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"Gim Chik Ging Chait"

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Wong Hei=Fen
Lui Chong Yin=Shun
Elaine Ng Yi Li=Wai

~Episode 2 & 3~

Flora appears in episode 2, and she is a reporter, named Chang, getting information from the mother of a girl, who got rape by a man. She gets the information by human's psychological thought, and Hei, named Fen, admires her way. Also, she also tries to get the information from the criminal's wife with a group of other reporters, but this time, she helps the woman and Fen to leave since the woman is very upset and nearly falls down. She of course feels a little regret about not getting the information.

Except being a reporter, she is also the apartment-owner of the apartment that Fen's family is living. She argues about getting the apartment back with Fen. She has an idea of giving him money for his family to move, but Fen holds her hair and takes her out of the apartment.

Chang still discusses getting back the apartment with Fen's parents, but she says that she must get it back. She also is an auxiliary police and meets Fen in a presentation about teaching children the right way to cross a road. She is full of confidence about caring shildren. A child still sits there after all other children are gone. They ask the child and the child says that his parents are in a trip and he forgets to tell his housekeeper. Chang drives the child back to home, and Fen is with her too. On the way, they discuss about the apartment again. After the child gets off, she drives away leaving Fen there since she has not agreed to drive him back.

Chang and her friend, Wai (also is Fen's friend but they don't know about it), go back home (Wai's home) very urgently since Wai's father finds them very urgently. Wai feels very scary about meeting her father, but Chang encourages her and takes her with her to see her father. Wai's father only tales about not wanting Chang to move, but at last, he agrees.

At night, Wai is divining; even though Chang doesn't believe in it, she picks a card as Wai asks. From the card, Wai tells Chang that it says that a man will disturb her getting the apartment back, and she also will have very complicated relationship with her. She objects immediately by saying that the only connection between them is the apartment and both of them are auxiliary police.

Chang is late to the second presentation which is to teaching children crossing road. After the presentation, they discuss about the apartment while they are leaving. While they are discussing, they hear someone crying in the men's washroom. They go in there and find the child who Chang and Fen have driven back home in the last presentation. They discover that the child is being maltreated, so they go to the child's home to talk to the child's father. Chang first argues with the father, but it is useless. Fen then asks Chang to take the child outside, and he punishes the father. Chang first doesn't agree with Fen of letting the child with his father without taking the father to police, but Fen convinces her by saying if Chang is the mother, she won't lie to her son or daughter too. He also tells her that he believes his mother will come back. Chang then knows that why Fen doesn't want to move from the apartment. She then drives Fen back home.

While Fen is discussing about paying more for the apartment, Chang phones him and tells him that he can continue renting the apartment with the same amount as the past.

Chang and many other reporters tries to take photos for an injured person. She nearly falls down and Fen notices her. Fen lets her to take the photos cleverly without others notice it. Chang waits for Fen outside the police station, pretending that she has waited very long time. She says she is very happy with the photos and thanks for him helping her, so she wants to invite him to eat together. Fen gets onto her car and sees many dolls. He then asks her whether she has child at home since there are so many dolls on her car. Chang is surprise with this question and so stops suddenly. Since it gets a big shock, the recorder drops out. Fen then knows Chang's real purpose is to get some information about the case from him. Even though Fen knows her real purpose, Chang still invites him to go for a drink, but Fen says that he rather wants to have a cola. Chang says that cola has very high calories. They joke about getting a beer or cola.

~Episode 4 ~

Both Chang and Wai brush their teeth in a hurry, since Wai's father is a very strict person. He asks Chang to stay while they are eating breakfast, and he says that Chang can choose another new apartment so that they can live together and hoping that she will stay. She of course will stay without buying another new apartment, since she rents her apartment to Fen.

Wai gets on Chang's car before going to work. She tells Chang that she has met her prince. She asks Chang which color of lipstick she should put on, and Chang feels impotent about it.

since there is another case which Fen has involved, Chang drives to police station and pretends that she has just gotten some information from others and meets him, so she gives him a ride. Again, she wants to get some information about it from Fen. Unfortunately, Fen sleeps in her car. She feels regret of becoming his driver. At the same time, a little girl phones her. She first wants to kick Fen of the car, but he sleeps so deep that she can't wake him up. She then goes to the girl's house. The girl is crying because she is worried her mother leaves her forever. Chang comforts her by saying her mother will be back soon, and she uses a toy trying to make her laugh. At this time, the mother comes back. The mother is Chang's cousin. Chang first blames her cousin leaving the girl alone, but her cousin that she can't blame her since Chang takes no responsibility of her since she has born, and if Chang wants, she can take her back and takes care of her (which means the girl actually is Chang's daughter).
Fen wakes up in the car and finds Chang since he is late to work and he doesn't know where he is. When Fen sees Chang walking toward the car, he shouts at her immediately. Chang cries over his shoulder suddenly, and Fen doesn't know what to do.

After crying, Fen tries to comfort her, but it is useless. Chang sees a lady who is picking cans. She walks toward her and wants to give her some money. The lady rejects it and asks her to give her the can after she has finished with it. Fen walks toward Chang and tell Chang that she is like that, since Fen has done the same thing before. Chang walks toward the lady again. She helps the lady picking up a can. The lady comforts her by saying "don't take a hope that is difficult to become true" and "she grows her children is not hoping that they would pay for her life when she is old, but the most important thing is that they all live very happy". Chang becomes happier after the lady has said this. Fen says that the lady has said only a few things to make her happy, but he has said a lot. Chang says that his shoulder is more useful than what he has said.

At night, Wai wakes Chang up and asks her whether she has seen the tissue which is given by her prince. Chang is very sleepy and teaches her to take her prince back to the place where they first meet and try to reflesh his memory.

Chang again goes to the hospital to get some information. She hears what Fen's madam and another policeman have said. She then knows that the madam actually is a favorite past-away policeman's wife. She runs after the madam immediately and hopes to do an interview with her. The madam of course rejects it. She meets Fen outside and hopes that Fen will help her; of course, Fen can't help her this time.

In Chang office, she looks back at the news about the madam and her marriage, which has a photo of she and her husband. She then talks about marriage with a husband and wife. In the meantime, she receives a call and goes to work. She sees Shun there and notices him.

