Untraceable Evidence 2             

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Casts includes:  Flora Chan, Bowie Lam, Lee San San, Lo Man Kit, Margaret Chung, Hawick Lau, Hoi Jun Kit

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After nine months, Dr. Pauline Nip comes back to Hong Kong to attend her sister's wedding (Chan Mei Kei).  Her flight is delayed so she couldn't attend the wedding.  She meets Tsang Sir at work in the police department.  One day, Dr. Nip hurts her leg while she worked with Tsang Sir.  That night, Tsang Sir brought  some medicine to Dr Nip's home to give to her. At that time, Dr. Nip was reading the e-mails that he sent her in those nine months. Dr. Nip said the important thing is finally she came back and they are together.

Dr. Nip started to wonder if Lee San San's new boyfriend is a really good guy.  She is still confused about her relationship with Tsang Sir because (Sui Tong Choi ) Lee San San is still between them..

Dr. Nip finds out that Lee San San still love Tsang Sir, and she starts to act cool around him. Also, Lee San San's father went to find Dr. Nip to ask her to let go of Tsang Sir so his daughter could get back together with him.  Afterwards, Dr. Nip is sad and doesn't know what to do since she doesn't want to hurt Lee San San.

After Lee San San's father talks with Dr. Nip in the last episode, she asks her mom and her sister about what to do. They couldn't come up with any results after their discussion.  Then, Dr. Nip continues treating Tsang Sir in a "cool" manner.
Tsang Sir asks her to go to his home to have dinner with her mother at night, but Dr. Nip refused it and said Tsang Sir was not respecting her by not telling her earlier. Tsang Sir had no idea why Dr. Nip is treating him like this.  Dr. Nip told Tsang Sir that they needed to "cool down."  Finally, Tsang Sir said he would go on vacation and not tell Dr. Nip where he would be going, so Dr. Nip would worry about him.

Lee San San found out that her father talked with Dr. Nip, and she was angry at him for what he did.  Lee San San didn't tell Tsang Sir about it even though she knew why Dr. Nip treated Tsang Sir the way she did.

At the police station, they received a photo of Tsang Sir, and in the photo, Tsang Sir committed suicide. When Dr. Nip
found out, she was really upset about him and even worried.. Then, Tsang Sir came back when they were discussing the case in the police office.  When Dr. Nip knew that he was safe, she treated him the way she was treating him before he left - cold. . However, one part in the drama, it showed Dr. Nip thinking of Tsang Sir and all the good memories they had together.

Tsang Sir became the suspect of a case, and he blamed Dr. Nip for not caring about him in the police office.  Actually, of course, Dr. Nip cared about him, but she just wouldn't let others knew that she cared about him. That night, Tsang Sir felt sorry about blaming Dr. Nip, so he sent an e-mail to her to apologize for what he did and asked Dr. Nip to meet him in the temple the next day. (I guess you guys should remember the "temple" which they went together in part one, and this is the one that Tsang Sir wanted to meet her.)  Finally, Dr. Nip decided to go to the temple, but an accident took place which caused her to be late. Tsang Sir had just left when she arrived.   Someone told Tsang Sir that Dr. Nip did go to the temple, so he went to her home to find her.  He waited for her outside the building, and he saw Mr. Wong (the lawyer, the future husband of Lee San San) driving Dr. Nip home.  Tsang Sir thought that Dr. Nip was dating Mr. Wong. On the other hand, Dr. Nip was caring about Tsang Sir's case, she tried to help and find out the murderer.  However, the murderer attacked her when she found some hints. She had to go the hospital.

Tsang Sir was beside her when she woke up in the hospital.  Later, the police officers  found out who was the murderer.  The
case was over, Tsang Sir and his brother was discussing the case in Dr. Nip's mother home. Tsang Sir wanted to drive Dr. Nip home, but her mother said that she had something to discuss with her and made her spend the night. On the other hand, Mr. Wong wanted to date Dr. Nip, but she refused him immediately and didn't give him even a chance.  She really liked Tsang Sir in her heart.   At the end of this episode, Tsang Sir met Dr. Nip in front of a hospital, and he told Dr. Nip that he had something to talk with her. Then, he brought her to the seaside. This was the place where Tsang Sir saw Dr. Nip leaving at the end of part 1. (The place where he saw the plane flying on the sky).   He told Dr. Nip that he only loves two women in his whole life, one is he ex-wife, and the other is Dr. Nip.  He told her that he waited for her for nine months and he would continue to wait untill she accepts him.

