Kuen that she would make him jump down, so after their negotiation, Kuen had to agree to let her get into his body anytime she liked. Kuen met Andrew in the pub and wanted to explain to him about the case at the beach, but under the control of Christine, he had to admit to Andrew that he was 'gay'.

Kuen wanted to escape through the window when Christine got him up to work, so finally, she got into him again and dressed up in Diana's style and returned to work in her office. There, she found that her colleagues were treating Jacky (her brother) and Sardonna badly due to her death.   While in the restroom, she heard Francoise talking secretly on the phone, so she suspected that perhaps Francoise might be the murderer. She followed her out to the parking lot, but then was mistaken by Kuen's two village friends that Diana was Kuen's mistress. They got hold of Diana and hit her, which made Christine leave Kuen's body.

While dining with Joe and Francoise, Diana (Christine) mentioned on purposely the secret phone conversation she heard in the restroom, and realized that Francoise looked scared. Again, she followed her to the pub, but there, she found Sardonna fooling around with friends, so she took her home. But upon arrival, she found her mom paying debts for her father, and these made her so sad that she left. Jacky followed her out to hand her a resignation letter, and even indicating that his will was to be a gardener and not working in an office. Diana (Christine) refused to accept the letter, and feeling deeply depressed, she returned to her office to find that Andrew fainted due to taking the wrong medicine, so she sent him to the hospital.

Christine asked Kuen to write an unknown letter to Chung Sir informing that Francoise might be the murderer. Christine wanted him to interrogate Francoise at the police-station. Kuen went to visit his Uncle in the hospital, and complained to him that he was being bothered by Christine's ghost, even though she was there watching all his actions.

It was Christine's birthday and she saw Andrew waiting in the restaurant which they had gone before. She thought that he might be recalling their happy memories. But then, Sophia (Christine's secretary) appeared, and she kissed Andrew, and it was then that she realized Sophia and Andrew had been having an affair for over one year.

Feeling so badly that she couldn't stop them, Christine got into Kuen's body again and flushed cold water on herself (Kuen's body) from the shower to calm down. Suddenly, Kuen's uncle returned and turned the cold shower to hot, so Christine had to leave Kuen's body immediately. Uncle tried to advise Christine that nothing can be changed since she's dead, and her family will take care of themselves, and the police will look for the murderer. Also, Uncle wanted Christine to leave Kuen alone and live her new life (that is: Tao Toi). But Christine insisted that she would not give up until she found the real murderer!

Kuen realized that Christine can only get into his body at a temperature of 25'C or below. So, he'd rather suffer being hot instead, and was advised by his Uncle to marry Ngo. Kuen ordered all air-conditioning to be shut off during their wedding banquet, causing the guests to take their food into the toilet. At that banquet, Chung Sir kept watching Francoise day and night since she was assumed to be the suspected murderer. Chung Sir found out Francoise asked Sophie to secret meeting. Sophie thought Francoise had found about her affair with Andrew, but instead, Francoise wanted to find out about the relationship between Joe and Diana.

After knowing that Andrew and Sophia had an affair, Christine kept following Andrew all the time and watching whatever action he had with Sophia. At the same time, she caused Andrew to be mentally distracted and acting quite strangely that he needed to consult a psychologist to see what happened to himself. Due to these, Francoise tried to persuade Joe to terminate Andrew's job. Christine felt sad that she lead Andrew to such a situation. On the other hand, due to Kuen being away, Diana also disappeared, and Chung Sir suspected that Diana might be murdered by Francoise, too. But then, Uncle told him that Diana was just the ghost of Christine on somebody's body (he didn't mentioned that it was Kuen). However, Chung Sir didn't believe in ghost tales.

Having some hints that he might be one of the staff to be terminated, Andrew became so down that he got drunk by the pier. Christine started to have a feeling of endearment for him as she watched him.

Christine stopped Joe from firing Andrew, and substituted to another staff instead. Andrew worked overtime at the office and encountered a problem with the copier, hence Sophia appeared again.  Christine felt sad and unhappy to see the two getting together once again.

A lot of misfortunate things happened to Kuen. His wife, Ngo, mistakened that he had a mistress, Diana. The villagers lost respect for him because of his agreement to let an investment company develop their place and even cut down their so-called 'fortune tree', which led the villagers to believe that all bad luck will follow. Also, Kuen's pub couldn't get a licence and was disturbed by rascals, and finally even ended up in closing down.

