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Upcoming Releases:

ANTI-CRIME SQUAD  (20 episodes) - is currently airing in HK.  The series stars Maggie Siu, Benny Chan, Hung Tin Ming

SIDE BEAT (Ghim Chik Ging Chait) - is currently airing in HK.  The series stars Flora Chan, Wong Hei, Elaine Ng, and Jackie Liu.

ROAD TO ETERNITY - After Side-Beat, TVB will air this series with Lam Ka Dung, Marianne Chan & Rain Lau. It's about monks and Marianne plays a kind-hearted ghost in there. The exact date of airing is on August 9 (since Side-Beat has only 15 chapters).

SEUNG MEEN YUN -- will be released on August 2 in HK.  The series stars Ekin Cheng, Fennie Yeun, Michael Tse Tin Wah, and Lam Hiu Fung (a modern show).

A SMILING GHOST STORY  - Release date unknown.  The series stars Maggie Cheung, Nick Cheung, Monica Chan, Roger Kwok, and Lam Hui Fung




Series currently filming:

An ancient kung fu series with Felix Wong, Jade Leung, Jan Lau filmed in China

YEUNG GWAI FEI (lit. CONCUBINE YEUNG), Jong Wai-Kin producer, stars Anne Heung Hoi-Lan, Kong Wah

ARMED REACTION 2 starring Esther Kwan, Bobby Au-Yeung, Joyce Tang, Marco Ngai, Eileen Yeow, Eddie Cheung and the rest of the original cast (30 episodes, 6 separate storylines).

100 episode series is currently filming.  Cast includes: Gallen Lo,  Flora Chan, Bowie Lam, Lisa Wong, and Kenix Kwok.   Sunny Chan will play a villian.

PING CHUNG CHUEN KEI - Jessica Shuen and Nick Cheung are filming an ancient comedy series together. Also starring Chin Ka Lok, Shirley Cheung,...

SWORD STAINED WITH ROYAL BLOOD (BIK HUET GIM), Lee Tim-Sing producer, Charmaine Sheh

Series Finished Filming:

TEA IS STRONGEST AT HOME - starring William Lam, Maggie Cheung, Muk Chun Ching

YUN LUNG JUEN SUET (lit. MAN DRAGON LEGEND), Lo Wing-Yin producer, stars Chan Ho-Man, Cheung Sam-Yue, Chin Kar-Lok, Rain Lau Yuk-Tsui, Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying

YI SUN WAH TO (lit. MYTHICAL DOCTOR WAH TO), Siao Hin-Fai producer, stars Frankie Lam Man-Lung, Felix Wong Yat-Wah, Christine Ng Wing-Mei

FEI SEUNG BO BIU (lit. EXCEPTIONAL BODYGUARD), Mui Siu-Ching producer, stars Bowie Lam, Steve Ma , Marianne Chan, Elaine Ng, Angie Cheung

New Series to be filmed soon:

"PIK HUE KIN" another Gum Yong famous novel adapted for TV starring (tentative cast) Lam Ka Dong, Nadia Chan, Nicola Cheung.  The series is scheduled to begin filming in April.

News has emerged that Charmaine Sheh Si-Man will play Chiu Man in the new LEGEND OF THE HEAVEN SWORD AND DRAGON SABRE remake for TVB. This means that Sheh will have appeared in the last three remakes of Louis Cha stories. (She played Miu Yuek-Lan in FLYING FOX OF THE SNOWY MOUNTAIN 1999 and is currently shooting SWORD STAINED WITH ROYAL BLOOD). Originally Jade Leung Jing was supposed to play Chiu but the shooting schedule conflicted with another TVB project Leung is involved in -- the action drama KUEN KING TIN HA (lit. THE FIST THAT TOPPLED HEAVEN AND EARTH). Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying was also approached to play Chiu but she turned the role down because the vigors of shooting a historical action drama would be too much for her fragile health. According to Apple Daily, the cast of HEAVEN will now be:

Lawrence Ng as Cheung Mo- Kei, Charmaine Sheh as Chui Man, Gigi Lai as Chow Chi-Yuek, Damien Lau Chung Yan as Cheung Tsui Shan,

Posted on 7/24/99:  Maggie Cheung will be shooting a 20-episodes series about Chung Ying Street in Hong Kong.  The (lead?) actor is Bowie Lam Bo Yee. The series will also costar Ronald Cheng and some of the Miss HK's 99.   Shooting will start next  month.  Maggie will play a Mainland Chinese girl struggling in Hong Kong as the millenium turns.    

