Detective Investigation Files IV

"Ying See Ching Chap Dong On IV"

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Cast includes:

Sunny Chan Louis Koo
Charmaine Sheh Jessica Hsuan
Lee San San Maggie Siu
Eileen Yeow Anne Heung


Character Description:

Sunny Chan (Kong Chi San)
-- righteous and always seeking justice; very smart; very organized; cool and calm; has lots of patience; has high tolerance; never give up on things easily
-- he is like the spirit of the police squad; he always uses a hand-held recorder to record all the details of the crimes
-- he works in the same police headquarter as his girlfriend Charmaine Sheh (Lan); Charmaine is an introvert who always needs Sunny's protection; Sunny overlooks the subtle problems in their relationship but later Sunny discovers Charmaine's best friend San San (Tong Sum Yu) secretly likes him; the three becomes tangled in a love triangle

Louis Koo (Tsui Fei)
-- instinctive; impulsive; places tremendous values on relationships; likes to work alone; has great instincts in crime-solving as opposed to Sunny's methodical approach; almost the complete opposite of Sunny
-- had a bright future in the police force but a mistake cost his co-worker his job and Louis feels responsible for that; Louis takes the burden of the mistake upon himself; the mistake has also cast a shadow on Louis' once very successful police career
-- had a good relationship with girlfriend Anne Hueng (Leung Chin Chin) but Anne mysteriously vanished; Louis becomes somewhat unstable and emotion after Anne's disappearance
-- has been transferred to Sunny's squad; Louis and Sunny recognize each other's talents; they work together very well as a team in solving crimes complementing each other's strength and weaknesses

Jessica Hsuan (Mo Siu Kwan)
-- very smart and sensible; pays careful attention to details; very good at reading people; has good instinct about human nature; loves to search for the truth; persistent; never gives up until she reaches her goals
-- was raised by her aunt and she doesn't see her father very often; has a strained relationship with her father
-- a car accident causes Jessica to lose her sight temporarily; she is somehow become involved in a serial murder/rape mystery; Louis is assigned to be her bodyguard; their personalities crash
-- later is transferred to work as a psychiatrist at the police department and Louis becomes her patient; Jessica begins to understand Louis's personality and starts to pursue Louis

Charmaine Sheh (Men Yuen Lan)
-- maternal, sensitive and caring; values her family; a perfectionist; is too hard on herself when she makes mistakes
-- an only child raised by her father; her father loves her greatly
-- met Sunny while they were both studying oversea; fell in love with Sunny; later discovers that her best friend Lee San San (Tong Sum Yu) also has feelings for Sunny
-- her father kills one of Sunny's cops
-- has to make very difficult choices between family, friendship and love

Lee San San (Tong Sum Yu)
-- wild and crazy; idealistic and romantic at heart; tomboyish; very fun-loving
-- comes from a rich family but not spoiled
-- very popular with friends; has many suitors from rich families
-- has been best friend with Charmaine since middle school; always acts as Charmaine's protector
-- later on realizes she has fallen in love with Charmaine's boyfriend Sunny but does not want to be the third person in that relationship so she keeps her feelings for Sunny a secret

Maggie Siu (Kong Chi Ching)
-- draws comic strips; imaginative; has a good sense of humor; sensitive and easily hurts; emotional; has two different personalities; doesn't know how to verbally express herself; sometimes unstable emotionally
-- has a close relationship with her younger brother Sunny
-- has been married for five years and has a respectable relationship with her husband
-- begins to feel bored with her marriage
-- has a five-year old daughter and feels tremendous pressure in raising her daughter
-- after meeting her best friend's husband, she falls in love with him
-- can't control her feelings for her best friend's husband and their extra-marital affair causes many unstoppable conflicts

Edmond So Chi Wai (Hon Kwok Yan)
-- a member of Sunny's squad; doesn't get along with Louis very well
-- stubborn; always running his mouth; always saying the wrong things
-- actually a good person at heart; always trying to help others
-- very passionate about his work but always seems to be getting into trouble
-- accidentally shoots a pedestrian but fortunately Sunny is able to help get him out of trouble; from then on, he respects and admires Sunny greatly
-- falls in love with another cop Eileen Yeow but later discovers that Eileen likes Louis; becomes jealous of Louis; considers Louis his rival

Eileen Yeow (Gigi Siu Chi Nam)
-- youthful and cute; approachable; gets along well with people; smart; knows how to make people happy; sensitive and caring; very good-natured
-- a relative newcomer at the police squad; the only female cop in the squad; has great intuition in solving crimes
-- her beauty attracts many suitors but she is in love with Louis but is too afraid to express her feelings for Louis
-- later she rejects So Chi Wai's love thus causing So Chi Wai to hate Louis


Sunny and So Chi Wai are on a case.  They are after a suspect so they follow the suspect into the supermarket.  The suspect accidentally sees So Chi Wai's gun and he starts shooting at him.  Sunny comes along to shoot the suspect.  By accident, an innocent female shopper has also been shot.  At the hospital, the suspect and the female both end up dying.  The female shopper turns out to be an organ donor.

At the police station, So Chi Wai is troubled by the fact that he might be the one who killed the shopper.  So Chi Wai is a member of Sunny's squad.  Later, he finds out the criminal was the one who shot the female shopper.

Sunny is a high-ranking detective in the precinct.  He announces that a new sergeant (Louis) is going to be transferred to their squad.  So Chi Wai tells his teammates that Louis has a bad reputation in the police force, working from precinct to precinct.  He has never remained long at any station.

Louis' brother-in-law (Kwok Fung) happens to work on Sunny's team.  One day, Louis and Kwok Fung work out at the gym.  Afterwards, Louis is in the shower when he drops his towel.  He sees a man outside the stall and asks him to hand him the towel.  The guy turns out to be a female and it's Jessica.  Louis tells Jessica that she's in the wrong bathroom.  Jessica promptly leaves the bathroom to find her aunt.  She tells her aunt that she guided her to the wrong bathroom.  We learn that Jessica is blind.

Louis shows up at work on the first day.  Louis goes to the bathroom and happens to find So Chi Wai's gun, so he hands it to gun department instead of giving it back to So Chi Wai.  So, So Chi Wai gets into trouble and is bitter towards Louis.

Jessica is able to get a cornea transplant because of the girl (the organ donor) who was shot in the supermarket.  After the surgery, she is able to see objects but not very clearly.

A famous actress is found dead and Sunny's team is called to the scene.  The victim was hit on the head and then all her blood was drained.  Her hair was neatly combed and her hand clutched a necklace with a cross.

Charmaine is introduced as Sunny's longtime girlfriend from college. Sunny is a very caring boyfriend.  Charmaine works in the Records Bureau downstairs of the police station.  On their way to dinner, San San comes along to find Charmaine who is her best friend.  San San brings them to the beach for dinner.  She is rich and very tomboyish.  We find out that San San has a secret crush on Sunny.

One evening, Jessica hears a woman screaming above her apartment.  A female reporter (Celine Ma Tai Lo from KS) has been murdered. Jessica decides to look outside the door and she sees some blurry shadows moving about.  She also recognizes a special soap scent when a shadowy figure brushes by her.  Jessica calls the police but they couldn't do anything about it until the next morning.  She goes to the police station and recognizes Louis' voice and starts talking to him about her neighbor.  Louis is still embarrassed by the incident in the bathroom.  At that moment, Jessica reveals to Louis that her eyes weren't treated yet.  Louis was relieved to know that Jessica didn't see anything.  Louis tells Jessica that he can't doing anything about it because it was the rule.

Jessica leaves the police station and runs into Cheng Chi Sing (her optometrist) outside.  He offers to drive her home.  When Jessica arrives home, there are a whole bunch of policemen outside her apartment complex.  Her neighbor was in fact found dead.  The reporter had similar references to the first victim - blood drained from the body and grasping a cross in her hand.  The only difference was this victim didn't have her hair neatly combed.  So, Jessica is taken back to the police station for questioning.  She tries to remember everything that happened the night before.  Sunny believes that Jessica is likely the next victim so he sends a cop to protect Jessica.

Kwok Fung is assigned to protect Jessica at her house.  Jessica is annoyed with his smoking so she makes him leave before Louis arrives.  Just then, Cheng Chi Sing goes to visit Jessica and invites her to dinner.  Jessica openly agrees to the invitation.  Louis arrives as they're about to leave.  He follows Jessica and Cheng Chi Sing to the restaurant and sits at a different table.  Louis doesn't order anything but a glass of hot water.  He uses the water for the instant noodles that he brought along with him.   Louis receives a page from the police station so he goes to call Sunny.  As Louis turns around, Jessica and Cheng Chi Sing had sneaked out of the restaurant.  Cheng Chi Sing brings Jessica to his office for a check up on her eyes.  As Cheng washes his hand, Jessica recalls the soap smell and believes he's the murderer.   Jessica runs out of the office and later hits him on the head with a stick.  Louis arrives and takes them to the station.  They find out that Cheng Chi Sing couldn't be the murderer because he was on duty at the hospital when the murders occurred.

A third victim, a fat housewife, is found dead at her home.  The victim was knocked unconscious, blood drained from the body, neatly combed hair, and holding a cross.  The team is really confused because there is no apparent link between the three victims.  Sunny works late at the office to look over the evidence and notices a connection:  they all received a letter from the same hospital. 

That same evening, San San is arrested for drunk driving.  Charmaine calls Sunny to help San San since Sunny has much authority in the squad. Sunny refuses to help San San.  Charmaine is upset with Sunny for not helping her friend.  Later, San San tells Charmaine that Sunny was only acting on his principles.  San San explains that Sunny was right not to extend favors and special treatments to his friends.

After going through extensive investigation, they realize that the envelope of the second victim was actually addressed to Jessica.  The address was wrong.  Therefore, the murderer wanted to kill Jessica not the reporter.  Both victims and Jessica had received donated organs from the same dead person (the girl that was killed in the supermarket in the beginning of the episode).  Later, they discover that the murderer was Tse Tin Wah.  He had a crush on the dead organ donor and he had access to the patient's files because he worked at the hospital.

Jessica and Eileen were at the hospital because Jessica was getting her checkup. Tse Tin Wah was going to kill Jessica but then he realized that the girl was Eileen, not Jessica.  Louis arrived in time to help Eileen, but Tse Tin Wah had jumped out the window to flee the police.


Sunny, Louis, and the rest of the team went to search Tse Tin Wah' s house.  They find out that Tse Tin Wah had not returned home in awhile since there were a lot of dust around.  Louis predicts that Tse Tin Wah would probably be at the cemetery visiting the girl's grave.  Louis' prediction was right on the spot.  Sunny and the rest of the team find Tse Tin Wah at the cemetery and arrest him.

At the police station, Tse Tin Wah gives his statement about the killings.  Tse Tin Wah reveals how he met the girl (who was killed) and how he fell in love with her and thought she was the sweetest person alive. When she died, he decided to take revenge for her. First, he went to kill the doctor on duty that night because he felt the doctor didn't do his job. The doctor actually had a heart attack when Tse Tin Wah went to talk to him. Sunny was able to find out details about the first and third victim's murder but he left out the part of Jessica's neighbor. Sunny takes him back to the scene of the crime.  In essence, they were giving Jessica a chance to see if she could recognize him.  Louis is with Jessica inside her apartment and as Sunny leads Tse Tin Wah up the stairs, Louis pushes Jessica to look and see if Tse Tin Wah was the person she saw the day of the murder. Jessica is somewhat scared and refuses to look. She tells Louis to stop harassing her and kicks him out of her apartment.

Tse Tin Wah wants to call his lawyer. However, he really called the security guy that worked in Jessica's complex to tell him to kill Jessica.  We find out that a security guard who worked in Jessica's building, had murdered the reporter, not Tse Tin Wah.  The reporter invited the security guard up to her apartment to fix her doorknob.  When in fact, the security guard thought Celine wanted to have sex with him.  So, Celine refused him which made the security guard very mad.  The security guard raped Celine.  Afterwards, the reporter tried to call the police but the security guard stopped her and killed her.  The security guard noticed a newspaper clipping about the murderer (Tse Tin Wah) on the table so he set up the killing like the style of Tse Tin Wah in order to place the blame on him.  Somehow, Tse Tin Wah was in the reporter's house at that moment and he took pictures of the security guard killing the reporter.  Tse Tin Wah blackmailed the security guard into killing Jessica in return for the pictures.  The security guard couldn't go through with the murder.  In the end, the security guard admitted to the murder and the police arrested him.

Eileen discovers Louis is taking some pills so she tells Sunny about it.  Later that same day, Louis and So Chi Wai are going to court to testify about the case.  Louis happens to be driving when all of a sudden, he mistaken a girl walking on the street as his missing girlfriend, Anne Heung.  He almost hit a light post with his car.  He wasn't injured but So Chi Wai hit his head on the dashboard.  So Chi Wai was very upset with Louis.  Sunny finds out that Louis has been erratic and unstable ever since his girlfriend left him.  Anne mysteriously vanished.  He asks Louis to see a psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist happens to be Jessica... After Jessica's vision returned to normal, she returned to her old job as a police psychologist.

Louis is sent to see a psychiatrist who happens to be Jessica.  Jessica asks Louis why he was so unstable that he got into a car accident. Images of Anne (Louis's girlfriend who has mysteriously disappeared) flashes in Louis' mind.  Anne was a dancer. She seems to be very temperamental. She used to constantly disappear for a while when she's unhappy.  Louis would ask her not to do that again.  He proposed to her and asked her to never leave without a word and that she should share her worries with him from now on.  She promised. But was missing the next day.   Jessica learns that Louis is taking some herbal medicine, not drugs.  Sunny is relieved to learn that Louis is not on drugs.  Later, Louis refuses to go back to the psychiatric sessions.

Louis decides to move in with Anne's brother, Kwok Fung.  Before that, he was still living in his and Anne's apartment.

Jessica received a suicide note from one of her patients. Jessica quickly tries to find the girl who wrote the note. The girl's name is Wing.  When Jessica arrives at the beach, there are police around the premise already.  A body has been discovered.  It is the body of a man, not Wing.  It appears like a suicide, but actually it is a homicide.  This sets the tone for the next murder mystery.