Encountering all these mishappenings, Kuen felt deeply depressed and got himself drunk by the roadside meeting Christine's ghost at the same time. He blamed her for all those misfortunate things happening on him, but she didn't care since she promised to never bother him again. He continued following her. Kuen was so unsteady that he couldn't see a bus running towards him. Christine rushed up and saved him from being hit.

Uncle saw Christine while doing some investigation at Francoise's house. Again he advised her not to be a wandering spirit and asked her to go on with her new life. However, Christine explained to him that it was only after her death that she saw the true side of her family and husband. She insisted that she wouldn't be satisfied until she found the real murderer, but she promised Uncle that she would not disturb Kuen anymore.

Going back to Kuen, mishappenings still followed him. He sold his pub and became unemployed. Then he got a post in a transportation company but he lost the job again due to the fact that he discovered a misconduct of Michael (one of the supervisors in Christine's office and also a co-worker of Andrew) while delivering some goods to Pessotto warehouse (Christine's office).

Feeling unsatisfied at losing his job, Kuen dressed up as Diana and returned to the office with the aim to persuade Joe to lay off Michael in return. At the same time, one of Diana's client (a Frenchman) arrived so Joe asked her to help him. Kuen was so scared that his identity would finally be exposed when all of a sudden, Christine got into him once again and assisted in handling the whole situation.

At last, Kuen had a negotiation with Christine. That is, she had to get him a post in her office, appearing as himself, in the morning, and then letting Christine get into him in the afternoon as Diana. Seeing that she had the benefit of staying in the office longer, Christine agreed!  Kuen started to work in Pessotto with the assistance of Christine.

In order to get more information and a closer connection, Diana treated Francoise in a more friendly attitude. Same with Chung Sir, who also changed his impression towards Francoise after reading the diary he took from her house.

On a special occassion, Kuen found out that Sardonna wasn't as innocent as everybody expected her to be because she had tricked his village friend, Leonardo, to take care of an unlicenced dog and almost got him into trouble. He realized that Sardonna was, after all, quite flirtatious and fooling around in pubs. On the other hand, Sardonna, trying to protect herself and preventing Kuen from exposing her misdeeds, she accused him back for his misconduct to her and thus causing arguements in the office, since everyone trusted Sardonna more than Kuen. At that moment, Christine got into Kuen's body again and settled the case, but then, Kuen blamed her for doing so as he thought Christine shouldn't protect Sardonna as well. But Christine insisted that it was her business to take care of her own sister.

Back to Francoise, she was permitted to take her annual leave to celebrate her anniversay with her husband in France. Chung Sir continued to watch Francoise and found out that she didn't leave HK. Francoise just stayed at home the whole day and night instead. Due to this, Christine asked Kuen to let her get into him even after work to spy on Francoise since she was not in the office, but Kuen refused. So, Christine watched Francoise as herself. Feeling bored at home, Francoise called a radio program using the name 'May'. She came to know Chung Sir thru this radio program. While chatting on the phone, she neglected her boiling water on the stove causing a gas leakage. She fainted after inhaling the gas. Chung Sir arrived in time to send her to hospital, but Uncle saw Christine's ghost there and mistakened her for doing it on purpose. Both Uncle and Kuen were assured that Francoise's accident was done by Christin, in vain.  Christine tried to explain that the accident was not her fault.

Sophia, trying to produce a friendly relationship with Christine's mom and family, went to Andrew's house frequently. Thus, causing Jacky (Christine's brother) to fall for her.  Christine's mom even asked Andrew to match them together. Seeing this, Sophia explained to Jacky that she already has a boyfriend, a staff member in their office.

Due to most of the people in the office not having a good impression of Kuen, he was given piles of work to occupy his time so that he couldn't disappear from time to time (since he had to become Diana in the afternoon). Christine was furious at him for slowing her time to become Diana.

One day, Diana saw Francoise leaving the office in a hurry, so she followed her and saw her giving money to a stranger. She continued to follow this stranger, and called Uncle at the same time to arrest him, thinking that he might be the one who killed Christine. Both Francoise and the man were taken back to the police station for questioning. The police realized neither Francoise nor the man was the murderer. The truth was Francoise had a separation with her husband due to the fact he had an affair with their Filipino maid. And in order to continue her marriage, Francoise paid the man, who's the fiance of the maid, to separate the maid from her husband.

Christine had a feeling of disappointment knowing Francoise wasn't the murderer because she couldn't think of anyone else in the office who want to kill her. So, Kuen encouraged her not to give up so they can continue to find the murderer.