~Episode 5 ~

Chang switches to Fen's area as an auxiliary police. They are joked by other co-workers since Chang has waited for Fen outside the police station before

In a case, a girl cries and they can't get the record. The madam comes and tries to comfort her, but it is useless. Chang can't stand it and shouts at her that it is useless for her to cry. The girl then tells what has happened to her. The madam admires Chang. She talks to Chang in canteen. Chang feels very uncomfortable with staying with her, especially with the madam talking about her husband.

Chang is alone in the office (auxiliary police station). She looks at the photo on madam's desk, which is a photo of the madam and her husband. She then thinks back the time when she was young. The time that she first met madam's husband, she was hit by a man whom she owed money. Madam's husband saved her. She then waited for him outside the police station. She stopped his car and got on it. She told madam's husband that she waited for him because she liked him and thanked for he saving her. Her memory ends here since an auxiliary police comes in.

Chang tells Wai that her purpose for changing to Fen's area is to understand what the madam is like, since she has started to wonder about it from the time when madam's husband was still alive. Wai then hopes that her horoscope is the same as Chang, whose is Lion. Chang then meets her co-worker, who she has discussed about marriage with, with another lady who he introduces as his wife coming from Canada.

~Episode 6 ~

Chang works with Fen, and they eat in Fen's restaurant. Fen jokes with Chang about other people. His friend then comes and jokes with Fen's father about Chang and Fen dating and working together. They first want to clarify, but Fen's father sells Fen to Chang; Chang jokes that whether he has girlfriend before. At this time, they receive an order and so they leave.

Chang's co-worker, who Chang has discussed about marriage with, is hold under a knife by his wife who has discussed with Chang too ( the first girl with the co-worker that Chang has seen). Flora comforts her by saying it is easy to grow a baby for unmarried woman, but she doesn't believe it. Chang is very angry, and she dresses her down, and it is useful. The man/co-worker pushes the woman on the floor. Since the woman is pregnant, it really hurts her. Chang calls ambulance immediately. Fen, Chang and the man wait outside the emergency room. The fetus is dead. The man doesn't want to have any relationship with the woman, so Chang helps her. The man first wants to leave without visiting her, but Chang and Fen take him to her. The woman shouts at him and asks him out. Chang comforts the woman by telling her her past. Fen hears all of this. When Chang walks out, she sees Fen standing there and knows he heard all of that. Then the man phones his wife and says he will meet her at the movie place. Chang is very angry about it and blames him. He blames her back by saying it is none of her business. She is unhappy and walks out from the hospital. Fen follows her and asks her about her past, but she doesn't want to talk about it. A photo drops out from Chang's pocket, which is the photo of madam and her husband. Fen then knows she loves madam's husband.

Fen asks Wai the opinion about what the purpose of Chang getting near madam. Wai of course doesn't know Fen is talking about Chang.

Flora teaches a child to cross the road correctly. Fen talks about madam with Chang since Wai guesses she may come for revenge. She says she isn't worse than madam in some major issue. A case happens; they have to go there and the place's smell is very sticky. They meet an unreasonable man, and Chang is there in the record process. The man is very unreasonable at first, until the madam comes in.

Chang and Fen leaves together, and madam meets them and says giving them a ride. Chang first says ok, but Fen stops her. Fen then says madam is a nice person. Chang tells her that she isn't coming for revenge. Fen asks how she and madam's husband met, but Chang asks him to not mention again.

Chang tells wai that she believes Fen won't tell anyone about it, and Wai doesn't know she is talking about Fen.

Chang helps Wai to tell the person that chases her, who is one of the auxiliary police. Fen hears it and argues that she shouldn't tell him about it that straightly. They don't agree with each other. They leave together, and then they meet the unreasonable man, who someone has record he cooked cat to eat, but they discover that he cares cats a lot.

Chang and Shun get an order and find Uncle Leung, who Chang and Fen have discovered that he loves cats a lot. Chang says that he cares cats a lot, so he must care his granddaughter. Shun asks her to leave Uncle Leung since he seems that he doesn't care about his granddaughter. Shun and Chang argue about it and Shun also says that she shouldn't be so emotional as Fen. They beg about whether Uncle leung will visit his granddaughter. Even though Shun says he never begs, but he doesn since it is only a coffee. Shun loses and he gives Chang a sup of coffee. Chang of course is happy about the coffee and winning the beg.

While Chang is talking with Fen about checking the background of a man, who works for Shun's father and is Shun's uncle, Fen's family comments on Chang. Chang then knows that Fen's purpose for checking that man is to know more about Shun. Then, an old woman comes in and orders some drinks. Fen asks Chang to help the woman taking something back home together. They go to the woman's home, and Chang smells something bad. She gets Fen out of the building and tells him about it. He says it might be the smell of old people.

Then, she leaves Fen and goes to an interview, interviewing a man, who joins the Hong Kong's shooting team. The man says that there is another person whose shooting skill is a lot better than him. Chang asks him to introduce, and she then knows that it is Shun. While she is watching Shun shooting, she remembers Ji (her past lover). After Shun finishes, he sees Chang and then they leave together. They talk about guns, and Shun says that he has never met a girl like her. Chang replies him that it's because he's so cool that he knows very few girls. Chang tells him that she knows a lot about guns is because one of her old friends always talked about it. Shun also mentions that his shooting record is only the same as Ji Sir.

Chang works with Fen, but she is kind of sick. Fen teaches her the way to take care of herself. She then tells Fen that if he cares someone, he doesn't have to say too much. Chang then sees her cousin and her daughter; her daughter holds Fen and Chang's hands together asking Fen to take care of Chang. Fen feels shy, and Chang jokes about that he has never holded girl's hands. During their break, they go to Fen's restaurant as usual. Fen gives her some medicine and drink. At this time, some women come and discuss about the smell from the old woman's house (the one that Fen and Chang helped before). Chang reminds Fen about the smell. They discuss to go to check the woman's house. Fen sees the woman is lying on the sofa through a window, so he kicks open the door. The woman is ok, but they discover that the husband has died. The woman doesn't know that, since she has been with her husband for more than 50 years.

In the police station, Chang says that a person being together for that long time and died suddenly is very sad. Fen cares about her sickness and put his hand on her head. She jokes that where does his principle goes, since he has said that he disagrees with doing this kind of thing when they are wearing the uniform while Chang's daughter holding their hands together. He feels surprise with this question and thinks about whether he loves her or not.

Fen asks Wai about Chang's sickness in their working place.

