Till When Do Us Part

"Yuen Gah Yee Kit But Yee Guy"


Cast includes:

Tin Mei Shuet - Kenix Kwok
Sing Dat Chong - Lawrence Ng
Amanda Yau - Melissa Ng
Brian - Ho Po Sang
Yuen Jing Heung - Alvina Kong
Shek Tin Au Wai - Emily Kwan
Sing Dat Chi - Yuen Sui Cheung

Tin Mei Shuet (Kenix) owns a fashion store with her aunt (Kwan Po Wai).  Sing Dat Chong (Lawrence) is a lawyer and Brian (Ho Po Sang) is his colleague and friend.  Chi (Yuen Sui Cheung) is Chong's older brother and is a private investigator.  Yuen Jing Heung (Alvina) is his soon-to-be wife.  Ah Heung works at a data match company.  Shui (Liu Kai Chi) is Chi and Chong's uncle and is also private investigator.  

Episode 1

The episode started out showing how Kenix and Lawrence met.  Kenix had just broken up with her boyfriend and Lawrence had broken up with his girlfriend, Amanda (Melissa Ng), who is also a lawyer.  Lawrence was walking home in the rain when he bumped into Kenix.  She was sitting on the stairway crying her eyes out.  That's when they starting going out.   They always went to the movies on their dates.  Lawrence proposed to Kenix at the airport when she was supposed to go somewhere else.  They went out only three months before they got married.  Later, the episode fast forwards to seven months after their marriage and they start to get on each other's nerves.  Apparently, Lawrence had asked Amanda a favor.  He wanted her to help out his wife since her business wasn't doing so well because it didn't have enough famous names.  Amanda went to tell Kenix that her family was willing to place their fashion line at her store.  Suddenly Chi came into the store and blabbed out to Kenix that Amanda was Lawrence's ex-girlfriend.  Kenix and Lawrence's marriage was on the verge of trouble.   Kenix believed Lawrence married her for a substitute (not true) and he was still in love with Amanda.  Amanda was the one who dumped Lawrence.  At the end, Kenix shouted out she wanted a divorce at Chi (Yuen Sui Cheung) and Heung's (Alvina Kong) wedding.

Episode 2

Lawrence and Kenix decided to divorce when they were going home in the car.  Kenix asked Lawrence three questions:  what color did she wear on their first date, when did they first hold hands, and what was the first thing they bought for their new house?   Lawrence answered all three incorrectly.   Kenix believed Lawrence didn't put their relationship as first priority.  Chi and Heung tried to set up Lawrence and Kenix to meet each other.  Kenix waited for her husband when Amanda drove by to clear things up with them.  In the meantime, Lawrence was buying Kenix's favorite pair of diamond earrings.  In Amanda's car, Kenix heard her husband's favorite song playing which by coincidence was Amanda's favorite song, too.  At that moment, Kenix had made a decision to divorce her husband.  Lawrence didn't really want to get a divorce but he couldn't fix his relationship with his wife.   Lawrence couldn't take Kenix's unreasonableness anymore.  Kenix was the one who rushed into the divorce.  Brian (Ho Po Sang) was in charge of Kenix and Lawrence's divorce procedures.  Everybody in the law office found out about Lawrence's divorce.   Lawrence and Kenix tried to sell their house but the realty business was in a bad state.  It would probably take one to one and half years to sell their home. 

Chi and Heung were on their honeymoon at a hotel.  Chi had gotten sick from the rain when he went to buy something at the store.  His mother called him and found out he was sick.  His mother and his uncle went to the hotel to take care of Ah Chi.   They spent the night with the Ah Chi and Ah Heung.  The couple thought they were finally going to have a day for their honeymoon but Ah Chi's mother fainted because she didn't sleep all night.

The episode ended with Lawrence going home to his house and Kenix was sleeping next to him.  Kenix didn't have any place to stay so she had to stay in her own home. 