Kuen and Christine saw Sardonna and Matthew getting along together, and knowing that Matthew's a playboy type, Christine wanted to know what's happening between them. Sardonna and Matthew had a car accident, and when Kuen and Christine arrived, they saw Matthew escaping and leaving Sardonna trapped in the fire. At that moment, Christine asked Kuen to rescue her sister, but Kuen was scared of the fire and insisted that they wait for the ambulance. In an emergency, Christine got into Kuen's body and rescued Sardonna from the fire. Afterwards, Sardonna believed Kuen was the one who saved her.

Well, everyone in the office is gossiping about the relationship between Sardonna and Matthew (Marco Lo Hing Fai) as well as Francoise's divorce, and even more when they saw her receiving a bunch of flowers. To stop the gossips, Andrew mentioned that he was the one who sent the flowers to Francoise (in fact it was Chung Sir), who believed him and felt a sense of sweetness.

While dining with Sophia, Andrew saw Matthew with another girl, so he told Sardonna about it and told her that Matthew wasn't the type for her, but she didn't care anyway. Seeing this, Christine's anxiety increased, and acting as Diana, she ordered Sardonna to work overtime in the office (so as to occupy her time).  Then, she got into Kuen's body again so he can  accompany Sardonna to work together --- leading to a closer and friendly relationship between them. It was Sardonna's birthday and Christine (in the form of Kuen) gave her a present and made her feeling happy, but then, Matthew appeared to celebrate with her leaving Kuen (Christine) behind.

Uncle knew that Christine was using Kuen's body for other purpose, so he suggested to her not to be distracted from finding the murderer. However, Christine seemed to be more anxious about her sister than that. Matthew persuaded Sardonna to leave for Singapore.  She was so happy that she handed a resignation letter to Diana the next day. Despite Diana's advice, she still insisted on leaving. So, again, Christine got into Kuen's body, so Kuen could tell Sardonna that he wanted her to stay because he loved her. All of a sudden, the air-conditioning in the office stopped and Christine was thrown out from Kuen's body, leaving Kuen to himself, and of course, denying that he said he loved Sardonna.

Kuen asked for an explanation from Christine knowing that she was using his body for other purpose instead of finding the murderer. At first, Christine told him the true story that she didn't want her sister to go with Matthew and be his mistress in Singapore so, in the form of Kuen, she pretended to fall for her, but Kuen doesn't believe Christine's story. Therefore, she changed the story the other way round, saying that Sardonna had fallen in love with Kuen due to the fact that he saved her from the car accident, so Christine could stop her sister from making a mistake. Whereas, Kuen (thinking that he was handsome) believed this false story.

The whole family was trying to persuade Sardonna to stay, since she was planning to leave the next day. Anxiously, Christine got into Kuen's body again (while he's asleep) and waited under the pouring rain outside Sardonna's house, thinking that this will affect her, but the girl didn't have any reaction!!

Kuen got sick after returning from the pouring rain, and went to see a doctor. While waiting for the injection, and Christine being anxious and having no idea of how to stop Sardonna from leaving with Matthew, she got into Kuen's body again and left the hospital.  He called Sardonna's cell phone to tell her that he (Kuen) had taken several pills in order to commit suicide for her. This really worked, and Sardonna returned to see Kuen and sent him to hospital. Christine continued to act as Kuen causing Sardonna to have feelings for Kuen.

After dining with Sardonna, and walking around the shopping mall, they were seen by Leonardo, who has had a passion for her, and mistakened that Kuen was dating Sardonna. Leonardo was angry that Kuen dated Sardonna, and with the other village friend's encouragement, they questioned Kuen (after returning to himself) who had no idea of what they were mentioning, and the three man almost had a fight.  All of a sudden, Kuen knew everything must have been done by Christine. Christine tried to explain to Kuen the whole true story, blaming that it was he who didn't believe her in the beginning. The two guys together with Uncle felt a sense of regret for her after all, since she's doing everything for her sister.  This made Kuen angry that nobody was on his side. Kuen broke the air-conditioning so Christine wouldn't get into his body anymore!

While celebrating their mom's birthday and dining outside, Sardonna met Matthew and his wife. Sardonna felt cheated because she didn't know Mathew was married. She went to talk to Mathew but encountered his wife instead.  Mathew's wife called Sardonna a prostitute and even slapped her. Sardonna felt deeply hurt and went to the pub alone, meeting Kuen at the same time. Unfortunately, she also met three of her previous playmates, who then grasped her into a van with the intention of raping her.