A Smiling Ghost Story plotline -   Maggie was killed while rescuing a boy and became a ghost. With some priority she gets to see who her parents will be as she reincarnates, it's her cousin from previous life, Monica Chan, and her quarelsome friend, Nick. But Maggie has to come to live as a ghost to bring Monica and Nick together, while doing that she met Roger and fell in love with him. But his evil girl-friend kept standing in the way, plus, ironically, Nick fell in love with Maggie.... MILLENIUM TVB CALENDAR PAIRS :   (NEW!!!)

Felix will pair with Jade.
Sunny with Chairmaine.
Roger with Ada.
Louis with Anne.
Frankie with Christine Ng Wing Mei.
Bobby with Mariane.
Ekin with Fennie.
Nick with Jessica.
Bowie with Kenix.
William with Maggie.
Lawrence with Esther.
Gallen with Flora.

*Info from Apple Daily News...

A sneak preview of Armed Reaction 2:   Joyce's character will be raped by someone on the show and Marco will have a one-night stand. Also, Marco and Joyce will have a three minute kissing scene in the show.

Latest news that Eileen Yeow Ying Ying will be in Armed Reaction 2 and will be Bobby and Esther's "3rd" person.

According to Singtao Daily, Ming Pao Daily, and Apple Daily, the sequel to the popular cop series will consist of as many as 6
mini-stories taken from real-life stories, one of which will be about a famous HK personality who had an extra-marital affair, which led to his wife and child jumping off a building, ending up in critical condition!



Jade Leung Jing has signed up to star in TVB's upcoming KUEN KING TIN HA (lit. FIST TOPPLES HEAVEN AND EARTH).

Esther's 4 productions for this year:                                                 Armed Reaction II (pairs up with Bobby Au-Yeung)
Recipe for the Heart II (also with Bobby) MAYBE!!!!
A Loving Spirit (with Lawrence Ng)
The 4th one - I don't think they have named it yet, but it is about traffic cops. Esther is a female traffic cop. (with Bowie Lam)





entl302c.jpg (20990 bytes)

Main Cast:
Gallen Lo, Louis Koo, Michael Wong, Lisa Wang, Nicky Ng, Kenix Kwok, Flora Chan, Ada Choi, Sunny Chan, Maggie Siu, Josie Ho, Hawick Lau, Florence Kwok, Roger Kwok, Grace Yip, Suet Nei

The series will start shooting later this month. The serial will take place not only in Hong Kong but will do location shots in Guangzhou, Taiwan, Macau, and the Carribean. It will take about one year to complete shooting.

Gallen--Poor growing up, became a tycoon in the Real Estate Business, with the help of Flora's dad
Ada--A masseuse, came from China.
Flora--Lawyer (Again?)
Louis--Likes to Gamble
Lisa--Flora's Mom
Florence--Wealthy Woman
Kenix--Kind-hearted Orphan
Sunny--Villian of the century

The series mainly focuses on the Real Estate Business. The relationship are complicated, it stretches up to a 6 way relationship. Example: Gallen, Nicky, Michael & Roger are all interested in Flora. While Ada will be matched against Louis, Gallen, Nicky & Roger.

The series will be divided into 2 parts because it's obvious that 100 chapters are a lot to swallow at once (5 months of airing time)! So the producers decided to split it, the first half (50 chapters) will be aired about November 1999 around TVB anniversary times (similar to Burning Flame last year). Then it will followed by a 20 chapter series in January. Finally the series will air its finally half around Chinese New Years. The 2 parts are related, it's just divided to give viewers a break and also because people travel during that time so this way the series won't lose a lot of viewers (as in the case for Till When Do Us Part & Moments of Endearment last year).

Only Sunny, Gallen, Roger and Flora are expected to carry the series from beginning to end. Michael will only be in it for only 10 chapters while Kenix's character is killed after 50 chapters, creating a climax leading into the final half.

