Man's Best Friend


"Chou Mut Ching Yuen"

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Episode 1

Louis is a policeman in this series.  The episode begins with Dai Jeen Sak (Louis) and his team members are on the lookout for an illegal immigrant, who had fled into a wooded area.  Louis thinks there is nothing going to happen so he tells his new partner to sit down while the remaining team continues to search for the i.i.  All of a sudden, the illegal immigrant runs by so Louis' partner starts to chase after him.  Louis has no choice but to do the same.  He goes into the wooded area to look for the illegal immigrant.  The illegal immigrant comes from behind Louis and takes Louis' gun and points it at him.  At that minute, Rocky (a police dog), comes along to save Louis.  The immigrant is caught by the police.

Louis lives with his uncle, Chong, who happens to be a compulsive gambler.  His uncle always uses the household appliances to pay for his debt.  One day, Louis comes home to find his new DVD player missing and yells at his uncle for never changing his behavior.

Wing (Jessica), her grandmother, and her dog, Dong Dong, live in the same building as Louis.  Jessica lives on the first floor while Louis lives on the third floor.  Jessica is a nurse at a vet clinic.  She assists Yung (Ma Tak Jung), who is a vet.  Also, she holds a part-time job as a bartender at night.  She has a good relationship with pets. 

Jessica's best friend is Susan, also called Ngai Chi San (Sammi).  One day, Louis and his partner are patrolling the streets when Sammi comes along to report that someone had snatched her purse.  Louis sends his partner to chase after the the mugger while he gets a report from Sammi.   Louis was quite enchanted by Sammi.  At that moment, Sammi sees the mugger across the street so she chases after him.  Louis and Sammi run after after the mugger for several blocks - running out of breath.  The funny part was Sammi ran faster than Louis during the chase.  Louis' partner comes along and catches the thief.  Sammi gets her purse back.  Afterwards, Jessica goes to the police station to pick up Sammi.  Louis finds out Jessica and Sammi are best friends.

Sammi lives with her boyfriend, Wah, in a small apartment.  Wah is a scriptwriter and he leads a busy social life.  Later, Sammi and Wah move into the second floor of Jessica's apartment building.  Sammi's father doesn't like her daughter and boyfriend living together, so he tells them to get married.  Eventually they both decide to tie the knot.  Sammi and her boyfriend also decide to move into a bigger apartment so they purchase Louis' apartment from the landlady.  Louis and his uncle had to move to Sammi's second floor apartment.

Louis feels he doesn't get along well with people so he requests to be transferred to the police dog unit where his friend, Nam, (Lam Hui Fung) works.

Louis and his uncle buy a lottery ticket at a store.  Later that night, they find out that they won third prize.  Louis' uncle accidentally lost the ticket.   Louis and his uncle tried to find the ticket and somehow they believed Jessica's dog, Dong Dong, took their ticket.  Louis and his uncle find the dog and chase after it in their car.  Jessica comes along to find her dog.  Louis, who was concentrating on looking for Dong Dong, almost hit Jessica and the dog with his car.   Jessica thought Louis and his uncle were harassing her dog, even though they were trying to get back their lottery ticket.  Jessica gets mad and leaves.  The next morning, Jessica's dog mysteriously disappears so she goes to find Louis because she assumed he took her dog.

Episode 2

Jessica goes to report her missing pet at the police station and tells the police to charge Louis for taking the dog.  No charge was actually placed on Louis. 

Louis finds out he is transferred to the police dog unit.  He had to undergo training before he could take his job.  He is assigned to be partners with Rocky (whose previous owner was murdered while on duty).  Rocky doesn't like Louis very much and he doesn't cooperate with him.  Later, Louis is forced to pass an exam at the police dog unit.  On the day of the exam, Rocky refuses to take the test until Louis persuades him to take it in return if he finds Rocky's former owner's murderer.   Louis passes the exam.  The first day of work Louis meets his new boss, Sui Man (Lee San San), at the police dog unit.  It was also her first day at work.  She always yells at Louis because she believes he doesn't do his job well.

Later, Sammi's boyfriend has an affair with Ivy (Poon Chi Li) behind Sammi's back.    Louis eventually discovers Wah and Ivy's secret affair but he decides to keep it a secret so Sammi won't get hurt.  Later, Wah and Ivy  are together at the apartment.  Louis notices this but tries to ignore it.  Sammi goes back to her apartment to get a document for work and she finds Wah and Ivy kissing.  At that moment, Sammi breaks up with her double-crossing boyfriend.