Kuen arrived in time to stop them, but in confusion, both Sardonna and Kuen were being thrown out from the van. Kuen was hit by a coming car from behind and bumped his head into a water-pump by the roadside. He wanted to chase the run-away car, but then he heard Sardonna crying from behind, and only then that he knew his body was actually unconcious, and his spirit had already left his body. Christine was looking around for her sister to arrive, and in anxiety, Kuen (his spirit) caught hold of Christine and rushed to the hospital in order to save his own life.

Upon arrival to the hospital, Christine and Kuen (his spirit) heard the doctor say that Kuen will have a chance of being paralyzed when he wakes up. Feeling despair, he walked up to the roof top, waiting to be sent to heaven. Christine went up to him, and encouraged him that he shouldn't give up on himself, and after numerous convincings, she finally succeeded in taking Kuen back to his room. However, at that time, they heard the doctor said he was being certified, so Christine pushed his spirit back into Kuen's body, and thus he became alive. After this, Sardonna started to treat Kuen affectionately!

In the hospital, Kuen started to feel bored and wondered why Christine didn't come to see him. All the while, he realized that his room-mate was very ill and wanted to give up his life.  His room-mated disappeared so Kuen went to look for him and accidentally bumped into Christine. Together they searched for the old patient and found him at the roof-top ready to commit suicide, but at last, they succeeded in encouraging him to live again.

After this incident, Kuen found that his attitude towards Christine changed, and when they were chatting on the bench at the corridor of the hospital, he understood that Christine had had an unhappy childhood. They exchanged their childhood experiences, and Kuen came to know why Christine had to be hard and tough. He even taught her how to play his childhood game. While they're enjoying their game, Kuen fell accidentally. Christine wanted to catch him, but failed, and there and then she realized the difference between Kuen and herself.  They couldn't feel each other physically since Kuen is a human being and she's not!!

The rest of the episode is the relationship between Sophia, and Andrew and Francoise. Francoise found herself having a special feeling for Andrew, but the other just thought that Francoise started to realize his talent in his work. On the other part, Sophia keeps blaming Andrew for not caring about her much. During one occasion, she was even slapped by Michael's wife (Andrew's co-worker) who mistakened her as his mistress, causing Sophia to cry miserably away.

The next day, she wanted Andrew to give an explanation to Michael's wife about her identity, but both Andrew and Michael refused to do so. Diana viewed the whole case, and felt regret for Sophia and wanted to help her. She let Sophia to know that she already found out the relationship between Andrew and her, and there Sophia told Diana the story of how and when she started to have an affair with Andrew. It was then that Christine finally understand she, herself, was responsible to this since she had mostly neglected her husband before due to her job. Thus, she decided to match them up in return.

Andrew argued with Sophia when he knew that she had exposed their relationship to Diana, but Diana encouraged her not to give up on Andrew!

Francoise discovered the relationship between Sophia and Andrew, so she decided to fight for Andrew's affection, praising and promoting him in his work and criticising Sophia purposely in office. Diana advised Sophia to leave Andrew, but Sophia insisted that she wouldn't give him up.

Kuen found that Christine cared too much about the affair between Andrew and Sophia, and neglected her main goal in finding the real murderer. While chatting with each other, they were informed that Leonardo and the other friend were being arrested for selling reprinted VCD, and so, Christine, in order to help them, employed them to work at Pessotto.

Kuen started to have feelings for Sardonna, but feared that she might only fall for the transformed Kuen (Christine in his body), so he refused to approach her.  He started to date Sardonna after the encouragement of his friends.

Sophia, in order to keep Andrew to herself, begged and paid her uncle to hire someone to kill Francoise, but was rejected by her uncle due to he couldn't find anyone to do so. On the other hand, Francoise, in order to get rid of Sophia, sent her on a business trip to China. Sohpia complained to Andrew and asked him to help, but ended up in a furious arguement with him when he tried consoled her. So, she poured out her concerns to Diana, who still advised her to leave him.

Christine saw Kuen and Sardonna at a TV game show program and know that they are dating. She told Kuen that she hopes Sardonna has a better boyfriend than herself, who can love and take care of Sardonna. Thus, Kuen made an attempt to work hard and sweared that he would work out something in the office, and let Sardonna have a good life ahead, and not depending on anyone else. Watching him all the time, Christine found that he's really working hard, and decided to help him instead.

During a meeting, both Andrew and Diana recommended to Joe to promote Kuen to a senior post, but Francoise disagreed with them. So as to be fair, Joe suggested to let Kuen to handle new clients' contract with Ben (another co-worker) and see his results. With a chance to be promoted, Kuen worked hard with the client. But Andrew saw him enter a public 'gay' toilet with the client and mistakening him for doing business on a guilty conscience. Andrew warned Sardonna that Kuen might not suit her, but she wouldn't care after all.