After Tsang Sir told Dr. Nip that he would wait for her, Dr. Nip didn't give him a reply and left. Then, Mr.Yeung Chi Lan (Dr. Nip's assistant) told Dr. Nip how Lee San San views Tsang Sir as her bigger brother.  Dr. Nip goes to the temple. (Still the same temple as last time) to wish for good luck, and she accidentally meets Tsang Sir there.  Dr. Nip and Tsang Sir both knew there fate was to be together so that's why they bump into each other at the temple. Tsang Sir tried to hold Dr. Nip's hand, and she didn't refuse him this time.  Then, they went back to Tsang Sir's home to have dinner with his parents, and it seems that Tsang Sir's mother doesn't like Dr. Nip.  Dr. Nip offered to help Tsang Sir's mother prepare dinner, but of course, his mother asked her to sit down. But then, when his mother went into the kitchen, she blamed Dr. Nip for not helping her.

After the case was over, Dr. Nip, Tsang Sir, and his co-workers went to karaoke to celebrate.  Dr. Nip and Tsang Sir sang a song. Then, Tsang Sir got some wine, and he stayed in Dr. Nip's home for a while. Dr. Nip told him that it's time for him to leave, Tsang Sir didn't want to go, but he finally walked towards the door. Dr. Nip opened the door for him, and like last time, he waited outside the door and Dr. Nip opened the door again and let him in finally. Tsang Sir held Dr. Nip up and brought her to her room. The next morning, Dr. Nip prepared the breakfast for Tsang Sir just like last time in UE1.  But this time, Tsang Sir said he didn't want to leave and wanted to sleep for a little more because he didn't need to work that day. Dr. Nip gave him her home's keys, and this mean they "Live Together" from now on.

Dr. Nip went to Tsang Sir's home to have dinner with his parents, but his mother didn't like Tsang Sir moving out and living in Dr. Nip home.  She complained about everything.

Episode 11- Dr. Nip was involved in a case today.  I guess you guys should remember Mr. Lu, Dr. Nip's ex-boyfriend who was married when he knew Dr. Nip. This case involved Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu's wife. She came back and she wanted to kill Dr. Nip for revenge.  Bowie's brother went to pick up a package for Flora, and when he accidentally spilled a cup of tea over the package, he opened it to see if anything was ruined inside. Just as he opened it, the box exploded due to a bomb. This bomb was intented for Flora from her former boyfriend's wife. Lucky, no one was seriously injured; howeveer, Bowie's brother and Lee san san's father got hurted. Flora was really upset that someone else got hurt for her when she should've been the one who should be injured since the package was intended for her. Bowie tried to comfort her by making a joke saying that imagine if it had been you that got hurt then I don't know whether or not I would still want you. However it didn't help because at times like those nothing would help to make her feel better. And it didn't help make matters better when his pathetic mother insinuated that Flora probably did it on purpose.  Later Flora was almost hit by a car when she was trying to cross the road..   Tsang Sir couldn't find any evidence that all these were done by Mrs. Lu even though they all believed that it was she who came back and revenged. Mrs. Lu got into Dr. Nip's car and made her drive to the park.  She put some petroleum over Dr. Nip's car and tied Dr. Nip in her car.  When she tried to light the fire, Tsang Sir came and saved Dr. Nip.  Although Dr. Nip was saved, but she was still not feeling very good, she thought that it's all her fault for being the third person in Mr. and Mrs. Lu's relationship.  She thought she was responsible for Mr. Lu and his son's death.

Episode 12: Basically not much on them except with the parts of her examining the dead bodies and explaining to him the cause for their deaths. There was this one part where it had Flora and thought you might want to know. She met her assistant, Hawick Lau (On Jai on KS) and he asked her why Bowie wasn't with her so she said that he's not the type that's always sticking around her. So her assistant asked her whether or not they had a agrument. And she replied that it's kind good for a relationship when couples argue once in awhile. He thought she was for real but she laughed and said she was only joking.    