Wing is still alive. She goes to find Jessica at her apartment.  She tells Jessica what happened between her and her boyfriend (the murder victim). The murder victim was actually having an affair with Wing.  The two of them planned to commit suicide by taking a bottle of sleeping pills.  What actually happened was they both fell asleep and someone killed the boyfriend, Dou Chi Ming, by stabbing a knife through his back.  Dou Chi Ming's wife name is Cho York Mui.  Wing begs Jessica to not call the police.  So, Jessica thinks that Wing is too emotional and unstable to be interrogated by the police so Jessica decides not to let Sunny knows Wing's whereabouts... Eventually, Sunny and the squad discover Wing was at the murder scene.  They find her and question her.

So Chi Wai and Eileen go to Dou Chi Ming's house to inform his wife, Melissa Ng, of the death.

This case somehow involves Louis' cousin's husband, Chui Hon Wai.


Louis goes to visit his cousin (Yuen Choi Wan) to ask about her husband.  Louis' cousin tells him that her husband, Chui Hon Wai, used to have a girlfriend/fiancée (a dancer) who was stabbed to death by someone.  Chui Hon Wai wanted to get revenge by finding his fiancée's murderer.  He only knew the murderer's name was Lam Wing Hung.  One day, Louis' cousin followed her husband to a bar to find the murderer (Louis' cousin thought her husband was going to the bar to find other women).  Later, the husband finds out his wife followed him so he had to tell her about his dead fiancée.  Louis' cousin persuades her husband to stop the revenge and he agreed to it.  Later, Chui Hon Wai disappears.

In order to follow the leads, Louis has to go to Taiwan to find a dancer who knew Lam Wing Hung.  He was able to provide some details for Louis. 

Eileen and So Chi Wai follow Cho York Mui (Melissa Ng) around.  They discover that she bought some contraceptives even though her husband, Dou Chi Ming, is dead.  So, they assume Cho York Mui is having an affair with another man.

Wing is sent to visit Jessica at her office.  Jessica hypnotize Wing to remember what happened on the night of the murder.   Wing recalls seeing a car hidden under tree shrubs, with a vague appearance of the license plate number.  Sunny and Louis discover the car belongs to Chui Hon Wai...

Sunny's team believes that Dou Chi Ming is "Lam Wing Hung", the murderer. Eventually, they finally find out that the real "Lam Wing Hung" is Cho York Mui (Melissa Ng).  Cho York Mui got a sex change before going to Hong Kong.  He/she was a dancer living in Taiwan.

Louis' cousin receives a letter from her husband so she calls Louis to tell him about it.  In the letter, Chui Hon Wai, tells how he bumped into Cho York Mui on the street one day.  She runs away but he was able to catch her and then hit her.  Chui Hon Wai couldn't take revenge on her because Cho York Mui had begged for her life. Later, he somehow developed feelings for Cho York Mui.  The letter was unfinished and not signed.  It turns out Cho York Mui was the one who killed Chui Hon Wai's fiancée.

Sunny and his squad go out for drinks at a bar.  At the bar, Louis gets into a fight with So Chi Wai.  So Chi Wai intentionally tells Louis that his girlfriend probably ran away with another man and he should give up looking for her.  Louis couldn't stand his bad mouth and hits him, which leads into a bad fight.

Sunny's captain wants to transfer Louis to another precinct.  Sunny persuades him to give Louis another chance and sends Louis to see Jessica again.  During the counseling section, Louis makes up a very touching story about himself. Jessica believes his story completely.  Louis then reveals that he has made up the whole story.  Next, he criticizes Jessica for believing his story. Louis feels that a competent psychiatrist would see through his made-up story and not fall for it...  Louis tells Jessica she isn't competent enough to be a psychiatrist...

After being tricked by Louis, Jessica angrily writes a bad analysis of Louis' emotional status.  She writes in her report that Louis is too unstable to be a police officer.  Sunny becomes really worry for Louis after reading Jessica's report...

Jessica finally cools down from her anger at Louis and realizes that she was not objective in her report.   She feels that she acted unprofessionally by taking her anger out at Louis on the report.  She asks Sunny to give the report back to her. She rewrites the report stating that Louis is stable.  She apologizes to Louis for her unprofessional behavior.  They are able to resolve their differences.  Louis doesn't have to be transferred to another but Sunny has to keep close eye on him.

Wing goes to find Jessica at her house.  Jessica's aunt was picking up Jessica's father's things when Wing recalls through a flashback of Dou Chi Ming's shoes at the beach.  Wing goes to the police station to take another look at the pictures (the evidence taken at the beach) and notices the shoes are different.  She tricks Sunny, Jessica, and rest of the squad that she wanted to go to the bathroom.  But in fact, Wing sneaked out of the police station to run away.  Louis takes a look at the pictures and notices there is a birth mark on the Dou Chi Ming's arm.  Later, Louis recalls seeing a picture of his cousin and her husband (he noticed a birth mark on his arm) at her home.  We discover Dou Chi Ming is not the one dead but Chui Hon Wai. 

The police get a lead that Cho York Mui is at the train station so they go there to arrest her.  Surprisingly, the person they arrest turns out to be Dou Chi Ming, not Cho York Mui. His wife didn't want to see her husband go to jail and comes back to find him and surrendered herself.  Both try to confess to the crime.  Sunny wants to question York Miu about her involvement.  Sunny uses two knifes (one is the murder weapon) to try to solve this case.  Cho York Mui was the one who murdered Chui Hon Wai.

Cho York Mui confessed that Chui Hon Wai told her husband about her sex change.  Dou Chi Ming couldn't handle the truth so he had an affair with Wing.  Chui Hon Wai was harassing Cho York Mui  because he fell in love with her.  Later, Cho York Mui couldn't handle Chui Hon Wai's harassment so she invited him to her house to kill him.  She gave him sleeping pills and then stabbed him in the back.  Dou Chi Ming came home to discover that his wife had killed Chui Hon Wai.  He helped his wife plot the incident at the beach.


People at the police station find out that Louis is undergoing some counseling treatment. So Chi Wai makes a degrading comment about Louis being unstable and mental. Louis gets really upset. Jessica is able to help Louis by telling his peers that Louis is stable and would not jeopardize the other cops' safety.

Cheng Chi Sing keeps pursuing Jessica because he really likes her.  However, Jessica tells him that they should stay friends...

In a small village, a woman's body (named Ada) has been discovered in her house. Sunny and the team are called to the scene.  They discover that the girl was poisoned by a glass of wine.  At the home, Louis discovers a picture of the dead girl and her boyfriend. The house was locked from the inside so the cops suspect it was the woman's boyfriend who committed the crime... His name is Wen Chi Sum. 

The audience is introduced to San San's mom, who is the CEO of a large firm.  San San is very sad to see her mother so sick.  Her mother tries to comfort San San.  Jessica's aunt (Chan Sau Chu) is her private nurse.  Chung's (Mark) dad is one of the top managers at San San's family company.  Chung (Mark Kwok) is pursuing San San but she doesn't like him.

Kwok Fung and Louis are having lunch when Louis gets an idea behind the murder case.  He goes back to the murder scene (the house) to check out the air conditioner and he discovers some shirt thread in it.  It turns out the murderer took out the air cond. and climbed out of it to leave the murder scene.  So, So Chi Wai and Kwok Fung went to Chi Sum's house and found a shirt with the same thread in his closet.  They arrest him but he eventually escapes capture from the police.  He is injured.

Later, San San's mother died. San San finds a letter from her mom in her study.  San San's mother tells San San that she had falsely accused a man of a crime long time ago.  What happened was --- San San's mother witnessed a murder and saw the murderer's face.  The next day she received a blackmail letter from the murderer.  San San was kidnapped.  In order to rescue her daughter, she did what the murderer wanted.  In court San San' mother accused the innocent man of the murder.  After the court sentencing, the young man couldn't handle the fact that he had to go to jail and ran in front of a car and died. She felt guilty about that all through the years.  She had to lie many years ago to save San San.  During that time, San San's mother hired a private eye to search for the blackmailer/murderer.

On the day of her funeral, Sunny and Charmaine were there also. When San San returned home, Wen Chi Sum held her captive with a knife, surprising her while she was in the study. Chi Sum claimed that he was innocent and somehow, San San believed him and agreed to hide him in the secret room in the study. The reading of the will took place that day. Several people showed up to hear the will: the lawyer, 3 of the top managers who San San called "uncles", Mark (who's the son of one of these uncles), Chan Sau Chu, Charmaine, and Sunny. Her mom left everything to San San and 1% of the company to Chan Sau Chu. While the will was being read, the private detective showed up and San San invited him to wait in the study. A few minutes later, the detective was murdered. San San thought that Chi Sum killed the detective and asked Chan Sau Chu to go in with her to ask. However, the sickly Chi Sum didn't appear to be the murderer. Sunny called his team and a few minutes later, everyone arrived. Even though the cops were already on the scene, another murder took place as the young maid was found dead in Mark's room later that night. There's a trail of blood leading to Chi Sum in the study and the cops capture him. Meanwhile, Chan Sau Chu is missing.

At the police station, Charmaine finds an old newspaper on the internet about the man San San's mom accused of murder. In the picture, it shows his sister holding him as he's about to die. His sister is Lin Heung (Jessica's aunt; Chan Sau Chu). Because she's missing, Sunny's team thinks that she may have something to do with the murders. San San's dog finds Chan Sau Chu tied up and blindfolded in the backyard. They take her back to the police station and she tells about her brother's story. Initially, Chan Sau Chu disliked San San's mom for accusing her brother of murder but after taking care of her for a few years as her nurse, she discovered that San San's mom was very nice and even after all these years, she felt guilty about what she did. Therefore, she had already forgiven her. Sunny released Chan Sau Chu because they believed her story. San San apologizes to Chan Sau Chu for her mom and Chan accepts the apology. The two remain good friends. San San insists that Chan keep the money that her mom gave her.
San San's driver knew the dead girl, Ada.  We find out that the driver was the one who killed Ada.  Ada was using the driver to get money.

The cops suspect Chi Sum is the murderer at the house.  But Louis believes the guilty person is someone else.  Sunny discovers a patch of brand-new carpet and is able to solve the mystery...

EPISODE 9 & 10

The police get a lead that a lawyer of San San's family and his son were behind the murders at the house.  Sunny and the squad arrest the two of them.  A flashback shows that the lawyer's son killed a girl--a prostitute--by accident a long time ago.  San San's mother witnessed the murder.  The girl came on to him but he refused her. The son pushed the girl into a wood board with a nail in it.  The girl died.  It turns out the man was scarred as a little child.  His father had accidentally poured hot water on his private part so he was emotionally unstable ever since, especially if a woman came on to him.  The son went home to tell his father about the dead girl.  In order to protect his son, the lawyer blackmailed San San's mother by kidnapping her daughter so she wouldn't mentioned anything about the murder.  After Chan Sau Chu's brother took the blame for the murder, the son went off to England for schooling.  

Before San San's mom died, she found a memo with character strokes that were similar to the person who wrote the letters threatening her years ago. Therefore, she hired a private detective to investigate who wrote the memos. The private detective was to show up in a few days. The lawyer's son came back to Hong Kong.  The lawyer found out San San's mother continued to investigate the blackmailer.  The son killed the private eye because the private eye had evidence to his father blackmailing San San's mother.  Also, the son killed the servant because she came on to him.

Charmaine has been neglecting Sunny because she is busy caring for her father.  San San secretly likes Sunny and she sees that Charmaine has been neglecting Sunny...

San San holds a party on her yacht to thank everyone for their support during her family crisis.  Chi Sum is asked to help with the party.  Chi Sum finds out that San San is secretly in love with Sunny...

Charmaine doesn't get along with her supervisor Sophia.  Sophia is always picking on Charmaine.  One day Sophia receives a letter threatening her, and she accuses Charmaine as the one who wrote the letter.  Charmaine holds her ground and defends herself fiercely.  Sunny is surprised at how assertive Charmaine could be and he begins to see his girlfriend in a different light... The next day Sunny and Charmaine go to work at the police station. Sunny dropped off Charmaine first so he could find a parking space.  Charmaine happened to to walk by her supervisor's car and noticed a a policewoman--Ah Lean--running away from it.  Just then, Sophia came out to her car and noticed her car was scratched so she assumed Charmaine did it.  Sophia accuses Charmaine again.  Later, Charmaine sees the same policewoman go into  Sophia's room and putting some stuff into her cup.  Charmaine stops her, but the woman runs away.  The policewoman runs up to the roof and Charmaine follows her.  Sunny and Sophia also follow them up to the roof.  Charmaine, Sunny, and Sophia find out the real truth----Ah Lean was behind the dirty deeds.  It turns out Sophia had put a bad mark on the policewoman's record.  Sophia was mad at the policewoman for doing the bad stuff and threatened to put another bad mark on her record.  Ah Lean decides to jump off the building but Sunny saves her in time. 

Sunny knows that there is something in Charmaine's childhood that is haunting her. He tries to get Charmaine to talk about it but she refuses. Later, San San tells Sunny that Charmaine blames herself for her mother's suicide. When Charmaine was little, she accidentally witnessed her mother and another man together. Her mother committed suicide, and Charmaine thinks she somehow pushed her mother to commit suicide...

EPISODE 11 & 12

Leung Chi Lam and his wife Lin Ying Suet are found murdered in their home.  Suet and Leung left behind two children, Chong Yin (Cherie Chan Hoi Lan) and Chong Liu.  Liu was found in a closet, frightened to death.  He witnessed the murder of his parents.  We learn the boy is mute.

The likely suspect is Suet's lover Kin Hung (Kwok Fung, Louis' brother-in-law). Suet was having an affair with Kin Hung. Louis somehow discovers his brother-in-law was involved with the dead woman, so he persuades him to go to the police.  Hung tried to avoid telling the police because of his involvement with Suet.  But Sunny and So Chi Wai finds out Hung was involved and brings him in for questioning.  Hung becomes a suspect of the case.  Later, Hung had an alibi--someone saw him at the movies at the time of the murder--to make him not a suspect.

The police ask Jessica to talk to Liu. Jessica is unable to get Liu to tell what happened... Louis is upset at Jessica because she can't through to Liu and she made the boy more frightened. Louis secretly takes Chong Yin and Liu back to Louis' home...

Louis suggests Jessica take a different approach in counseling Liu. Jessica accepts Louis's suggestion and even asks Louis to join in her session with Liu. Jessica used a set of playing cards to get a lead from Liu. 

Chong Yin has a boyfriend Man Sing. Leung disapproved of his daughter Chong Yin dating Man Sing. Man Sing becomes a suspect...

Leung was Chong Yin's stepfather. It is later revealed that Chong Yin had been sexually molested by Leung.  Chong Yin's mother Suet didn't do anything about that, and Chong Yin was very angry at her mother and stepfather...