***Information provided by Nick of the TVB series discussion forum.

Storyline:  The love and hatred relationships for the first generation

The story starts from the Yip brothers acted by Chow Chong (Yip How Kan) and Chun Pui (Yip How Lei). The two
brothers lives a difficult life together which trained their characters to be firm and unyielding. During the 60, Chow
Chong wanted to get marry and live a stable life. However Chun Pui was not satisfy to live a simple life, he was
always looking for opportunity for career development. After not long, Chow Chong fall in love with Lee Pek Zhen
(acted by Suet Nei). Later Suet Nei and her family suddently disappeared, Chow Chong was depressed and follow
his brother Chun Pui to HK to develop their carrer. At that time, it was the most properous period for manufacturing
trade. The two brothers decided to venture into Real Estate. During the middle of the 70, the brothers had conflicts
due to their difference in character. Chun Pui decided to gobbled Chow Chong's property, plus with his witty and
vicious nature, Chun Pui became a tycoon in Real Estate. The two brothers' story influenced their next generation,
especially Chow Chong's son Yip Weng Tien (by Gallen).

The next generation:

Yip Weng Tien (Gallen) had a carefree childhood, but his father was jailed because of his uncle Chun Pui. Their life
were not as good as before and Gallen's mother supported their living. During school days, Gallen met Hui Mun Piow
(Sunny) and Ma Chi Keong (Roger). The 3 became good friends and influenced each other in their life.

Year 1989, Gallen suffered failure in his starting business. Then he was bold to ask Sunny and Roger into setting up
a company. The 3 of them succeed this time. They take the opportunity to venture into Real Estate at its 'golden
period' so as to challenge his enemy Chun Pui. Chun Pui's youngest son Yip Weng Heng (Nicky Wu) was going after
Fok Hei Hing (Flora), the daughter of Fok Geng Leong (Kwok Feng), the great man in stock market. This would leads
us to another story of the wealthy family. Gallen on the other hand met Yen (Kenix), a girl who is as good as fairy.
However, Ning (Ada), a China girl whom he once betrayed affected his relationship with Yen. On the other hand,
Sunny broke off with the cool and smart Wai (Maggie) because of distance. Kenix then accepted Sunny. The five
people's relationships tangled along.... later Sunny met Kwok Feng (Flora's dad), he was too indulged in victory and
lost his mind by causing his brother Zhe (Lau Kei Wei) to lose his leg. Eventually, Roger is the one who understands
Gallen most and Sunny and Gallen finally became enemy.

Posted 4/14/99 ---

These are just the main leads. There are more stars but their roles might not be as big.

First 50 episodes:
Male: Gallen, Sunny, Nicky, Roger
Female: Flora, Kenix, Lisa

Second 50 episodes:
Male; Gallen, Louis, Nicky, Roger
Female: Flora, Ada, Lisa, San San

Posted 4/15/99---- The producer said Ada will have a good ending in this drama and she will be with Louis. One of the female roles will go to jail. Louis will not be a very bad guy in the series; he wants revenge for his brother Sunny but he will turn good later and be with Ada.

Posted 4/21/99 in TVB Weekly - 8 mains stars are Gallen Lo, Roger Kwok, Sunny Chan, Louis Koo, Maggie Siu, Ada Choi, Kenix Kwok, Flora Chan

Posted 4/21/99 in TVB Weekly - Supporting Stars are Lisa Wong, Michael Wong, Nicky Wu, Josie Ho, Joe Ma, Grace Yip

Posted 4/21/99  A detailed script of the 100 episodes

Year 1997, Hong Kong returned to China, the morale of the people and the economy of the country were both good, Real Estate Industry was frenziedly blooming and shares had risen to million points......

Same year, the outburst of the finance banking crisis, many people were awakened from their 'instant wealth' dreams, the Real Estate were in 'red light's (danger).....

At this time of the quiet market, a construction project was celebrating its completion of the re-structured building "Saint Ann School". The Real Estate Tycoon who did the cutting ribbon ceremony was none other than Yip Weng Tin (Gallen Lo).

There were rumours outside saying that this project symbolise how Gallen become rich weathy, however he was not moved and was determined to name one of the building as "Mun Biew Building" in memory of his friend Hui Mun Biew (Sunny Chan) who was suddently killed.

At the same time, Gallen's most beloved girl of his entire life Chan Yek Yen (Kenix Kwok) was charged of murder in Taiwan and she was to be sentence to death soon. Though Gallen always believed that Kenix was innocent, but the apparant evidences proof her guilty.....

