Healing Hands

"Mui Sai Yun Sum"

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Casts include:  Paul - Lawrence Ng, Jackie Tong - Ada Choi, Annie - Flora Chan, Henry - Bowie Lam, Peter - Nick Cheung, Joe - Steve Ma,  Gilbert - William So, Dong - Jojo Chung, Helen - Astrid Chan, May - Shirley Cheung, Judy - Tong Ying Ying        

Tape 1

There is Jackie (Ada Choi), Henry (Bowie Lam), & Joe (Steven) Ma --they all work in the emergency room. Paul (Lawrence Ng) and Gilbert (William So) are specialist in brain tumors. Annie (Flora Chan) is Gilbert's sister and is a lawyer. Paul thinks he is happily married but he didn't know that his wife hates him and is having an affair. Somehow she committed suicide and the emergency room team was there. So Jackie thought that Paul is not a very good husband and snaps at him all the time. Paul found out about the affair and his wife wants a divorce so he agreed but he still cares a lot about her well being (he doesn't love her anymore because she is very unreasonable and blames Paul for her affair). Anyways Jackie still misunderstood him. Jackie has a boyfriend who is in jail. He is her first love and they love each other still. Henry has tons of girlfriends and somehow Annie gets really uncomfortable when he is around her. (they used to go to the same university)

Paul was sued for negligence and Annie was the prosecutor, the matter was settled out of court. Joe and Peter met while playing basketball in the park.  They became friends quickly.  Peter (Nick) is a cop in this series.  Joe was sent to a medical 'excursion' to a bank at the request of the bank robber. He resolved the situation and the bad guy surrendered. Joe was treating a teenage patient and remembers that he was like that when he was a teenager. His brother was killed trying to protect him from his fellow triad members.

This girl is trying to find a donor of bone marrow; she is the sister of Lawrence's close friend.

Tape 2

Jackie and Joe get into an accident (they were on her motorcycle and almost crashed into a car) Both of them come out fine. But Jackie also finds out that there is something wrong with her brain/head. Something about a vein in her head that might burst. She decides to resign from her position at the hospital but she somehow loses the resignation letter. Henry (Bowie) finds the letter and asks her to think it over again. Jackie continues to nag Paul (Lawrence).  She still thinks that it was his fault that his wife tried to commit suicide. Henry and Flora's younger brother, Gilbert, move in with Paul after his wife moves out with her lover Martin.  Paul's close friend's little sister finally finds a match for the bone marrow transplant, and the operation is successful. Somehow, the girl gets kidnapped. Jackie didn't tell anyone about her illness and Paul didn’t tell anyone about his divorce. Henry found out when he was at Paul's house and realized that Paul's wife is very annoying and unreasonable.

Henry tried to bail out Judy (Tong Ying Ying); she is the sister of Henry's first girlfriend. (They hinted that Henry met his girlfriend when he went to nightclubs for the first time, both her and his sister are call girls-I think) By the way, his girlfriend died years ago.

Joe (Steve Ma) and Peter (Nick Cheung) met Helen (Astrid Chan) the head nurse of the maternity ward. She gave Peter some change so he didn't get a parking ticket, and I think he likes her. Some was trying to abort her baby because her husband wouldn't believe that it is his baby (he had birth control). Peter helped resolved the problem and Helen and Peter became good friends.

The girl was kidnapped and Paul is very upset but Jackie kept nagging him about his divorce and kept a calling him a loser, so he snapped at her and told her to shut up.   They got the guys who kidnapped her and but he was shot so no one knows where the girl is.