Episode 3

At work, Sammi thinks that she is going to get a promotion but instead, Ivy (Wah's new girlfriend), gets the promotion.  The bad thing was Ivy couldn't resist bragging about her new promotion and stealing her boyfriend from Sammi.  Sammi had enough of Ivy's  flaunting so she got revenge by hitting her and forcing her head into the toilet in the company bathroom.  Afterwards, Sammi quit her job at the company.  

Sammi decides to sell her apartment after the breakup.  Unfortunately, Sammi's apartment was the site of a murder three years ago so nobody dared to buy it.  Sammi chose to rent her apartment to other people.  She was worried that she had no place to stay because she couldn't afford the high rent.  Louis volunteers to rent from Sammi to help her with her expenses.  Sammi moves in with Louis and his uncle (third floor).  By coincidence, Sammi's ex-boyfriend and Ivy move into the apartment on the second floor.  Sammi pretends to be cool about the situation but she later can't handle it. 

Later, Louis and Rocky patrol the streets.  Rocky sees the murderer of his previous owner on the street and starts to chase after him.  Rocky bites the murderer and wrestles him to the sidewalk.  The murderer was about to take out his gun when Louis comes along to pull Rocky away.  The murderer puts the gun away.   Louis ties the dog to the lamppost.  Afterwards, Louis lets the criminal go but then he needed a report so he had to stop the criminal.  The criminal took out his gun again and pointed it at Louis.  Just then, Rocky removed his leash and pushed Louis out of the way.  Unfortunately, Rocky got hit by the murderer's gun.   Louis felt really bad that he never treated Rocky well and tried to make it up to him by cleaning his dog compartment at the station while Rocky was healing from his wound.   Once again, Lee San San gives Louis a lecture and thinks about sending him back to training at the Police Training School. 

Louis goes to pick up Rocky at Jessica's clinic.  Jessica sees Louis talking to Rocky and starts to change her attitude towards him. 

Sammi takes a new job as an accountant in a nightclub.  Louis finds out where Sammi's new job is and mistakens her for being a prostitute.  Louis ends up going to the nightclub to find Sammi.  Sammi gets mad at Louis for his dirty mind but later forgives him.  By coincidence, Lee San San and her police squad went to the nightclub to do a search when she saw Louis there.  Lee San San gives him another lecture and afterwards, she lets him go.

Episode 4

Jessica finds a dog (she named the dog -- Dou Dou) on the street and decides to keep it.  Jessica could never find her other dog, Dong Dong.  She still blames Louis for taking her dog.

While Louis and Rocky are walking their beat, they run into Dou Dou.  Rocky is captured by Dou Dou's beauty.  It was love at first sight for Rocky.

Sammi still didn't tell her parents about the breakup.  One day, her parents go to visit their daughter without prior notice.  Jessica runs into them as she was leaving and freaks out.  Afterwards, Jessica calls Sammi to warn her that her parents were coming.  Sammi goes downstairs to get Wah to pretend to be her boyfriend.  Sammi and Wah put on a show for her parents that they were still together.  Afterwards, Louis urged Sammi to tell her parents about the broken relationship.  Sammi tells her father about her breakup with Wah.  Sammi's father doesn't get angry at all.

Louis sees Ivy and another man together as he was about to leave his apartment.   Louis decides to ignore the situation and continue to leave.  Eventually, Louis runs into Wah, who was going back home to get a script.  Louis doesn't say anything to him and lets him continue to go home.  Wah sees Ivy and her other boyfriend together in the garden.  Wah freaks out.  Ivy decides to leave Wah.   Louis was happy to see Wah deserve what he got.  Later, Wah regretted breaking up with Sammi and tried to pursue her again.  Louis fixes Sammi's broken music box.   Later, he sees that Wah has brought the same music box for Sammi.  Therefore, he is afraid to give the fixed music box to Sammi.

Episode 5

Sammi and Wah have a talk at his apartment.  Apparently, Wah wanted to borrow money from Sammi and did not want to get back with her.  Wah gives her the music box as she leaves his apartment.  Later, Sammi throws the music box in the trash.