First on Episode 13:they solved the murder case which was a continuation from Episode 11. And afterward, Bowie and Flora went to dinner (so called candle light type of dinner but in my opinion it was more like a regular dine out type) and they toasted. Flora asked what are we toasting this to and Bowie say let's toasted this to a great cop for solving yet another case. Flora replied that he was way over "hot selling" himself. They saw Jun Jun and she walked over to them introduced them to her father (which she does not know he's her father), and Bowie say that after she broke up with his brother, her taste in men changed a great deal. Flora didn't think so and asked him what he meant by that. He said that he's only saying what he was seeing. However, Flora say Jun Jun may only be a kid but she still trusted her judgements. So he said fine let's toast to your trust in her judgement. They toasted and she smiled.

The next scene which have them together was at her house, and Bowie was sick. He sneezed and was whining like a little boy for her attention. So she stoped working on her work and walked over to him. He told her to feel his head and feel how hot his forehead is burning. Flora told him that he doesn't have a fever, and that it was just that he didn't fully recover from his cold. Just as she was about to walk away from him, he stopped her and said that he need her to take care of him and pay attention to him. Flora told him that she can't since she had two reports to hand in tomorrow. She said that "it's better for you to complain about me than to have my superior's complain about me". Next thing you know, Bowie pulled Flora to sit on his lap, and they were kind of fooling around.  It was more like the playful type. Well her niece happened to barge in and spoiled the moment. She apologized and Flora all of a sudden jumped out of his lap, and said she was going to check out what her niece was up to. Jun Jun at this point of the story started going out with another guy (the model) and was really happy. So Flora noticed that she was happy and asked her why, and Jun Jun replied that love can make a person happy. Flora wanted to know who she was going out with but Jun Jun just said that she'll introduced her to him one day. When Flora walked back out to the living room where Bowie was, he was whining again and this time he wanted to drink a cup of hot coke with lemon. So Flora asked him if he wanted her to make it for him and he replied of course. His mother called just as Flora walked into the kitchen and she wanted to know why he sound like he was dead; so he told her that he had a cold and nothing serious. But she on the other hand didn't trust him and blamed Flora for not taking good care of him. Her husband told her not to worry since Flora's a doctor and would know how to take care of him. But no, she kept going on and on about how Flora's was not doing a good job and that Flora technically only knows how to cure dead people.   Next thing you know she goes over to Flora's house and see how her son was doing. Just as he opened the door for her, she was already complaining about how skinny how got. Flora's mother happened to be there and brought over some chicken soup for Bowie. His unreasonable mother said that he had a cold and couldn't drink chicken soup. So of course Flora's mother knew that she can't reason with this woman so she offered to leave first. Bowie felt kind of bad over what just took place. Just about when his parents were about to leave they bumped into Flora. Flora walked over to them and asked them if they were here to see Bowie? The mother said "yeah"; Flora said that she just went to the supermarket and got some fresh tomatoes. She wanted to make so fresh salads for him to help his cold. His mother wanted to know why flora was making salad to begin with. So she told Flora that her son probably missed eating home made dinner so she decided to go and buy the material (grocery) to cook dinner for them that night. Flora smiled and said o.k.. The next scene happened when Flora was cutting oranges for Bowie and his mother walked in and shaked her damn head at Flora behind Flora that is. She questioned Flora about what kind of food do she and Bowie normally eat. She didn't like the fact that Bowie was not having any soup to drink. Flora said that it was impossible since they both get off work late. This woman told Flora that a woman's job should be at home. Flora avoided her by saying that she had to take the oranges to bowie.

Jun Jun finally knew who is her father, but she didn't want to meet him anymore. So, Dr. Nip met Jun Jun's father, Mr. Tin, and told him that Jun Jun didn't want to see him anymore in the future. Then, Mr. Tin asked Dr. Nip to give Jun Jun a watch, but Dr. Nip said Jun Jun wouldn't accept it. When they were pushing the watch, Tsang Sir's Mom and Dad saw them and Mrs. Tsang thought that Dr. Nip had some relationship with Mr. Tin. When Dr. Nip went to Tsang Sir's home for dinner, her mother said something bad about Dr. Nip. Dr. Nip was sitting on her bed and asked Tsang Sir did he have anything to ask her. Tsang Sir said "no" if she didn't have anything to tell her and he trusted her. I like this scene, they really looks so sweet sitting on the bed and chatting.