The children's mother was planning to run away from her family because she couldn't handle the fact that her husband was molesting her daughter.  At the last minute, she changed her mind and returned home.  Suet couldn't leave her children behind.

Jessica hypnotizes Liu so he could remember what happened the day of the crime... On the day of the murders, Leung came home from work and wanted to molest Chong Yin again.   Liu came into the room and hit his stepfather with a vase.  Then, Chong Yin stabbed her stepfather with a knife. Chong Yin and Liu ran away from home. Chong Yin lost her little brother while running away. Man Sing came to help Chong Yin looked for Liu... Man Sing goes to Chong Yin's house and discovered Chong Yin's mother hiding some valuable items in a hole in the backyard.  He stole the valuable items.  After much twists and turns, the police suspect Liu as the murderer.  In order to protect her brother from going to jail, Chong Yin tells the police that she killed both her parents.  Just then, she grabbed a knife and wanted to kill herself.  Her brother talks for the first time--he tells his sister don't kill herself like what his mother (Suet) did--commit suicide.

We find out that after Chong Yin and Liu were separated, Liu went back home and hid in a closet.  His mother came home and noticed her husband bleeding to death.  Suet hated her husband so much for molesting her daughter that she stabbed him 5 times.   Afterwards, she wiped the knife and messed up the house and then committed suicide.   The mom left money in the backyard for her children. 
The case involving Chong Yin and Chong Liu is solved...

So Chi Wai has a crush on his co-worker, Eileen Yeow.  He is very attentive toward her.  He even asks Eileen out to dinner but Eileen invited the whole group instead. So Chi Wai is quite disappointed by that...

Sunny is really worried about Charmaine.  He asks Charmaine to go see Jessica hoping that Jessica's counseling with help Charmaine.  Charmaine really doesn't want to go but she decides to go see Jessica so that Sunny will not worry about her as much...

Jessica observes that Charmaine is really troubled and acts very nervous about something in her past... Jessica tells Sunny to not pressure Charmaine so much about talking about Charmaine's childhood trauma...

San San has written a book which has become quite popular. The book is autobiographical in the sense that the main female character has a secret crush on her best friend's boyfriend. Sunny is clueless that San San has written about him in her best-selling book...

EPISODE 13 & 14

A woman name Shuen Pik Ling is found dead.  This woman is the wife of one of San San's "uncles". Sunny and his team are called to the scene.  They find sperm in her body and think that she was raped and killed. There aren't very many leads to the case besides the fact the male had B type blood. When Sunny goes to tell the woman's husband, he sees Mark eavesdropping on their conversation. They find out that the woman had a lover. However, he has an alibi.

San San publishes her novel which is very successful. She has also taken over the family business which includes a restaurant.

San San's "uncle", the dead woman's husband, (one of her mom's friend's from a previous case) is found poisoned in his home a week later. His niece, Wen Chau Yue (Joyce Tang), found the body.  She appears very calm after the murder and because of this, Louis suspects her but Sunny disagrees. Louis and Kwok Fung are sent to follow her. Joyce is upset to see cops following her. The cops find out that Joyce and her uncle had a poor relationship. Her parents died when she was very young and left a lot of money for her. However, as the guardian, her uncle lost all of her money. Later her uncle sent her to the United States for schooling.  She studied accounting.

Charmaine is beginning to neglect Sunny and is catering to her father's every whim. She's spending more time with her dad.

Louis offers Jessica a ride home from the police station. In the car, they see Joyce coming out. He tells her that she's a suspect who is very emotionless after her uncle's death. Jessica sees Sunny and Charmaine walking out also. She says that even people who have been dating for many years hold secrets away from their closest people (referring to Charmaine).

So Chi Wai returns from vacation from Thailand and he looks very disarrayed.  When he sees Joyce's picture in the case file, he seems very interested and said he would take over following her. So Chi Wai appears to have different feelings for Joyce. While following her, he finds that she has a good friend named, Tina. Tina wanted to purchase one of the paintings in a restaurant because her dad was the artist of the painting. However, the waiter wouldn't sell the painting. The next day, So Chi Wai sees Joyce switch the painting in the restaurant and give Tina the painting as a gift. He is very touched by Joyce's kindness toward Tina.  While he was following Joyce, So Chi Wai comes across Mark out on a date with Joyce. Mark is later interrogated by So Chi Wai and he reveals that Joyce is one of his girlfriends.

Joyce sees So Chi Wai following her and she displays a different type of emotion. Louis notices their eye contact and does some searching. Louis finds out that Edmund knew Joyce before the case began. They were seen leaving a bar together. Louis takes So Chi Wai's cigarette butt to match his DNA with the one left on the rape-murder victim.

So Chi Wai feels very attached to Joyce. He has no one to talk to so he goes to find Jessica. Jessica promises that everything Edmund tells her will be confidential and as a friend, she would never reveal what he didn't want her to tell. Edmund tells the story of his one-night-stand with Joyce.

Sunny and the team still strongly suspect Joyce was the murderer, but they don't have any evidence to arrest her.  Kwok Fung figured out that Joyce was at her uncle's house for an extra half hour before she called the police about the death. They wanted to know what she was doing at the time, but she told them she couldn't find her keys.

So Chi Wai's DNA results come back and it matches the murder victim's. They arrest So Chi Wai but still wouldn't tell the police about his affair with Joyce in order to protect her. They find out that So Chi Wai talked to Jessica and Louis tries to get her to tell them. Jessica refuses to tell Louis about her conversation with So Chi Wai because she doesn't want to violate the psychologist-patient privilege. Louis is very impressed with Jessica's professionalism. Jessica tells Louis that their whole team has communication barriers. She urges him to care more about So Chi Wai. Jessica is confused as to whether she made the right decision. She goes to talk to Cheng Chi Sing. He tells her that he likes her and they are about to kiss. However, his goldfish jumped out of the bowl and they had to put the fishes back in (he was washing the tank and left the goldfish in a small bowl).

Sunny's supervisor tells him that So Chi Wai cannot be the murderer because he saw So Chi Wai the day the murder took place. Therefore, So Chi Wai was released. He is sent into the room to question Joyce. She only talks about her relationship with Mark. Like Mark, Joyce has also known San San since they were kids. Her uncle had forced her to change the financial figures in San San's company because she was an accountant. At the time when she felt most lonely, Mark was there and he remembered her dream to be a violinist. He made her feel like a kid again and for this she was grateful and she began to love him.

So Chi Wai went to search Joyce's apartment. In the mailbox downstairs, he found a stub from the HK police telling her that her speeding ticket was overdue…this speeding ticket proved that she was near the site of the murder when her aunt was killed. Joyce admitted to the crime. However, she begged So Chi Wai to let her speak to Mark one last time.

Joyce admitted to the murders. She killed her aunt and uncle because they wouldn't lend her money to help Mark. Her uncle had wanted to place the blame for the accounting books at San San's company on Mark and his father. In order to help him, she needed some money to cover up the financial records. However, they wouldn't lend her the money. Because she loved Mark, she plotted to kill her aunt and uncle so that she could inherit the money. Joyce was the murderer of the case.

Louis offered to drive Jessica home. In the car, Louis apologized to Jessica for pressuring her to reveal her conversation with So Chi Wai. She accepted his apology. She stole a glance at him. Then he stole a glance at her (this is the first time he's looked at her in this way, whereas Jessica was always stealing glances at him. It's an indication that they are beginning to like each other). She told him that she wanted to go to Cheng Chi Sing's clinic. Louis jerked the car to a stop in front of the office, startling Jessica. Cheng Chi Sing walked down and saw Jessica. They started holding hands and Louis seems kind of jealous.

EPISODE 15 & 16

Sunny and Charmaine are drifting further apart. She places her father above everything. Sunny decides to talk to her father but he gets upset the minute he sees Sunny. He accidentally falls and accuses Sunny of pushing him, just as Charmaine arrives. Later, her dad gets into a fight with a partner and ends up in the hospital. He tells Sunny that Charmaine wants to break up with him. Outside the hospital, Charmaine asks Sunny to give her some time. Sunny tells her that the problem is not her dad…it's her. Sunny feels that Charmaine is old enough to face relationships in a more responsible manner and shouldn't be influenced by her dad quite so easily. She tells him that she has to take her dad to a rehabilitation center for alcoholics. He walks away…

Sunny goes to San San's restaurant to find her. The workers there were organizing a picnic that night to watch the shooting stars which come out once every hundred years. Wen Chi Sum decides to help San San out by telling her and Sunny to go first and that they'd arrive after they cleaned up the restaurant. Chi Sum later calls San San to tell her that they won't be going. Its cold that night and Sunny offers San San his jacket. They see the shooting stars and make a wish. Sunny catches a cold that night and San San goes to take care of him the next day. He grabs her arm by mistake and thinks its Charmaine, and calls out her name. San San is very unhappy.

The next day at the police station, Sunny thanks Charmaine for taking care of him. She's very confused. Later, Sunny recalls that it was San San. He thanks her. Charmaine tells Sunny that she can't make it to San San's ball that night. Sunny decides to go alone. He sees San San outside her house. She tells him that she loves to dance. He invited her for a dance and she told him that she wanted to dance in the empty pool. At the end of the dance, they looked at each other for a long time.

San San's house is burglarized. Sunny finds San San's diary when he is trying to pick up her things.  Inside the diary, she revealed her true feelings for him. San San wrote how she felt like a clown--someone who always seems happy on the outside but with pain that no one could see on the inside. Sunny felt bad. He thought about all the times he had been hugging and holding hands with Charmaine while San San was there and felt really guilty. That night, he went all around town looking for the clown doll that San San mentioned. He finally found it and bought it for her.

San San invited him to dinner at her restaurant. She cooked him dinner and burned herself. Sunny was beginning to see how much San San cared for him.

San San called him the next day and told him that she moved into an apartment down the street from him. They had pizza at his place and she saw the clown. She realized that he read her diary. Sunny gave her the clown as a gift. They were about to kiss when Charmaine called him and told him that she was going to his apartment to talk things out with him. Therefore, San San left.

Charmaine told Sunny that she finally got her dad to approve of their relationship. Sunny was upset that she couldn't be more mature about their relationship. She told him her true feelings---that she felt like she was nothing compared to him, that she wanted to be like San San (carefree, daring and intelligent). Charmaine felt that the only thing she had that San San didn't was a good boyfriend. Sunny was very touched by her words and decided to stay with her.

Meanwhile San San is in her apartment hugging the clown that Sunny gave her.

EPISODE 17 & 18

Another case gets started.  A husband and wife report their mother missing. The old lady (Law Lan) won a house and went to claim her prize but was missing afterwards. 

In his car, Louis notices Cheng Chi Sing and a woman hugging across the street. Cheng Chi Sing sees that Louis is watching him. Louis drives away.  Later, Louis goes to the gym to work out and runs into Jessica. He wants to tell Jessica about Cheng Chi Sing and the woman but he couldn't get around to telling her. Cheng Chi Sing is at the gym too.  Louis leaves without telling Jessica. Jessica is confused as to what Louis wants to tell her. Cheng Chi Sing tells Jessica that he won a house so they both go to the company to claim the prize. Jessica and Cheng Chi Sing are tricked into drinking a cup of coffee. They both pass out.

Louis is driving in his car. He receives a mysterious call from a man telling him that he knows the whereabouts of his missing girlfriend, Chin Chin (Anne). Louis rushes to the pier to meet the man on a boat. The man points a gun at Louis and tricks him into drinking a cup of coffee with sleeping medicine. Louis faints. Louis dreams of running after Anne. He awakens in bed with a startle and grabs the hand next to him. It turns out to be Jessica. She's been drugged also. Louis wakes Jessica up and they find that they've lost their cell phones. Louis' gun is also missing. They take a look outside and find out that the street that they're on is fake. The entire street and buildings on the street were reconstructed (kind of like a movie set). They also find Cheng Chi Sing, the girl on the street, and five other people locked in the warehouse too. All of these people were witnesses to a murder that took place 2 years ago.

All of these people were notified in the mail that they won a house. When they went to the real estate company, they were all drugged and brought here. The 7 witnesses are as follows: Cheng Chi Sing, his ex-girlfriend/nurse, an old lady, a bar owner (Mary Hon) and her friend, a reporter, and a student (Simon Lo).

Their captor, Hung Chi Pang, finally appears. He's the father of the guy who was accused of murder 2 years ago. His son died in jail of cancer and on his deathbed stated that he did not commit the murder. Therefore, his father wanted to find out why the 7 witnesses gave false testimonies in court and find out who the real killer was. He captured Louis because he needed an intelligent cop to oversee the entire reenactment of the murder. Everyone tried to leave but realized that they were on a deserted island with no means of contacting anyone. Only Hung Chi Pang had access to his cell phone which was password protected.

Their captor agrees that as long as everyone tells the truth of what happened 2 years ago, he will release them. The reenactment begins. They start with the bar owner and her friend. They said that the victim (a wealthy man) came into the bar that night for a drink. The captor's son got into an argument with the rich man, Chin Yit On, and later ran out of the bar with a knife.

Next, Cheng Chi Sing and his ex-girlfriend testify. Cheng said that the night of the murder, he parked his car near the bar because he had a flat tire and was out changing the tire. The captor told him to act out the scene again where he changes the tire and they realize that Cheng can't even change a tire, which means that he lied 2 years ago.   Apparently, Cheng and his girlfriend were in the car kissing. She was going to get married the next day but she still liked Cheng. However, Cheng didn't like her that much. Therefore, to ensure that she got married, they didn't say they were kissing in the car and instead claimed that he was changing the tire. Therefore, from their view in the car, they could not see the face of the murderer. They could only see that it was a male. Jessica was very annoyed at Cheng for having lied to her. Apparently, he was still seeing this ex of his. Jessica slaps him and leaves. Louis tries to run after Jessica but the captor stops him.

The next witness, Simon Lo, is interrogated. On the day of the murder, he was upstairs in his apartment and when he looked out the window, he had a clear view of the body. He claimed to have seen the captor's son murder someone. However, he too had lied. He had actually been watching tv that night and when he walked over to the window during the commercial break, he saw the captor's son stealing the dead guy's wallet, and not killing the guy. However, he lied in court because he thought what he believed was true.

Cheng has been missing all night. Louis insists that they find him before the next witness talks.
Louis finds Sing's body washed ashore on the island. Sing was attacked by a hard object and was hit on the head. Cheng's ex-girlfriend accuses Jessica for murdering Sing. Later, she is also murdered. Jessica was the first to discover the body. Everyone points a finger at her and pressured by the group, Louis is forced to handcuff her.