The next day, Sammi is enjoying the day at home.  She decides that she needs a pair of scissors so she goes into Louis' room to look for it and discovers her fixed music box hidden.  At that moment, Nam notices that Sammi found the fixed music box and   tells her that Louis was afraid to give her the music box.   Sammi realizes that Louis has feelings for her.  Sammi goes to the beach to find Louis, where he was working on his sailboat.  Sammi uses a round about way to confront Louis about him liking her, but he couldn't express his thoughts.  Louis assumed Sammi was going to get back with Wah because Wah had given her a new music box.  Sammi had lost all feelings for Wah.  Later, Sammi takes the fixed music box with her back to the beach and tells Louis that she knows he fixed her music box.   Louis still wasn't willing to tell Sammi that he had feelings until she was about to leave.   Finally, Louis admitted the truth to Sammi.  Sammi was smiling when Louis shouted to her that he like her a lot. They start dating. 

Nam (Lam Hui Fung) has a crush on Lee San San.  One day, Lee San San received a bouquet of roses from a secret admirer, Nam, at the police station.  Lee San San's father had just come to visit his daughter, he sees the flowers and asks his daughter who sent them.  Of course, Lee San San tells her father that she doesn't know.  Her father asks her who has been treating her better lately.  Lee San San comes up with Louis in her mind.   San San thinks Louis is her secret admirer.  From then on, San San treats Louis nicely.

Louis and Rocky do their daily patrol.   Rocky happens to get into a fight with another dog and hurts his leg.  A vet tells Louis that Rocky can no longer patrol the streets.  He decides to adopt Rocky and bring him home to live.   Louis invites San San out for dinner to discuss about the adoption.  However, San San misinterprets as Louis asking her out on a date so she go to the restaurant all dressed up.  When San San finds out what Louis wanted, she yells at him saying that they could discuss everything at work. 

Jessica thinks that all her boss,Yung, cares about is making a profit at the clinic.   When Yung decides to put an injured animal to sleep, Jessica objects to it.   She wants Yung to do whatever he can to keep the animal alive.  However, after seeing the animal in so much pain, Jessica understands why Yung wanted to put the animal to sleep.  Later, Jessica becomes friends with Yung.  (Jessica didn't really like Yung at the beginning because he was always mixing business with pleasure. What's funny is when Jessica always run into him at a store, he would make Jessica pay for his stuff.   Of course, Jessica doesn't want anything to do with him.)

Episode 6

Jessica still doesn't know Sammi is dating Louis.  She tries to set up Sammi on a date with Yung.  Jessica accompanies Yung and Louis happens to accompany Sammi.   Later, Sammi tells Jessica about her relationship with Louis.  Jessica was quite surprised about Louis being her boyfriend.  She doesn't understand what Sammi sees in him.  Jessica and Louis still don't like each other very much.

At work, Nam secretly goes into Lee San San's office to present her with roses.   San San happens to go back to her office.  She sees the flowers and then reads the card to find out Nam has a crush on her.  San San tells Nam to stop liking her.

Louis brings Rocky home.  Rocky and Dou Dou are happy to see each other again.   Jessica doesn't like Dou Dou to be around Rocky since Rocky belongs to Louis.   She doesn't allow Dou Dou to hang around Rocky.  Later, Rocky and Dou Dou secretly meet each other.  All the while, Jessica turns frantic because she thinks Dou Dou is missing.  She later goes to the beach to ask Louis where her dog is.  Louis tells her that he doesn't know.  They both find Rocky and Dou Dou together running in the water.  Afterwards, she takes Dou Dou away.

At work, Sammi was working as a receptionist until she got a chance for a promotion to PA.  Sammi starts to work under Ken (Cheng Chi Sing).

Yung starts to chase after Jessica.  Jessica is clueless about Yung's desire to go after her.  Yung waits for Jessica at the bar one night and offers to drive her home.   In the car, he gives Jessica some hints as to what type of qualities he likes in a woman, it turns out to be the same qualities as hers.  Jessica finds out that Yung likes her and is in a state of shock. 

Episode 7

Jessica tells Yung that she doesn't like him.  The next day, Jessica tries to avoid him at work but Yung still continues to tell Jessica that he likes her.   Jessica couldn't get him off her back so she threaten to quit her job.  Of course, Yung stops her. 