Next scene with them takes place after Flora had afternoon tea with Wong Ying Kit and discovered that he likes lee san san. When Bowie came home, he walked over to her where she was preparing dinner and told her to kiss him. She kissed him on the cheek, and told him that she had tea with Wong Ying Kit. He didn't understand why because to Bowie, Wong Ying Kit isn't the type to ask someone out for tea during business hours; so she said "love can change a person". He asked whether or not if it was Lee San San?   Flora nodded her head and smiled. Next bowie took a spoon and ate some kind of mix fruit; Flora pulled the spoon away from him and told him not to eat it. She asked whether or not he could arrange something so that Wong Ying Kit and Lee San San could get to know each other better.

Flora and Bowie were playing basketball with Wong Ying Kit and Lee San San. And let's say Flora looked very cute cause her her height compared to the others well seem kind of out of place. Bowie got tired and they stopped playing. Flora said that she was never good in basketball, and she said to Bowie that she thought he would be good in it but instead they got smash. His response was it's not that he wasn't good, it's just that they (as in lee san san and the other guy) played very well together. So Wong Ying Kit said he'll give them a chance to prove themselve at something they're both are good at. Flora suggested tennis but Lee San San said "tennis I'm not good at that". Bowie told Lee San San not to worry that Wong Ying Kit would definitely help her to improve on her skills. Bowie wanted to give these two a chance to be alone so he said that his heart is beating really fast, so Flora suggested for them to leave first. As they were walking away, Flora told Bowie that she didn't expect him to be so build and strong and not have the stimina or energy. Well Bowie claimed that it was not that he didn't have the stimina or energy, it's just that he wanted to create a chance for those two to be alone. Of course she didn't believe him and said to him so now you're not even willing to admit that you don't have the energy. So he smiled said fine let's go play tennis, next swimming and lastly we'll go home and prepare dinner. Flora was smiling at him throughout this entire conversation.

Well the last episode (14) ended when Jun Jun forgave her father, but just a couple of days later, he was murdered along with Do Jee Jun (Jun Jun's uncle or her stepfather). They found Do Jee Jun's body at Jun Jun's father apartment so Jun Jun's mother thinks it was her father who killed her husband. However, later that day, Jun Jun's father body was also found in his car. He was poisoned to death, and Do Jee Jun was shot to death. The murderer even wanted to kill Jun Jun after they found out that she would be the sole heir to her father's wealth. Of course this tells you that this entire plot was due to the fight for money. Jun Jun didn't get hurt but Lee san san did. The case was later resolved and they found the murderer. It turned out to be Jun Jun's biological father's older brother and his mistress. The reason why Do Jee Jun killed along with Jun Jun's father is due to the fact that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time so he got killed eventually. Afterwards, Jun Jun and her mother went away for a vacation.

The focus of course shifts to Bowie and Flora. As I mention before, Lee San San got hurt and ended up in the hospital. So,  Bowie and Flora along with the rest of her co-workers went to visit her at the hospital. This scene was actually quite sweet especially the intimate looks that flora and bowie were exchanging. It was either she was looking at him when he was talking or their faces would touch. You will get a sense that that their relationship moved to a different level when you watch these two episodes. Actually I think these episodes emphasis on the trust and understanding that they have for each other. And you'll know what I'm talking about later on. Well, Flora had to leave and couldn't stay in the hospital too long cause her sister was going away for a vacation and she wanted to see if her sister needed any help. As she was leaving, she bumped into one of her old friend from college in the elevator. His name is Sam and he's the ugly and evil guy from Kindred Spirit (the one who married May May for money and later on ended up killing himself). It turned out Sam had lung cancer and was having financial problems with his business also. So of course, Flora decides to help him by introducing him to Jun Jun's boyfriend, Hoi Jun Kit (the model) who wanted to invest in some form of business. They became partners and business was going well. Flora and Sam learned that they had another friend who had cancer; so they went to see how this friend was doing. After visiting their friend who wasn't doing so great which they didn't show, Sam was kind of depress knowing that one day he'll end up like his friend. Flora tried to comfort him by putting her hands on his shoulder. However, they didn't know that an private investigator was taking pictures of them.