Episode 3

Lawrence decided to rent their house for $8,000 a month, while Kenix was forced to move out.  Kenix moved back to her parent's house.  Kenix and her father had an argument so she moved out again to her own place - a bad area.  She was determined to make it on her own - without her father or other people's help.    Before Kenix depended on her father for along time.  Also, when she got married she depended on Lawrence.  Kenix's father knew his daughter was going to have trouble so he gave rent money to Kenix.  But Kenix didn't want the money so she it back to her father.  Next, Lawrence's mother went over to his son's house to check him and his wife.  She overheard through an answering machine message that Kenix and his son were separated.  Lawrence's mother brought Kenix to Lawrence's workplace to clear things up but there was no going back on their separation.  Later, Kenix had a bad encounter at her apartment complex which forced her to move back into her and Lawrence's apartment.  They both decide to live together.  As for Amanda, she is dating a married man with children.  Kenix took a pregnancy test to determine if she is pregnant.  The results turn out to be positive.  Kenix's aunt called Lawrence to come home so Kenix could tell him the news.  Amanda drove him home and Kenix saw them together.  She got all mad and didn't tell him about the pregnancy.

Episode 4

Kenix went to the doctor to check about her pregnancy.  Lawrence's mother brought his son's laundry over to his house.  She found out that her daughter-in-law moved back home.  Next, Lawrence's mother overheard an answering machine message from Kenix's aunt mentioning that Kenix was pregnant.  She immediately went to find her son and told him about the pregnancy.  Kenix found out from the doctor that she was not really pregnant.  Lawrence tried to get back with Kenix.  He changed his mind when he found out the real truth.  Kenix got mad at Lawrence for wanting to get back with her because of the pregnancy.  Lawrence's mom was disappointed that Kenix wasn't pregnant.  So Ah Chi (Yuen Sui Cheung) tried to make his mom happy by telling her that his wife will have kids right away. Ah Heung overheard what her husband told to his mother and got mad.  Heung doesn't want to have kids until five years later.   Ah Chi's mother gets annoyed at her daughter-in-law for not starting a family as soon as possible.  

Kenix's aunt met a guy name Peter.  He persuaded Kenix and her aunt to invest in an Italian clothing maker for their boutique.  On the other hand, Lawrence referred a client to Kenix so she could sell her business since Lawrence knew her business will go out of business sooner or later.   Kenix was planning to show Peter's contract with Lawrence to check if it was legitimate.    Instead Kenix got mad at Lawrence for what he did and decided to invest with Peter.  Kenix and her aunt borrowed money from the bank to invest in the fashion line.  At home, Lawrence looked over the contract and noticed there were problems with it.  Kenix had signed the contract.  Apparently, Peter conned Kenix and her aunt of the money.  

Episode 5

Kenix and her aunt went to the police station to give a statement about catching Peter.  It turned out that their were five similar incidents done by Peter.   Kenix was forced to go out of business.  Lawrence tried to lend the money to Kenix to repay the debt to the bank but she refused it.  Kenix went looking for a job but she was unsuccessful at finding one.  Her father paid off her debt.  Kenix was thankful to her father for helping her out again.  Ah Heung recommended a job to Kenix at her company but Kenix's aunt got the job first.  Ah Heung and mother-in-law are having trouble getting along.  Heung's mother-in-law dislikes her because she thinks Heung isn't a good wife.  One day, Lawrence and his colleagues were eating lunch when they saw Kenix eating bread and trying to look for work.  Lawrence felt sorry for his ex-wife so he sets up an interview at his law office and Kenix got the job.  