Tape 3

It continues from where it last left off. The cops (Peter) shot all the three guys that kidnapped the girl. Two of them died, and the driver lived but he needs surgery on his brain. He doesn't admit to knowing about the kidnapping, he just plays it off that he was only driving and trying to collect part of the money. The cops can't do anything else to him since he won't talk. Paul asks the guy and the guy says Paul looks very familiar. They find the girl dead. They find her wallet and inside is a picture of her, her brother, and Paul together. Paul then realizes that the driver must have seen the picture because he thought Paul looked familiar, Paul suspects that it was him who killed her. He has a hard decision to make because he has to operate on that guy. He finally decides to operate on him. The dead girl's brother beats up the driver in the hospital bathroom. He wants Paul to mess up on the operation as revenge for his sister. Paul decides not to. He differentiates his position as doctor and personal affairs. Jackie sees Paul in the bar and decides to apologize to him for annoying him the last time because she didn't know that his friend was kidnapped. But she clearly states that it was her fault for annoying him at the wrong time, but she still can annoy him about Rebecca (his ex-wife) because she is certain that it is his fault why his wife left him. Later on, after the operation is completed, the driver guy is about to leave the hospital and sarcastically thanks Paul for the successful operation. They both go into the elevator and the guy admits that it was he who killed her but he tells Paul that he has no evidence so the cops won't believe him. Paul is angered and chases him onto the street and punches him. Two of the other doctors stop him. The guy threatens to report Paul to the cops. But one of the doctors says that they saw nothing, and would not testify for him. They laugh as the guy walks away claiming that it's not over.

Joe annoys the heck out of Helen (Astrid) and the other gynecologist nurse. He decides to apologize to Helen but instead, he annoys her even more. Helen has a talk with the guy who serves the food in the hospital cafeteria. I guess she told him that she just wanted to be friends and hope there's no more confusion between their friendship. Helen bumps into Joe and Peter on the street again and gives him two dollars so he won't get a parking ticket. You can tell that Peter is interested in her. By the way, Helen's husband died a few years ago, so she's a widow and still living with her husband's family.

Gilbert sleeps over Jackie and Annie's house (they are roommates) Jackie's parents come over in the morning and assume that Gilbert is Jackie's boy friend. They do not know that it's Annie's younger brother and they also don't know that he's Gay. They start asking him a lot of questions as he drives them to work. Gilbert tries to explain to her dad but he won't listen. Jackie is happy that they think they are going out because it gives her parents something to talk about (they are divorced)

A Hong Kong singer comes to visit the hospital to give out presents and toys to the sick children. When she is riding in the van to leave, she gets a nosebleed that doesn't stop ... she almost passes out and is sent to the hospital. they find out that there is something in her head (Amanda Lee) and she needs surgery. She finds out how they will cut her face apart and she does not want the scars because they will last for about 2 years. Gilbert becomes close with her because he tries to convince her to go through with the operation.

Tape 4

His feeling for Jackie troubled Gilbert. The next day he sent her roses but no one believed it and they all teased him. He tried to get Jackie to go out with him but she rejected him.

The singer, Amanda Lee, who was sick in the last tape decided to continue to sing and hold a concert, i.e., She is not going through with the surgery. She gave Gilbert two concert tickets and he invited Jackie. However, he got the wrong date and the concert had already finished. They were leaving and Gilbert told Jackie that he liked her, but she rejected him. But he said he would not give up.

The person who kidnapped Paul's close friend's sister was killed by a psychopath.

Paul's wife was pregnant with her lover's baby, and she wanted an abortion so she went to Paul to get advice. She insisted on the abortion even when both Paul and her doctor advice the contrary. Jackie heard about the abortion and thought it was Paul's baby and he was not going to take up the responsibility. Later Rebecca (Paul's wife) wanted to keep the baby but had a miscarriage and was really upset, Jackie leashed out at Paul saying that he had always wanted that to happen. Later, she found out about the truth and apologized. She started to find Paul amiable.

Henry had a one-night stand with this girl. Later she was raped by a taxi driver and the driver tried to run over her. He was very depressed and thought that if he dropped her off, this would not happen. He did his best to comfort and help her. Annie was the defense lawyer and there is clearly an air of hostility between them. Annie kept on accusing Henry for being a womanizer.