Sophia returned from her trip, and told Diana suddenly, that she wants to have a baby with Andrew. Fearing that she might end up like herself, Christine tried to stop her affair with Andrew again, and making the doctor to tell her that she has 'aids'. In addition, she got into Kuen's body at the office, and told Sophia that he's 'gay' and had an affair with Andrew. However, everbody, including Andrew and Sardonna, at the office found out this rumor so Andrew was so furious that hit Kuen, throwing Christine out of his body immediately, and leaving Kuen awakened with no idea of what's happening.

He knew Christine was interfering with Sophia and Andrew's relationship, and told her to mind her own business and not bother anyone again. Christine wanted to explain to him that she didn't mean to bother his relationship with Sardonna because she just want to help Sophia, but Kuen wouldn't listen to her.

Inspector Chung Sir suspected that Andrew was the one who killed Christine, so he interrogated him again. 

Christine wanted to help Kuen apply for another job, but he rejected her and told her once again not to bother him anymore. The next day he returned to the office with the intention of resigning when Sardonna told him that she was informed by Leonardo about the disagreement between Kuen and Andrew's affair.  Sardonna made an explanation to Joe for Kuen that everything was just a mistake.  But she wouldn't forgive Andrew for cheating their (Christine's) family about his relationship with Sophia.

Andrew was drinking unhappily in the pub when he met Kuen, and being half drunk, he told Kuen that he will separate with Sophia and mentioned having a secret. Seeing that Andrew was drunk, Kuen took him back to his house. Uncle found out that Andrew was in debt and even spent a large amout of Christine's insurance, and thus had a good reason for killing Christine. So, Uncle told Kuen to follow Andrew, who was about to leave Kuen's house, after receiving a secret call. Kuen saw Andrew meeting a man at Christine's grave, and when they were about to leave, he rushed up to catch him. Uncle and Christine arrived, and she called out to that man as 'dad' which surprised them. Then Andrew explained to Uncle that the secret he's been keeping was helping to pay the debts for his father-in-law, even using all of Christine's insurance. Andrew asked Uncle and Kuen to keep the secret as well.

Seeing her dad was in such a situation, Christine forgave him and watched him leave. Kuen saw tears in Christine's eyes, and there she told him about her past.

During her high school years, Christine had to fight and work hard in order to get a scholarship. There was one incident where she wanted to go to a Christmas party with the guy she liked, but she had to cancel the date because she didn't have a nice dress to wear. Due to these, she sweared to do whatever she can to have a better life for her family, and to avoid what others said about her -being tough. Hearing all these, Kuen felt sympathetic for her. When Christine told him that he needn't and not worth to act so serious while in the cemetary because it'll be dangerous if that man was the real murderer. Kuen answered immediately that it's worth to do all these for her since he wanted to get the murderer, too. Christine was surprised to see his reaction, but then, he kept whispering to himself that he didn't even know what's he talking about...

Christine went to tell Uncle that she'll would leave the job of finding the murderer to the police since she's only causing them trouble, and she would go on with her new life (tao toi). Uncle asked her to inform Kuen, but she said he wouldn't care, so she left. When Kuen returned with some cakes that Christine had mentioned that she liked to eat, and found that she left without leaving him a word, he felt deeply disappointed. Christine returned home and saw her family. She told each of her family members individually (but they couldn't hear) that she would not return anymore.

When Sophia knew that Andrew wanted to leave her, she was so mad that she believed Francoise was the one who got between them and went to argue with her. However, Sophia killed Francoise. Afterwards, Sophia called Andrew for help, who arrived to see Francoise dead and felt as nervous as Sophia. Therefore, they wrapped the corpse and threw it into the sea hoping that the whole incident would be settled. When they returned to work the next day, both Andrew and Sophia were shocked to see Francoise at the office.

The fact that Francoise appeared again in the office was, while Christine was waiting for a new life to come, she met Francoise's spirit, who told her the whole case of how she was being killed by Sophia and who was also the one who killed Christine during the war game. Christine found it unbelievable, but still she promised to help Francoise to inform the police so that she can go in peace. She got into Francoise's body and went to tell Chung Sir the story, but he didn't seemed to understand what she meant, and even when Christine tried to prove to him by coming in and out of Francoise's body, he's still can't get the point, and almost made a mess of the whole case. Finally, Christine left and decided to do all by herself, so she returned to the office as Francoise.