Later, Yung goes to Jessica's workplace at the bar to give her a picture of a friend's dog.  It was love at first sight for Jessica.  Jessica thinks the dog is a perfect match for Dou Dou so she arranges for Dou Dou to marry the dog.  Eventually, Rocky finds out the news about Dou Dou getting married and is very unhappy about it.   Dou Dou doesn't want to get marry to the dog in the picture. Actually, Dou Dou is in love with Rocky and Rocky feels the same way.  The next day, Jessica takes Dou Dou to her wedding so Rocky chases after them.  Dou Dou arrives at her fiancé's home.   Rocky comes along to bring Dou Dou away but Dou Dou gets injured on her leg while escaping.  Rocky notices Dou Dou's injury so he goes back home to get Louis.  In the meantime, Louis and Jessica are trying to find Rocky and Dou Dou.  Jessica continues to blame Louis for Rocky and Dou Dou running away together.  Louis and Jessica follow Rocky so they could find Dou Dou.  Rocky goes back to lick Dou Dou's wound. Jessica sees how much Dou Dou and Rocky mean to each other so she doesn't stop them from being together anymore.   

Louis tries to switch his shift at work by asking Lee San San.  Louis tell San San that he needed the switch because he wanted to be with his girlfriend (Sammi) on her birthday.  San San finds out that Louis has a girlfriend already and gets jealous, so she refuses to switch his shift.  Later, Louis makes up a lie saying Bobby (he gets a new dog at work called Bobby) is sick in order for him to switch his shift.   Actually, San San had changed her mind to let Louis switch his shift but she later finds out he lied to her.  Again, San San yells at him for not being responsible.

On Sammi's birthday, she has to go to work so she tries to request to leave early but later, Ken orders everyone to work late to shoot a commercial.  At home, Louis gets everything ready for his girlfriend's birthday on the beach.  Sammi doesn't finish work until three a.m., making Louis wait the whole time.  Even after work, Sammi's colleagues had prepared a birthday celebration for her.  Sammi was so happy that her colleagues remembered her birthday.  Afterwards, Sammi goes home to find Louis.   Louis was mad at Sammi for making him wait the whole time and he had prepared everything to help her celebrate her birthday.  Sammi tells Louis that she is sorry and he forgives her. 

Episode 8

Louis has a chance for a promotion at work but he doesn't seem to take it too seriously.  His friend, Nam, encourages him to try it out.  Louis goes to ask San San for a request in a promotion.  Eventually, he is able to convince San San to give him a chance.  The Board of Police will interview Louis in English.  Louis takes an English-learning class, but he still has trouble learning it.  Louis asks Jessica to tutor him in English. 

On the day of the interview, Louis is late to the interview because he had to bring a document to Sammi at her workplace (she forgot it at home).  Later, he finds out that he doesn't get the promotion.  San San feels bad for Louis...

Sammi is promoted to account exec by Ken.  Sammi is working really hard for her career advancement.  Ken wants Sammi to accompany him to Taiwan to work on a project.   Sammi and Louis had made plans to visit Japan.   Sammi really wants the chance to work on the project overseas.  Sammi and Louis begin to drift apart.   Louis realizes that Sammi's work means more to her than him.  Louis breaks up with Sammi so she can pursue her ambitions. 

Sammi goes home to pack a suitcase to go to Taiwan.  All the while, Louis acts like he feels okay with the breakup but in reality he is really hurt.  Later that night, Louis gets drunk at a bar and plays around with some girls.  Jessica sees him and assumes Louis is fooling around with the other girls even though he is really upset with the breakup.  Eventually, Jessica finds out from Sammi that they broke up.  Jessica starts to care about him more.

There is an arm robbery taking place while Louis and Bobby are on their beat.   Louis bravely fights the robber and takes the hand grenade from the robber.   Louis is holding the grenade which is about to explode...

Episode 9

Everyone comments on how brave Louis was in catching the arm robbers.  They tried to cheer Louis up after his breakup with Sammi.

Sammi comes back from Taiwan.  The first thing she does is move out of her apartment.  Sammi had left behind her music box.  Louis felt sad when he looked at the music box Sammi left behind.   Jessica encourages Louis to talk to Sammi.   But Louis and Sammi always seem to miss each other because of wrong timing. 