Episode 6

Kenix's first day at work doesn't go well for her.  She messes up at everything she does.  Kenix and one of her colleagues were supposed to deliver a document to a client when  Kenix saw Peter on the street.  Kenix chased him to the pier.   While Kenix got a hold of Peter, she accidentally pushed her colleague into the water with the documents.  Peter got away.  She caused her colleagues to work overtime to redo the whole document.  The next day Kenix's colleagues did everything for her, leaving her feeling useless.  Lawrence noticed how the other colleagues were treating Kenix.  He gave her files to check which caused her to work overtime.  Later, Kenix found out that Lawrence was trying to help her out.  As for Amanda, she broke up with her married boyfriend.  At work, Kenix found out Brian was a womanizer.  One day Brian's girlfriend, Diane-who is a flight attendant, came by the office to find him.  Kenix felt sorry for Diane after she told her how she and Brian met.  Kenix didn't want Brian to treat his girlfriend that way so she brought Diane to find Brian at a bar.  Kenix wanted to show Diane what a two-timer Brian really was. Diane liked Brian a lot and was willing to accept his philandering ways.  Lawrence forced Kenix to leave the bar.  Lawrence and Kenix got into a fight on the street.  The next day Kenix ignored Lawrence at work. 

Episode 7

Amanda's married ex-boyfriend, Chan Man, tries to get back with her but she doesn't want to.  Lawrence goes to Amanda's house to comfort her.   Meanwhile, Kenix is suppose to wait for a fax that belongs to Lawrence at the office.  Kenix goes to get  coffee in the break room when the cleaning lady locked her in (the old lady is sort of deaf).  Lawrence calls Kenix but she can't get the telephone since its still on her desk.  Lawrence goes back to the office to receive the fax.  He finds Kenix locked in the break room.  Lawrence blames Kenix for always causing him trouble.  They decide to wipe away the bad slate and be good friends.

Chi's mother finds out his son and daughter-in-law want to move out.   Heung wants to move out because she and her mother-in-law are always disagreeing on things.  Chi's mother misinterprets it as the three of them moving into a new home.   When she finds out her son and wife plan to move without her, she gets mad and leaves the house.  Chi's mother goes to live with her other son, Chong (Lawrence) and Kenix.

Kenix, her mother-in- law, and Kenix's parents are having lunch one day when they run into Ping and her daughter.  Ping is battling for custody of her daughter, Hoi Yee, but Ping is very poor and cannot give her daughter a good education.   On the other hand, Hoi Yee's father has a lot of money.  Kenix sympathizes for Ping and Hoi Yee and really wants to help them out.  Kenix persuades Lawrence to take the custody case but he doesn't accept it.  Kenix goes to ask Brian for help but Brian doesn't take case because there is no money coming from it.  Lawrence later changes his mind.   In return, Kenix agrees to cook him a good meal.   Lawrence and his assistant were heading to court when their car was almost hit by Chan Man's car.  Chan Man gets out of his car and finds the other car to be Lawrence's and starts to hit him with a broom.  Lawrence is late for the court hearing.  Ping's chance of winning custody of her daughter has decreased.   Lawrence has to go home to tell Kenix about the bad news.

Episode 8

Lawrence gets fined $500 at the office for the bad publicity of Chan Man.    Lawrence asks Amanda to help him by taking over the custody case.  Kenix wanted to help with the case so she asks Chi and Shui to spy on Ping's ex-husband.    Kenix takes a couple of pictures of Ping's ex-husband with two other women.   Lawrence notices Kenix wasn't home yet and it was pouring outside so he goes downstairs to wait for Kenix.  Kenix goes home and finds Lawrence waiting for her.   Lawrence tells Kenix that the pictures have little significance in the case.   On the day of the hearing, the father got custody of Hoi Yee.  Amanda told the judge to give custody to the father because she believes the father will give the daughter a better life and education.  Kenix was disappointed that Ping didn't get custody of her daughter.  Lawrence and Kenix are starting to bond more after going through this case.  Kenix is angry at Amanda for letting the father have the responsibility of the child.

Next, Chi took some dirty pictures of someone and tried to make money out of it (that's his job - private investigator).  That person hired some men to hit Chi.  Chi's mother moves back to her house to take care of her son.  Heung and her mother-in-law have not made up yet.   