EPISODE 19 & 20

The old lady (Law Lan) is interrogated. She tells them that the murderer (the captor's son) came into her fruit stand and stole her money and 2 big apples. However, her words were also lies. She hadn't been robbed but she said she was robbed because she wanted to keep the money for herself instead of giving it to her daughter-in-law. The captor's son never robbed her. He merely bought 2 apples from her.

The last witness, a reporter, gives his testimony. Two years ago, he had taken a picture of the captor's son holding a knife above the dead body. Therefore, this was one of the key pieces of evidence. However, Louis and the captor are able to strike his testimony down. The reporter had actually taken a picture of the guy pulling the knife out and not stabbing downward. Therefore, he may not have committed the murder. At this point, the Hung Chi Pang faints. He has cancer and is close to dying. He got very angry because all of these lies added together caused his son to be convicted of murder.

Louis and Jessica bring Hung Chi Pang to a room to rest. They both know who the murderer is. Jessica decides to use herself as bait to catch the murderer. She tells the bar owner that she may recognize the person who killed Cheng's ex-girlfriend because she saw his back. That night, Jessica sleeps in the bar and the murderer comes out to kill her.  It's the old guy who was in the bar drinking- the bar owner's friend. Louis tries to capture him but he holds Jessica hostage. Louis is very concerned about Jessica. He tries to calm the old man by telling him that the radio in one of the stores can be used to transmit a Morse code message, signaling nearby boats for help. In the end, offers to be the hostage instead. He handcuffs himself and the old man releases Jessica. Jessica is amazed that Louis would risk his life to save her. Soon Sunny and his team arrive because he heard of the Morse code message. Jessica tries to talk the man into putting the knife down. Sunny calls the old man's grandson and Jessica hands him the phone. The old man releases Louis and
is captured by the police.

The old man tells his story of why he killed the rich guy. The old man's daughter had a one-night stand with the rich man, Chin Yit On, and she bore him a son. On the day she died in a car accident, she asked her father to go and find the rich guy so that he could provide for the son. However, in the bar, the rich guy claims he doesn't remember her and he throws money at the old man. The rich guy left the bar and headed for the alley to piss. The old man followed him and stabbed him with the captor's son's knife, then he went to hide. The captor's son (Hung Tin Ming) came along and noticed the dead body. He took the dead man money. The old man went back to the bar and begged the owner for help and she helped him lie in court because she felt bad for him. The captor's son was falsely accused for the murder and was sentenced to twenty years of prison time.

Charmaine and Sunny decide to get married. However, you can tell that Sunny isn't very happy. Charmaine's father suggested the wedding. When Louis congratulates Sunny on his upcoming wedding, Sunny doesn't appear to be thrilled and Louis points out that he doesn't have the attitude of a happy groom. Sunny tells him that he's had a lot of time to prepare for the wedding mentally. Sunny is actually troubled about his feelings for San San. He always looks at her book.

Charmaine asks San San to be her bridesmaid but San San refuses her.

Jessica admits her feelings to Louis but he couldn't accept her love yet. Jessica confronts Louis and tells him that he is living in his memories of Anne and not moving forward...

Sunny's older sister Maggie Siu returns to HK with her family. Maggie has images of a twin sister in her mind. Her childhood memories of a twin sister keeps haunting her. But everyone tell her she is imagining things. Maggie is a cartoon writer (writes comic strips). Her comic strip is "Sisters." During the book-signing promotion of her comic strip, Maggie all of a sudden runs out of the room. She seems very emotional. When she returns home, her behavior is bit strange. Her husband becomes so mad that he storms out of the house.

In Maggie's neighborhood, a man is found murdered. Someone claims to have witnessed Maggie committing the crime...

EPISODE 21 & 22

Sunny and Eileen go to question Maggie at her home.  By chance, Sunny asks his sister to sign an autograph of for Eileen.  Eileen gets a white piece of paper on Maggie's desk and notices a knife under it.  They bring Maggie to the police station to question her whereabouts the day of the murder. Maggie tells the police that she has an alibi witness.  She ran into Joe Ma Tuk Chung on the street that afternoon and they accidentally switched their cell phones.  Joe Ma calls Maggie to return each others cell phone at a restaurant.   Maggie and Joe were at the restaurant at the time of the murder so she is cleared of the crime.  Sunny breaths a sign of relief for his older sister.  During her questioning, Maggie also mentions that she saw a woman who looks almost identical to her.  That woman seems to be unstable mentally...

The police discover the dead man was involved in drugs and prostitution...

Sunny asks Jessica to counsel Maggie.  Jessica diagnoses Maggie as having a mental disorder.  We learn from Sunny and Maggie's aunt (Suet Lei) that Maggie had a twin sister but she died at birth.

Charmaine notices San San has been acting strange lately. She tells Sunny about San San's behavior.  Sunny decides to go talk to San San himself. Charmaine follows Sunny because he is acting strange, too.  She sees Sunny and San San embracing in a hug. Charmaine runs always because she finds out that Sunny and San San have something going on. Meanwhile, San San and Sunny decide to remain good friends. Charmaine considers breaking up with Sunny...

Sunny's team goes to a bar to celebrate Sunny's upcoming wedding. Jessica walks in and says she's waiting for a client. She's still upset at Louis so she sits by herself. Sunny tells Louis to join her and they start a conversation. At that moment, Jessica receives a call that someone is planning to jump off a building so she rushes to the scene.  Jessica persuades the person to not jump.  Louis is worried that Jessica might be in danger, so he rushes to the scene.  When he sees that Jessica is safe, he couldn't control his feelings any longer... Louis gives Jessica a huge hug... Louis and Jessica have a romantic evening in Louis' apartment. (Hint. the famous "bed scene.")

Later on, Louis takes Jessica out for a midnight snack. Jessica notices Louis still thinking about Anne. One of Jessica's small gesture reminds Louis of Anne. Jessica feels sad that Louis still has Anne in his mind. Jessica leaves...

On her way home, Jessica notices San San on the street with a broken-down car.  The two of them go to San San's restaurant to pig out. Jessica and San San pour their hearts out to each other because of their depressed relationships...

On the day when Sunny and Charmaine are to get fitted for the bridal gowns and tuxedo, Charmaine asks to break up with Sunny, claiming that she had always felt pressured by their relationship because he was so perfect. Sunny is very upset. He drinks himself into oblivion every night and cries at the church. San San saw him crying and she felt really bad for him.

Jessica is confused over her relationship with Louis. She asks her supervisor for advice posing the question from a third-person perspective... Louis has also be pondering over his feelings for Jessica.  On the street, Louis and Jessica run into each other
but a wide street appears to be a barrier between them. Right before the light changes, Jessica runs over to him. They walk hand in hand down the street.

Jessica and Louis are in love. Their relationship develops quickly... On the contrary, Sunny keeps thinking of Charmaine and is getting very depressed. Sunny always go to the bar and drink his sorrow away...

Kwok Fung is going on vacation to the Philippines.  He left a first prize Lotto ticket before he left for vacation.

EPISODE 23 & 24

In the sewer, a headless male corpse is discovered. Charmaine claims the corpse is her father Tai who was kidnapped for ransom a week ago.  Another woman Teresa claims that the body is her missing husband Ben... The initial report reveals the body is Tai.

Charmaine tells the police that her father,Tai, was kidnapped a week ago.  The kidnappers asked for 12 million dollars in ransom.  The kidnappers sent Charmaine a finger and the finger matched the body.  The fingerprints at Charmaine's house also matched the body.  Charmaine asks Tai's partner, Lok Ging Yip, to lend her money but he refuses to help.  The investigation leads to evidence of Tai and Yip's company facing financial difficulty.  Charmaine sold her house to get the ransom money for the kidnappers.

After further investigation, Louis discovers that Charmaine's father and Kwok Fung had been friends.   They frequently went to gamble in Macau.  Louis goes to question Charmaine at her house.  She claims to know nothing about her father and Kwok Fung's friendship.  Louis finds his tires slashed as he leaves Charmine's house.

Louis receives a postcard from Kwok Fung claiming Anne is in the Philippines.  At the police station, he asks Eileen to book a flight to the Philippines.

When Louis returns home, he has a feeling that someone was in his house.  Jessica comes to look for Louis and encourages him to go search for Anne.  She also tells Louis that if he finds Anne and they (meaning Louis and Anne) still have feelings for each other, she'll know what to do. She means she would back-off the relationship if Louis and Anne still have feelings for each other.  Louis is touched and gives her a big hug.  Jessica goes to the kitchen to get a drink while Louis is packing.  At that moment, Louis hears sounds of breaking glass so he goes to the kitchen to take a look and discovers Jessica having a seizure.  She is taken to the emergency room.  The doctors conclude that Jessica was poisoned and needs to stay in the intensive care unit.  The doctors cannot determine what poison Jessica has.  She remains in a coma.  Louis decides to stay near Jessica.

Kwok Fung hasn't returned from his vacation. Louis finds out that Kwok Fung never left for vacation after checking his passport records. So Kwok Fung is declared missing. Louis interrogates a person who saw Kwok Fung about his whereabouts. The police uses Kwok Fung's fingerprints in the investigation and discovers that the headless man was Kwok Fung's, not Charmaine's father Tai...Louis is very sad.  He returns to the police station and tells Sunny what he has found out.  Sunny insists Charmaine is innocent.  Louis is persistent and they bring her in for questioning.  Louis is very angry with her because he knows that she has something to do with Kwok Fung's death. 

Sunny goes to visit Charmaine at her house.  In the kitchen, Sunny notices that the bottle of medication in the kitchen which was previously full, is now empty.  He knows the medication belongs to Charmaine's father and he's beginning to suspect something too.

A fax is sent to the hospital stating what Jessica was poisoned with.  The doctor cleaned the poison out of her system but she still remains in a coma.  The poison was meant for Louis but Jessica drank the soda instead.

The kidnappers (there really aren't any kidnappers..It's probably Charmaine's father) call Charmaine.  Sunny and his team are following her and in the end, she throws her bag of money down the hill.  Sunny's team finds Yip (Tai's business partner) down the hill and he has a bag of money too.  He claims the kidnappers called him and he was her to pay the ransom.  They bring him in for questioning.  We find out that Yip had an affair with Charmaine's mother long time ago. Tai wasn't not a very caring husband so Charmaine's mother turned to Yip. Yip and Charmaine's mother loved each other. At the time, they were planning to take Charmaine and leave him but for some reason, Charmaine's mother committed suicide the next day.  Yip feels responsible for Charmaine's mother's suicide so he tries his best to help Charmaine and Tai by giving them a lot of money. But Charmaine's dad used the money for gambling.  Sunny lets Yip go... Charmaine is angry at Sunny for letting Yip go. Sunny understands Charmaine is going through a lot so he tries to comfort her. He tells Charmaine about her mother's affair with Yip and that Yip loved her mother very much. Charmaine gets very angry when Sunny is trying to defend Yip and her mother... Charmaine thinks that Yip raped her mom (probably something her father told her).  She angrily leaves.

Sunny finds a secret hiding place in Charmaine's home. The trail of the secret hiding place leads to the location where the headless corpse was discovered. Sunny suspects Tai was not kidnapped at all and Tai has been hiding in the secret place.

Episode 25 & 26

Charmaine realizes her father (Tai) has left the hiding place. She knows her father must have gone to seek revenge on Yip.

Sunny calls Louis to tell him that Charmaine's father is on the loose and to keep a close eye on Yip.  Meanwhile, Yip is  
leaving the office and getting his car in the garage.  All of a sudden, Tai comes from behind Yip and stabs him with a knife.  Tai is holding Yip as a hostage so Louis and 2 other team members rush out of their cars to stop him from killing the guy.  Charmaine comes along and threatens to jump from the parking garage.  Sunny, Eileen, and San San are at the scene, too.  Tai decides to surrender himself to the police for the sake of his daughter.

At the police station, Charmaine and her father tell their story.  Tai confesses that he kept gambling in Macau after his wife committed suicide.  Each time he lost money through gambling, Yip (his partner) kept bailing him out.  One day Yip decided that enough was enough.  He planned to leave his finacially ridden company so he could marry his girlfriend and leave Hong Kong.  Tai never forgave Yip for having an affair with his wife so he decided to seek revenge against him by framing him for murder. He unexpectedly ran into Kwok Fung in Macau one day and found out quite by accident that his blood type was B negative, the same as his. The two became friends and Charmaine's dad decided to fake his death by killing Kwok Fung and pretending that Kwok Fung's body was his so that Charmaine could get $10 million in insurance money. His plan was successful and after he killed Kwok Fung in his house, he told Charmaine to help him, stating that the partner raped his mom. He pretty much coerced her into helping him, playing the "I'm you're dad, you're only living relative and I'm doing this for your mom" role. Charmaine did help him with his plot. Her dad cut off Kwok Fung's hands and head, and then took the hands to his company to place fingerprints there. On his way downstairs, he ran into someone who worked upstairs and the guy saw the hands so he killed that guy too. Her dad also went to Louis' house and tried to poison him because he found out that Louis was getting too close to the truth.

Charmaine admitted to helping her dad because she had no choice. She had sent the fax to the hospital stating what Jessica was poisoned. When Sunny's boss asked her if she broke off her marriage to Sunny because she didn't want to involve him in the mess, she answered no. Sunny rushes in and asks her to tell the truth. Charmaine takes her stand and claims that she broke up with him for other reasons.

Jessica has woken up in the hospital. She's very touched that Louis cared enough to stay by her side while she was in a coma.

Tai is found guilty and is sentenced to 20 years in prison. Charmaine was Tai's accomplice so she is also found guilty of a lesser crime and is sentenced to a jail term of 14 months...Charmaine asks San San to donate her father's money to charity. Sunny is very sad over Charmaine's situation. He is determined to wait for Charmaine. Charmaine tells Sunny that their relationship is over.

Jessica's dad and aunt, Lin Heung (Chan Sau Chu), have gotten together. They're such a funny couple.  Lin Heung is always acting like she doesn't care about him but she really does care. Jessica's dad is robbed in a park of $200,000 just before he was supposed to go up to China and pick up his son. He needed the money to pay off his son's mom so that she'd let the son go to Hong Kong. Keung doesn't have any money for Kit's mother, and Huan said she will lend him the money. Because Jessica's dad is in the hospital, Jessica and Louis go up to China in his place. There, she sees her dad's "other woman" and realizes that this woman looks very much like her dead mother.  After the woman takes her money, she lets her son go. Jessica sees her brother, Kit (Tang Yat Kwun), for the first time.