Louis and San San are shopping for a compass at a store.  He happens to bump into Sammi who is also shopping for a compass.  They finally get a chance to meet but they both have nothing to say.  Louis and San San leave the store.  Eventually San San encourages Louis to go back to find Sammi so they could talk.  By coincidence, Sammi goes to find Louis, too.  Louis finally has a chance to talk to Sammi.   Louis realizes that his feelings for Sammi had faded.  They decide to become friends. Sammi gives Louis a compass that she bought at the store (she had promised to give him a compass as a present before their breakup).

Jessica also bought a compass for Louis so she goes to the beach to give it to him, but she sees that Louis already has a compass given to him by Sammi.  She ended up hiding the compass in the sand so Louis wouldn't know about it.  Jessica realizes she has feelings for Louis, but she doesn't know how or when to tell him about her feelings. 

Episode 10

San San also has a crush on Louis.  Louis is again clueless as to San San's feelings for him.  Louis treats San San like "a brother." 

Ken's ex-girlfriend, Irene, goes to the company to find him.  She mistakens Sammi for being Ken's new girlfriend.  Ken lied to Irene that he had a new girlfriend at work so he could break up with her.  Ken defends Sammi and sets things straight with Irene.

One of Yung's dog patient's owner, Mr. Wong, is chasing Jessica.   Yung knows that Jessica only has eyes for Louis. Yung teases Jessica about the annoying guy who is chasing Jessica.

San San writes a love letter to Louis and places in a book.  The next day, she invites Louis to lunch so she can give him the book.  San San tells him to go home and read the book.  At home, Louis contemplates reading the book because it's too long.  Instead, Louis tells Nam that San San gave him the book.  Nam finds the letter in the book and thinks San San is in love with him.  The next day, Nam goes to find San San to bravely declare his love for her and also kiss her.  San San is so confused that she punches Nam.

Episode 11

After San San punches Nam, he's extremely confused and asks her why she's so hard to understand.  He tells her that she was the one who told Louis to give him the love letter.  Furious, San San goes to the bar to find Louis.  She drags Louis into the men' s bathroom to have a talk.  San San tells Louis up front that she likes him.   Afterwards, Louis tells her that he doesn't feel the same about her.  Lee San San begins to cry.  At that moment, Jessica sees San San crying and yells at Louis for because she thinks he something to San San.

A guy named Mr. Wong is chasing Jessica at work. He always calls her and sends her gifts.  Yung thinks its kinda funny.  Jessica can't take it anymore so she tells Mr. Wong on the phone that she is in love with her best friend's ex-boyfriend (Louis).  Surprisingly, it was Louis on the other line, not Mr. Wong.  Louis realizes that Jessica has feelings for him. 

Louis goes to the bar to ask Jessica about her conversation declaring her feelings.  Jessica shrugs it off by saying she was only joking and using him as an excuse.

Rocky and Dou Dou want Louis to know the truth about Jessica's feelings.   They lead Louis to Jessica's bedroom to find the compass which Jessica has purchased for him.  Louis stares at the compass for a long time.  

The woman who owned the animal shelter is immigrating to the U.S. so Jessica decides to take it over because she doesn't want the animals to be put to sleep.  She asks Louis, his uncle, Nam, and Wah to help her with fundraising but they are reluctant.   Jessica yells at them angrily. Later, Louis does show up at her fundraiser and helps her sell stuff animals.

There is a hurricane.  Louis is stuck at the police station tending his shift.  Louis tells his uncle to tie up his boat.  However, his uncle forgets.  Jessica goes home after work and notices that Louis' boat is about to drift off into the ocean.  Jessica knows how much the boat means to Louis, since it was supposed to be his gift for Sammi when they first started dating.  Jessica decides to push the boat back to shore and tie it to a rock. 

Episode 12

After work, Louis goes home to check on his boat at the beach.  He notices that his boat is tied to a rock and wonders who did it for him.  Afterwards, Louis returns home to find Jessica with a fever.  He takes Jessica to the hospital.  Jessica's grandmother tells Louis that Jessica had gone to the beach during the storm.  Louis realizes he has feelings for Jessica.  He stays by her bedside the whole night.

Ken declares his love for Sammi.  Sammi tells Ken that she needs to focus on her career right now.