Joe's mother wanted Joe to go after Dong (the gynecologist). They met this boy who has AIDS and she accidentally broke his toy plane. So she bought him another one. The boy was dying and he really wanted to see Santa so they gave him a Christmas party and he died during the party. Dong was really upset and Joe comforted her.

We found out that Gilbert was sick when he was young and Annie was the donor of the bone marrow needed for a transplant. Paul also found out that Annie does not really sleep around and started to view her differently.

Helen tries to hang on to her husband's stuff. Her sister in law threw away all of 'his' Beatles records and Helen was frantically going through the rubbish trying to fond them. Peter was there to help her. She didn't find them. Peter and Helen became closer after this.

Somehow Judy (Henry's girlfriend’s sister) was in trouble because she knew someone who was murdered. Peter was in charge of the case and she always teases him.

In tape 4, Jackie's boyfriend gets out of jail. He doesn't want to rely on her and she is upset and disappointed. She believes that she and her boyfriend can communicate really well. Joe started to dislike Amy because he found out that she is dating a married man. He believes that this type of person doesn't meets his requirements in friends. Peter and Joe started to like Astrid. Paul likes Annie. They always are drinking together and one night they had sex. He is really sensitive when it comes to love. He doesn't play around. But Annie shows no interest in dating him. Jackie finds out that Paul likes Annie and starts teasing him. Then Annie tells her that she has a crush on someone. Annie tells Paul that she will not be with him. Gilbert continues waiting for Jackie to accept him.

Tape 5

Gil's car broke done and a taxi crushed trying to avoid it. The passenger was hurt and Gil was there to save her, he was cut during the process. Jacky tended to his wound and Gil hope that it was an indication that she liked him.

Joe and Amy (Dong) became very good friends because he helped her when she was sick etc. However, one day, a married man who had a heart attack was sent in. He was in a critical condition and Amy was able to tell the emergency room the term of his medical history. Rumors started to go around, but Joe didn't believe it at the beginning but we found out that Amy used to be his mistress. Amy did not know that he was married when they first met, but she knew later, however she has grown dependent on him so she did not leave until she got to HK. Joe could not accept that and avoid her. Only Helen was nice to her.

Jackie's boyfriend was released and Jackie was there to wait for him. She prepared everything for him and he felt uncomfortable.

Annie and Paul got to know each other a bit more and Annie persuaded Paul to be less 'logical' and be 'wild'. And they spent the night together. Paul found out that she is very different and started to like her. But Annie made it clear that she does not want him, however he kept trying. He was very attentive and he tries to read the books Annie liked. Finally, he accepted the rejection.

Tape 6

Joe started to like Helen but Helen's sister in law, May like Joe and Helen encourage Joe to go out with May.

Jackie wanted to help her boyfriend. He needed money to buy a restaurant but she did not have enough. So she asked the others for help. The others were all concern about the real intention of her BF, only Paul was willing to lend her the money. When Paul was giving her the money, Jackie's boyfriend saw them and thought that Paul is Jackie's new boyfriend. so he refused to accept the money and tell Jackie to go with the other guy because he believed that he is much better than he is and Jackie will be happy with him. Later Paul fund out about this and told Jackie that they should explain it to her boyfriend. When they were there, Jackie's boyfriend was sharing a bowl of noodle with another girl and Jackie and Paul saw them. Jackie thought that this might be the best for her boyfriend and decided to give up.

Henry's ex's sister (Judy) was caught dealing drugs, henry bailed her out but she needed money for some reason. Henry refused to give it to her. Later, she was sent to emergency room and was raped and badly injured. She refused to go to court for fear of retaliation but Peter convinces her. Judy likes Peter.

Joe wanted to go to England for a training course and everyone thought that he would be chosen. However he was not because of his background. i.e. he got his brother killed.... After this he thought that it was wrong to accuse Amy for something that was in the past and he apologized to her and they made up.