Sunny can't visit Charmaine because she took him off her visitors list. Sunny asks San San to give a letter to Charmaine. Charmaine refuses to accept the letter and she asks San San to return the letter to Sunny... Charmaine's action hurts Sunny very much...

Maggie is having problems with her husband who feels that she's taking on too much work. She wants to make Ching Pak (Yeung Ying Wai from KS) novels into comic books. Sunny and Maggie go for a walk to the mall to see Ching Pak's book-signing. Wallis Pang is Ching Pak's manager and Maggie's friend. She is at the event and introduces Maggie and Sunny to Ching Pak. Two fans named Ping and Ling (Poon Chi Lee) go up to Ching Pak and say some weird things to him. He seems kind of scared of them.

Jessica takes her half brother back to HK and immediately to the hospital to visit their dad. Kit seems very uncomfortable around his new family. When he goes home with Jessica, the situation seems very awkward. Although, Chan Sau Chu means no harm, she talks too much and unknowingly hurts Kit's feelings. He decides to go out for a walk and he runs into his ex-girlfriend from China (She was the other girl that was with Poon Chi Lee at the book-signing event). She helps him find a job as a bellhop in a hotel.

He gets back together with his ex-girlfriend and brings her to see his dad. Chan Sau Chu recognizes her as the rude girl who worked at the karaoke. His girlfriend feels uncomfortable and leaves. When Kit goes to find her later, she tells him that she wants to break up with him. Feeling saddened, he goes to the beach and sits by himself. A group of people who were having a bbq offered him some food. While he is leaving the beach, he finds Ping's body in the bushes.

Episode 27 & 28

Louis, Eileen, and So Chi Wai goes to Ping's house to search for evidence, but comes up with nothing. The owner of a store near Ping's house said that he saw Ping and Mo Kit (Miss Mo's brother; Tang Yat Kwun) arguing before her death. Kit was taken in for questioning, but he did not say anything and was detained. Thankfully Jessica persuaded him to provide info and Kit recalls that he saw a group of young church people on the beach that night. Kit is released from jail.

Charmaine crossed Sunny's name off from the list of visitors. Afterwards, Sunny sat in a bar, drowning his sorrows with alcohol.

The owner of the store came to the police with info once again. He told the police that he saw Ching Pak (Yeung Ying Wai, Mook Chuen from Kindred Spirit) enter the village. Also, Ping's house has a lot of Pak's novels. Thus, Pak was brought in for questioning. He claims that he doesn't know who Ping is and that he has evidence that he wasn't in HK the night of the crime.

Kit went to collect Ping's belongings.  Ling's older sister comes looking for her because Ling has been missing for awhile. Louis went to Ling's apartment and found that she had a lot of Pak's books too. The cops learn that the writer Pak has a relationship with Ling. A body is found near the hill, and it was Ling... The police focus their attention on Pak... Someone is able to be Pak's alibi so he is let off...

Jessica and Louis are happily together again... But something is troubling her...

Kit finds Fung's body in the hotel. The cops are trying to locate Ho, Fung's friend. So Chi Wai recognized Ho as the suspect in the description. They went to his house and found Keung's (Miss Mo's dad;Lok Ying Kwan) pen. From many leads, they tied Pak to the case again, but he had another alibi.

Louis was crossing a street and remembered that Yau Tai (Yau Sir's wife;Jojo Cho) could provide some info on the crime. The day Yau Tai's car broke down she noticed two cars involved in an accident.  She saw two people place a body into the other car.

The police discover that Pak is listed as the beneficiary in Ling's insurance. The police suspect Pak but they couldn't arrest him because they don't have enough evidence. Ling's sister decides to seek revenge on Pak herself... Fortunately, the police arrives in time to prevent this...Later, the police found evidence that implicated Ching Pak as the murderer of Ling.  Louis went back to the hotel and found the killer's flaw. The police arrest Ching Pak.  At the police station, Pak tells his story.  Ling was used to be a nightclub prostitute until she met Pak.  They started to have a relationship but all along Pak kept his relationship a secret from others. Pak also was having trouble writing new material for his books.  One day, Ling gave him a sample of her manuscripts which he used for his new books.  Ling was actually the writer behind Pak's books.  Pak's popularity as a writer increased due to Ling's help. In return, Ling wanted Pak to marry her but he refused her.  They got into a argument.  By accident, Pak pushed Ling into the glass coffee table and died.  Pak loaded Ling's body into his car and was going to dump it somewhere.  However, Pak had to do something first. Later, he found out his car was stolen.  Fung and Hoi were the ones who stole his car.  Ling's body was still in the car.  Fung blackmailed Ching Pak into given him money so he would't tell the police that he killed Ling. Fung arranged to meet Pak at a hotel in exchange for the money.  When Pak got to the hotel, he killed Fung in the room.  Later Pak killed Fung's friend, Ho, because Ho knew he killed his friend and Ling.  Pak admits to the crimes but he insists he didn't murder Ping. Ping's case is still unsolved...

Jessica and Louis' relationship has stabilized, but Jessica feels that the memory of Chin Chin creates and invisible barrier between them.

Chi Ching (Maggie) went to the hospital to visit her friend Suk Yin (Wallis Pang) and discovered that Wallis' husband was Joe Ma Tak Chung.  

Sunny asked San San to give a letter to Charmaine when she goes to visit her, but Charmaine returns the letter unopened. He is yet disappointed yet again.

Episode 29 & 30

Kit and his friend, Jung, were helping Yuk move into her apartment. After they finished moving, Kit's friend left first.  Kit noticed his friend forgot his jacket so he followed him downstairs to give it back to him. But Jung had already left.  Kit suddenly remembered a clue from the night of the murder. He noticed the murderer drove away in a car, not a motorcycle. Kit discovers that his friend's car was the same one on the night of murder- it had a broken tailight so he mistakened the car for a motorcycle.  Kit knew his friend was the killer so he went to confront him at his apartment. Kit finds one of Ping's earring at Jung's apartment and they get into a fight. Jessica followed him. In a confused situation, Jessica was taken hostage by the killer. Sunny and team arrive at the scene. Louis saves Jessica from danger. Kit suffered a wound to the head.

At the police station Jung confessed to the murder.  Ping and Jung came down from China at the same time.  They eventually started dating. One day Jung invited Ping to the park so he could borrow money from her but she didn't have any. By chance, Jung and Ping saw Kit's father at the park too. Jung was desperate for money so he hit Kit's father in the head with a brick and stole his money. Ping didn't want to have anything to do with the robbery but she got herself involved. [That's why Ping had to break up with Kit because she was afraid that Kit's father would remember her as the one who robbed him in the park.]  They drove away in Ping's car but later they got into an accident.  Ping and Jung hit Fung and Ho's car (the two guys eventually killed by Ching Pak).  While Ping and Jung were knocked out by the accident, Fung and Ho placed Ling's (Poon Chi Lee) dead body into the other car.  When Ping and Jung woke up, they discover the body in the back seat of their car.  Jung was so scared that he buried the body somewhere.  Later, Ping and Jung got into an big argument. Jung was afraid that Ping would go to the police and tell them that he robbed Kit's father and buried Ling's dead body. In order to protect himself, Jung killed Ping at his house.  He used his cousin's car to transport Ping's body to beachside and dump it. That same night, Kit discovered Ping's body and the car.

Louis and Jessica enjoyed a candlelit dinner, but Jessica accidentally poured wine on Chin Chin's cushion. Louis yelled at her for that. Jessica went to her boss, Tsang Sir to ask for advice.

Keung went to the hospital with Kit to see the doctor. Suddenly, his nose started to bleed. The doctor said that he might have nose cancer. Fearing that his situation would ruin Lau Lin Heung's life, he refused to accept any gifts from her and this led to an argument. A few days later, Keung received the report from the doctor and he does have cancer.

San San hired Wai Kei (Eddie Cheung Siu Fai) to manage her restaurant. Yau Tai and her friend went to San San's restaurant to eat. Yau Tai (Jojo Cho) requested that Chi (San San's mentor) to open a bottle of wine for them. Yai Tai and Chi fought about the bottle of wine and Chi was very angry.

Kit argued with Lin Heung over a sock and this made her very angry. (Kit was trying to brush Lin Heung off for his dad). Lin Heung went to a bar to drink and then a gigolo started to bother her. Luckily Yau Sir helped her. Afterwards, they went to a hotel to talk. The next day, Lin Heung decided to move out of the Mo home. Keung did not do anything to make her stay and gave her back all her gifts instead.

Yau Tai was in San San's restaurant to talk about the dinner for her and Yau Sir's anniversary when she and Chi argued again. It turns out that they were "See Hing and See Mui" (meaning they had the same teacher). Chi showed Yau Tai a magazine of Lin Heung and Yau Sir together at a hotel. Yau Tai assumes that Lin Heung and Yau Sir were having an affair and went to confront her. At Yau Sir's office, she saw Lin Heung give Yau Sir (he lost his old one) a wallet. This made her tempers flared even more. Lin Heung and Yau Tai got into an argument.

A waitress at the restaurant dropped an earring into a bowl of soup and and Wai Kei fired her. Jessica finds that the relationship between Kit and her father has become better and better, while the relationship between her and her dad has become more and more drab. This made her really sad.

Sunny asked San San to give Charmaine a letter again. but it was returned yet again. But Charmaine did promise to allow Sunny visit her one time. Charmaine insisted that they can never be together again.

Episode 31-33

Sunny sat idle in his home thinking of all the times he had with Charmaine.  He finally thinks that breaking up is the best thing and collected Charmaine's things in a box.  San San is worried about Sunny and waits downstairs his apartment complex for him.  Sunny comes out and tells her that he has to go to Maggie's for dinner. Maggie and her husband are having problems. They are always arguing. Maggie and her husband feel that they don't understand each other. Sunny runs into San San while he was jogging one morning and San San is pleased to see that Sunny is in a better mood.

Yau Sir invited everyone for dinner at Cher Maman for his 7th wedding anniversary.  He said that everyone has to show up as a couple. Yau Tai found out Yau Sir didn't return the wallet Lin Heung gave him.  They got into an argument. While they were arguing, the phone rang. "Yau Tai" heard a voice that sounded like "CYC" ("CYC" is the bartender's name in the series. He is also "Yau Tai's" "See Hing" and San San's mentor.) "Yau Sir" questioned her about their relationship. This angered "Yau Tai" and she ran out of the house in a rage.

Jessica and her aunt, Lin Heung (Chan Sau Chu)   were in a restaurant eating dinner. Chan Sau Chu saw "Yau Tai" holding hands with another man (it was CYC).

Jessica is at San San's apartment trying on a dress to wear to "Yau Sir's" anniversary party. Just then Sunny shows up and he asks San San to be his partner. She's thrilled.

Cher Maman (San San's restaurant) has been receiving numerous phone calls threatening Eddie Cheung. One morning, they also saw a stranger in the back alley holding a bag. "CYC" went to the cellar where the wine was stored and found "Yau Tai's" body in there. He screamed and went running out of the restaurant. The police was notified of the murder and Sunny's team appeared on the scene. "Yau Sir" was very sad. Everyone who worked in the restaurant was a suspect because they all had keys to the front door. Everyone was questioned. Everyone except "CYC" had an alibi. "CYC" was still nowhere to be found.

Eddie Cheung claimed that the night before, someone broke into his apartment and broke 3 bottles of wine all from the year 1982. Also, his wine cellar was tampered with so he was afraid the wine was spoiled. Thus, he called San San to see if "CYC" was still there so that "CYC" could test his wine. However, "CYC" left already so San San went in his place. San San said that they tested wine until 3am. Eddie's sister (Chan On Ying) also works as a waitress at Cher Maman. The cop who was questioning her thought she looked familiar. She looked kind of scared after he said this.

Sunny and Louis went to "Yau Sir's" house to question him and look for additional evidence. "Yau Sir" mentioned that he was with Chan Sau Chu that night because he wanted to return the wallet to her. In his house, Sunny found a check that "Yau Tai" had written in the amount of $200,000. They did not know who the recipient of the check was because it hadn't been cashed yet.

Louis is told to question Chan Sau Chu. She verifies that she was with "Yau Sir" and she blurted out that she saw Yau Tai and CYC holding hands in public. Louis and Sunny are beginning to suspect him.

"CYC" finally shows up again after disappearing for a few days. Sunny and Edmund go to question him and find the $200,000 check. They brought him back to the police station for additional questioning. He was uncooperative and refused to say why "Yau Tai" gave him the money and what their relationship was. San San came to the police station and told Sunny that she believed her mentor was innocent. She said that "CYC" and "Yau Tai" had dated many years ago while they were in France. Sunny goes in and asks "CYC" about the relationship and he finally gives in. Many years ago, "CYC" and "Yau Tai" were in France learning wine from the same mentor. "CYC" had a lot of talent and their mentor really liked him. However, "Yau Tai" did not meet his expectations. Pressured by the motivation to succeed, "Yau Tai" stole "CYC's" book of notes on wines and left France. She left "CYC" a letter stating that he liked wine more than he liked her. "CYC" was beginning to believe that "Yau Tai" had merely used him and never loved him. After a few years of heavy drinking, he finally decided to start a new life and thus came to Hong Kong. Here, he found out that "Yau Tai" had gotten popular by publishing a book on cooking and wines. Most of the material in the book was actually from his notes and this really angered him. Despite this, he still felt that he loved "Yau Tai" and he wished her the best. "CYC" claimed that he was at home the night of the murder.

Cher Maman reopens and "CYC" shows up for work. His co-workers look at him with suspicion. In the wine cellar, "CYC" is talking to San San and he can't understand why the murderer used 1982 wines to kill "Yau Tai" because they were really high up and the killer had to use a ladder to reach the wines. Just then, Eddie walks in and "CYC" changes the topic. Later, "CYC" ends up missing and his body is discovered in a hotel. He is holding "Yau Tai's" purse and there are 4 bottles of wine with him. He died of poisoning and the police suspected suicide but San San believed that he was killed.

In the purse, there was a tissue holder that was stitched by hand and had the letter Y sewn on it. "Yau Sir" wasn't sure if it belonged to his wife.

The police also arrest the woman that Eddie fired. She claims that she only made the phone calls and told her boyfriend to scare them (the guy in the alley). The police release her.