Gallen recollected his past, his childhood was carefree. His father Yip How Kan (Chow Chong) was a business man in construction during the 70s, his mother Lee Pek Zhen (Suet Nei) was a daring independent woman. He has a brother Yip Weng Chart (Hawick Lau Kai Wai) and a sister Yip Ngar Mun (Yip Pui Mun). Then his father's business was gobbled up by his uncle Yip How Lei (Chun Pui) and even went to jail. His mother take care and supported their life.

Gallen at first studied in reputed school but was force to transfer to a normal school "Sanit Ann School" after his family grow poor. He then met Hui Mun Biew (Sunny) and Ma Chi Keong (Roger Kwok) there. Later, the 3 influenced each others' life!

Gallen was always the "big brother" because he was independent, decisive, agressive and ruthless, on the other hand, he was very responsible to take care of his family.

Sunny was the reverse, his father Hui Dai Hon (Lau Kong) was a retired police officer. He was involved with both the black and white underworld, thus causing Sunny's brother Mun Kuan (Doi Chi Wai) and sister Mun Ying (Ma Tai Lo) doing dishonest practices. His mother Chueng Yoke Fong (Cheng Ho Wai) could not tolerate anymore and left the family. Sunny always remind himself to be righteous, hardworking and thrifty to become an architect.

Roger's was just normal, not as intelligent. His father (Lo Lok Lum) and mother (Hon Ma Lei) ran a 'Wan Tun' noodle store, however they were a happy family because they are contented with life.

1989, Gallen suffered his 17 time of failure in business, until he met the great man of Real Estate Chun Pui, when Chun Pui tried to collect back Gallen's house. Gallen and his family persist in refusal and revealed their relationship with Chun Pui. Gallen was framed and lost everything.

But Gallen had never give up, he worked in the construction site startingto learn from basic. Roger deal an opportunity to contract an awful mess project for some village houses. Gallen pulled Sunny into forming up a company. They finally managed to earn their first bucket of gold. Gallen boldly stepped into the Real Estate Industry to challenge his enemy Chun Pui.

In order to compete with Chun Pui, Gallen resorted to use dirty tricks, which is against the will of Sunny who was upright, which cause conflicts between them. Luckily their conflicts were always resolved by Roger. Sunny decided to withdraw from the company to keep his friendship with Gallen. At the same time, Gallen met the stock market 'striker' Fok Geng Leong (Kwok Fong). Gallen was blinded by success and caused his brother Hawick to lose his leg in a revenge targeted at Gallen. This incident hit Gallen fiercely.

On the other hand, after Sunny changed his job to work in City Development Planning, he found the teacher whom he admired most was into corruption, he was stunned and disappointed, plus his mother who left them earlier came back to borrow money from him to settle the mess Sunny's brother created, all these caused Sunny to lose his faith in the moral he used to believe and practised.

Gallen and Sunny had great changes in their character.....

Individual Characters development:

Once when Gallen sold some bad quality product to a grandma, he got to know her adopted daughter Kenix. Gallen was touched by Kenix's fillial and good nature, she was full of love like an angel. Later, Kenix became Gallen's secretary. Because of Gallen's past relationship with a China girl Tien Ning (Ada Choi), whom he had betrayed, he doesn't easily get involved in a relationship. However, afterall he is human and has feelings, with the help and reminder from Sunny, Gallen finally decided to confide in Kenix about his feelings for her. However he didn't turn up for their date. Kenix didn't blamed him and had no hatred, on the contrary, she stayed by his side to help him with his career.

Sunny took this all in his eye because he was already secretly in love with Kenix. After much things have happend, he decided to chase after her. At this moment, Sunny's ex-girlfriend asked to patch things up. This cause her suitors to get jealous and send some guys to beat Sunny up. Kenix began to feel pity for Sunny and liked him. Eventually when Kenix totally put her full love in Sunny, she found that he was no longer that principled guy she used to know....

Sunny knew Kenix's weakness well, he threatened her with love. However, Kenix believed that love means giving without asking for return. She was always sacrificing without complain until the very last time in a trip to Taiwan .....