Andrew advised Sophia to go surrender to the police, but she refused with the excuse that she's pregnant. While at the other part, Christine got a video at home and arranged a plan to tape Sophia's misdeed of killing her again, so she called Andrew to her house and purposely let Sohpia know about it. Unfortunately, Francoise's ex-husband arrived at the same time, and ruined the whole plan of Christine's.  Andrew left in a hurry with Sophia and later he found out she was carrying a knife in her bag!!

Kuen went to visit Joe, who's in hospital, and met one of his village friend whose wife had just given birth to a baby girl. While congratulating the newly parents, Kuen found out that the information of the baby girl coincides exactly with that of Christine. Also, when Joe inquired about Diana's whereabouts, he confided that he didn't fall for Diana. Joe told Kuen that he felt Diana was so alike and similar to his mother, who passed away when he was ten, and so he presumed that Diana should be his mother's 'new life'. Thus Kuen believed even more that there's the event of 'coming back with a new life'.

Thinking that Andrew was all alone living outside, Kuen arranged for him to dine with Sardonna and her mother so they could reconciled. However, Sophia appeared as well and admitted that Andrew was living with her and made the situation even worse causing Sardonna and her mom to leave immediately.

Furthermore, Sardonna and Kuen had another arguement again when she found out that Ben and Kuen put the blame on Jacky for the failure in one negotiation with a client, and Jacky was asked to resign. She was even more angry to know that Kuen was trying to introduce Jacky to a gardening post. But, after some encouragement from Uncle, Kuen decided to make up with Sardonna outside the theatre.

On their way to the theatre, Kuen saw his village friend carrying his baby girl, who's has a high fever, to the hospital. Showing more anxiety than the parents themselves, Kuen gave them a lift to the hospital and he insisted on waiting until the baby was alright before he left. Uncle realized that Kuen's act was unnormal, and pointed out that, after all, he had already fallen for Christine even though he was denying it.  He warned Kuen that there wouldn't be any chance for him and Christine, since he's a human being whereas Christine's just a ghost!!

Ngo (Kuen's ex-wife) visited Kuen to give him her wedding invitation as well as telling him about Sardonna's waiting for him the previous night. Kuen, at last, realized that his affections towards Christine will not have any result, so he decided to forget his love for her. He went after Sardonna, and created an explanation for his absence the night before, but she, who knew that he was lying, sent him away. So as to avoid seeing him, Sardonna took several days of sick leave, during which, with the accompanying of her mom, she visited Jacky, who has taken up the job that Kuen introduced, as a gardener, and she found him working more happily than he was before.

Christine, in the form of Francoise, returned from her business trip, and found changes in the office. She notified that Kuen and Sardonna has an arguement and avoiding one another, and then Jacky's being fired, and most of all, she know that Joe decided to send Andrew and Sophia to India for business which will last for one whole year. At first, she wanted to help in the case of Kuen and Sardonna, but after watching both of them, especially when she heard Kuen's friend mentioning about his unnormal reactions since she left, she decided not to bother anymore, and made up her mind to settle with Francoise's case and then leave for her new life. Christine realized that Francoise's corpse started to change and know that time is limited. So she tried to arrange a farewell party for Andrew and Sophia by suggesting to go for one day sailing. She planned to annoy Sophia during the party so that Sophia will argue with her in front of all the staffs. Then, she'll use the knife (which has Sophia's fingerprints) to kill herself (that's Francoise) and thus will disclose Sophia's misdeed in murdering.

Kuen asked Sardonna, through her co-workers, to join him in sailing, but on the way, she had a severe heart-pain, so she went to the hospital instead. Kuen noticed that Sardonna didn't show up and felt disappointed, so he jumped into the sea to calm himself down. For Christine, she had everything arranged and well planned, but while she's trying to get Sophia to fall into her trap, she heard someone shouting that Kuen was drowning.   Christine was worried about Kuen's life so she jumped into the sea to save him. Kuen sensed that the one who rescued him underwater was Christine, so he held her and kissed her, and was seen by the others on the boat.

The next day, everyone's gossiping about Kuen and Francoise's kiss underwater, and spreading rumours that they must be having an affair. In order to make it clear, Kuen made an expalanation, both to Francoise, whom he told her that he had mistakened her as someone else (but not mentioning Christine), and also to Sardonna, telling her the whole story, but still not mentioning about Christine. And then, Christine wanted to solve the problem between Kuen and Sardonna, so she got into Francoise's body to announce to her colleagues that she got back with her ex-husband.