Episode 9

Amanda is transferred to the same law firm where Lawrence works.  Kenix is assigned to be Amanda's assistant.  Amanda goes to see her client's wife to sign the divorce papers.  The wife is unwilling to sign the papers.  Kenix yells at Amanda for being so cold to her client and that she only cares about her work.  Their relationship takes a bad turn for the worse.  Both don't like each other very much.

Chi decides to quit his job as a private investigator because it is getting too dangerous for him.  In the last episode, Chi was beaten because he took dirty pictures of someone.  Shui is a little angry at his nephew for quitting since Chi owns half the business.  At work, Ah Heung was helping a client find a perfect mate when the client tried to seduce her.  Later Ah Heung goes to her uncle and aunt's house for dinner.  Her cousin (Marco Lo of Kindred Spirit) comes back from America.  Ah Heung doesn't like job she has now so her cousin tells her to work at his insurance agent at his company. 

Next, Amanda and Kenix go to talk to a couple about their divorce proceedings and the custody of their little daughter.  The wife doesn't want to keep her daughter and the husband believes the mother should take care of the kid.  So Amanda gets angry at the couple for being such lousy parents.  For once, Kenix thought Amanda does the right thing.  Kenix accidentally drops Amanda's keys down the sewer as they leave.   Amanda is mad at Kenix because she makes her late for a wedding - her mother's wedding.  Amanda's present to her mother is still in the car.   Kenix finds a way to get Amanda's keys up the sewer.  She brings the gift to Amanda.  Amanda doesn't participate in the wedding.  Amanda is mad at her mother for remarrying.  Amanda's parents divorce when she was small.   She asks Kenix to give the present to her mother.  Kenix then follows Amanda around.  They start to share a nice conversation and understand each other.  Amanda and Kenix have become good friends.

Episode 10

At the office, Amanda goes to ask Lawrence out for dinner (it was her birthday).  Lawrence is reluctant to give an answer.  Instead, Kenix arranges for Amanda to have a birthday dinner with everybody at the law office.  At dinner, Amanda tells her colleagues that every year a special person calls her to say "Happy Birthday" to her - it turns out to be Lawrence.  At home Amanda waits for Lawrence's phone call but he doesn't call her that night. 

Next, Brian is at a bar talking to another girl.  His girlfriend, Diane, comes in with another man.  Brian just ignores her and doesn't show any signs of jealousy.  Diane finally decides to leave him because she knows he won't change at all.  Brian didn't know how to value a good relationship.  Diane had treated him the best.

The boss and his wife arranges for everybody at the law firm to go to hotel resort for fun.  Brian also goes along to the hotel.  Brian acted if he didn't care about his breakup with Diane.  At the bar, Kenix sees Brian refusing to talk to another girl.  Brian is in fact very hurt with his breakup.  Kenix was actually glad to see that Brian had feelings of hurt inside.  Later all the colleagues play golf, only Kenix didn't know how to play.  When Lawrence finishes playing golf, he listens to Amanda's mini-disc player.  Amanda records a message telling Lawrence to meet her at the pub (bar) at 5:00.  In the meantime, Kenix is secretly playing golf at the course.  Lawrence happens to see her playing golf.  Kenix keeps hitting the ball in all different directions, so Lawrence decides to teach her how to play.  There both having so much fun together that it doesn't seem like there divorce.  Amanda waits for Lawrence to come but he doesn't come.  Amanda walks to the golf course and finds them both there.  As they the resort, Lawrence's mother calls her son to go to her house  for dinner.  Lawrence and Kenix go home for dinner. 

Amanda's mother is sick with some hereditary disease.  Amanda tries to find her keys to go visit her mother in the hospital.  Lawrence happens to walk by and offers a ride to Amanda.  Amanda's mother's condition is stabilized.  After going to the hospital, Lawrence takes Amanda home.  At home, Kenix finds a MD player which actually belongs to Amanda.  Kenix hears Amanda's conversation asking Lawrence to meet her at the pub.  Kenix calls Lawrence on his cell phone but Amanda picks it up.  Kenix is starting to get a bit jealous.