Fen gets hit by many people because of Shun. In the police station, Chang and madam ask him about his hurt. He doesn't say anything about it. After Madam goes out, he asks Chang about Wai, since he has seen Wai and Shun together before he got hit because of Shun.

Wai's father takes a child back home, but the child's house was broken in by two thieves. Fen and Chang know it and rushes to Fen's restaurant. Her father says Fen should undertake his case, but Chang says that he has mistakes too. Chang and Fen then rush to work. Before they rush to work, Chang helps Fen to fix his clothes. During their work, Fen goes to the market and helps the people. Chang says that he should separate work with others, but Fen tells Chang the difference between auxiliary police and real police to other people, and Chang agrees with what Fen has done. Then, Fen sees his sister with a boy; he goes asking the boy questions while his sister is buying food in a store. Chang first thinks that his sister is his girlfriend, but then he tells Chang about his family. Chang knows that he really cares about his family a lot even though he has no real relationship with them.

At home, chang talks about Fen with Wai and her father. Her father praises Fen and asks Chang not to give up Fen. Chang feels surprise.

Last episode ended when Chang is talking about Fen with Wai and her father. This episode starts with Chang feeling surprise about Wai's father asks her to not give up Fen. She tells him that he must be joking and some men in the world will never be her boyfriends since she has no feeling with him, and he will only be her best partner and best friend.

Chang askes Wai about Shun and his family's background. She tells Wai that she wants to have an interview with Shun, but Wai objects it. Even though Wai objects it, Chang waits for Shun in his company, so she hides from Wai. While Shun sees Chang, he first seems to be happy, but then he knows that she finds him to have an interview is related to his father, he rejects her.

Chang and Shun team up at work, and Shun is hit by a suspect. Chang stops him from chasing the suspects. She says that it is very dangerous, but Shun says that once she is wearing the uniform, she should know it is her duty, which reminds her Ji had said that once. As a reporter, she stops to check Shun's background, maybe because of she believes Shun.

Fen is rushing to work, but he sees Chang's car has some problems, and he goes to help her immediately. He gets very dirty from helping Chang. Chang gives him a handkerchief and leaves since she is in hurry. Fen doesn't want to use it.

Chang works and jokes with one of her co-workers since he wants to extend the time of the way going to check a hotel, which is the kind of hotel that men find girls to make love with. He is doing it because he has asked Fen to help him to talk to a girl at there. Fen is being found in the hotel. Chang ridicules him secretly. She laughs out, and he asks her whether she believes him, and she jokes about that he is salacious man. At night, Fen waits for Chang outside the police station and tries to explains to her, but she doesn't believe it and leaves with a joke.

Once, when Shun teams up with Chang, he takes an early break. First, Fen jokes with Shun, but Chang says that it is because she is stomachache and wants to eat something. Chang and shun sit at another table. Fen and his partner talk about the event in hotel. His partner says that Chang saw it too. When Fen and his partner work, his partner says he has no loss except if he loves Chang. At this time, a man is getting shot. Fen can't found the killer, but Shun and Chang meet the killer. Shun is caught by the killer, so Chang needs to drop the gun. Fortunately, Fen comes, saves them and catches the killer. Chang is happy that Shun is ok. Chang is kind of not feeling well after this event in the police station. Fen gives her a drink to comfort her. Fen first asks Shun to say thank you to Chang since she chooses saving Shun instead of catching the killer, but Shun says that she is wrong about it. Fen comforts her on the way going out the police station. Chang suddenly says that she though Shun couldn't die at that time. Fen seems to know that she likes Shun.

Chang interviews a businessman who pretends he loves his family a lot, but he isn't since his wife comes to his office and argues with him about who's going to take care of their son. She meets Fen, who is searching for job. They walk on a bridge and talk about getting job. Fen is very disappointed, and Chang comforts him by saying she was ok even when she left Ji. He then is ok, and Chang says that she feels Shun is kind of like Ji. At this time, a man crashes Chang. Chang is ok, but she discovers that she loses the wrist lace, which is given from Wai when Chang graduated from university. Fen first wants to get a ride from Chang, but then he changes his mind and goes finding the wrist lace for Chang.

At home, Chang talks about her relationship with other people (actually is shun) with Wai, but she doesn't clearly know her situation.

Once, Chang meets the businessman with a child. He tells Chang that he wins and gets to take care of his care, but actually, he doesn't since his former wife goes to the police station about her son is missing. Chang teams up with Shun to find the man and his son. They find them in a restaurant, and the man asks them for letting him to finish dinner with his son. Shun first disagrees, but Chang agrees and convinces Shun that nothing will happen. Chang of course is right, and she is happy about it. Shun talks to Chang about the two cases and says sorry to her. Chang says that she knows he is a nice guy too.

~Episode 10 ~

Fen goes to find the wrist lace in a jewel store, and he meets a killer. He chases him and nearly gets kill. The first thing that he cares is the wrist lace. In the police station, he meets Chang and tells her about that he has found the wrist lace for her. She is very happy and invites him to a meal someday in the future, since she is busy that day. Fen waits for her outside the police station. He tells Chang how he gets the wrist lace and tells her that he loves her. Chang first doesn't know how to react, but she then chooses to say that he must be joking. They both accept the conversion to end in this way, even though both know that Fen isn't joking. Chang feels sorry about rejecting him.

Fens works with Chang, and they are all very shy and kind of uncomfortable. Shun and his partner come, and his partner says that Shun is kind of strange that day. Chang stands on his side and goes to comfort him. Actually, Shun is having argument with his father.

Fen teams up with Chang, and he talks about Shun. Chang says that being a friend doesn't need to care about his background. Then they meet a 7 to 8 year old boy who takes care of the family. (The boy is actually Fen's little brother, since the boy's mother is Fen's mother, who has left him since he was four.)

Chang is the reporter of a case related to Shun's father, even though they don't know about it. Chang goes to the shooting club waiting for Shun about it. She tells Shun that she cares about him a lot, but she is shy to say she loves him, but Shun gets her meaning. Shun pretends that he doesn't care that he shoots 100% accurate, but after Chang leaves, his accuracy drops to about 30%, since he has no mood in shooting.

On the street, Shun asks Fen about Chang.