One day, San San was almost run over by Eddie's sister (Chan On Ying). They discovered that she was an ex-murderer but they don't know why she would hurt San San. Sunny told San San not to go to work. The police questioned Chan On Ying and she claims that she wanted to kill San San because San San was disloyal to her brother. She thought that San San and her brother, Eddie were dating and that at the same time, San San was going out with Sunny. Therefore, she wanted to kill San San. Louis and Sunny thought her story made very little sense. San San recalls that Chan On Ying was eavesdropping on her in the wine cellar the afternoon before. At San San's house, Sunny sees a tissue holder exactly like the one in "Yau Tai's" house. He asks her where she bought it and she says that her auntie in the US hand stitched it for her and her mom. The one she was holding was her mom's and she lost hers a few days ago. Hers has the letter Y on it and she recalls losing it at Eddie's house.

Sunny goes to arrest Eddie, who tries to escape. He tells his story of why he committed the murders. Apparently, Eddie and his wife had been happily married for 5 years when they found out that she was pregnant. Both were thrilled. One night a few months ago, on Friday the 13th, his wife almost got into a car accident with "Yau Tai" (remember? Yau Tau just got her license and it was the same night she witnessed the car accident in the previous case). Later that night, his wife had a miscarriage and the doctor told her that she could no longer have kids. Eddie's wife became very sad and withdrawn. On the day she returned home from the hospital, she jumped off their balcony and died.

One day, Eddie's brother-in-law came to the restaurant and saw "Yau Tai". He recognized her as the woman whom he and his sister almost got into a car accident with. Eddie blamed her for his wife's death and killed "Yau Tai" in his home. Eddie's sister was vacuuming his house and found "Yau Tai's" purse. Therefore, she found out about the murder. Eddie killed "CYC" because he figured out that Eddie was the murderer. Case closed.

San San has always been asking when Sunny is going to cook for her. Sunny finally asked San San out to dinner. San San, of course was very happy. However, "Aunt Fong" called Sunny and said that Maggie has ran into some trouble. She went shopping and was accused of stealing. Sunny worked things out with the manager and everything was okay. Maggie insisted him to stay for dinner to repay him. Sunny called San San but he couldn't reach her. So San San was waiting outside of Sunny's house, disappointed. Afterwards, Sunny went to San San's house to apologize and San San said that they could still have dinner. They rushed to the supermarket just as it was closing and bought food. Sunny and San San danced that night and he told her that they could try to date.

San San was talking to Jessica and mentioned that Sunny hasn't even held her hand yet. Jessica encouraged San San to take action and try to hold Sunny's hand. While they were out, she attempted but to no avail. They ran into Eileen, Edmund and another cop "Ah Hoi". These 2 guys are going after Eileen. Sunny and San San were crossing a street and he held her elbow but released it as soon as they reached the other side. San San was getting annoyed. While they were window shopping, Sunny finally saw what she wanted and held her hand. San San was really happy. Sunny brought San San along to pick up his aunt and his little cousin who would be staying with Maggie until his parents got back from the US. Sunny saw his little cousin and asked him if his girlfriend was pretty.

Episode 34-38

San San goes to Sunny's house for dinner. Sunny's little cousin "Fai Jai" is a great addition to the family and he helps lighten the mood in Maggie's household. With the presence of this little child, Maggie and her husband's relationship gets better. When San San and Sunny go home, she asks him how he knew that she wanted him to hold her hand. He told her to guess...

San San returns home and sees her photograph with Charmaine. She decides to go and visit her and tell her of the news that she's dating Sunny. Charmaine congratulates the two and said that she wants Sunny to be happy. Of course we know that she's actually very sad.

San San and Jessica are waiting for their boyfriends in the police station cafetaria. San San tells Jessica that she feels guilty about Charmaine. Louis and Sunny comes down and Louis finds out that Sunny is dating San San. The rest of the team comes down and Sunny tells them that he's dating San San. Sunny, San San, Louis and Jessica go to Cher Maman for dinner. There, Louis sees Kwok Feng's (Anne's deceased brother) ex-wife Ngor (Yuen King Dan), who's now married to the American chef at Cher Maman named "Frankie". She refuses to reveal that she knows Louis. Later that night, she goes to find Louis and tells him that she never told her husband she was married before. She wants him to keep this a secret. Louis promises her and tells her that if she ever needs any help, he'd always be there. Jessica is confused about Yuen King Dan's relationship to Louis and asks him but he doesn't tell her anything.

Loansharker "Chin Wing Choi" is found dead in his apartment. "Fai Jai" (Maggie's lil cousin) was picking up his airplane the morning the murder took place and was almost run over by a truck. A man saved him and quickly left. This incident took place on the same street the victim's apartment was located. Sunny believed that "Fai Jai" saw the murderer so he took him to the police station so that "Fai Jai" could make the picture. After "Fai Jai" found out that the police thought his hero was a murderer, "Fai Jai" refused to make the picture. He told them there was another woman there that morning and created her picture instead. A reporter was in the police station during this time and took "Fai Jai's" picture. The next day, Maggie took "Fai Jai" out shopping but when she went to pay, he walked out of the store. "Fai Jai" saw this mysterious woman but she spoke English to him and quickly left. A little later, a man took out a knife and tried to kill him and "Fai Jai" started screaming. Maggie ran to the alley and saw "Fai Jai" there crying. "Fai Jai" said the man who tried to kill him wasn't the man who rescued him the other day.

Sunny and Louis are investigating the victim's ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, "Kwong".

Louis receives an anonymous letter. Contained in the letter is a description of the killer. After some investigation, Louis figured out that the mysterious woman that "Fai Jai" attempted to describe was Yuen King Dan.

"Kwong's" dead body is discovered in a hotel. According to Yuen King Dan's description, the killer is "Kwong's" cousin "Lam Ho Tin", but on the night of the murder, "Tin" was at the hospital with his wife (witness is the nurse at the hospital).

Yuen King Dan is being blackmailed. Louis asked Yuen King Dan to cooperate with the police but instead she convinced Louis to help her search for the real killer. Sunny knows there's something wrong and orders Louis to tell him the whereabouts of Yuen King Dan, but Louis refuses. Sunny arrests Louis [the scene where Sunny handcuffed Louis]. Louis finally tells Sunny Yuen King Dan's story and Sunny understands her situation. The two were supposed to meet Yuen King Dan, but she never showed up. It turned out that she attempted to commit suicide but Jessica convinced her not to and Yuen King Dan agreed to cooperate with the police. They caught "Tin" who was the real killer. Case closed...

Louis brings Jessica to Anne's apartment and plays his and Anne's song "Big Big Girl". He tells her that when they can both sit there and feel nothing about the past, then their relationship will move to its next stage...(This part was so touching...)

Jessica finds out that her dad has cancer. Keung (Jessica's dad) is undergoing chemo for cancer and he is getting better. Jessica and her brother encourage him to tell Chan Sau Chu about it. He does and they are now on good terms. They decide to go to the US to help cure his cancer.

Maggie's husband gets a job in the US and he wants the whole family to go, but Maggie refuses. The two separate.

6 Months Later...

Jessica and Louis's relationship is improving. They are at the stage of considering marriage. Louis wants to forget all about Anne so he decides to sell his house [the one he and Anne bought]. Jessica thought that Louis had really let go of Anne. Louis proposes to Jessica. Jessica says she needs to think about it (she's really thrilled and she's just teasing him)...a few days later, she lost her ring and goes everywhere looking for it. She even went ot the jewelry store to try and buy a new one but the store ran out of that style.

Edmund and Eileen are now dating...

The cops found a dead body near the woods. Louis thinks it's Anne because of the bracelet found on the body. Louis is very moody and ignores Jessica. Jessica tells him that she forgot to wear her ring and he just stared into space. He was eagerly awaiting the report of the body to come out. Sunny sees Louis ignoring Jessica and tells her about the body. Jessica tries to comfort Louis, but Louis acts cold towards her... Disheartened, Jessica leaves. After some lab work, they find out that the body is "Au Chi Man's" and not Anne's. Louis is relieved and goes to find Jessica the next day to apologize. He sees that she's not wearing her ring and she tells him that she lost it. Louis offers to buy her another ring but Jessica tells him that there's no need. She tells him that she thought their relationship was very steady. However, after seeing his reactions the day before, she knew that Anne would always claim the #1 spot in his heart. In essence, she wanted to break up with him while they could still pull back...she said that if they did get married, there would be no turning back. She walked away leaving Louis standing there.

Charmaine is freed. San San goes to pick her up and offers a room in her house. However, to avoid seeing Sunny, she becomes roommates with her cellmate "Cheung Hiu Tung" and Ton's brother "Ho". Charmaine has a hard time finding a job but luckily a famous actress (Florence) hires her to be her assistant. She also works part-time at "Ho's" cafe.

Movie star May Kwong ("Wah Bo Jing") is murdered. May Kwong has the same bracelet as the previous body. The morning she was killed, she ordered food at "Ho's" cafe and Charmaine picked up the phone. When she realized that she forgot to fill the order, she called back and a male voice answered, saying that she called a funeral home. Since Charmaine heard the killer's voice, she now she becomes the only witness in the case. She goes to the police station to report this... "Cheung Hiu Tung's" body is discovered... There was chicken feed in her lungs. Charmaine finds out that "Ton's" boyfriend is Florence's bodyguard, Marco...Sunny and Louis go to question him but he has an alibi.

Louis calls Jessica but she never returns his calls. Frustrated, Louis goes to find her but Jessica says that since they are in a period of "Lan Zeen", they shouldn't see each other. Louis invites her out to dinner but Jessica says she has to go home for dinner and leaves him.

Episodes 39-40

The director wants to force Florence (Charmaine's boss- the actress) to film a rape but she refuses. Florence tells Charmaine why she didn't want to do it...because she was raped by her boyfriend before. Florence and Charmaine become better friends and Florence gives her a bracelet. At Florence's apartment, Charmaine hears Marco yelling at someone in the phone and believes that he's the killer. Scared, Charmaine said she was sick and left. Charmaine was about to go tell Sunny about the killer's voice which she heard, but San San went to see Sunny and feeling awkward, she left. Before she left, SUnny saw her bracelet was the same bracelet on two of the victim's bodies so he asked to see it and forgot to give it back to her. Sunny thought the bracelet had something to do with the case and started to suspect Florence, but Dai Zhi Wai (Sunny's boss) said he saw Florence at the time of the murder. Later, with all the info that Sunny gathered, he figured out that both Marco and Florence were involved with the murders and that the killer is out to get Charmaine...

Florence and Charmaine were in a vacation apartment and Florence told Charmaine that she was gay and that she really like Charmaine. Charmaine found out that Florence and Marco were involved with the murders and wanted to leave but Marco was outside the door and he tried to kill her, saying that no one can harm Florence (apparently, he was in love with Florence). Florence stopped him from killing Charmaine. They told the story of why the murders occurred. The first person committed suicide. May Kwong and Florence were both homosexuals and they had a relationship...she threatened to reveal to the public that Florence was gay and so Florence killed her and because she was scared, she called Marco who helped her. Marco killed "Cheung Hiu Tung" because he thought that she was the one who recognized his voice. Florence finally realized that she loved Marco...Sunny gave Marco a car to leave in because Charmaine was held hostage. Marco and FLorence left in the car and Louis and the team chased after them. Louis and Edmund were in the car chasing after Marco and Florence and the scene was really funny because Edmund was scared of Louis' driving. Marco's car tipped over and he died. Florence was arrested.

Meanwhile, Sunny went upstairs to find Charmaine and found her on the floor. He was really scared that she died and held her in his arms. When she woke up, they started hugging. They felt that they still had feelings for each other but both were afraid to express it. That night, San San was with Sunny in his apartment. Seeing that Sunny's shirt was dirty, San San told him to shower. When she brought his towel in for him, he was thinking of Charmaine and accidentally said "Thank You Ah-Man (Charmaine)"...San San was very sad...that night, all three of them-Sunny, Charmaine and San San couldn't fall asleep.

San San could tell that "Ho" (the dead cellmate's brother) likes Charmaine but Sunny wanted to warn her about it because "Ho" has a bad history of selling cocaine... Sunny asked Edmund and Eileen to check out "Ho's" records. When he found out about his bad records, he yelled at San San for not warning Charmaine (This was totally unreasonable because how the heck is she supposed to know). San San tells Charmaine to be careful of "Ho" because she thinks he's a bad guy, but then later on, at the nursing home, she noticed how nice "Ho" was, she thought that it was safe for Charmaine to continue living with "Ho". "Ho" had been volunteering at the nursing home for over a year. That night, San San went to tell Sunny about "Ho's" real personality but Sunny told her that she was basing everything on her instincts...San San got annoyed and told him that he was the one who was being unreasonable...then she left.

Episodes 41-42

Charmaine has recurring nightmares about Sunny --marrying him, going to jail, getting separated from him, etc--and she gets very stressed out. Therefore, she starts taking sleeping pills in order to get some rest at night.

To avoid Louis, Jessica decides to take a leave of absence from her position at the police station to do research elsewhere. She requested a leave of absence for half a year. During this time, she is also working at her mentor's office. At the police station, "Yau Sir" (Dai Zhi Wai) walks in to talk to the team and spills about Jessica's leave. He thought that Jessica and Louis were getting married...that's why she was taking time off...Louis is surprised and he walks out to call her but her phone is turned off. Edmund tells "Yau Sir" to "update" his news about the team--referring to Louis and Jessica's relationship...Sunny walks out to check on Louis and Louis asks for the day off. He goes to her house and her brother let him in, even though Jessica wanted him to say that she wasn't home. Louis walks into her room and Jessica told him that their relationship was over.

San San is still angry at Sunny. However, she goes to Maggie's house to celebrate Maggie's birthday. Sunny shows up with flowers and a present...the flowers were for San San. He apologizes to her. Later that night, Maggie sneaked out to meet her lover, Joe Ma. Unknown to her, Wallis has hired a private detective (Maggie's uncle-Yeung) to investigate her husband's mistress. Maggie's uncle sees them together and takes some pictures...when he gets home that night, he tells his wife, Suet Lay, who lectures Maggie. Maggie's husband sent her a present in the mail. Maggie, at this point, feels very guilty about the affair. 

Wallis tells Maggie that she knows her husband has another woman outside and asks for her advice. Wallis has actually decided on a divorce. Maggie, too, has decided to leave Joe.

San San feels very guilty for always checking up on everything that Sunny does so she goes to Jessica for advice. Jessica tells her that this mistrust will ruin her relationship with Sunny. San San agrees that she should be more level-minded in the future.