Episode 11

The episode continues with Kenix getting mad at Lawrence when he comes home.  The next day Kenix decides to move out.  She tells her aunt that she and Lawrence have no chance of getting back together because they have conflicting behaviors.   Kenix tells Lawrence that she has found her own apartment and she will move out at the end of the month.  Earlier, Lawrence had gone shopping for red wine hoping to resolve everything with Kenix.  They were spending so much time together that Lawrence had a feeling they could get make up and not divorce.  Lawrence still has feelings for her. 

In the last few episodes, Kwan Po Wai and Shui secretly talked on the phone, not knowing the real identity of each other.  Shui referred to Kwan Po Wai as May and Kwan Po Wai referred to Shui as Leon.  They became close through the phone since they told each other everything.  One day Shui wanted to meet Kwan Po Wai so they arrange to meet at a restaurant.  They both got dressed up to meet each other.   Kwan Po Wai go to the restaurant earlier.  Shui was about to arrive at the restaurant when Kwan Po Wai saw him through the window but he didn't see her.    So Kwan Po Wai decided to leave the restaurant because she didn't like Shui after she found out who he was.  Shui continued to wait at the restaurant and he even called Kwan Po Wai but she wouldn't answer his calls.  Shui was down on the dumps for two weeks.   Later Kwan Po Wai finds out Shui had planted a hundred roses for her that she decides to call him.  She melts when she heard that Shui was so devoted to her.  They made up and continued to talk on the phone.  Shui still hasn't found out Kwan Po Wai is May.   

Next, Kenix goes to her father's home to get her sewing machine.   Afterwards she goes home and bumps into Lawrence on the street.  Kenix decides to go back to sewing and even takes a class on it.   Her first project was to sew a shirt for Lawrence.  In the meantime, Amanda starts to miss work.  The boss at the law firm gets angry at everybody at the office, especially Amanda.   Later, Lawrence goes to visit Amanda's mother and finds out Amanda inherited her mother's illness (I'm still not sure what the illness is) .  Lawrence tells Amanda that he wants to help her.  At her house, Lawrence waits until Amanda falls asleep before he leaves.  Lawrence had promised Kenix that he would come home earlier to help her pack.  Lawrence accidentally falls asleep at Amanda's house.  He makes it home on time before Kenix is about to leave.  She is so happy to see him.   Kenix sees a lipstick mark on Lawrence's collar and gets a bit jealous.  Kenix leaves and doesn't give him the shirt she sewed.  Lawrence and Kenix didn't have much to talk when they bumped into each other in the elevator at work. 

Episode 12

Chi has not been able to find a job since he quit his job as a private eye.  Heung is forced to make more money by selling insurance to more clients.   Chi goes to pick up his wife at a bar.  Heung and her client are talking about buying insurance.  Chi sees the client touch his wife on the leg.  Chi goes to hit the client.  At home Chi' mother finds out that her daughter-in-law hasn't been doing the household work and cooking and yells at her.  Heung had promised her mother-in-law that she could handle her job and the chores.  Heung yells back at her mother-in-law for always finding things to yell at her.  Then Chi yells at his wife for talking back to his mother.  Chi and Heung get into a big argument and she leaves.  Heung goes to stay at her aunt and uncle's house.  Her cousin (Marco Lo)  encourages her to forgive her husband.  The next day, Chi and Heung make up on the street.  Heung even promised to quit her job.  Chi and Heung are always a loving couple but Chi's mother gets between them.

The colleagues at work make fun of Brian for always attracting girls to him.  One colleague makes a bet with Brian on who will become his next girlfriend (the girl who would walk through the door).  Lawrence walks in first, then Kenix.   Brian bets that within one month Kenix will fall for him.  Brian starts to chase after Kenix to be his new girlfriend.

