Game of Deceit

"Peen Ching Chung Kei"

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Nick: Jing
Chin Ka Lok: Jen
Jessica: Yuk
Cheung Yuk San: Yee
Yuen King Dan: Gung
Wo Fung: Suk
Jo Junior: Yin
Marco Lo Hin Fai: Han

**Note:  These summaries are done by Katie Liu...

Episodes 1 - 5

At a temple, con artists are trying to cheat people with their scams and tricks. Jing arrives dressed as a wealthy merchant. He outsmarts the con artists and tricks the con artists instead...

Jing and Jen are con artists but they are also very caring toward their families. Jing and Jen go to a house of prostitutes. Jen is captivated by Yee's beauty. Yee is Yuk's fiancee.

Jing and Jen try to attend some big business meeting uninvited. They pretend to be some business men. Yuk is there to represent his family business. Yuk recognizes Jing and Jen from the prostitute house. Yuk uncovers Jing and Jen's false identities...

Yuk tries to help Yee's father get some copper coins. Yuk runs into Jing again and they have a big debate. Yuk wins. Later, Jing and Jen try to trick people with the copper coins. But somehow, their con trick is revealed...

Jing and Jen are taken to jail for their con tricks. Jing's father Suk tells Jing about what happened to Suk. Long time ago, Suk asked Yuk's father Yin to be the expert witness in some dispute. Yin made a mistake and thus, Suk lost everything. Suk hates Yin. Yin feels guilty about his past mistake so he asks Yuk to let Jing and Jen out of jail.

Jing and Jen are released from jail. But later on that evening, they are arrested again...

Some old guy named Hon wants Jing in jail. He is upset that Yuk let Jing out of jail. Therefore, he provides evidence to have Jing arrested again.

During the court case, Yuk is able to help figure out the truth behind the copper coins. The truth is some of the copper coins are really gold coins covered by copper but some are just copper coins. Jing is found not guilty and thus released from jail...

Jing promises his father Suk that he will stop being a con artist.
Jen almost reveals his knowledge about the copper coins after Yee uses her beauty to lure him to talk. Jing shows up just in time to prevent Jen from telling Yee about the coins. Yuk finally figures out a way to distinguish the real gold coins from the copper coins. San is getting nervous because he is the one who is guilty. San is the leader of Jing and Jen...

Yuk has a plan to uncover the real gold coins from the rest of the copper coins. Yuk plans to put the copper coins in the well. Then he plans to pour salt into the well. The copper coins which are really gold coins would sink and the others would float. San also figures out this test. San asks Jing and Jen to pour vinegar into the well. If there is a huge rain, somehow both the real gold coins and the copper coins would sink because of the presence of vinegar.

On the day of the experiment, San is able to trick everyone because all the coins sank because there was a big rain. Yuk is shocked at the outcome of the experiment...

Hon needs to figure which copper coins are really gold coins because he needs to know for some big business transaction. Hon meets San and decides to pay San a large sum of money and jewelry in exchange for San's knowledge on how to determine which coins are real gold coins...

Episodes 6 - 10

The mystery behind the copper coins continues... Yuk and Jing face each other in court disputing the case of the copper coins. Jing somehow discovers Yuk is actually a woman when accidently sees her taking a bath. In court, Jing carelessly reveals Yuk is a woman. The judge thinks Yuk's family has been tricking people with the coins so he sends all of Yuk's family to jail.

Later, Jing discovers that San has been betraying both Jing and Jen. Jen has fallen in a coma caused by San. San is Jing and Jen's leader. Jing seeks revenge of San and a fire breaks out. Jing carries Jen from the burning tavern. Jen hears San screaming for help and Jen awakes from his coma. Jen couldn't save San from the burning tavern.

The judge sentenses Yuk and her family to be executed. Gung and Jen tries to help but get themselves in trouble instead. Jing uses his own head as to guarantee that Yuk's family is innocent. Jing reveals to everyone how to distinguish the real gold coins from the fake coins. Yuk and her family are all saved.

Jen is in love with Yee. Yee hates being poor. Yee also hates Yuk's family because they lied to her about Yuk being a woman. Jen buys Yee expensive fabrics and food to cheer her up. Yuk and Jing develop a love-hate relationship.

Yuk's father Yin forces Jing to marry Yuk because Jing has seen his daughter taking a bath. (That is a BIG DEAL in the ancient time, I guess.) Yuk and Jing both refuse to marry each other. Yuk's father and Jing's father pretend to be sick so Yuk and Jing would agree to get marry.