Charmaine goes to the jail to visit Florence. Florence apparently knows that Charmaine broke up with Sunny primarily because she saw Sunny and San San hugging that day at the peak. Because of this, Charmaine felt like the two people she trusted most betrayed her and therefore chose to help her father with the murders. Charmaine told Florence that she still has feelings for Sunny. Florence encouraged Charmaine to tell Sunny about her feelings but Charmaine didn't want to hurt San San. Therefore, Florence takes the initiative and writes a letter to San San. San San goes to jail to see her and Florence angrily tells her that she's the reason why Charmaine chose the path that she did. San San feels very guilty about this and isn't sure what to do. She goes home and avoids all of Sunny's calls...she leaves a message on Sunny's answering machine saying that she'll be out of town for a few days and tells her not to worry about her. Then she goes to find Charmaine and tells her that she feels Sunny still likes her (because he accidentally called out CHarmaine's name last time). San San tells Charmaine that if it wasn't for her, they would still be together and says that Charmaine and Sunny should be together. Then San San runs down the street.

Charmaine's sleeping pill addiction is getting worse. "Ho" goes to find Sunny and tells him that Charmaine still likes him. San San also wrote Sunny a letter explaining everything and tells him not to find her anymore. Confused, Sunny goes to find Charmaine and finds her really sick from an overdose of sleeping pills (with beer). Charmaine tells him that she still likes him and asks if they can get back together again. Sunny takes her to the hospital. Outside the hospital, he thinks through his two relationships, recalling everything that has happened in the past and finally decides that he wants to be with San San. He goes to talk to Charmaine and tells her that what has passed has passed and they must look to the future--there's no turning back in life...however, he tells her that she will always be in his heart and that his biggest regret is not being able to marry her. (I think this is the biggest difference between Sunny's character Kong Tze Shan and Louis' character Tsui Fei. Louis always looks to the past whereas Sunny looks to the future...)

After Charmaine returns home, she's still very depressed. However, a letter from her father who's still in jail, gave her the strength to continue with her life...he said the only thing that makes him keep going is knowing that she is living happily. Charmaine decides to start over with her life.

Sunny and Louis are in a really bad mood. At the police station, the team is doing other things at the office---ie. Edmund and Eileen are busily cutting out coupons, "Ah Hoi" is chatting on the phone, etc.-- Louis walks in and yells at Edmund for not doing work, and complains that someone didn't hang up his phone. A little bit later, we hear glass breaking in Sunny's office and he walks out and yells at Edmund and Eileen also. He tells Louis to keep an eye on the team. Louis gives him a surprised look. (This part was so funny...Louis and Sunny are in a bad mood because they haven't gotten back together with their girlfriends) Edmund and "Ah Hoi" huddle together and warn each other to be careful at work...

Sunny goes to San San's apartment to find her but she pretends she isn't there...

Edmund and Eileen go to eat at "Ho's" little cafe. Charmaine was there and overhears them complaining about Sunny's lousy mood. Charmaine goes to find San San and they talk about when they were little. Charmaine tells her that Sunny chose her and to not let go...San San decides to go back to Sunny. When she got home, she saw a little piglet tied to her doorknob and a video cassette player. In the cassette, Sunny taped what he said (it's kindda like his diary. Instead of writing, he tapes everything.)...San San is touched by what he says and goes downstairs to find him. Sunny proposes to her and she accepts.

Maggie's husband had a week of vacation time and came back to HK to see Maggie. Maggie is feeling really guilty now.

Episodes 43-44

Maggie and her husband decide to start anew...her husband has changed a lot since coming back and he wants to do something to make their marriage work out. The whole family is very happy...Maggie and her husband are together; Sunny and San San are soon to be wed. Joe Ma refuses to end his relationship with Maggie. He says that the relationship ends when he says so and he threatens to tell Maggie's husband about the affair. Maggie is starting to act irrational again.

Wallis Pang (Joe Ma's wife) wants a divorce and she is fighting for custody of her baby boy. She is still seeing Jessica at the clinic and her behavior is becoming more scary, especially after she is fired. She also finds out that Maggie is one of her husband's lovers. Wallis tells Jessica that she wants to kill her husband.

Louis makes an appointment to see Jessica at the clinic. He asks her how he can get his girlfriend back...Louis gives Jessica a bottle of stars and claims that he made them for her. Jessica flips the bottle over and sees a price tag labeled "$59.50" and is really disappointed that he woud go as low as lying to her. She thought their relationship was worth more to Louis than a mere "59.50". Annoyed, Jessica asks Louis to leave. Louis goes to Cher Maman to talk to Sunny and San San and ask for an opinion. He's really sad and confused. San San tells him that what Jessica wants is "sing yee"...something that comes from his heart. San San and Sunny decide to help this couple out by setting them up to meet on the tennis courts. Jessica and Louis see each other...and Jessica is a little upset. Louis tries to kiss her and she slaps him (but of course she likes him *_*).

Maggie goes to find Wallis, begging her to ask her husband to stop harassing her (Maggie). Wallis tells Maggie to handle her own problems herself and says that if she goes and begs Joe some more, he might agree. Maggie walks outside all night, afraid that Joe will call her. The next morning, Joe is discovered dead in his home from poisoning. The cops discover a strand of hair in his house...Maggie is arrested and questioned and she is forced to tell about her affair. Sunny tells her that the only way she can be declared innocent is if she undergoes a DNA test (Wallis lied to the police and said Maggie never went to her house that night)...the results come out positive...the strand of hair in Joe Ma's house and the blood left at the scene of the first murder (remember the one that was never solved but some guy claimed to have seen Maggie?) were verified to have belonged to Maggie...

Maggie's family tries to think of a logical excuse for this entire issue but the only way this could happen is if Maggie has a twin...Suet Lay (Maggie and Sunny's aunt) recalls events from the past and they figure out that Maggie's twin (Tze Yiu) may actually be alive...They went to find the doctor on duty that night (Sunny's dad's friend) and he told them the truth...This is what happened: many years ago, Maggie's dad had an affair with one of Suet Lay's friends. Both she and Maggie's mom were both pregnant at the time and they ended up giving birth at the same time, in the same hospital. The mistress gave birth to a baby with heart problems and she died. Maggie's mom gave birth to twin girls. The dad asked his friend, the doctor, to switch one of the babies so that each woman would have one and that was what happened. Therefore, Maggie's sister "Tze Yiu" was raised by the other woman and when she found out that the baby wasn't hers, as part of her revenge, she and "Tze Yiu" moved so that the dad wouldn't be able to find them...therefore, "Tze Yiu" grew up in an unstable family. When Sunny went to ask Maggie if she knew about "Tze Yiu", Maggie said that she and "Tze Yiu" have been reunited and she has been taking care of "Tze Yiu" for over half a year now...but she never told the family.

Sunny and the team try to find Maggie's twin but they are unsuccessful. At the same time, the coronor found out that there were 2 types of poison in Joe Ma's body. They suspect Wallis Pang...Louis remembers seeing Wallis at Jessica's clinic. Jessica already heard about the murder and she too suspects that Wallis is guilty...Therefore, she calls Louis and when he arrives, she purposely leaves the file in her room and she walks out. Louis reads the file and is almost sure that Wallis is somehow involved. He recalls seeing a video comcorder in Wallis' house which is always on (Wallis has this on to make sure the Filipino maid isn't abusing her son)...Sunny and Louis think of a plan which involves Sunny's Filipino maid going to Wallis' house to talk to her Filipino maid while they wait downstairs. After about a half hour, Sunny's Filipino maid rushes down and tells them that she saw Wallis putting poison in the toothpaste in one of the videos. Just then, they notice Wallis returning home...

Episodes 45-46

Sunny and Louis rush out of the car so that they can distract her. They ask to go to her apartment in so that they can ask her a few more questions. After a while, Wallis gets impatient and asks them to leave because she has work to do. Just then, her Filipino maid comes downstairs, luggage and all and points a finger at Wallis, saying "murderess". Wallis recalls the camcorder she had installed. She rushes to block the VCR just as Sunny and Louis jump up. Luckily, Edmund and Gigi arrive just in time with the search warrant. Wallis is taken in for questioning and she admits to killing her husband, Joe Ma, and accusing Maggie of the crime.

Maggie is released and she returns home. Her husband and her have reconciled and all is good in their relationship now. Sunny tells Maggie that he hopes his marriage can take place on schedule. Maggie is worried about her twin, "Zhi Yiu" but agrees that a wedding can help the spirit around the house.

Louis goes to Jessica's office for yet another counseling session. They have a staring contest this time. Louis asks Jessica what he can do to make her forgive him. Although Jessica can't hold back a smile, she insists that she believes in fate. Therefoe, if Louis can find the engagement ring she lost, then she'll forgive him. Depressed, Louis leaves.

Charmaine brings San San her wedding gift a few days early...San San is worried that Charmaine won't come. Charmaine says that she's giving San San her gift early because the day of the wedding will be filled with gifts and she wants San San to know which present is hers. San San guesses correctly that the wedding gift is a Cinderella figurine from their childhood memories...Sunny arrives. Charmaine tells him of her plans to go to "Wah Nam" to teach school there. Sunny wishes her luck.

Jessica goes to San San's house to help her with pick out jewelry to wear the next day at the wedding. San San sees Jessica's troubled expression and asks her about Louis. Jessica tells her that she gave him an impossible task. Meanwhile, Louis is with the guys at Cher Maman drinking. All are celebrating Sunny's upcoming wedding. The guys notice Louis' troubled look and Sunny asks him about his relationship with Jessica. Louis tells them Jessica's request...Everyone gives him suggestions. Edmund gives him an ugly looking ring and tells him to put it to use.

That night Jessica was at home and dropped the cap of her lotion under her desk. She can't reach it so she gets a ruler to reach and she finds not only her cap but also her wedding ring there.

The day of the wedding has finally arrived. At the party, everyone is having a lot of fun. THe bride walks out and Sunny tells her she looks beautiful. San San smiles back happily. Louis walks over to Jessica and tells her she looks beautiful too...Jessica tells him that she left her gloves in the car and asked him to go and get it for her...she tells him to look carefully. Louis goes to the car and retreives the gloves from the passenger seat...just then, he stares at something else that's there...Louis returns and tells Jessica he couldn't find the gloves. She returns to the car with him...he claims that he was just kidding =) He tells her to close her eyes and hold out her hand...he places Edmund's ugly ring on her hand... =) Annoyed, Jessica turns to leave but Louis says that he found what she wanted him to...he places the ring back on her hand and kisses her...they walk back to the party hand in hand and Sunny and San San congratulate them...

Maggie seems to be troubled and leaves suddenly. She goes to the bathroom and knocks on one of the stalls...

Maggie returns to the party looking somewhat discheveled and is suddenly really eager to toast the new bride and groom and take pictures with them. In the bathroom, the cleaning lady is knocking on one of the stalls. Charmaine walks out from her stall and the cleaning lady tells her that someone was in the stall for a long time. Charmaine hears a muffled voice and helps open the stall. She sees Maggie in there, tied up.

Jessica and Louis sense that something is wrong with Maggie's behavior...Just then, another Maggie walks in......Everyone turns back and forth, amazed. The one who was taking pictures with Sunny was the younger twin "Zhi Yiu". "Yau Sir" nods for Eileen and Edmund to go and arrest her. Maggie ("Zhi Ching") and Sunny both ask "Yau Sir" to allow her to stay for a little bit and "Yau Sir" agrees. San San's necklace clasp breaks and she goes into the room to put on another. Maggie ("Zhi Yiu") starts to have hallucinations and imagines seeing the guy who forced her into prostitution in the crowd. San San, Charmaine and Jessica return from the dressing room and Maggie ("Zhi Yiu") thinks that the guy is standing between Charmaine and San San...she takes the cake-cutting knife and rushes toward them. San San pushes Charmaine aside and Maggie ("Zhi Yiu") stabs her in the stomach. Sunny rushes San San to the hospital...his hands are covered with blood.

Maggie ("Zhi Yiu") is taken to the hospital and she tells her story of how she killed Joe Ma and the previous guy.

San San dies in the hospital and Sunny is devastated. Charmaine blames herself for San San's death. Sunny tells her that it was an accident. Sunny returns to Maggie's home with his family. His aunt and sister are all crying. He tries to console them too. Sunny returns home and as he walks into his house, he sees the wedding pictures of San San...saddened, he turns and steps outside of his apartment, closing the door. Louis arrives and the two go to out for a walk. Sunny says that all his life, he has never done anything bad yet this is what happens to him...he tells Louis that he needs some time alone and walks off. A few days later, Sunny is still nowhere to be found. His team at the police station are frantically searching for him. His wallet is found. Sunny is actually walking around aimlessly, drinking. He ends up in an alley and a man tries to rob him. Sunny won't let him take his ring and the crook stabs him. Sunny chases after him for a few steps and falls to the ground...even though he has his cell phone, he has given up on life. Meanwhile, his team is still looking for him. Sunny sees an ant crawling on the ground and suddenly reaches for his phone...Louis calls him and Sunny tells him where he is. Sunny is taken to the hospital and is slowly recovering. His mood has also recovered dramatically.

Sunny goes to San San's grave. Charmaine shows up also...Sunny tells her that he never blamed her. Although he and San San only had one year together, they were happy times...

Sunny and Louis go out for a walk...he tells Louis that after San San's death, he too had given up on life. But when he saw the ant struggling to survive, he changed his mind. He also remembered that San San never gave up until the last minute...therefore, he decided to continue living...

Episodes 47-48

All is good with Louis and Jessica again. One day though, Jessica sees a new client, played by Roger Kwok ("Cheng Dung Sing") who seems very interested in her private life. He has an odd expression on her face when he sees her and Louis' picture on her desk. He asks her what she thinks of betrayal...Jessica responds that it depends on the situation.

That night, Louis and Jessica place a deposit on their new home. Jessica and Louis get on the topic of betrayal.

Charmaine's friend "Ho" is trying to get her together with Sunny again. Sunny tells Charmaine that he needs time...Charmaine will be leaving soon, but there's an earthquake in "Wah Nam" so her trip is delayed. (It's pretty evident that Sunny and Charmaine still have feelings for each other)

At the police station the next day, there is a call for Kwok Feng (Anne's brother). When Louis picks up the phone, the female hangs up. Later, Jessica prank calls Louis and he thought it was Anne...In his car, he thought he saw Anne and ran out of his car to chase after her but she was gone. When he returned home, he saw Anne's cup out on the table and the pillow she made was missing...That night, Louis leaves while Jessica is sleeping and goes to Anne's house. He is shocked to see that the light is turned on. He walks in and sees Anne sleeping on the couch...Louis walks over and she awakens. He asks her why she left him but she sort of evades his questions and just replied that she didn't want to marry him. In the struggle, she fell down and Louis finds out that she has a fake leg. Anne asks about her brother and Louis tells her that he's dead. The next day, Louis brings her to the grave. He carries her up because she has problems walking. Anne asks Louis to spend one day with him and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Jessica is frantically looking for him. She calls the station and Edmund tells her that Louis is taking the day off. Jessica goes to work...still trying to reach him. She eats lunch by herself on a bench by the ocean and accidentally drops her ring into the ocean when a kid runs by knocking her over.