Back to Sardonna, the doctor warned her that her heart problem is becoming serious, and an operation might be needed. In order not to involve Kuen, she decided to end her relationship with him.. Despite everyone encouraging him to chase Sardonna back, Kuen still bought a bunch of flowers and went to Christine's grave, and there he told her about his feeling for her and how much he missed her! After he returned to the office and heard a client criticising about Christine's previous deeds. Kuen become furious and showed his resentment immediately, yelling at that client and even arguing with Francoise, whom he didn't know that was Christine herself, and thus losing the whole negotiation with that client.

Christine notices Kuen's reaction and knows that he had gone to her grave.  She realizes that Kuen's affection for her is becoming deeper. So as to get him change his attitude towards herself, she, in formed of Francoise, told Kuen that Diana had left a message to Joe, before she left, to fire Leonardo and his friend. Her purpose is to let him dislike or even hate Christine since he knew very well that Diana is just her ghost. But this only made Kuen felt more depressed, especially when Uncle insisted that he wouldn't believe Christine to be that kind of person. Further, Uncle told him that he would be going to Shenzhen to search for the murderer who killed Christine.

To settle the case quickly, Christine planned another farewell party for Andrew and Sophia in a karaoke restaurant. However, she found out that Sophia wasn't pregnant because she followed her to the clinic.  On the other part, Kuen bought a bottle of wine and went to Francoise's house to beg her to rehire Leonardo and his friend, but she refused. So Kuen dressed himself as Diana and appeared at the karaoke, surprising everyone, and persuaded Joe to keep the two guys.

Francoise was almost ready to go to the karaoke party when Sophia arrived. They argued and Sophia took out a knife, and Francoise got hold of a hair-dryer to protect herself, but then fell into the bath tub full of water, and thus was electrocuted. Christine, seeing that Francoise's corpse was burned, had to leave her body immediately.  When Chung Sir got the news, and after investigating the house, he found only Kuen's fingerprints around, and suspected that Kuen killed Francoise, and called him in for questioning.

Uncle, who returned from Shenzhen (in fact Christine called him back), was shocked to know that Kuen was involved in this murder, and that Chung Sir was looking for him. To prove that he is innocent, Kuen dressed as Diana again to appear in the office.  When Chung Sir arrived to find him, he disclosed the identity of Diana, and pouring out the whole story of how Christine and himself cooperated to find the real murderer. But, no one believed him, not even Sardonna, and they all think that he's just being abnormal again!!

Inspector Chung still suspected Kuen as the murderer and continued questioning him. He showed Kuen that from Francoise's wallet, there's a photo of Christine and her family. Thinking that Sardonna is Kuen girlfriend,then he must have an affair with Francoise, so he had all means to kill her, but Kuen insisted and denied that he didn't. But from that point, Kuen recalled the day when he's almost drowned -- the one who saved him was Christine and not Francoise. He kept asking Uncle about Christine's whereabouts, and finally found out that Christine was actually still around. Knowing clearly that Christine was still there, he decided to make it clear to Sardonna that what he felt for her is only responsibility.  Kuen  actually is in love with Christine, so he went to tell Sardonna.

Sardonna had a heart attack and needed to be sent to the hospital immediately.  When Kuen arrived, he asked to acccompany her and was surprised to see Christine in the ambulance, too.  At the beginning, both of them didn't sat a word to each other. Later when Christine was worrying about Sardonna, Kuen went up to the roof top as well. He tried to express his feeling for her, but Christine avoided him and stopped him by telling him that all she cares for at the moment is her sister's health, and not finding the person who murdered her.  She asked Kuen to promise her to take good care of Sardonna, and at the same time, reminding Kuen that, after all, she's only a ghost!!

Although Chung Sir knew that Sophia killed Francoise, but he didn't have any clues to arrest her. After the funeral, he went to Francoise's house, trying to recall some memories of the past. While lying down on the sofa, he found a knife hidden inside the lampshade. On the part of Andrew, after knowing that Sohpia wasn't pregnant, he decided to part with her. He took away her passport and advised her to surrender to the police. Sophia become quite lunatic, taking hold of a knife and stabbed Andrew when Chung Sir arrived. She threatened Andrew that she would also kill him and admit that she had already killed Christine and Francoise. Kuen advised her to calm down, and noticed Christine was there as well, continuing to tell her his own feelings, with the purpose of saying it to Christine.  The police finally succeeded in arresting Sophia.

Christine told Uncle that she'll plans to live her new life after Sardonna's operation. In the hospital, Sardonna's mom had called her dad to return from China to see her, so she asked Kuen to pick him up at the station. While chatting with him, Christine's dad told Kuen that Andrew actually didn't use Christine's insurance to pay the debt for him, and he's wondering what's going on with Andrew. Kuen felt strange about this as well. On the other part, Uncle received information from Chung Sir that they found another knife, with Sophia's fingerprints, near Francoise's house. They all felt that the case had become mysterious, especially when they arrested Sophia's uncle who told them that he actually didn't asked anyone to killed Christine!