Bowie was home for dinner that night but Flora didn't accompany him since she was with Sam at the hospital visiting their friend. And as you can imagine, Bowie's mom was speaking ill of Flora as always. She told Bowie that he needs to drink more of her soup since flora doesn't make any for him. He tried to lied for Flora by saying that she does, but his mother doesn't believe him of course. Bowie's father tried speaking up for Flora too by stating that Flora is a career woman and that it's understand for her not to have the time to cook. But the mother said that she refuses to believe that a person can't even find time to cook for themselve. Eventually she stops and shift the conversation to marriage and having babies. She advises Bowie that he and Flora need to get marry so that Flora could still give birth at a young age otherwise, she become one of those "go ling chian foo" (someone who has kids at their mid thirties and up). Bowie told her that he'll mention it to Flora. His mother told him to invite Flora and her mother over for dinner since his father's b-day was coming up. The mother was unbelievable, she said that let's hope she'll have the time to entertain you or will she be too busy with her friends. He promised that flora will be here that night regardless what happens.   That night in their bedroom, Flora promised that she and her mom will be there that night and asked what kind of gifts should she buy for his father. He told her that it's not necessary but she said fine if you don't tell me then I'll decide what to get for him myself. He said o.k. why don't you get him a car? She gave him this weird look and continue reading her magazine and all of a sudden, Bowie leans on her shoulder and gave her one of those puppy looks. She of course looked up and turned her face around him to see what he was up to. This is where he brings up the topic of marriage and babies. He said you know couple of years down the road, you'll end up become one of those woman who have kids at a late age and we'll be in our sixties and our kid would be no more than ten years of age. The fun of being parents won't be there. So she said to him "you're not proposing marriage to me are you?" He asked her what did she think of that idea and she just said that she likes the way how things are now and don't see the necessity of getting marry. Bowie say something else and she ended up giving him one of those daggering looks. He realized that he should change the topic and she started smiling. Flora told bowie that he reminded her of someone and he said I know my mom. No, Flora said, you remind me of a "bot poor". Bowie took this chance to play around with her and said "oh, so you're calling my mom a "bot poor" and she thought he was for real and told him that, that was not what she meant. Later he tickles her and said this is my way of getting revenge on you for calling my mom a "bot poor". This scene was so cute because Flora bursted out laughing so hard when he tickled her.

Flora, her mom and Bowie was heading towards his place for dinner and along the way, they bumped into his parents. It started out pretty well, both mothers' were very polite to each other. However, good things never last, May May (I'm not sure what her real name is) who plays the role of sam's wife comes up to flora and pushes her. She claims that Flora is a slute, stealing someone's husband. Flora didn't even know who she is until May May threw pictures of flora and sam together. Flora tried to reason with her but May May wouldn't listen. She even wanted to smack Flora and that's when Bowie stopped her and said "don't think just because you're a woman I won't smack you". Flora's mother told May May to leave otherwise she'll call the cops, but flora opposed to this idea because she didn't want the entire world to know that Sam has cancer and was just lay off from his job (that was before he started his own business). Bowie's mother took Flora's statement of not wanting to call the cops as something else. They went up to the house and that's when she started picking on Flora again by saying how flora is guilty and that's why she opposed to calling the police. Flora's mother by this time was really mad and can't believe this is how Bowie's mother is treating Flora. She told Flora to leave with her. So, they left and he runs after them to apologize to Flora's mother. Flora's mother said to him "you see how unreasonable you're mother is", and he told her that he's sorry for his mother's behavior. She told him it's not about her taking attitudes from his mother that she's worry about, but that it's Flora she's worried about. He promised that he won't let Flora be unhappy ) so Flora looks at him and smiles. He told them he'll take them home first but Flora's mother refuses since it was his father's b-day she wanted him to stay with his father.  When he goes back up to his place, his mother once again speaks ill of Flora. She insinuates that that Flora is being unfaithful to him and how Flora is scanning their her choices.

Later he goes back to Flora's place and he looks at her but doesn't say anything. So Flora ask him why isn't he saying anything, and his response was that he's afraid that she's still mad. She looks at him and tells him that she's not the petty type, and he wants to if her mother was still mad. Flora responded by saying how her mother is not as petty as "someone's" mom. He apologizes and said he'll make it up to her. She said "I didn't do the dishes tonight so you know what to do". It didn't show him doing the dishes, it just show him getting up. As the episodes progress, Sam dies and it turned out that his mistress (Eileen Yeow Ying Ying) and her lover (the private investigator that Sam's wife hired) killed him.