On the wedding day, the bride's party play numerous jokes on Jing making him very angry and embarrassed. Jing asks Jen to store some money of his from the wedding. Jen somehow gives Yee the money after she tricks him. Jing is angry at Jen but he forgives him because they are close like brothers.

Jing and Yuk act very lovey dovey in front of their parents. But when they are alone, they always fight and argue.

Yuk discovers a precious wine. Jing somehow drinks all the precious wine. Yuk goes to ask Hong for help. Hong is the owner of a winery. Hong (played by Marco Lo Hin Fei) has a crush on Yuk. Hong agrees to help Jing. Yuk doesn't want Jing to be embarrassed so she sends him to another town to do some business.

At the house of prostitutes, Jing and Jen find Yee. They are surprised to see Yee there. Jen is upset because he loves Yee. Jen beats up all the wealthy men there to save Yee...

Episodes 11 to 13

Yee tricks some rich man out of his money. Jen and Yee escape from the rich man. Later, Yee secretly leaves Jen. In Hong Chau, Jing and Jen get into big trouble but they are able to get themselves out of it.

Yuk helps Han select the list of tastors for the "One and Only Wine (World's Best Wine)." When Jing returns from Hong Chau, he notices Yuk and Han acting very friendly with each other. Jing feels jealous of Han so he gives Han a hard time...

Jing sets a "fake fire" at the tavern. Jing successfully escapes. Han is no where in sight. Jing thinks Han is a coward. Then Jing sees Han rescuing Jen from the fire. Jing's fake fire turns into the real thing.

Jing and Han are competing to see who can drink more wine. Jing tries to cheat by putting a pouch under his shirt. Han somehow knocks the wine over. Jing thinks he has succeeding in beating Han. Han talks about his intimate conversation with Yuk, and Jing becomes very jealous. He scolds both Yuk and Han in front of everyone. Later at night, Yuk yells at Jing. She reveals she has been doing everything for Jing. Jing finally realizes how much Yuk cares for him...

Jing gives Yuk the authority to select the wine list. Their relationship has taken a big step forward. Yuk and Han select the same wines for the list. Yuk and Han both feel that they have met each other too late; Yuk and Han have some feelings for each other.

Jing and Jen meet Yee again. Jing and Jen are supposed to help some rich man determine whether Yee is pregnant with the rich man's baby. Yee puts something in Jing's drink to make him pass out. When Jing wakes up, he thinks he and Yee have slept together...

Yee blackmails Jing into lying to the rich man so she can steal the rich man's money. If Jing doesn't help her, she will tell everyone they have slept together. Jing has no choice but to help Yee. Later Yee escapes with the money and jewelries. The rich man thinks Jing is Yee's co-conspirator. He forces Jing to drink a poisonous drink. Jen saves Jing by drinking the poisoned drink for Jing...

Jen's life is in danger from the poison. His condition is very serious. Yuk and Han think there might be a way to save Jen. They have to somehow forces the poison out of his system. Jing is freaking out because he is very worried for Jen. Yuk makes Jing waits outside the room. Gung shows how much she likes Jen by caring for him in his condition. Finally, they are able to remove the poison from Jen's body. Jen is slowly getting better. Yuk forces Jing to tell her what happens to Yee, Jing and Jen...

Episodes 14 - 18

Jing announces the 10 qualifiers for the "Best Wine" contest. The wine is so good that there isn't another one like it elsewhere. The last qualifier is murdered. Yuk stays up late trying to help Han find another qualifier. Jing is jealous of Han.
Han gives the "Best Wine" to Yuk as his way of telling her that she is the "Best." Jing secretly drinks the "Best Wine" out of a jealous rage. Jing discovers the "Best Wine" is only water. Jing asks Jen to send out the invitations to the wine tasting contest right away...

Han declares his love for Yuk. One day, Yuk goes over to Han to talk. She is feeling bad and Han tries to give her some advice. She is hoping that Jing would come walk her home. She waits and waits but Jing hasn't arrived. She leaves feeling disappointed. Then she sees Jing. He has come for her afterall. Jing and Yuk come home fighting all the way. They keep fighting and fighting. Eventually, Yuk breaks down and cries. Jing feels his love for her at that moment. They hug and embrace in a passionate kiss...

Yuk and Jing spend a passionate night together. They are really in love with each other now. Han comes to their house to talk about the "Best Wine." Jing reveals that the "Best Wine" is only water. Jing forces Han to tell the truth behind the "Best Wine"...