Jessica receives flowers from Louis at the vet clinic and she's very happy but embarrased.  Later, Louis brings some food for Jessica at the pet shelter ,but she refuses to eat it.  She tells Louis that by rescuing his boat didn't signify that she liked him.  Jessica feels guilty because Louis was her best friend's boyfriend.  Plus, she believes Louis still has deep feelings for Sammi. 

Jessica encourages Sammi to get back together with Louis.  But Sammi tells her that she only likes Louis as a friend.  Sammi encourages Jessica to go after her dream guy.  Sammi doesn't know that the dream guy happens to be Louis.  

Jessica tries to raise money to help save the animal shelter, but she comes up short.  When the landlord comes after Jessica for the rent money, Louis all of a sudden shows up with a stack of money to help Jessica pay the rent.  Jessica subsequently discovers that Louis has sold the boat to get the money.  Louis' action is symbolic because by selling the boat, he is letting go of his relationship with Sammi once and for all.  Jessica is deeply touched by Louis.  They hug each other in a long embrace and start to date.

Episode 13

Louis and Jessica are in love. They are really cute together. Jessica puts on make-up and makes Louis sushi for breakfast one morning and calls him for a ride to work. However, he's still sleeping. So she calls him a second time and yells into the phone, startling Louis. Louis waits for her at his car and she comes strolling down the street slowly. Before she can get into the car though, Louis'uncle, Nam, Wah, and Jessica's grandmother all get into the car and Jessica is forced to take the bus to work (none of them know that they are dating).

San San sees Jessica and Louis in a restuarant and realizes that she has no chance with Louis now that Louis is in love with Jessica. The guys in the police station tease San San making her cry. Louis tells his colleagues to stop bothering San San. He defends San San, and they become good friends.

Sammi is doing well at her company. Sammi hires Dou Dou and Rocky for a commercial. Rocky and Dou Dou are upset with each other because Rocky thinks Louis should go after Sammi again because she's so successful. Dou Dou thinks that's wrong. Therefore, they both are not willing to do the commercial together. So, the director asks Louis and Sammi to join Rocky and Dou Dou in the commercial. Louis and Sammi are standing behind a screen and appear to be kissing (but they really aren't). Jessica feels jealous when she sees their romantic scene. However, Louis is in love with Jessica. Louis finally tells Sammi that he's dating Jessica when she tries to fix Jessica up with the director. Sammi also tells them that she's dating Ken. Louis is happy that Sammi has found someone.

Episode 14

Ken drives Sammi home. He proposes marriage to Sammi in the car. She doesn't accept right away

Louis'sister is introduced in this episode. She just lost her job and goes home in need of money from Louis. Jessica gets her a job at the clinic. The first time she saw Yung, she asked him if he had a girlfriend. Jessica quickly took her out of his office to avoid more questions.

Everyone goes to a barbecue in the park. Jessica sees Louis and San San being chummy and she gets jealous. Louis is bitten by a snake and San San tries to suck the poisonous blood from Louis. However, it turns out the snake wasn't even poisonous.

Nam is continues to pursue San San. Her dad even tries to help him but San San still rejects him. He sees San San going out with this guy and tries to think of a plan. The next time Nam sees them together, he confronts the guy telling her that he likes San San and that he won't give up. Well, the guy turns out to be a girl and she's San San's cousin (a funny part).

Sammi has been looking for an old CD for a while and Ken buys it for her. She thought Louis bought it at first because they bumped into each other at the record store. Sammi decides to accept Ken's proposal. She starts to have doubts because he didn't seem too excited when she accepted.

Jessica is feeling insecure about her relationship with Louis because San San still likes him. Louis show up late for a movie with Jessica and San San drove him there. Therefore, she gets upset. Louis is unsure about what to do so he asks Sammi for help. Sammi advises Louis to be more considerate of Jessica's feelings. On their way to find Jessica, Louis sees the stray cat that Jessica said was lost. He brings it back to her and she's really happy to see the kittie. Jessica and Louis kiss. Sammi leaves after she sees that they made up.