At the end of chapter 16, Wong Ying Kit proposed to Lee San San. So in the beginning of chapter 17 they show Lee San San accepting his proposal. Bowie & Flora are the maid of honor and best man of course. At the bridal shop where they were trying on their gowns, bowie starred at the mirror and said "it's no wonder I'm handsome". He turned to face Flora and told her that she looks beautiful, and she said "thank you" and told him not to move cause she wanted to fix his bow. Lee San San walks out and Bowie started to make these funny sounds "wa..." (the type that a guy would make when they see a beautiful girl) so Flora looks at him. However, he still continues to do it. Flora & Bowie walks over to lee san san to tell her that she looks very beautiful. Bowie made fun of Lee San San telling her that she didn't need to hold on to her future husband hands that tightly; she said to Flora that "Dr. Nip, you need to teach Bowie some manners. So Flora said to Bowie "you hear?" and hits him lightly on his chest.

At the wedding ceremony, Bowie's mother said "it's a pity that Bowie & Lee San San broke up otherwise, I would've been a
mother-in-law today." Her husband told her not to say those kind of things. Everyone gather around for a group picture and of course Bowie was standing next to Flora. They looked so nice together; during the time when they were taking pictures, bowie mumble something to flora but it's not something that I could make out. Flora mumble something back to him. After Lee San San and Wong Ying Kit left for their honeymoon, Flora's sister went to bowie's house to visit his parents. She brought over some gifts but his mother didn't seem too appreciative of them. She even sneered at the gifts and gave flora's sister a dirty look. Flora then mentioned that her mother said that the two families should get together again and have dinner; she ask when is a good time? Bowie answered "next month! It is his father's lunar calendar's birthday. The mother said "next month then."

Flora's sister brought out pictures that she took during her vacation and offered to Bowie's parents. The mother did not even attempt to look at the pictures. The doorbell then rang. It was Lee San San's father. He brought the wedding pictures for them. The mother was so enthusiastic and starting drooling over the pictures. She said "wow! lee san san is really photogenic." Lee san san's father said "look at this picture of you holding her arm, you look like you don't want to let go of her" The mother responded "of course, I think of her as my daughter in law." Bowie did not said anything and just ducked his head.  Flora and her sister just looked at each other.

The next scene showed Flora and her sister walking outside. The sister said "A postcard from Lee San San is more important than the two of us sitting there! no wonder our mother said that lady is unreasonable".  The two of you (Bowie and Flora) went through many obstacles in order to be together and I don't understand why the mother is still being so picky. Doesn't she realized that you are the future daughter in law of the Tsang family? Flora replied "I may be the future daughter in law but I may not be the perfect to them. Her sister then asked "Doesn't every parent want their children to be happy and be with someone that they truly loved? Flora said "Sometimes who you love may not be the best in the eyes' of the parents."

The next case involves the skeleton of Lun's sister found in a construction site. At first there were not evidence as to who the dead person was. They just knew that it was a woman and that she died more than three or more years ago. Later on they were having dinner and discussing the case. Bowie said that he doesn't understand why would someone rebury the bones of someone that has been buried already. Flora said "maybe that person want a change in scenary (fung shui). Bowie told her that she was being very funny but he can't find any humor in that joke. He then said "don't i wish i was in siu tong's place and be on vaction." "Here I am eating instant noodle and siu tong and kit are having escargo (french snail). Flora threw daggers at him and took his chopsticks and bowl away and said "fine don't eat it" He then takes her bowl and said I eat yours. she smiled at him and said "give it back"

Siu Tong went on her honeymoon and came back to HK to find herself pregnant after this trip.  However, sth. happened that is Mr. Wong's ex-wife dead body was found and all the friends of Siu Tong worried about her since they suspect that Mr.Wong was the murderer.  But the most worried couple was Yuen and Yin since they introduced Mr.Wong to Siu Tong.