Later, Lawrence is forced by his boss to take a case dealing with a man, his ex-wife, and their daughter.  The man doesn't want to pay money to his wife and their daughter (who has cancer).  Lawrence decides to pass on the case and even chose to be fired.  Amanda takes the case instead to help Lawrence avoid being fired by their boss, Mr. Ko.  Lawrence misinterprets Amanda's purpose for taking the case.   Later, Lawrence finds out what Amanda really did for him   She even admits that she wants to be his girlfriend again, but Lawrence has no reaction.  At the office, the colleagues talk behind Amanda's back.   Lawrence didn't like what they were doing so he announced to his colleagues that Amanda was  now his girlfriend.  Kenix was a bit jealous.

Episode 13

Lawrence and Amanda are getting along well.  Kenix is a bit jealous of the both of them.  Brian keeps pushing Kenix to be his girlfriend, but she continues to refuse him.  Kenix quits her job at the law office in order to avoid Brian and continue her studies in fashion design. 

Chi borrows money from Lawrence so he could give it to his wife.  He lies to his wife that his new job earns a lot of money.  Actually Chi went back to his old job as a private eye because he didn't have the skills to get another job.   At a restaurant, Chi and Lawrence see Heung and her cousin together.  Chi calls the data match office (the place Heung used to work at) to check about his wife.   Heung actually lied to her husband that she quit her job as an insurance agent and went back to her old job (the data match job).  In fact, she didn't quit her job as an agent because the money was too good to resist.  Heung wanted to earn more money from her job so she and her husband can move into their own place.  Chi starts to spy on his wife because he thinks his wife and her cousin are having some relationship.  Heung and her cousin are just working together.

Next, Lawrence, Amanda, and the colleagues from the office get together for drinks at a bar.  One of the colleagues tells Lawrence and Amanda about his bet with Brian.  They find out that Brian has one month to get together with Kenix.   Lawrence is worried that Brian will treat Kenix the way he treats all his other girlfriends, just playing around.

Episode 14

Lawrence goes to find Brian and hits him on the face.  Lawrence threatens him to stop chasing after Kenix because she is a good person.  After the incident, Brian really thinks hard about the way he treats other women.  Brian gives up his bet to his colleague at the office and decides to chase Kenix seriously.   Brian starts to pick up Kenix after her class every night.  Kenix decides to enter a fashion show drawing contest.  She has trouble drawing some good designs so she goes back to Lawrence's house to draw.   At the house, she remembers the good times she had with Lawrence which helped her in her drawings.  Her fashion design teacher tells her that her drawings are good enough to enter in the contest. 

Later, Heung finds some pictures of her and her cousin in Chi's shirt pocket.  Heung confronts her husband about not trusting her.  Chi yells at wife for having an affair with her cousin.  They get into a big argument and are mad at each other.  Heung moves out and goes to live at her aunt and uncle's house.   Heung's cousin tells her that he has feelings for her.  Heung feels uncomfortable living there so she decides to move back home but Chi doesn't answer her calls.  Heung goes to live at Kenix's house. 

Lawrence has another custody case.  He wins the case in court and comes out feeling happy.  The father gets custody of the child.  The mother can't handle the fact that she no longer has custody of her son so she commits suicide outside the courthouse.  Lawrence witnesses the mother jumping off the building.   He takes the mother's suicide very hard.  The episode ends with Lawrence crying in a phone booth downstairs Kenix's apartment.  He calls Kenix to tell her about his unhappiness.

Episode 15

The episode continues where it left off before.  Lawrence calls Kenix and doesn't say anything to her on the phone.  Kenix guesses the phone call is from Lawrence so she goes downstairs to check if he is outside.  Lawrence tells her why he is unhappy and gives her a hug.  Afterwards, they spent the night together at his house.  The next time, Kenix tells Lawrence that there could be nothing between them again.  Lawrence continues to pursue Kenix hoping to get back with her. 

Later Amanda bring Lawrence to a church and gives him a ring hoping he will put it on her finger one day (she wants him to marry her one day).  Lawrence was planning to go to Kenix's fashion show contest when there was a phone call from the hospital telling him Amanda had fainted.  She was diagnosed with heart disease.   Lawrence felt sorry for Amanda and thought really hard about if he should get back with Kenix or not.  At the end, Lawrence and Kenix signed the divorce papers.