When they, Kuen and Christine's dad, arrived the hospital, Kuen left Christine's dad to go see Sardonna by himself.  He  also went to call Uncle, in order to tell him the information he got from Christine's dad. He met Andrew at that moment, and followed him to the roof top. There, Andrew told him the true story that he was the one who killed Christine, not Sophia.

Uncle and the police arrived at the hospital to find Christine's dad tied up.    Christine knew that Kuen must be in danger so she rushed to the roof top to hear Andrew confess that he was the murderer. Uncle, in order to catch Andrew, was hurt by him. He took Uncle's gun and wanted to shoot Kuen, but Christine rushed in front of Kuen from being shot!!!

Chung Sir arrived in time to shoot  Andrew.  At the last moment before his death, he saw Christine by his side!

The day before the operation, Kuen accompanied Sardonna to get some sunshine outside the hospital. Sardonna asked him if Christine was still around because she couldn't hear her sister's voice. Christine was there, of course, and Kuen told Sardonna to close her eyes to feel the words of Christine. Sardonna did, and she felt/heard Christine's voice convincing and encouraging her.  Kuen and Christine even promised to buy her favourite sweets after her operation.

While at the shopping mall, they (Kuen and Christine) saw people playing on the 'paramount-ride' and so they also went on it, too. After, Kuen asked a passer-by to take a photo of them.  Afterwards, Kuen was paying for the photo when he unexpectely dropped it.  Christine sees the picture, picks it up and hides it immediately. Knowing that their time to together is limited, Kuen suggested to Christine that they go back to his village to see his mother. On the way, they saw some kids playing the game he taught her some time ago in the hospital corridor, and so he suggested they joined in. Christine knew very well that they were both trying to hide their sorrows of separating. She asked Kuen to turn his back on her, and told him that since there wouldn't be any results for them, she asked him to take care and put his love on Sardonna, and bid farewell to him with tears in her eyes. Kuen turned back to find Christine disappeared and leaving the photo behind, and picking it up to see that the picture consisted of himself!

In the operation room, Sardonna's pulse stopped suddenly causing nervousness to the doctors and nurses. Kuen, whose waiting outside, recalled that Christine can get into one's body at a temperature of 26' C or lower, and start wondering if she will go into Sardonna's. But then the doctor informed them that the operation is a success.

Kuen went to visit Sardonna in the hospital, and found that she is touching her necklace in the same style as Christine used to do. Uncontrollably, he called out 'Christine'!! Sardonna felt disappointed, but  she  realized that Kuen's real love is towards Christine and not herself.

Kuen became an insurance broker.  One day, while hurrying to a meeting, he saw someone similar to Christine. In order to chase her, he rushed across the road and was hit by a bus!

He awoke to find himself in hospital, and surrounded by his village friends and mom who told him that he had been unconscious for three whole days. What made him feel strange was they told him three days ago he was shot down during a wargame, and not hit by a bus. Kuen felt that he was being sent back to the past, and all that had happened before seemed like a dream to him. He also knew that Christine wasn't dead too, and he couldn't find an explanation to what had been happening. He told Uncle that the three days of his unconsciousness seemed to him a whole life time, and he had become friends with Christine in his dream.

All the villagers found Kuen changed after returning from the hospital, and he only knew what had happened and will happen next. He already knew that Andrew was the one who arranged to kill Christine, so he didn't showed any surprise when they all learned it from the TV news that Andrew was arrested. He was again asked to perform the swimming costume advertisement for Pessotto, and knowing that it was Christine who planned the advertisement, he accepted immediately. In the office, all the staffs including Sardonna also found Christine changed after returning from hospital, and believed it was due to Andrew's arrest.

On the date of the advertisement production, Kuen waited anxiously for Christine's arrival, and finally saw her coming. He went to greet her, and when they started to converse, she was called away to arrange the work. Kuen sat and watched her going around, and accidentally, she tripped on a wire and fell into the pool. Immediately, Kuen jumped in to rescue her and saved her. There and then, Christine told him that she likes his previous look with short hair (forgot to say, when Kuen awoke in the hospital, his appearance goes back to his village-leader look, with long hair tied at the back).   So they exchanged eyesights and explained that they both understand what's happening. They dived back into the water and continued their long-lasting kiss!!!

**These summaries are done by Grace and Ling of the Flora Chan's Forum.