Later, Wong Ying Kit's brother, Nin, (Liu Kai Chi) suspects that there's something going on between Siu Tong and Bowie because one time he saw Bowie holding on to Lee San San very closely. However, what he didn't know was that lee san san was not feeling well and was about to fall so that's why bowie was holding on to her. Later on, lee san san discovered that she was with a child but didn't have the chance to tell her husband. Just when she was about to tell her husband, her brother in law was already telling her husband of what he suspects about her and bowie. She walks in to the room where her brother in law and her husband was talking and that is when her husband told her that he needed to speak to her. They walk out to the pool yard and he ask lee san san to quit her job. However, she doesn't want to; so he ask her if her unwillingness to quit is due to the fact that she wants to be close to Bowie (Yin)?. Lee San San said that he was being unreasonable. She runs off and trips; she starts bleeding and kit took her to the hospital. Kit learns that his wife was pregnant only after Bowie (Ying) asked the doctor if the baby is o.k.. As you could imagine, Lee San San had a miscarriage. Later on, her husband wanted to know why she didn't tell him about the baby, and she replied that she didn't have a chance. He question her answer and asked her why she had the chance to tell Bowie but not him. Next he said "so I was the stupid one all the way from the beginning; the one you truly love is bowie, and you still have feelings for him." Lee San San didn't know what to say and didn't replied (i thought she still love him too until later on). So her husband walks away angry and left her standing there. At that moment, Yin and Yuen stayed near them and overheard everything. They heard everything that Lee San San and her husband said.  Afterwards,Yin and Yuen returned home.  Yin blamed herself  for falling in love with Yuen and for not leaving him at the beginning.   Otherwise, Yuen could have been with Siu Tong.  Yin thought that she should not stay with Yuen anymore, thus Yuen left Yin's home and went to live with his colleagues temporarily.

As the episodes progress, Wong Ying Kit somehow end up getting hurt and was stuck in the bottom of some hills or mountain. This is when Lee San San realizes that she truly loves her husband, and she wanted to let him know that she loves him but later on the cops found her body in the beach. Bowie of course was really upset and he was crying. When Flora came to the scene of the crime, she saw bowie crying and walked over to him and asked him what happened. He told her that the dead body is Lee San San, and she was in a stage of shock. She walked over to the Lee San San's body and didn't know what to do. Flora wanted to touch Lee San San but her hands were shaking. However, she did managed to pull herself together and told ah lun to check the body temperature. She determined that Siu Tong's died for no more than three hours and stated that based on the apparent evidence, she determines that Lee San San died from drowning. They did an autopsy on Lee San San of course and discover inside her body, it contains some sort of water that didn't seem like sea water. So from this, they know that the first scene of crime was not in the beach.

As the case went on, Bowie found some evidences that link to Kit as being the killer, and that's when Bowie started to suspect that it was Kit who killed Lee San San. However, Bowie didn't know until later on that it was Ah Lun--Flora's assistant  (Hawick Lau Hoi Wai), who framed Kit by placing those evidence there. When Ah Lun confessed that he wanted to frame Kit for killing Lee San San . After Ah Lun's statement, Bowie and Flora had a discussion, and Flora ask Bowie "do you really believe that Kit is the killer? I don't think he's the murderer; how come you are jumping to conclusion so fast when there are other possibilities involve in this case?" Bowie replied "how could Kit not be the killer, Lee San San was killed at her own house. Who do you think could have killed her, Ah Lun? You're just not willing to acknowledge that Kit is the killer so that your conscience could feel better. Don't forget, it was us who pushed Lee San San to the killer's side."  He walks away from her and left her standing there feeling guilty (although she had nothing to feel guilty about). In the burial ceremony, when Bowie came, Flora said she wasn't feeling well and needed to go to the restroom. Her sister realizes that something is wrong between them so she ask them what is going on. He told her that she wouldn't understand, but she replied that she knows it must have something to do with lee san san. Bowie said it's not that we don't have any lead to who the killer is but when we do find end up finding definite evidences, we'll arrest him. So Flora said "Kit is not the killer and you're just being prejudice against him." Flora's sister stop Bowie from talking back to Flora and ask the both of them to work together instead of arguing over who's right and wrong. They just looked at each other, so I guess they decided to work together after all.

Flora went to visit Kit to see how he's doing. Kit seem to have given up on himself , so Flora said to him "when the entire world thinks of you as a murderer, you need to get back up and prove that you're innocent." Kit wanted to know why she would still come and visit him. Flora tells him that she believes in his innocence, and he replied "thank you, I know you and my brother care about me, but I just want some time alone." Kit's brother thanks Flora for coming over to see his brother and ask her why she believes in her brother's innocence? She smiles and replied that "it's probably a woman's intuition." The maid comes out and was scanning through Kit's brother's car to search for something. Kit's brother all of sudden becomes very angry and scolds at her. This is when Flora starts to suspect something's going on with Kit's brother. She looks over at car and discovers that kit's brother had some kind of grass on the wheels of his car, and it happen to be the same kind of grass that she discovered on lee san san's hair. When Bowie came over to her house to discuss the case, she let's bowie know about her discovery. Bowie also begin to suspect kit's brother after having a discussion with the private investigator that was following kit's former wife and and her lover. The private investigator explains to bowie that it was not Kit who hired him to follow his wife but his brother.