Annie found out what happened to Paul ten years ago. All we know is Judy's sister committed suicide because of him and he promised to look after Judy and her grandma. We don't know the details.

Tape 7

Joe and Peter found out that they liked the same person, Helen. Joe asked her out and Helen thought it was a joke at the beginning but later she found out that he was serious and she rejected him. Finally she told her mother in law that Joe liked her, not May. She is under enormous pressure from May and her parents, so she begged Joe to stop and wished Peter would her persuade him to stop.

Henry met one of his exes. She had a son and Henry thought that Billy is his son. Henry's ex refused to tell him the truth. She did not want him to take up the responsibility just because he has to he wanted him to do it out of love for both her and her son.

There was a blood donation but Jackie refused to donate blood, everyone was puzzled.

Paul had a massive nosebleed, after examination, they found that there is something in his nose, he became extremely worried. Jackie knew how he felt and comforted him; Paul wanted Jackie to keep this a secret. They spent a few days together before the results come out. He found out that it was nothing and they celebrated. Jackie started to like him.

The medication Jackie took did not work and suddenly her hand trembled violently. So Annie found out about her illness. Annie encourages Jackie to tell Paul that she liked him. One day, Jackie went to visit Paul and he had a stomachache because he had not eaten since the night before. So she gave him two boxes of snacks and tells him to put one at home and the other in his office. She claimed that the snack box will never be empty and Paul is puzzled.

Tape 8

Jackie went to P's house when he was not there and fills up the boxes with snacks. When P found out that the boxes were full again, he was delighted.

Gil found out that the girl he saved (car accident) is a prostitute. Gil was told that he is HIV+ from the test conducted by the blood bank. He was shocked and did not believe it so he went for a second test. When this was confirmed, he didn't tell anyone but he applied to move out of the surgical team. Everyone is puzzled about his decision.

Helen's father in law had a stroke, his right half is paralysed and needed to go to the hospital frequently. Helen didn't want to see Joe so he asked Peter to help transport her father in law.

Henry is anxious to know the truth and ask A to find out. Henry's ex told Annie that Billy is Henry's son. She begged Annie to conceal the truth. He was relieved, however, I think he knew that Billy is his son but he did not think that he could be a good father so he let it lie. Billy and his mum left.

Gil found out that he was infected by that girl, Chin, and he was furious. Later, he found out about her past and felt sorry for her. He finally told everyone about his condition, his friends are concerned but they did not discriminate against him.

Under all those pressure, Helen tried to avoid Joe and started to hate him. Peter tried to tell him that it is about time to give Helen some breathing space but Joe wouldn't listen so they had a fight and refused to talk to each other. When Joe finally decided to give up, Peter 'created chances ' for Joe and Helen to get together.

Judy's grandma died and she found out that she could only depend upon Peter and she is willing to change for him. She started to get back to school just because Peter wanted her to.

Paul's ex tried to be nice to Paul again and Jackie became a bit jealous.

Paul was reading one of Henry's books and saw a message " meet you at the usual place NM" He gave it to H and he finally worked out that NM is New moon, which is Annie's Chinese name. He then went after her. They kissed and he went to her flat for coffee and left.

Tape 9

Annie and Henry start seeing each other after that night he left her apartment.  The others (their friends) found out about their relationship and they are happy for them. Jackie starts to really like Paul, but Paul's ex-wife has returned to pester him (this time, she leaves her boyfriend Martin for another guy named John) Jackie sort of gets jealous. They all go on a boat ride (everyone, including REBECCA) Annie keeps telling Jackie to go for Paul, but Jackie is very confused as to what to do. One day, Annie sees Paul in a restaurant with Rebecca, looking like they were together. Jackie and Paul go out to eat dinner; Jackie spends the whole time staring at him. After dinner, they are walking, and Jackie really wants to hold his hand, but as she was about to hold it, he put it in his pocket, not knowing she was going to do that. She gets a little upset, after all that, she faints and Paul gets very worried. She wakes up and pretends like everything is fine. Paul is very concerned about her but Jackie will not tell him. Paul takes her home; Annie is surprised to see them. The next day, Paul asks Jackie about the night before, and she bluntly tells him about her sickness. He wants to help her, but she refuses, and leaves. Paul calls everyone out to that bar they always go to, including Annie. He is upset that Annie knew for a long time and didn't tell anyone.

