Food of Love

"Hup Foo Tung Ching"

O Kay Tak - Wong Hei                         Ah Lai - Eddie Cheung                           Sai Sui - Lau Kar Fai

Ah Hoi - Marco Ngai                            Ellen - Kwan Sui Po

Leung Sui Lam - Fennie Yuen                Gabriel Hoi Jun Kit

Wing (Ivy) - Kenix Kwok                     Ah Kin - Leung Ka Yan


O Kay Tak (Wong Hei) was a gifted cooking.  He wanted to become a successful chef but his father, Kin (Leung Ka Yan), was against the idea.   His father wanted him to work in his laundry business and eventually run it.   Tak was frustrated about his father's disapproval of not letting him be a chef.   Leung Sui Lam (Fennie Yuen) was his childhood friend and neighbor.  She was always there to support him and make him feel better.  Actually, Lam had a crush on Tak for a long time.  Tak did not give up on his dream to be a chef and his father finally allowed him to work in a Chinese restaurant in a hotel.  There he met his dream girl Wing (Kwok HoYing) and he managed to win her heart.  Wing was a news reporter at a big station.  Lam was upset about Tak dating Wing.  Tak became good friends with Hoi (Marco Ngai), whose father owned the hotel.  Ah Hoi came from a rich family and his job is to run the hotel.   One day, Ah Hoi's real father came back into his life and his rich father is upset about this.   His rich father decided to let his real son, Hoi Jun Kit, run the hotel instead.  Ah Hoi was upset that his father treated him this way.  Ah Hoi moved out his house and into his own apartment.  Tak and Ah Hoi decided to open a restaurant with another friend, Lai (Cheung Siu Fai), and the business earned them fame and fortune.  They earned fame by Tak's delicious cooked abalone.  All the while, Ah Hoi liked Lam and he asked her to be his girlfriend.   Lam started to date Ah Hoi.  But Lam eventually breaks up with Ah Hoi because she doesn't feel the same way as him.   Ah Hoi continued to like Lam and tried every chance to get back with her.  Tak then asks Wing to marry him but is turned down.  Wing decided to go to Africa for a news coverage.  Tak  was hurt and Lam was again beside him.  The two at last fell for each other.  Later, she realized that Tak was very important to her and tried to get back with him but it was too late.  Tak had already started to date Lam.  Tak continued to become famous and he was going out with Lam that  Ho was extremely jealous of him.  He wanted to ruin everything for Tak.  In the end, Ah Hoi realized that he was hurting a good friend that he decided to make up with Ah Tak.  Ah Hoi also made up with his family.