After Han tells his story, everyone feel bad for him. Everyone understand why he has to do what he did. Yuk tells Jing that Han was trying to help Jing and Yuk get back together. Jing is touched that Han wanted Jing and Yuk together. Jing tries to cancel the wine tasting event but is unsuccessful. Jing and Jen decide to "steal" the wine in order to prevent people from tasting the wine which is actually water. Jing and Jen "steal" the wine from Han so Han can keep his good reputation. Several men in black suits see Jing and Jen stealing the wine. Jing and Jen are in great danger...

It turns out the men in black ninja outfits were sent by the Emperor Hin. Emperor Hin wants Jing to help him sell the precious antiques from his palace. Jing asks Emperor Hin to interfere and prevent the wine tasting event. Emperor Hin helps Jing with the wine tasting function. After the mess with the "Best Wine" is cleared, Han closes his tavern. Han retreats back to his garden.

Emperor Hin asks Jing to help him sell precious antiques but Emperor Hin requests that Jing doesn't reveal that the antiques are from the palace. Jing sells the antiques to a wealthy man. The wealthy man purchases all the antiques. Emperor Hin is suspicious of the wealthy man but he decides to not question Jing's judgment.

Emperor Hin gives Jing and Yuk a huge reward for Jing's work. On the street, Yuk and others are captured by the royal guards. Jing runs to the Emperor Hin to ask for help. Emperor Hin knows the royal guards were dispatched by the high ranking official in the palace. The royal guards try to force Yuk to tell them where the antiques came from.

The high ranking official accuses Emperor Hin of selling Country's treasures. The official blackmails Emperor Hin into giving him the power of constructing the Royal War ship. After the official gets what he wanted, he still refuses to let Yuk go. Jing is angry at the Emperor for not being able to help Yuk. Jing decides to rescue Yuk himself.

On his way to rescue Yuk, Jing runs into Yee. Yee lets Jing ride on her horse. Yee has become the mistress of the official. When she learns that Jing is on his way to rescue Yuk, she forces Jing from the horse and leaves him on the road. Yee hates Yuk very much so obviously she isn't going to help Jing to rescue Yuk...

Emperor Hin and Jing make another request to the official to release Yuk. The official finally releases Yuk and others. Emperor Hin asks Jing to look into the mystery behind the "Four Sacred Statues" for they are royal treasures. Jing says he will help the Emperor. Jing senses there are many people spying on his every move but he is able to con them into giving him what he wants from them.

Jing finds "Four Sacred Statues." The official and his men arrive on the scene as well. They fight each other. Jing is able to keep one of the statues, the "Shun" statue. The official gets the other three sacred statues. Jing and Yuk is able to solve the secret behind the sacred statues. Inside the "Shun" statue, there is a big shocking secret. The secret is revealed. The secret is that one of the former Emperors was Hong people. Hong is a racial group in China. Hong and Moon are the two dominant groups in China. When the Emperor Hin learns this shocking secret, he asks for the secret to be destroyed...

Episodes 19 - 20

Jing is afraid Yee might have told Jen about Jing "sleeping" with Yee. Yee threatens Jing because she
wants to help the official. Yee is the official's mistress. Yee forces Jing into giving her the "Shun"
statute. Jing tricks Yee and the official into thinking they have the real statute. Then Yee and the
official trick Jing and they really have the real statute.

Jing has to apologize to Emperor Hin when he lost the real statute. Yuk has to drink a special cup of
wine. Her drinking the wine symbolizes that Jing is no longer a "appraiser" (someone who can help
people determine whether something is real or not; ie. art appraiser, land appraiser, antique

Yuk drinks the wine so Jing wouldn't face execution for losing the statute. The wicked official tells
Emperor Hin that Jing is on the wicked official's side.

The wicked official then tells Jing that Yuk has drink poisonous wine. He forces Jing into helping him
by threatening Jing. If Jing doesn't help him, he wouldn't give Jing the cure which would save Yuk's

Gung hides inside Yee's bedroom while being chased by someone. Gung reveals to Yee the meaning of
true love. Yee goes to the wicked official's bedroom after listening to Gung. Jing captures the wicked
official and takes him to the Emperor...

Somehow Jing tricks the wicked official into believing that Jing has the real statute. Then Yuk appears
and says she has the real statute. Jing scolds at Yuk. After much debate, the mystery behind the
statutes is solved. The wicked official is sentenced by the Emperor.

It turns out that Yee went to the wicked official's room to get the cure for Yuk's poison. Yee was
touched by Gung's speech about true love. Yee decides to start over and be a better person.

Later, Yuk gives birth to twins. Gung accepts Jen's proposal for marriage. The Emperor Hin honored
Jing as the "Number 1 Appraiser in China" hoping that Jing will keep the secret behind the statute.
Everyone live happily ever after (until there is a sequel to this series).