In the new company (Shun's company), Fen mentions Chang, and he notices that Shun and Chang has something secretly. He asks Shun, and he then knows that Shun isn't clear about whether he loves Chang or not. He encourages Shun to ask Chang out, and he phones to Chang for Shun. Shun invites Chang to meet him at the dock on Saturday. Madam comes to canteen and sees Chang finishes the call. Madam asks her is that her boyfriend, and she replies that she doesn't know it too.

Fen is worried about Chang and Shun about their dates.

Chang waits very long for Shun, and Shun too, since they wait at different place (a dock has two sides). Shun discovers it afterward, and he rushes to there, but Chang is left.

~Episode 11 ~

Shun goes back to his company and Wai is there. She teaches him that he can see his lover if he closes his eyes and counting for 5 seconds. He of course doesn't do it at that time. He drives her back home and waits for her to get the horoscope books. When he is waiting, he closes his eyes and tries it. At this time, Chang is waiting in. Chang of course is unhappy, especially when she sees Shun is smiling since she thinks that Shun is playing her. Shun explains it to her, and they know that they have waited at different places. Shun tries to hold Chang's hands, and he does.

At home, Chang goes into Wai's room and sees Wai breaks the newspaper (the one that has her auxiliary-police-lover's photo). Wai breaks it because she has seen Chang and Shun holding hands. Chang talks about Shun with her happily. She is very happy and excited. Shun is also very happy and excited about it and tells Fen about it too.

In the police station, Chang and shun is holding hands since Chang's hand gets a little hurt when helping Shun. Fen's partner laughs at Fen that Fen loses his love. Shun jokes about whether Fen likes Chang or not since Fen is teamed up with Chang and he wants Fen to take care of Chang. On duty, Chang first doesn't want to response to Fen, until Fen mentions about another girl, and her reaction changes back to her original. Then, Shun's father is hurt and shouts out that his wallet is stolen and he must get it back. They take him to the hospital. Shun and Chang go to visit him. After Shun knows that he is ok, he leaves with Chang. Chang wants to ask Shun why he treats his father like that, but he doesn't want to answer and says that even lovers have their own secret too.

At home, Chang discusses it with Wai. Chang says that she doesn't understand Shun. Wai teaches her and tells Chang her understanding on Shun. Chang says that she must teach her more in the future.

Chang gives Shun a plant for celebrating his first day of work in his father's company. At that time, Fen and Wai are in the office too. They two go out at the same time.

At work, Fen's partners joke about Shun and Chang. Fen stops them, and they joke Fen is disappointed in his love affair, and Fen's parents hear it and talk about it.

~Episode 12 ~

After Chang dates with Shun, Chang drives car back home alone, and she meets Fen. Fen first doesn't hear Chang calls him, but she gets out from the car and catches him. He tells Chang that he has caught his mother. Chang feels surprise. They talk about it in a pub. Fen tells her his past. Chang comforts him by saying that he has done what he should do and can do, so he shouldn't be worried. Chang finds a lawyer to guarantee Fen's mother out. Fen's mother asks her is she Fen's girlfriend, and she says she is only his friend.

After Wai finishes talking with Shun on phone for an incident that Wai has helped Shun, Chang jokes with Wai whether Wai is dating, since Chang doesn't know that Wai is talking to Shun. Wai of course says no. Next day, Wai meets Shun in the office and asks whether they are going out for dinner that night since Shun has invited her on the phone, but Shun forgets it and he is going to meet Chang. After Wai knows it, she tells him that it's ok since she gets something to do too.

Chang is waiting for someone in the hotel's lobby for taking photos and asking questions with a lot of other reporters. Her daughter phones her and says that she has promised her that she would take her to Ocean Park if she gets 100% on a test, and she asks Chang to take her to go there that day. Unfortunately, there are so many people that she can't hear it clearly. Shun goes to find Chang and sees Chang falling on the floor, but she still does her work without Shun's help. Shun then follows her. Chang wants to take the person's photo, but there are so many other reporters there and so she can't go it. Shun helps her by holding her up. Chang of course is very happy about it. After it, they go to date, and Chang discovers that her cellar phone is broken because of the falling. She then asks Shun what they are going to do, but Shun has no plan at all. Chang is first unhappy, but then Shun tells her that it is his first time to have such a serious relationship with a girl. Chang forgets him and asks him for what they would do. Shun jokes that they would go to Paris. At the same time, her daughter is waiting for Chang, and she has phoned Chang. Since Chang's cellar phone is broken, she can't find Chang. She walks on the street alone and nearly gets hit by a van. Fortunately, Fen saves her.

Chang and Shun go back to home, and Shun is first afraid to meet Wai's father since he is a school principle, but Chang takes him in. They talk for a while until Wai comes back. Wai asks Chang aside and tells her that their friend, Mary, got hurt and is in a hospital now, but Chang doesn't know who is Mary. Shun says that he can drive them to the hospital, but Wai rejects it, takes Chang with her, and asks Shun to stay and talk to her father. Outside their house, Wai tells Chang that her daughter is in the police station, and they rush to there.

In the police station, her daughter is playing with madam. Chang is so worried about her and asks her strictly of why not going home after school. Her co-workers tell her that the child has said that Chang has promised her to take her to Ocean Park. Chang tries to take her daughter away, but her daughter is angry at her that she doesn't keep her promise. Her cousin and husband come and take the child away. The madam seems to like children a lot, and she says that Ji wanted to have children too. After Chang hears it, she leaves immediately, and Wai follows her. ON the way, Wai says that Madam seems to be very nice, and Chang says that madam is very nice but she isn't since her own child chooses other people instead of herself. Fen then comes out and tells Chang not to lie to children since they will remember it forever. Fen also says that if anything serious happened to the child, Chang can't find a daughter to give her back to the child's parents. Chang goes emotional and says that she won't be happy if anything bad happened to the child too. Fen continues to say that if she wants to show the child that she cares about the child, she has to do a lot more since the child has never said about seeing Chang on the way to the hospital and police station. Chang is very disappointed and sad, so Wai asks Fen to stop, but he continues. Wai cried out and Wai tells Fen that the child is really Chang's daughter. Chang is unhappy about Wai saying it out, and she walks away.

At home, Chang is looking at the sky, and Wai comes in to say sorry. Wai says that Fen won't tell anyone about it. Chang says that she believes Fen, but she is worried and deciding whether telling Shun about it or not. Wai says that if he loves Chang, he won't care about it. Chang says she will find a chance to tell him later.

