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"Mong Sheung Yao Ching Yun"

Kwok Hoi Tung (Sui Po) - Bobby Au-Yeung       Mon (Hay) - Astrid Chan                      Roy - Hung Tin Ming

Jung Wai Hung - Maggie Sui                                Kwok Hoi Nam - Lo Man Kit              Yuen Sui Cheung -Yee Dough Bo

Jung Wai Lan - Margaret Chung                           Helen - Mok Hoi Yan                           Chan Ka Wah- Chan Ka Tai

Choi Yuk - Eileen Yeow                                      Cheung Mei Lei - Chung Wai Yee


Note:  I put the summary by relationships!!!

Bobby (Ah Tung) is a wine dealer at a company.  He has a group of friends, Joe Junior, Chung Wai Yee, and Yuen Sui Cheung that work under him.  Ah Tung's younger brother, Ah Nam (Lo Man Kit), is a college student majoring in computer programming.   Ah Hung (Maggie) works at her grandmother's store selling fruits.  Ah Hung was actually adopted by her grandmother's friend.  Ah Hung's family died when she was young.  Her grandmother took Ah Hung into her home.  Ah Hung was the one who took care of her grandmother, sister, and brother.  Her sister, Ah Lan (Margaret Chung), is an
undergraduate studying journalism.  Ah Hung has a friend named Choi Yuk (Eileen Yeow).

The story started out with Ah Tung's (Bobby) company having a new manager, Mon (Astrid Chan).   Mon was the mistress of  Chan Ka Wah (Chan Ka Tai), her boss at the company.  Tung and Mon hate each other at the office but become buddies over the Internet.   Mon thought Tung and his friends were slack offs at the company.  Their relationship got better when Tung helped her out a couple of times.   Chan Ka Tai's wife, Helen, (Mok Ho Yan) suspected that her husband and Mon were having an affair.  Helen was actually the president of the company.  Chan Ka Tai couldn't divorce his wife because he would lose control of the company.  Chan Ka Tai arranged Tung to pretend that he was Mon's boyfriend.  Tung went along with the relationship.  Mon didn't like what Tung and Chan Ka Tai were doing.  Later, Helen saw Mon and Chan Ka Tai having dinner at a restaurant.  She slapped Mon on the face and told her husband that she wanted a divorce.  Mon eventually broke up with Chan Ka Tai.  Tung admitted to Mon that he liked her.  Mon didn't know what to think of it.  Mon went to France for awhile.  Chan Ka Tai schemed his way into getting his wife to forgive him.  He started to believe that Tung was chasing after Mon.  He had a bad attitude toward Tung.  Chan Ka Tai even got one of Ah Tung's friends to set up Ah Tung so he would lose his job.  Afterwards, Ah Tung sold woks at the shopping mall.

All the while, Bobby encountered Hung (Maggie Siu) when he was a history teacher.   They always tease each other when Hung chased him questions in the class. Maggie eventually had feeling for Bobby as they spent time together.  Bobby let her have a place to stay when she left her own home. Maggie's brother and father found out she was adopted.  The brother and father thought Maggie was going to inherit her grandmother's store, so they were worried.  Instead they wanted to sell the store so they could buy a bar to do business.  As a result, Maggie left her family behind and ran away.  Bobby took Maggie into his home.  He even found a job for her at his company selling wine. Maggie couldn't handle the job because she was not a good salesperson.  She eventually quit the job.  Later, the brother and father got into trouble by loan sharks so Maggie helped them.  The brother and father had to repay debts so Maggie's friend, a guy who sold expensive dried seafood (hoi mei po), sold his store in order help their family.  Actually, the guy had a crush on Maggie.  Maggie and her family later made up.  Bobby and Maggie's relationship began to blossom.  Maggie was there when Bobby had to quit his job at the company.   She was in Bobby's life giving him advice when he needed it.  In the end, Bobby felt that selling woks wasn't a good profession.  Mon came back from France and decided to open her own company.  Bobby and his group of friends went to work at her company, too.  At this time, Maggie and Bobby were going out.  Mon came back to Hong Kong to see if she had a chance to be with Bobby.  Bobby made it clear to Mon that he was with Maggie.  As the company opened for business, Bobby had to acquire the most expensive wine in order for his company to get important clients.  Chan Ka Tai's company also wanted that wine, too.  Yee Dough Bo (Yuen Sui Cheung) wanted to take a look at Chan Ka Tai's proposal for acquiring the wine so he went to Chan Ka Tai's company to get it.  Bobby followed his friend, Yee Dough Bo, to the company.   The cameras recorded what they were doing, so they got into trouble.  Later, Bobby and his coworkers thought up a plan to frame Chan Ka Tai to clear Bobby and Yuen Shu Cheung's innocence. Chan Ka Tai went to jail.  Maggie eventually left Bobby when she mistaken his closeness with Mon.  Maggie came back on Christmas.  They made up.   Bobby and Maggie got married at the end of the show.