Episode 15

Sammi is at the bridal shop trying on different wedding gowns with Jessica at her side helping her choose the right one. At home, Jessica  wants to take some wedding pics but she can't find a way to ask Louis. She tries to ask Louis but ends up running away each time. Not until Nam shows Louis a wedding magazine that he understands what Jessica is thinking of. Louis misinterprets her intentions and instead thinks that Jessica wants to get married. Jessica laughs at Louis. Louis agrees to it. Jessica, Louis, Sammi and Ken all have their wedding pictures taken. Sammi and Louis also take a picture for fun.  When Sammi looks at the pic of her and Louis, she realizes that she still has feelings for him.

San San and Nam meet other using different name via the Internet. They seem to "click" on the internet so they arrange for a meeting. They decide to meet at this high class restaurant telling each other what they would wear. Wah tags along and waits with Nam at the restaurant. A little while later, Wah leaves and encounters San San. He quickly calls Nam to spill the news to him before further truth is revealed. In the end, Wah plan of telling Nam to remove his clothing in the restaurant works and San San does not discover who the guy is.

Jessica and Louis have a very open and trusting relationship. In comparison, Sammi feels that her relationship with Ken is no way near theirs. (She wants to contribute more to their relationship but Ken has never given her that opportunity as he always took matters within his own hands) Therefore, she calls off the wedding and they become friends again. She also decides that it would be better if she quits her job, but Ken asks her to stay. During this period of time, Sammi's feelings for Louis return.

Episode 16

Jessica and Louis are really worried about Sammi.  They still don't know that Sammi has broken up with Ken.  One day, Louis is on his way home and he sees Sammi walking on the street.  He picks her up.  Sammi tells Louis that she broke up with Ken.  Louis tries to cheer Sammi up so he buys her ice cream.  Louis can't break a large bill so he asks Sammi to pay for the ice cream.  All of a sudden, a wedding pic of Sammi and Louis falls out from Sammi's purse.  Sammi picks the picture up and hides it behind her back.  Louis does't see it.

San San and Nam continue to chat on the Internet each night, but San San threatens that she would discontinue their conversation if they do not meet. With Louis and Wah;'s encouragement, Nam, decides to reveal his true identity to San San, who is still clueless as to who the guy is. (She thinks that he is some hunk) The two set up another time to meet, but this time at the bar where Jessica works. Wah helps Nam practice the so called right way of approaching San San. It turns out to be a disaster when San San discovers the truth. She was very disappointed and also a little upset at Louis for not telling her earlier. She was still unwilling to accept Nam as a boyfriend.

Episode 17

Sammi is interrogated by the ICAC.  It turns out Ken changed some information on a business contract, which is illegal.  Ken doesn't show up for work.   Sammi is really worried about Ken and tries to contact him.  All the while, Ken was following Sammi around the whole day.  Sammi lost her job from this incident because she was considered an accomplice to Ken.  (ICAC thought that she was somehow involved in changing the contract as she was Ken's fiancée) She decides to help Ken by testifying in court because she doesn't want to see him go to jail.  Later, Ken comes out okay from the case.

Nam has finally given up pursuing Lee San San. He takes the opportunity to meet a lot of different girls on the Internet and goes out with several of them each night hoping to find the right one. At the same time, Louis's uncle is also trying to get together with some rich widow in their neighbor, but was also rejected by her. (The rich widow thinks that Louis's uncle is only after her money.)

Jessica and Louis help Sammi move out of her office.  Sammi and Louis return back to her office to pack more things.  In the meantime, Jessica had to wait downstairs by the car.  She tries to put Sammi's boxes in the car when a picture frame holding Louis and Sammi's wedding pic drops out of the box.  Jessica was somewhat stunned when she saw the picture because earlier on when she gave the frame to Sammi, she told her to put a picture of her and someone that she loved.

Jessica tells Louis about the picture in the frame.  She also tells Louis that Sammi might still like him and he might be the reason why Sammi broke up with Ken.   Louis is confused as to what he should do, so he goes to find Sammi.  He asks Sammi if she has feelings for him.  Sammi denies it.  Later, Sammi gives the wedding pic back to Jessica and tells her that she no longer likes him and he is only a good friend.  Sammi decides to study abroad (US).