Chang drives Fen to court. Fen talks about his mother case, and Chang comforts and encourages Fen by referring to her own case. Chang takes care of Fen's brother in the court.

~Episode 13 ~

Chang agrees with what Fen has done in the court, telling the truth. She is very supportive when Fen is requires to say his mother is the one who he has caught. His mother says that she can't leave her 8 year old child alone in the court. Chang looks at Fen and seems to care about Fen's feeling. After the court, Chang first says driving him back, but Fan wants to be with his mother and brother.

Chang's cousin tells Chang that they want to take Chang's daughter to immigrate to Canada with her and her husband. Chang says that it is ok since from the first day she gives the child to her cousin, her cousin becomes the mother of the child. After her cousin has left the canteen, Fen sees Chang wants to cry and so he tries to comfort her. Again, it is useless. When they work outside, they meet the child. Even though Chang loves the child very much, she can't do a thing. Fen tells Chang that if she wants, she should try to take the child back even though she has given the child to her cousin. He also encourages her to tell Shun about it.

When dating with Shun, Chang wants to tell Shun about it, but she doesn't finally. They then look at the display of a jewel shop and both agree that the things displaying is beautiful. Unfortunately, their targets are different; Shun's target is a clown and Chang's target is a boat.

At home, Chang talks to Wai about it. She thinks strange that she can tell Fen anything but can't with Shun. Wai tells her that it is very obvious seems she cares their relationship.

Madam and Chang catch a man, Little B, and he says that he worked for Ji Sir in the past. He provided information to Ji Sir.

~Episode 14 ~

A woman, who is the wife of Little B, finds Chang and sells her some information about Ji sir's wife sharing some thief's money with Little B in the past. She also says that Ji Sir's death is related to it too. Chang is very angry, and she drives very fast and remembers all the things happened about Ji Sir and madam that she knows. She goes to find madam and asks her how did Ji Sir die and was she related to the money. She is very angry and tells madam that she shouldn't give up Ji Sir. Madam then knows that Chang was Ji Sir's secret lover. She asks Chang about the fetus, but Chang lies to her that she has aborted it. Chang also says that she first feels sorry of being with Ji Sir, but now she regrets that she gave Ji Sir back to madam.

In a pub, madam remembers the day that she knew Ji sir had a woman beside her was that he got hurt and a pregnant woman left him some flowers.

Chang is typing a letter to change to other area, and she doesn't want to tell anyone the reason for changing area. Madam comes in and says that she has sent a letter for requesting to change area. After all others has left the room, Chang says that both of them don't want to see each others, and now the purpose is achieved, so she doesn't need to change area. On duty, her partner mentions about Little B. Chang walks aside, and Little B comes out and asks her partner for money. He mentions about Ji sir. At this time, Chang comes and asks about the whole incident. Little B tells them the truth that Ji Sir is the one that shared money with him.

Chang is very disappointed with knowing the fact. She goes the shooting club, finds Shun and watches him to shoot. She remembers all the things happened with Ji Sir. She waits for Shun in a restaurant. Chang is unhappy with Shun that he seems not care her. She leaves without Shun, drives very fast again and nearly gets crush. She then can't turn on the engine and so lies down. She then calls Fen and asks him where she can find someone to fix her car. Fen asks her where she is, finds his friend to go help her, and he goes there to wait with her for his friend. While they are waiting, Fen asks Chang where is Shun. On the other side, Shun talks about Chang with Wai. Wai teaches him how to make Chang happy and other things about Chang. He drives Wai back home and buys a box of chocolate trying to make Chang happy, but Fen and Chang come back with the same kind of chocolate at the same time.

Fen and Shun talks about Chang in a pub. Fen teaches Shun how to make Chang happy, and all he has said is the same as what Wai has said.

At home, Wai asks Chang to eat the chocolate from Shun, but Chang doesn't since she has brush her teeth. Wai asks her that whether she is angry at Shun driving Wai back home, and Chang of course says no, but Wai says that a usual girlfriend will be jealous when seeing her own boyfriend driving another girl back home. At this time, Wai's father calls that there is a thief, but Was has checked around, and she thinks that her father has some problems since it is not the first time, but Chang says that it is only her suspicion.

In the police station, Fen tells Chang that madam is switching area. Madam comes and Chang and madam both ask Fen to go and get change. Chang then goes to say sorry to madam about misunderstanding her and tells her that she knows the truth now. Madam says that she should say sorry to Ji Sir but not her, since she had aborted the fetus. Next day, Chang takes her daughter with her to see madam and tells her that the child is her daughter. Chang says that Ji might choose to die in that case because he felt guilty. Madam suggests that Chang should take care of the child herself.

Chang dates with Shun, and Shun has planned a lot of things to do with Chang. They are very happy. At the end of the date, Shun wants to kiss Chang, but Chang stops him and leaves. After she goes back to her room, she lies on the bed and Wai comes in. Wai asks her about the date and Chang knows that Wai has taught Shun to do it. She then thinks that she is being with Shun because of Ji. She is really tired and doesn't know what she should do.

Wai finds shun and teaches him to make Chang happy again, but Shun feels that there are problems between he and Chang.

At work, Fen teams up with Chang and asks Chang why doesn't she date with Shun on Saturday. Fen teaches her to be opened with Shun. They then see the crystal boat, which Chang is interested while dating with Shun. Fen has seen it before and is interested in it too. Chang wants to go in the shop to buy it, but Fen stops her since they are on duty. At the same time, they receive a case, which is about the parents of a child are arguing who should take care of the child since both don't want to take care of her. Chang is angry about it and says parents should take care of their own child. Back to the police station's canteen, Fen encourages Chang to talk to her cousin of getting the child back. She asks Fen to go with her. At the same time, Shun calls and asks Chang out, but she lies to Shun that she gets work to do. Chang and Fen go to find Chang's cousin. Her cousin of course rejects it, but Fen tells her his own case about his mother, hoping that they can give the child back to Chang. At last, they agree with it. Chang is very happy, but when she knocks on her daughter's room's door, the child first has no reply. Chang then tries to open it, but it is locked. The child then opens the door and says that she wants to go to Canada with her parents but not living with her aunt, and her aunt isn't her mother. Chang is very hurt and looks at Fen.