Episode 16

Amanda decides to live with Lawrence so they could spend more time together.  As for Kenix, she plans to go to New York to study fashion design. 

Heung's cousin (Marco Lo) proposes to her but she refuses him.  Jing Heung discovers she is pregnant and wants to make up with her husband.  In the meantime, Chi gets himself drunk at a bar and sleeps with another woman.  Of course, he's afraid to tell his wife what happened.  Later, Chi finds out his wife is pregnant with his child so he finds a way to make up with her.  Chi's mother calls her daughter-in-law to tell her that Chi broke his leg so she rushes home to see him.  They get back together. 

At the end of the episode, Kenix leaves for New York.

Episode 17

Six months later, Lawrence brings home Amanda to meet his mother.   They announce to her that they plan to marry within three months.

The next day Lawrence is going to pick up Amanda with his car when he sees Kenix walking on the street.  He finds out Kenix has returned to Hong Kong.  He keeps staring at Kenix and not paying attention to the road.  He accidentally hits somebody with his car.  The accident causes him to stop his job until after the trial.  Later, Lawrence is fined $10,000 and subject to a bad record at the court hearing.   

Episode 18

Next, the board members at the law firm decide to take away Lawrence's license for six months.   Kenix finds out about him losing his license and goes to find him.  She finds Lawrence playing firecrackers in a park and tries to comfort him.  But then, Lawrence kisses Kenix on the cheek and they both get into a heavy kiss.   In the meantime, Amanda is waiting for Lawrence at home.  She continues to wait for him until she faints.   

Brian waits for Lawrence at his home to tell him that Amanda doesn't have heart disease and she is actually lying about it (Brian accidentally found out from Amanda's doctor).  Lawrence goes home to ask Amanda if she was lying about her illness and she said yes.  In reality, she just found out from her doctor that she really has heart disease and she doesn't tell Lawrence.  Afterwards, Lawrence runs out of the house to find Kenix to tell her that he wants to get back with her. 

Episode 19

The episode starts out with the both of them making up.  Kenix tells him that she regretted rushing into the divorce.  Afterwards, Lawrence goes home and finds Amanda moving out of his apartment.  The next day, Lawrence also discovers Amanda has quit her job at the law firm and plans to go to London. 

Later, Lawrence proposes to Kenix at her shop.  She tells him the proposal is not romantic enough so he promises to propose to her again the next day.   The following day, Chung was getting prepared to meet Kenix when he discovers Amanda has suffered a heart attack on her flight to London.  He rushes to the hospital to find out that Amanda had passed away.   Afterwards, Chung goes to Kenix's house to tell her that Amanda died.  They both take the news of Amanda's death very hard.

Episode 20 (the Finale)

Lawrence had a hard time getting over Amanda death's which caused a huge strain between his relationship with Kenix.  Lawrence couldn't forget about Amanda so Kenix decides to leave him.  The next day, Chi goes over to Lawrence's house to tell him that Kenix is going to New York.  Lawrence heads for the airport but then decides to give each other some space and doesn't continue to stop Kenix from leaving.  She stays in New York for a year.  She eventually came back to HK but refused to take Lawrence back when he finally got over Amanda.  Hence, they were separated for another year till they bumped into each other on a  ferry.  The end!!!


I enjoyed watching this series.  It is funny and delightful to watch at the same time.  Kenix and Lawrence have good chemistry together.  Also, Kenix is really good at the role of dependent daughter and wife.  Kenix plays the part very well. She could be so funny at times.  As for Lawrence, his role in the series seems to be too serious.  I'm not sure if it's because he is a lawyer.  The bad thing is the story seems to be rushed through such as the first part when Kenix and Lawrence met, married, and then divorced.  The ending was clearly a disappointment because the director didn't even show Kenix and Lawrence getting back together. 

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