Episode 18

Anyways, during this period of time Jessica's grandma's eye sight and health have been deteriorating. However, Jessica doesn't find out about it until she almost gets run over by a truck and injures her leg. Jessica is really worried about her grandma so she decides to send her to the hospital.  The doctor tells Jessica that her grandma has eye and lung problems and needs an operation.  So, Sammi moves Jessica's grandma to a private hospital for better care.  Jessica needs money for the expensive operation.  Sammi helps Jessica out by providing her grandma's operational costs (the money Sammi saved for her overseas educational fees).  Therefore, Sammi postpones her plan of studying abroad. Jessica feels grateful to Sammi for helping her out.

Later, Ken goes to find Sammi at the bar.  He wanted to find out the reason why Sammi broke up with him.  Sammi avoids giving him an answer and leaves in a hurry.  Ken follows Sammi outside the bar and asks her if she still likes Louis.  Sammi replies yes.  At that moment, Jessica overheard their conversation as she was feeding the kittens. Jessica was hiding behind a van.  So, Sammi doesn't know Jessica found out about  her real feelings for Louis.  Jessica is really upset and doesn't know what to do.

Episode 19

Jessica initiates her plan to bring Sammi and Louis back together. She yells for showing up five minutes late to the minutes, making Louis wonder what he is doing wrong.  They have a fight causing them to not speak each other. 

Yung decides to go to Australia for a vacation.  Jessica asks if she could go along, but Joe was reluctant telling her that she should work out her problems with Louis because avoiding him would be no use. At the end, Jessica ends up going with Joe without telling Louis. The day that she left, Louis shows up in front of Jessica's apartment carrying flowers in hopes of making up with her. When he found out she left with Joe, he leaves for the airport hoping that he would be able to catch them. Jessica had taped a message for Louis telling him that she wanted to end their relationship because of their personality differences.

Louis gets drunk.  Sammi happens to be by his side.   The next morning, Louis' uncle and Nam return home to see Louis sleeping on the sofa.  All of a sudden, Sammi walks out of Louis' bedroom wearing his t-shirt.   Louis' uncle and Nam mistakens Louis and Sammi as spending the night together.  Actually, Louis had threw up on Sammi's clothes so she had to wear his clothes.  Louis is about to drive Sammi back home when they encounter Jessica on her way back from her trip.  Jessica and Louis just looked at each other.   Louis wanted to know the reason why she broke up with him.  Jessica told him that she would not go back on her decision about the breakup and walked away.

In order to avoid Louis, Jessica, her grandmother, and Dou Dou move away. In addition, Jessica also quits her job at the bar.

Everyone thinks that Jessica is going out with Joe. In reality, they're just good friends. One night Louis goes to find Joe telling him to treat Jessica well. Joe tries to explain to Louis that he still had a chance if he liked Jessica, but gets punched by Louis instead. Louis thinks that Joe no longer wants Jessica and wants to give her back to Louis.  Louis gets angry and hits him.   Jessica comes along and sees Louis hitting Yung.  She yells at Louis and walks away with Yung.

Lee San San finally realizes the true nature of  Nam's personality and begins to like him. She even takes the initial step in asking him to go out with her. At first, Nam declines her feeling because he thought he wasn't good enough for her. However, after San San persistence, he accepts her. They are finally a pair.

Episode 20

Sammi goes to the beach to buy Louis' boat back from the owner.  The owner of the boat refuses to sell it.   As Sammi is about to leave, she sees Yung and his fiancee, May, coming towards her.  Sammi thinks Yung is cheating on Jessica even though they aren't really dating.  His fiancee wonders who Jessica is and thinks Yung is double-crossing her.  Therefore, Yung is forced to tell Sammi the truth about Jessica's breakup with Louis.

The next day, Sammi drags Louis to the beach to show him a surprise --- his boat.  Sammi bought Louis' boat back from the owner.   She borrowed the money from her dad.  Louis is very happy to see his boat again.  She asked him if his dream was still to go sailing with the person he loved. Louis tells her that he's no longer that naïve. He now feels that going sailing with a good friend can be just as meaningful. However, Sammi tells him to hold on to that dream and just then, Jessica arrives with Dou Dou. She arranged for Jessica to meet them at the beach.  Sammi confronts Jessica in front of Louis, telling Louis the real reason why Jessica broke up with him.  Louis' reaction was very angry at first but later on they got back together.  Jessica and Louis invited Sammi on their sea trip in Louis' boat.  The end!!!!!!!!

I really enjoyed watching this seriesI would strongly recommend to anyone.

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