~Episode 15 ~

Fen comforts Chang, and her daughter phones her and asks her to forgive her. She then asks Fen whether he has done something that he feels regret for. He says yes and tells her that he will try to compensate them. If he can't, he will forget it and will compensate it after life. She says that sometimes there is thing that she can't compensate. She was selfish for not taking care of her daughter, and after a long time, she can't take it back even if she wants to. Fen comforts her by saying that her daughter will understand it one day. However, she still thinks that it is her fault and needs to pay for it, but.... They continue to walk, until she steps on a can and nearly falls down. Fen holds on to her, and she starts to cry over Fen's shoulder. At the same time, Shun drives Wai back home and sees it. Fen and Chang of course don't know Shun and Wai see it. Shun drives away immediately. Chang says that she is a defeater since her own daughter doesn't take her as mother, and Fen comforts her again. Chang says thanks and go back home.

At home, Shun calls Chang and asks her what has happened to her since he has seen she crying over Fen's shoulder. Chang doesn't want him to misunderstand, and Shun says it is ok for her not to tell him since he thinks it is ok to have secret between lovers.

Next day, Chang goes finding Shun. She takes Shun to see her daughter, who is going to take a taxi to the airport with Chang's cousin. Chang gives the child a gift, grasps her and nearly cries out. Since it is time for the child to go to airport, the child says good-bye happily to Chang. Shun sees Chang is crying, he holds on to Chang's shoulder to comfort her. Chang tells Shun that the child is her daughter and tells him that she wants to tell him many times before, but she is so timid that she frightens Shun would break up with her. However, she thinks that she will feel very difficult to keep on with this relationship if she continues to keep this secret. Shun tells her that it is ok even if she doesn't tell him that, since the most important is that present time, and all of that is the past. Chang is very happy and grasps on to Shun. She tells Shun that it is very important to tell each other everything, which gives Shun a kind of pressure.

In Fen's restaurant, Chang seems to be very happy, and Fen asks her that is everything ok. She tells Fen that she has told Shun everything and Shun understands her. She also thinks that both of them can handle this relationship better in the future.

Wai asks Shun about why doesn't he find Chang for that long time, and he says that he feels a kind of pressure when Chang told him everything. While Shun is having dinner with his father, he phones Chang and invites her to have dinner with his family next night. Chang is very happy about it.

~Episode 16 ~

On the night of the dinner, Shun, his aunt, and Chang wait for Shun's father to come back for dinner. Shun's uncle comes and tells Shun and his aunt that his father is kidnapped. On the way of Shun driving Chang back home, Shun shows his worry out, and Chang asks him about it. Shun doesn't want to say anything. She tells Shun that she will worry about him if he keeps all the things in his heart. Chang first wants to get off, but then she stays in the car and asks him why he keeps all the things in his heart and not like her, telling her all the things. Shun tells her that his father is kidnapped, and he doesn't call the police because he doesn't want him to be in danger. Chang wants to comfort him, but Shun asks Chang to go home first. Chang looks back to Shun, and he seems to be very tired and sad, but she has no idea of how to help him.

Shun's father is found died. Chang is in his home comforting Shun and Shun's aunt. The police come and ask them about it. Chang tells the police that Shun was attacked by someone before, as Wai has told her. Shun says that he believes that these two things aren't related. After the police have left, Chang asks Shun why didn't he tell the police about he being attack in a room, but Shun asks her not to ask him that since he doesn't want to discuss it with her. Chang says that it is his secret again. At this time, Shun's aunt and uncle come in, and want to talk to Shun alone. So Chang leaves and tells Shun to call her if he wants to tell her anything. Shun first wants to chase her, but his uncle and aunt are there.

Wai's father goes to the police station to tell the police that he saw a man getting in Shun's father's car with Shun's father on the night that he got killed. Fen helps him to record it down. Actually, Fen receives a call from Chang and knows that Wai's father is kind of metal problem with it.

Chang goes to the restaurant to find Fen. Fen's father says that Fen might forget about meeting her since he is busy dating with girl. Actually, Fen's father isn't happy about Chang and Shun together for the reason that he knows Fen likes Chang. Chang then sits aside and waits for Fen. Fen comes and they talk about Wai's father. Then, one of their co-workers comes and tells them that they will buy some flowers to Shun's father. Fen then asks Chang about Shun, and she says that she doesn't know about him since he wants some times to clam down.

Fen goes to Wai's house to visit them. Wai's father asks Fen about the case. Fen lies to him again. Chang and Fen then go to the kitchen to get some drinks. Fen tells Chang something about Shun. He also asks Chang to forgive Shun since his father has died. He suggests her to find Shun, but Chang says that Shun can find her. Fen says that Shun is like a cat, and she needs to get something to attract him out, and if she wants, he can call Shun out for her. Chang doesn't like it and says he doesn't have to have that much opinions, and she leaves the kitchen.

At night, when Chang is working, she calls Shun, but Shun knows that it is Chang calling from the call display, and he doesn't get the phone.

In madam's fair-well party, Shun doesn't come and sends only a gift. Fen asks Chang about it, but she doesn't know anything.

After the party, Fen's co-worker, Li, gets drunk, and Chang and Fen take him home, and it is kind of funny which makes Chang laugh out. They then discover that he lives with a woman, Yeng, who Li found Fen to talk to in a hotel. Chang goes to the washroom to get a hot towel for Li. During this time, Fen argues with Yeng about her background, since she has no ID. Chang comes out, and talks to Yeng. Fen dislikes Yeng to be very friendly with Chang since Yeng has no ID, so he leaves immediately. Chang follows him. When they are waiting for the elevator, Chang says that Yeng and Li is a good match and their relationship is very good too. Fen wants to tell Chang all about Yeng, but he can't. Chang continues to talk about Yeng, and Fen can't stand it, so he goes in the elevator immediately, yelling at Chang that if she wants, she can stay in Li's house to talk to Yeng and leaving her alone there. Chang of course doesn't know why he is like that.

~Episode 17 ~

Wai's father is found died. Wai and Chang are very sad and cry. Even though Chang is sad, she still comforts Wai. Fen and Chang goes to Wai's father's school to get his things. Fen asks Chang about Wai and suggests Chang to take a few days break since she needs to take care of Wai and prepares the funeral, but Chang wants to keep herself more busy so that she won't have times to think about all the sadness. Fen asks her about Shun, but Shun hasn't called her. The school announcement announces the death of Wai's father. Chang remembers the time when she was pregnant, she tried to get a job in a supermarket as a cashier, but she couldn't get it since she is pregnant. She met Wai's father there, and he took her back home and asked her to stay. After the baby had born, he also showed his support with her decision of giving the baby to her cousin to take care. Moreover, he helped her to apply for the university subsidy while she was studying in university. After all of these memories, she says a thank you, and she leaves the school with Fen.