Pang Zhi Wai (Maggie Chueng) is a modern woman with clear and bright mind, she dated Sunny since Secondary School. At first, intended to set up a family with the same dream and they were very hardworking in fullfilling it. But Maggie doesn't like Sunny's best friend Gallen because she doesn't agree to his character and his way of handling things. She actually intended to recommend Sunny to work in a big Real Estate Company, but Gallen pulled Sunny into joining him and Roger in business. Maggie was unhappy about it. At this moment, Maggie joined a PR company with Chan Pui's youngest son Yip Weng Heng (Nicky Wu).....

Sunny realised that he and Maggie aren't after the same dream anymore.  At the same time, Nicky showered Maggie with money, time and thoughts. Maggie decided to part with Sunny.

She thought that initiative, ambition and her intelligent for love were all that she was aftering.  However during an accident, she then realized that simple wisdom is the key to happiness.

Compare to Gallen and Sunny, Roger was always a step behind them. But he had a contented and optimistic nature, his self quality was never compete down by them. Roger works down to earth in the bank. He co-incidentally met Kenix and fell in love with her at first sight. Later, Kenix had misunderstanding with Gallen, Roger help to dissolve it. When Kenix's mother who adopted her passed away, Roger gave one of the room in his house for Kenix to stay. He had make several attempt to confide his love for Kenix but were all rejected. Until he found out that Kenix's heart was always with Gallen, he has no choice but to rearrange his feelings for her. Later Roger joined Gallen and Sunny in business and earned their first bucket of gold. Though Roger admired Gallen's daring nature but he pitied Gallen's sister Yip Pui Mun whom Gallen treated so strictly. Therefore, he was extremely caring to Yip Pui Mun and caused Mun to misunderstood and fall in love with him. Gallen was very anxious, Mun left home and was unlucky to meet a bad gang....

Roger than met a lady lawyer Ho Pui Kei (Florence Kwok). Florence was involved with a married man at first, was cheated and left that guy. She met Roger at her most down period. Roger became her part-time boyfriend. Gallen and Sunny advised Roger not to get serious and they eventually parted.

Though Roger met with several happening in relationship, but he was always contented and broad minded. At the end, he would meet true love and became be happy.

Fok Hei Hin (Flora Chan) who was from a wealthy family, was the daughter of stock market 'striker' Kwok Fong and Fong Kien Peng (Lisa Wong)'s only child. When Flora was a kid, she was competitive which cause her classmate to become paralyse, she then became a timid lawyer

She was chased by a weathy boy Nicky. When she was about to accept him, her mother could no longer tolerate her flirting father and filed for divorce. Lisa than accepted Nicky's father (Chun Pui), thus Nicky and Flora's relationship became sister and brother which was embarassing. After Lisa became part of the Yip family, she was innocent to get involved into this wealthy family's conflicts.

As for Nicky, he later joined Sunny's girlfriend Maggie into setting up a PR company, and have feelings for each other. After Sunny break off with Maggie, Nicky unconsiously like her, but in the heart of Maggie, she still loved Sunny.

Flora than met Gallen. At first she looked down on him. Later because of his competitive and courageous nature which is what she lack, she grew to admire him. Flora witnessed the love relationship and break-up between Gallen and Kenix, and became a good friend of Kenix. However, she always felt that Kenix don't suit Gallen because Gallen was one who dare not take the responsibility of a love relationship, plus he once hurt a China girl deeply.

Flora was always waiting for him but he never showed up and expressed to her. She impulsingly married a reputed lawyer Barry (Michael Wong). After married, though Michael is a good husband but she couldn't communicate with her husband through hearts. At this moment, Gallen and Flora's without promise's relationship bind them together.

At last, Flora divorce her husband and Kenix and Gallen get back together again until Kenix get involved in a murder case, Flora became the only person Gallen could relied on, but in between them, there would always be Kenix....

Posted on 4/29/99

Maggie Cheung will not be in the series due to illness.  Maggie Siu will take her role instead.  Also, TVB has hired a new writer to rewrite the script.  

Posted on 7/8/99

TVB is in negotiations to add Lee Ming-Wai to the cast of its 100 episode cross-millennial serial.

News source from TVB Magazine.  Posted by Dale in New TVB series forum

*Information provided by KatieL and other people of the TVB series discussion forum.  The following information is translated from TVB online and other newspaper sources. 

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