Judy starts going to school for Peter. Peter is happy for her but he is not interested in her. He feels very bothered whenever she is at his house. One night, Judy calls Peter and asks him where he is, he lies to her and says he is at work, not knowing that Judy was across the street from him. Peter goes home and Helen invites him out. He goes to meet Helen and Joe at the park. Judy sees this, and gets upset. She tells him that she never wants to see him again. The next day, she waits for Helen outside the hospital and yells at her, claiming she is trying to take Peter away from her. Peter finds out, and gets upset at Judy, she apologizes.

Henry knows this younger guy (early twenties) and that guy reminds Henry of himself when he was younger. He keeps having flashbacks of his old girlfriend. That young guy's f sees him with another girl. She commits suicide. She is brought into emergency room. Henry sees her and asks her bf what happened. He tells him the story, as Henry is trying to help her, he keeps having flashbacks of everything that happened ten years before, it was the exact same story. Later on, the girl dies, in the same way that his exgirlfriend died. Annie wants to cook dinner for Henry, so she plans a really romantic night at her apartment. As she sits and waits, she keeps paging Henry, who is sitting in a bar, holding the lighter that his old girlfriend gave to him. Some girl is trying to get together with him. They start drinking. As Annie gets tired of waiting, she starts blowing out all the candles that she lit, as she's about to blow out the last one, she hears the doorbell, she gets excited, and opens the door, only to find Henry and the girl from the bar. Henry is drunk. He introduces them. Annie is furious. He tells her "no need to help me, I know where your room is" and goes into the bedroom with the girl. Annie is very angry with him, she sits in the kitchen, upset. Finally, she takes a deep breath, and blows out the last candle. The next morning, Jackie comes back home, and sees Henry coming out of the bedroom, Jackie teases Henry, asking if she came home too early. Then she sees the girl coming out. Jackie gets upset and asks where Annie is, Henry doesn't know what to say. Henry meets up with Paul, Joe, and Gil, and apologizes to Gil.

Amy made a mistake while working with a patient, the patient dies, and she blames herself for her death. She tells the head supervisor of her department, and is worried that she will get fired and never work as a doctor again. She finally finds out that the girl's death was not her fault, and is relieved. She becomes close with Joe. She writes Joe a letter revealing her feelings for him. He does not accept it because he does not want to ruin their friendship.  She is upset at first, but then she realizes what he told her is right. They remain good friends.

Gil becomes friends with Chin (the girl with AIDS).  Her boyfriend (Jackie's ex boyfriend) realizes that she likes Gil. He decides to leave. He gave Gil her diary, and in it, she wrote all about how she felt towards Gil. Gil could not believe this. Later on, after her bf leaves, she decides to leave the hospital. Gil sees her faint on the street and helps her back to the hospital. He realizes his feelings for her. He tells her his feelings while she is asleep. Later on, he tells her that she wasn't dreaming, and that it was him who said all that to her. He then holds her hand.

At the end, Annie and Jackie bump into Henry.

Tape 10

Henry drove Annie and Jackie home.  Annie and Henry are speaking to each other again.  Annie learned to accept Henry rather as a friend.