Jessica goes to Anne's apartment and sees Louis helping someone out of his's Anne. Jessica runs up to Louis to ask him what's going on but he merely tells her that he'll explain later and walks off with Anne. Devastated, Jessica turns around and leaves. That night, Louis and Anne happily wat dinner and recall their happy past...

Jessica sits alone on a bench where she dropped her ring that morning and Sunny happens to drive by and see her. She tells him that Anne is back and she knows that Louis will choose Anne. She tells him that it's fate that she lost her ring...Sunny tries to console her.

The next morning finally comes and Anne tells Louis that's what's past is past. Louis tells her that she wants to do one last thing for her a cheesecake...Jessica is waiting outside and when she sees him leaving, she walks upstairs to talk to Anne. She tells Anne that she doesn't know why she left three years ago but she knows that Louis still loves her and she hopes that Anne won't hurt him anymore...she wishes them the best and leaves. When Louis comes back, Anne is gone.

Jessica tries to avoid Louis. When she returns home, he's waiting outside. Louis says that he has to talk to her but she tells him that she knows what he's going to say and refuses to listen. Louis told her that he loved her and he picked her...Jessica was really happy but she told him that she lost her ring again. He said she's have to use the ugly one that Edmund gave him =) But Jessica talked him into getting another ring...He said he wanted to kiss her and Jessica asked if she'd get a bigger ring for a bigger kiss =)

Anne returned to Roger's home. He seems to show a lot of concern for her...Roger left his phone behind and Anne picked up the was from Jessica's office. Anne was beginning to suspect something. Roger returns to get his phone. He goes to Jessica's office for another session. He waited in the parking garage for her and abducted her. Anne saw the whole thing and called the she called Roger and told him to release Jessica...Meanwhile, Roger called Louis and told him that he'd never see Jessica again. Louis starts to frantically search for Jessica. THe entire team is looking for her. Anne calls Roger and begs him to release Jessica, telling him that she called the police already. Having no choice, Roger dumps Jessica outside Louis' police station.

Louis goes to the hospital to see Jessica. Sunny and Edmund arrive too. The picture of the suspect is out...At the station, Edmund recalls that the guy is "Cheng Dung Sing" (Roger Kwok) and Sunny tells him to pull out all his records...they find out about Louis' undercover activity from a few years ago.

At home, Louis apologizes to Jessica...he said that Roger was after him...he then tells her about the his past. Five years ago, he was a cop at O Gei and his supervisor wanted him to be an undercover cop to find evidence against Roger's gang...

EPISODE 49 & 50

During the time Louis was undercover, Anne had been in France taking dance lessons. Therefore, she never knew about this. Initially, Roger did not trust Louis, but during an incident, Louis saved Roger and from then on, Roger thought of Louis as a "brother" even though he rarely showed his feelings.

Roger was saved by the "big brother" of this underground society when he was 12 years old. Therefore, he did anything and everything the "big brother" told him to do. The only time he went against the word of the "big brother" was in trusting that Louis wasn't an undercover cop. Roger was shot in the arm by the "big brother" when he risked his life to save Louis. Therefore, when it was finally revealed that Louis was an undercover cop and their entire organization was crushed by the police, Roger felt like Louis betrayed him.

The "big brother" was captured by the police but Roger escaped. Louis found him and the two engaged in a sort of a battle and Louis was shot...luckily, though, he had a bulletproof vest on. Louis shot Roger in the same arm that he was injured in before, so therefore, Roger's right hand was handicapped from then on. Roger tried to escape in his car and Louis shot the car and it exploded and fell into the ocean. The body was never found so the police never knew if Roger had survived the explosion. Roger was not killed and he wanted to save the "big brother". Therefore, Roger decided to kidnap Anne in order to prevent Louis from showing up in court. He kidnapped her the day Louis and Anne were going to register to get married. However, the "big brother" suffered a heart attack and died in jail. Because Roger was still injured, he decided to take Anne and hide out some place in China.

One day, Anne got loose and tried to escape. Roger was chasing her...she tried to chase a car and didn't see a truck coming behind her and one of her legs got run over by a truck. Roger took her to a doctor but he had to amputate her leg in order to save her. When Anne found out she lost a leg, she tried to commit suicide. However, Roger threatened to go back to HK and kill Louis if she died. Therefore, Anne stayed alive for Louis...Roger soon got an artificial leg for Anne and she learned to walk again, but with a limp. Roger had developed feelings for Anne during these years. (Actually, he liked her the first time he saw her.) Anne stayed by Roger's side in order to prevent him from going back to HK to kill Louis (Even though she felt that she was now inferior to Louis because if her leg, she still hoped to save Louis.) She even went as far as trying to poison Roger with a medicine that made him sweat and made his arm shake so that he couldn't practice shooting with his left hand. When Roger found out, he got really angry and soon decided that the time had come to go back for his revenge.

After Louis finished telling Jessica about his days as an undercover cop, Sunny soon arrived. They talked about Rogerand Sunny told him to be careful. That night, Louis was very uptight. He slept with his gun beside him the whole night.

Louis found Roger at a bar they used to hang out at. However, Roger held one of the bartenders captive so Louis was forced to let him leave. Before he left, he told Louis that "their game had officially begun."

A few days later, Roger sent Louis Anne's artificial leg and a letter telling him how much Anne had scarificed for him these past 3 years. After Louis read the letter, the went crazy and wanted to find Anne. Jessica tried to calm him down but to no avail. She asked him to calm down and think of where Roger would be...Louis went to the "big brother's" grave and indeed there was a letter there for him. The letter told Louis to go alone to this beach to meet him. Jessica tried to prevent him from going because she was worried about him but he refused to listen and took off in his car.

Not knowing what to do, Jessica called Sunny and together they went to the beach to find Louis. Sunny was surprised that Anne had sacrificed so much for Louis (I think he heard that she used to be very moody...). When they finally reached the beach, Louis was there alone and Roger never showed up. Louis was angry that Jessica brought Sunny and told him everything.

They went back to Louis' apartment. Louis saw a bottle of wine on his coffee table and knew that Roger had been in his house. He found his gun missing. Sunny told him to go back to the police station with him to report the missing gun. Roger called Louis and told him to go to the dumpster on First Street. When Sunny and Louis arrived, they found a big box with blood dripping out...

Sunny walked over and looked into the wasn't Anne...However, Louis' gun was on top of the body and he was about to reach for it but Sunny stopped him. (Roger was trying to set him up for murder.) Louis asks Sunny to give him some time so that he can go find Anne. Sunny finally gives in and agrees. The rest of the team soon arrive because they got a call about the body and they saw Louis leaving. Sunny told them to get to work.

At the police station, they found out that the gun was Louis' and went in to ask Sunny. However, Sunny got called in by "Yau Sir" who was very upset that Sunny let Louis go. "Yau Sir" was disappointed that Sunny let his emotions overcome his rational behavior but he gave him a bit of a break and just told him that he wanted everything clear in 24 hours.

Jessica is waiting for Louis at home and tries to tell him that from her analysis of Roger, he won't harm Anne. However, Louis misinterprets Jessica's intentions and tells her that she's very selfish. Jessica is disappointed and hurt that he would think so little of her so she left.

After she leaves, Louis gets a call from Roger telling him to check outside his door. Sunny arrives as Louis walks outside and finds an envelope. Inside the envelope is a picture of Anne tied and gagged. She appears to be in a motel room and from the window in the motel room, they can see a poster...Sunny knows where the poster can be seen so he and Louis rush there. When they arrive, Sunny realizes that the poster can be seen from 2 motels so he and Louis each pick one. Louis picks the one on the right...Roger knew he would. Therefore, he planted a bomb in the room for Sunny. In the other motel, Louis walks into the room but its empty and he hears the explosion and tries to go over to see if Sunny is okay but Roger walks in and points a gun to his head. Roger says that it was Louis' fault that Sunny died. He also said that he killed Anne...he drowned her in a bathtub. Louis is in shock that Anne has died. Roger gives Louis a knife and tells him that if he commits suicide, his guilt will decrease. As Louis is still thinking, Sunny and the team arrive...then Eileen walks in with the news that Jessica has called and she saved Anne. Roger declares that since Anne is still alive, he wants Louis to carry the burden of Anne for the rest of his life and decides not to shoot Louis.

At the hospital, Louis rushes in to see Anne. He tells her that when he heard she died, he didn't want to live anymore. He also said that when it came to life and death, the one he couldn't let go of was her. He wanted her in his future...

Jessica is waiting outside the hospital room for Louis to come out...when he finally does, he thanks her for saving Anne and says that she was right all along. Jessica responds that Anne is still alive because Roger never intended to kill her. He had left her a message with a riddle...if a woman was to die, where would she want to die? Jessica guessed correctly that a woman would want to die near the one she loved. Therefore, she rushed back to Louis' apartment and found Anne unconscious in a bathtub full of water and took her to the hospital. A few minutes later and Anne would've died. Jessica tells Louis that if she had a few more seconds to think of the outcome, she may not have saved Anne...however, Louis responds saying, "the one I love wouldn't do that" and hugs her. Jessica tells him that she knew from the moment they found out all that Anne had sacrificed for him that this day would come...(Jessica walks off in tears and Louis was already crying)

At the police station, "Yau Sir" congratulates the team for doing a great job. However, they are still puzzled about one did Sunny survive the bomb? Sunny tells them that just before he walked into the room, he received a phone call and realized that there was still someone who cared and worried about him...that he still had a "heen gwa" (he still had someone he worried about and couldn't let go of). Therefore, he opened the door carefully and saw the trap so he jumped aside and wasn't really injured.

Sunny and Edmund go in to question Roger. They still need for him to admit to killing someone with Louis' gun...Roger says that he'll admit to his charges on one condition: if they let him speak to Anne. Therefore, Anne went to se him. She tells him that she knew how he felt about him all along but the only person she ever loved was Louis. She told him, "Everything I did was out of love while everything you did was out of hate. Despite all this, I am happy that love overcame hatred in the end." She thanked him for not killing her.

Outside the police station, Louis and the team saw the cops taking Roger away. Roger told him that he had thought of Louis as a true "brother" at one time. However, Louis tells him that his "brothers" are those at the police station...his team. He would give his life to save them...While Roger is being taken away, he turns and sees Louis and Sunny walking away together...

Louis and Sunny go for a drink at Chez Maman. One of the waiters there "Ah Sum" ("Dai Lik" from Kindred Spirit...the one San San saved in the beginning and gave him a job) told them that he would be quitting in 2 days because he needs a change in environment after all that has happened. This makes Sunny think of San San again. Sunny tells Louis that ideally, each person should only love once in a lifetime but unfortunately, he loved twice...and no matter how a three-way relationship is dealt with, everyone will be hurt. Louis tells him that he tried to bring as little pain to Jessica as possible...

Louis goes to Jessica's house. She's busy cleaning up her room because while she was living with him, her brother had moved his junk into her room. Jessica gives him his house key back and he holds onto her hand and tells her that he had hoped she could be the one to keep his key forever. Jessica kids around with him and tells him not to give the keys to other girls...She also says, "Tsui Fei, there are other things in life besides love." And he responds, "Mo Chiu Kwun, don't use that professional tone with me." Louis gives her a kiss and asks her if they can still be friends...Jessica replies "forever".

Anne goes to visit Jessica in her office the next day. She apologizes to Jessica for being selfish and taking what belonged to her (Jessica). However, Jessica calmly responds, "You didn't take anything that didn't belong to you" and further says that if she was in Anne's position, she may not have been willing to sacrifice all that because she loved herself the most. However, Anne tells her that she knows Jessica would've done the same because she loved Louis a lot too. But Jessica says that she's still happy being friends with Louis and that she now knows she has another good friend (Anne).

At the station, Louis is back to eating his herbal candy again. However, the mood is different and he pops it into his mouth with a smile. Further, when Eileen asked him for one, he threw her the whole packet lightheartedly. (I think this is where I saw Louis' most genuine smile in the entire series). He seems very content.

Charmaine calls Sunny out for dinner. On the way there, Sunny hears on the radio that the roads which were destroyed in "Wah Nam" by the earthquake have been fixed. Charmaine arrived before him at the restaurant. She said she was leaving in 2 days and Sunny offered to drive her to the airport. Sunny tells her that the last time she called, she had actually saved him (from the bomb) because she reminded him that there was someone else in this world that he cared a lot for and that she was a "heen gwa". He wished her the best and told her to take care of herself. He hoped that she too would have a "heen gwa" so that she would take good care of herself. Charmaine told him that there were some things which she would always "heen gwa" for the rest of her life ~ "there are some things that will be in my heart forever."

The last scene shows Sunny at San San's grave. He brought her flowers. There's another bouquet of flowers already laid by her grave (I'm assuming they're from Charmaine). A plane flies overhead...Sunny sits by the grave and takes out his tape recorder.

The scene after the song AKA the well-known "bar scene":

Jessica's sitting at the bar watching a soccer game. The team missed a shot and Jessica looks over to the American guy sitting at the next table and says: "What happened?" Just then Louis walks in and he goes over to her and asks her why she's watching the game at a bar...Jessica says there's more guys there. Louis asks her if she's had any luck yet and Jessica's says that he's scaring off the guys. Just then, Louis gets a call (probably from Anne) so he walks aside to speak to her. Jessica stares at him for a while with a smile and then turns back around. While Louis' back is turned, Sunny walks in (dressed in a black leather jacket...this is weird b/c he's been in a suit for the entire series). Louis turns around and sees Jessica talking to a guy and smiles (he can only see Sunny's back so he doesn't know it's Sunny). A few seconds later, Sunny turns his head and Jessica tells him something to him (probably about the game) and the two are laughing and standing pretty close together. When Louis sees that it's Sunny, his facial expression changes from a smile to more of a look of jealousy....

**Note:  Character descriptions are done by Katie Liu of Jessica Hsuan's Discussion Forum. 

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