At home, Chang takes care of Wai. Except taking care of Wai, she gets work to do too. After she has finished her work, she misses Wai's father and so she calls Shun. However, she can't find Shun. At this time, the phone rings. She hopes that it is Shun, but it is Fen. She hands up the phone very fast since it isn't Shun. She sits on the chair for a while.

Next day, while Chang is doing an interview, she gets pushes and Shun appears and holds her. They talk in a park. Shun tells her where he was, but Chang is kind of angry at him since he wasn't beside her when she needed him the most. Shun hopes that she can forgive him since his father has just died too. Chang says that he shouldn't keep all the things in the heart and left alone. Shun says he won't and gives her a plant as the gift. Chang says she wants him to be beside her rather than the plant. Shun promises that he will help her in Wai's father's funeral.

Fen asks his father to make some soup for Chang and Wai. His family discusses about Fen's love affair toward Chang again. In the company, Fen talks to his father in the phone about the soup, but Shun comes back and asks Fen to get the edible nest of cliff swallows to Chang, so he tells his father doesn't need to make the soup.

Shun is busy watching the video of the night of his father's death, and so he forgets about helping Chang in the funeral. Fen helps Chang there and calls Shun frequently. Chang says that if he comes, he will. He can't find Shun until the end of the funeral.

At home, after Chang has taken care of Wai, Shun phones Chang. He first frightens to talk to Chang, but he does and says sorry to her. Chang is very angry and asks him who she is to him, and is it too is it too bad for her wanting to get some cares from him since she is his girlfriend. Shun actually is outside her home. He first wants to ring the bell, but he doesn't. Chang opens the door suddenly. Shun says sorry again and says he isn't a good boyfriend. Chang says that may be her need is too much, and she asks him what they will be in the future, but no one has said a thing.

In the police station, Fen asks Shun about Chang. Shun says that he and Chang has broken up.

~Episode 18 ~

After knowing Shun and Chang has broken up, Fen wants to call Chang, but Li stops him.

Li and Yeng get into argument, and Yeng goes to Fen's restaurant to find Fen. Fen isn't there, but Chang and her female partner are there. They know that she and Li get into argument, and they say that it is not very good for her to stay in Fen's place, so Chang invites Yeng to live with her.

Fen finds Li and tells him that Yeng is in Chang's house. He hopes that Li can take Yeng back home since Yeng has no ID. Few days later, Fen go finding Yeng, gives her some money, and asks her to leave. He says very rude to her about her background. The security comes and hears parts of the conversation. When Chang comes back, Yeng says she is going to leave. She also lies to Chang that Li has found her. After Yeng has left, the security comes and tells Chang about what he has heard about the conversation between Fen and Yeng. Next day in the police station, Chang shouts at Fen about it. Fen finds Li to explain to Chang that Yeng has no ID, and what Fen has done is good for Chang. Li then takes Fen to the canteen for a tea.

In the canteen, fen knows that madam and one of his co-workers are together. He talks to the co-worker about it. He asks the co-worker would he feel kind of guilty since madam was Ji's wife, and it is kind of like a friend's wife. The co-worker explains to him that Ji sir has died, and even if Ji Sir still was alive, but they were divorced, and he and madam were fall in love, it was still ok too. Fen then knows what to do with Chang.

At home, fen calls Chang and invites her to lunch and says he will give her a surprise too. On that day, Fen arrives early and calls Chang. Chang is still working but he says it is ok and asks her not to rush. Chang rushes at work and asks her workers to let her to use the copier since she has a date. Her workers joke that she has a date with her boyfriend so she is in a hurry. A worker also says that maybe there would be an emergency, which caused her couldn't go there.

when Fen is waiting in the restaurant, he stops a killer, who is found by Shun to kill her uncle since Shun knows that his uncle killed his father, from killing Shun's uncle. Unfortunately, he gets hurt. Chang gets the order to report this accident, so she rushes to there. She sees Fen is moved toward an ambulance, and she is worried about him. Two tickets drop out from Fen's pocket. She picks them up and knows what the surprise is. She then sees Shun and asks him about the accident.

In the hospital, Fen is ok, and they joke about his hurt.

~Episode 19 ~

In the hospital, Fen plays a psychological test from a magazine, which title is "does she like you?". Li, madam and madam's boyfriend come to visit him. He asks about where is Chang, but madam says that she might not come since she has to work. He is kind of disappointed. He then turns on the radio and hears a news about a female reporter gets hurt. At this time, Li, madam, and madam's boyfriend say it is time to leave. After they have gone, Fen phones Chang and asks her is she ok since he has heard the news. He lies to Chang that he begs with Li whether the reporter is Chang and pretends he is talking to Li. Unfortunately, Chang is walking into the room, so she sees that Li isn't there. Fen is kind of shy about it too. They then go to the garden and talk. Chang asks Fen whether he has seen a movie (When Herny meets Sally), so Fen thinks that she wants to watch it. She says no since he wants to tell him that it is better for them to be friends with the movie. Fen understands it.

At home, Yeng, Wai and Chang talks about Fen. They all know that Fen likes Chang, so Wai and Yeng ask Chang to get paper and pen out to play a game, which is to write out all the good and bad sides of Fen. Yeng writes all the positive comments negatively, for example, Chang says he won't find other girls, and Yeng writes down as he isn't handsome. The result of the game is that the bad side is far more than the good side. Yeng says that Chang shouldn't find Fen as her boyfriend. Chang seems to feel kind of unhappy about the result.

Yeng gets catch by Chang's partner. Chang meets Li on the way to visit Yeng. Chang says that it is good that Li treats Yeang that good. Li says that if she wants, she can too, since she knows Fen cares about her very much. Chang says that she feels it is kind of impossible, but he then says he first thought that it was impossible for him to love Yeng too. So she should give a change to Fen. Li asks her whether she will go to hospital to take Fen back home, she says she has work that day so she will visit him later.

When Chang goes back home, she sees Shun drives Wai back home, and she is happy to see them together. She tells Wai that she and Shun broken up peacefully. She also tells Wai about Li and Yeng. Moreover, she has asked Wai about Shun and Wai.