Annie went home and was locked out of her apartment. Jackie was about to get the door for Annie when she had seizure. Annie called Lawrence to tell about Jackie’s condition. Paul goes to visit Jackie at home.  She tried to pour coffee for Paul but she had another seizure.  Paul tries to encourage her to do surgery but Jackie is too afraid to face the truth.  Jackie goes to visit Henry and to give her resignation letter.  Jackie asks Paul for a favor by going on an outing with her parents and her to take pictures.  Jackie tells her parents about her illness.   For the first time, her parents got along for the sake of Jackie.  Jackie leaves a letter in Paul’s box of food at the hospital.  She tells him that she rather leave than get surgery.  Jackie bumps into her ex-boyfriend at the pier and tells him about her illness. Jackie hides out at his yacht.  Her ex-boyfriend had to drive his boss's yacht out of Hong Kong to another country.   Jackie decides to go along with him.  Annie finds out where Jackie is and calls Paul to go find her.   He isn't quite sure what to do but Annie encourages him to tell Jackie how he really feels.  Paul goes to find Jackie but the boat had left.  Jackie and her ex-boyfriend are about to leave when a storm hits.  They head back to the dock. Jackie gets off the yacht and sees Paul standing there in the rain. They go into his car and talk. Paul admits to Jackie that he likes has feelings for her.  But Jackie is too afraid to start a relationship because she knows she won't get better from her illness.  They do end up going out though, despite what Jackie says here.   Jackie agrees to do the surgery for the sake of Paul.   

Judy is accused of murder and Peter thinks she actually did it.   In reality, Judy is innocent and she gets mad at Peter for not believing her.   Judy wins the court case and she's released.  Peter starts to have feelings for Judy and tries to say sorry.  But Judy makes him suffer a bit before she forgives him.  They eventually get together in the end.

Next Amy played matchmaker in getting Joe and Helen together.  Helen finally was able to accept Joe and leave her husband's death behind.  

Henry invited Annie out to dinner.  However, Judy was in trouble with a gang and called Henry to help her.  As they head for Henry's car, a man with a motorcycle comes by shooting at them and Henry pushes Judy away.  Henry is shot in the head and in the stomach.  As Henry falls to the ground, he sees his ex-girlfriend standing in front of him.  Judy is there on the street holding Henry in her arms and calling for help.  Annie calls Henry to see why he is taking so long and Judy tells her that Henry was shot.  Annie goes to the hospital to find Henry.   Meanwhile at the hospital, it's Jackie's last day of residency and she's complaining that its been too quiet.  Henry is brought into the emergency room and Jackie and Joe are both shocked to see him.  Jackie and Joe stabilize his condition before sending him off to undergo surgery to remove the bullets.  The surgery goes well and his friends are happy to see that he is doing alright.

Tape 11

Henry is back to his own self.  After the shooting incident, he decides to forget the past and look forward.  Henry's friends encourage him to ask Annie out again and Judy puts him on the spot and forces him to talk to her. Henry admits to Annie that he really likes her.  Annie forgave him and they got together at the end of the series.

Paul is the one who must perform the surgery for Jackie.  He is afraid to do the operation because he is allowed only fifteen minutes to remove the bad part of Jackie's blood vessel or she will end up in a coma.  During surgery, Paul goes over the time limit by two minutes.  He's really upset and he leaves the room.   Paul then goes back into the operation room to finish the surgery.  Jackie's parents continue to blame Paul for not making their daughter better.

As for Paul, he visits Jackie everyday at the hospital.  He reads her the story, The Little Prince, everytime he visits her hoping she will wake up.  He continues reading the book to her and he falls asleep reading.  He had a dream that Jackie woke up but then he woke up and realized that it was all a dream. The series ending with Paul kissing Jackie's hand.


Overall, Healing Hands was a very good Series.  The show was new and different from the other themes TVB has previously used - police stories, lawyers, etc.  The hospital scenes were realistic and they remind me of the Show "ER."  The show was educational especially the terms the doctors used and the sophisticated equipment use d in the emergency room.  all the characters did a terrific job in the show.  they supported and encouraged each other in times of trouble.   The essence of the show was the fact Ada and Lawrence had great chemistry together.  ada's undying devotion to get surgery for the sake of Lawrence.   So Sweet!!!  IT was so sad that they couldn't be together in the end. 




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