Ah Lan and Ah Nam went to the same university.  Ah Lan (Maragaret Chung) had to do a project for school.  The project required Ah Lan to act as someone's granddaughter.   Every weekend she went to take care of her supposedly grandmother.   Eventually, the grandmother knew Ah Lan wasn't her real granddaughter.  Ah Lan and Ah Nam (Lo Man Kit) became friends on the internet.  She bets Nam (Lo Man Kit) would be addicted to her.  One day they decided to meet each other.  Ah Lan lied to Ah Nam and said she was a foreign student from China.  Ah Lan faked that she didn't speak clear Cantonese.  Later, Ah Nam discovered the truth and they broke up.  Ah Lan apologized to Ah Nam but he didn't forgive her as of yet.  Eventually, Ah Nam knew he had feelings for Ah Lan.  But then Roy (Hung Tin Ming) came back from Canada to find his friend, Ah Lan.  Roy had already graduated from college but continued to get his graduate degree in HK.  Roy and Ah Lan were friends as young kids. Roy had feelings for Ah Lan, too.  Roy and Ah Nam were fighting over Ah Lan to be either one's girlfriend.  Ah Lan was mad at Ah Nam for always being immature.  Ah Nam would always tried to compete with Roy on who was better in bicycling and basketball.  Later, Ah Lan used Roy to be her boyfriend so Ah Nam would stop bothering her.  Ah Nam had trouble admitting his feeling to Ah Lan.    Roy knew Ah Lan was using him and that she really liked Ah Nam.  In the end, I wasn't sure if Ah Lan and Ah Nam got together.   I think they stayed good friends.

Yee Dough Bo (Yuen Sui Cheung) and Choi Yuk, also called Man Yuk (Eileen Yeow) met on the internet.  Both of them lied to each other about their status.  Yee Dough Bo mentioned that he came from a rich family and Man Yuk said she was the governor's daughter.  One day, they decided to meet each other.  Yee Dough Bo got Bobby to pretend to be his older brother and Man Yuk got Maggie to pretend to be her sister.  They found out the real truth when they met each other.  Yee Dough Bo and Man Yuk hated each other.  Later, they made up.  Man Yuk unexpectedly moved into Yee Dough Bo's apartment.  She really liked him a lot, so she faked her pregnancy to make Yee Dough Bo marry her.  On the wedding day, Bobby called Maggie to see if Man Yuk was ready to get married.  Maggie didn't hang up the phone correctly so Yee Dough Bo overheard Man Yuk admit she was faking her pregnancy.  Yee Dough Bo was really mad and decided to cancel the wedding.  Yee Dough Bo and Man Yuk broke up.   In the end, Man Yuk found out she was really pregnant.  She didn't tell Yee Dough Bo about it.  I think Maggie was the one who told Yee Dough Bo.  Yee Dough Bo went to beg Man Yuk for forgiveness.  In the end, they got back together and lived happily ever after.

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