On the day of Fen going back home from hospital, Chang's work is cancelled, so she goes to Fen's house to hind him, but he isn't home yet. Fen's brother is cleaning up Fen's room as his father has ordered. Chang then helps him, and Fen's father says he will treat Chang as a family member, and she doesn't know how to explain it, so she doesn't. She gets the box, which Fen's brother wants to put in the garbage room, to the garbage room. In the garbage room, Chang looks in the box and sees a ring, which she has praised it before when she worked with Fen, and the tickets, which have dropped out from Fen's pocket after Fen got hurt. Fen discovers that his brother has thrown some of his things, so he goes to the garbage room to get it back. He sees Chang is in there holding the ring and the tickets. Chang invites Fen to watch a movie with her. Fen of course says yes and says he still has two weeks holiday.

After they have watched the movie, they talk about it. Chang says that she is surprise that Fen didn't sleep during the movie. Fen says that it is a good movie so he didn't sleep. Actually, he is very sleepy. Chang goes to buy some drinks for Fen, and Fen sleeps while waiting for her. When she comes back, she sees that Fen is sleeping, and so she takes off her clothes and puts it on Fen's shoulder. Fen is actually awake, and he looks at Chang secretly. Chang also sometimes looks him sleeping with a smile. They both enjoy this moment.

Once, when Fen waits for Chang in Chang's working place, Chang drops something on the floor. Fen picks it up for her since she is hury to talk to her boss. Fen sees the paper that Yeng has written down all the good and bad sides of Fen, but Fen doesn't know about it and thinks it is written by Chang. After Chang has finished her works, she leaves with Fen. Fen tells her that he has seen the paper and so that she doesn't have to make herself to be with him. Fen is very hurt since even the good side comments are negative comments. Chang wants to explain, but she can't, and Fen leaves.

At home, chang is deciding whether to phone Fen or not. Wai sees it and suggests that she shouldn't phone him since she thinks he will be ok tomorrow, but Chang says that she hurts him very seriously, and she has decided a long time before starting this relationship, and she doesn't want to be like that. She doesn't know what she wants. Being with him is like being with a friend, but it is very comfortable. She doesn't know whether it is love or friendship. Wai says that it might be the problem of timing.

Next day, in the police station, Chang and Fen is kind of shy and don't know how to talk to each other.

~Episode 20 ~

In the company, Chang's boss says that he wants to give a chance to Chang to work in New York, but she seems to be not very interest at going to New York, so he gives her a week to decide. In the police station, she asks Fen for the opinion, and he says if it were he, he would accept it immediately. Chang is disappointed with this opinion. He also asks Chang to tell him immediately if she has decided to go so that he can prepare a large fair well party for her. Fen is actually unhappy about this news.

At home, Wai finds a phone number which is one of her friends living in New York. Chang says that she hasn't decided whether to go or not. She also finds reasons for not going there. Wai asks her is it because of Fen, but Chang doesn't know it herself. Wai reminds Chang that she has but Fen very seriously. Chang say that it is also the reason why it is hard to decide.

In the police station, they discuss about Shun, and Li asks Chang whether she knows all the things about Shun. Chang says that she doesn't know them; even if she knew, she didn't know what to do too. Then, after all other co-workers leave the room, Chang tells Fen that she has decided to go and that day is the last day for her to be an auxiliary police, and Fen is her partner too. While they are working, Fen looks at his watch frequently. Chang asks him whether he is in hurry, he says no and says that there is still an hour left. After this hour, she will be out of his control and under the U.S. control. Fen asks her what she wants to have as a fair well gift, and she jokes that she has bought everything and needs a fur coat. Fen of course says no and asks for a second choice. Chang then remembers the crystal boat and they go to the jewel shop. Unfortunately, the boat isn't put in the display. Fen suggests to go in the shop to ask even though they are in uniform. Chang seems to be very disappointed when she knows the boat is sold out.

Next day, Fen finds Li to talke him all around Hong Kong to find it. A seller tells Fen that Macau might have it. He asks Li to drive him there, but Li rejects it and asks him to get off. So Fen goes to Macau alone. By coincidence, Chang gets on Li's taxi and knows about what Fen has done for her. Li also tells her that it is all because Fen loves Chang.

At home, Fen brings a gift to Chang. Wai goes back to her room and lets them to talk alone. Chang opens the box and sees the crystal boat. Fen lies to her that he saw it in a small shop when he did delivery for his father. Chang of course knows how he gets it, but she doesn't say anything.

On the day she leaves Hong Kong, she goes out to buy things and goes to a restaurant. Madam sees her and talks to her. Madam says that sometimes she should not request too much from men beside her. Chang says that she isn't like this type, since if she is that type, she wouldn't find Ji as her husband. Madam tells Chang that she used to be proud of people calling her Ji's wife, but now she thinks that it is a pressure for her since she couldn't find anyone who like Ji. Chang tells her that she was with Shun because Shun is like Ji. Madam asks her that does it mean she can put this pressure aside since she is with Fen now. Chang tells madam that she is happy with Fen, but something seems to be having problems. Madam explains it to her that it may be because she was bad, was an unmarried woman, and met many things in the past, so her way of thinking would be very complicated; contrary, Fen's way of thinking is kind of simple. Chang says since she has done a lot of wrong things in the past, she has to think about it more clearly. Madam suggests her to not think too much, since the most important thing is happiness and whether she loves Fen. Also, love affair is not mathematics, so let it go naturally.

At home, Chang is packing, and she holds the crystal boat on hand and looks at the passport.

In the police station, Chang appears, and the workers asks her why she's still here. Of course, Fen is there too. Chang says that she decides to stay in Hong Kong. Li jokes that is it because of love or work. Chang wants to say let everything go naturally, but Fen finishes this sentence for her.

One year later, Fen's family is on a trip. Fen has given Chang his house's key, and Chang wakes him up and eat breakfast with him one day. Fen puts out the green onion from his bowl of congee. Chang orders him to eat them because she is his girlfriend. He of course eats them immediately.

At work, Chang partners with Fen. She looks at a crystal dog and wants to go in to buy it, but Fen stops her since they are working. Chang is kind of unhappy with it. Then, a pregnant woman needs to give birth, but the taxi that the woman is in is having problems. Chang and Fen help her to give birth. Finally, they succeed and hold the baby out together.

**Done by Grace