After the discussion, Bowie said "it's getting late, I better get going." She said "o.k. and bye" So Bowie sees himself out and just as he was waiting for the elevator, he looks back to her place to check if she'll come out or if she's open the door. However, Flora didn't do so until she heard the elevator coming up, but she was one step too late. Bowie left and Flora was so disappointed. Kit later on found a tape that Lee san san recorded of herself on the day of her death. Just as he was about to watch it, Bowie and Flora rings the door bell. Kit opens the door and ask them to join him in watching the tape. Even before they finish watching what Lee San San had to say, they discover that there was someone else in the house that day, so bowie said "I have to take this tape back to the police station as evidence." However, Kit pleaded him not to take it until he's done watching what Lee San San have to say to him. Flora walks over to them and tries to stop the bickering, but someone from behind grab her by the neck. She screamed out loud, and bowie and kit turned around to see what has happen. It was Kit's brother who was holding Flora hostage and held a knife at her throat. He told bowie to drop the gun or he'll hurt Flora. Bowie drops the gun and tells him not to hurt flora. Kit's brother confesses why he killed his brother's wives. He killed the first wife because she was having an affair with someone, and she wanted to elope with her lover. Lee San San was killed because she overheard him confessing that he killed Kit's first wife. After his confession, he attempts to kill both Bowie and Flora. When he was pointing the gun at bowie, Flora screamed "no". Bowie walks over to Flora, and she holds on to him tightly. Just as Kit's brother was about to shoot the gun at them, both Flora and bowie was ready to hug each other. However, Kit takes the gun and points it at himself.   His brother drops the gun and they tried to save him. Kit was hurt but didn't died.

When Kit wakes up in the hospital, he asked Flora about his brother. Flora tells him that the cops are charging him with murder. Bowie comes in to ask Kit for a statement, so Flora said she's leaving. As she walks out, Bowie turns his head slightly to look at her. She also takes a look at him before she leaves. Later at her mother's house, they were discussing over why Kit's brother killed his brother wives. Flora's sister suggests that since the case is over, everything between her and bowie should be fine. Her mother on the other hand suggests that Flora should this chance to get away and go on a vacation. Flora said she already brought the tickets for a trip in Paris, and she'll be leaving tonight. Her sister said to her, "you're avoiding your problems by leaving a year or so again?" Her family ask her when she'll be back, but she replied that she don't know. Jun Jun wanted to notify Bowie about this but bowie wasn't there. One of his staff took the message and told bowie about it. They told Bowie to go after Flora but Bowie said "there something that exist between us that we can't let go, so what's the point of me going after her." He told his staff to leave for the day and that he'll finish up with the reports for the case. After watching Lee San San's tape, he later discovers that Lee San San truly loves Wong Ying Kit. So he calls flora's sister and tells her not to let Flora get on the plane. He said "I'm coming after her and there's something really important that I have to tell her." Therefore, Flora sister's purposely slows down her speed and miss the exit to the airport. Flora notice that her sister miss the exit and asked her why. Her sister replied, "oh I'm not familiar with the routes around this neighborhood, but it's o.k. the route I'm taking could take us to the airport too but it'll take a bit longer." Bowie finally catches up with her on the bridge and screams out her name. Flora turns side way and sees him. She ask him "don't you think what you're doing right now is pointless". Bowie replied, "at first, I thought so too until I saw lee san san's tape. Will you please listen to what she has to say?" They stop at a bay to watch the tape. In the tape, lee san san said she truly loves her husband although they've been together for such a short time. Later on, they showed Kit the tape and he was in tears afterwards. The episodes finally ends with Flora and Bowie at Lee San San's grave paying their respects. Flora said to Lee San San "you could rest in peace, Kit knows how you feel about him, and the true killer is arrested. We won't forget all that you have done for us." Bowie added "we will treasure our relationship and continue living happily together." After they finish paying their respect, Bowie looks up at the sky while holding on to Fora's hand, and Flora stands behind him and places her head on his shoulder. Finally, they stayed together.

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